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Tuesday, January 2, 2024


A collection of POETRY from
Mightyful13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


June 2024

The Wind Rage
by Fitzroy R. Francis

When the wind gets wild it rage
A tempestuous display of nature's stages 
Under the force, the trees sway and bend
Branches twisted in the end
Sturdy trunks strain against the powerful gusts
It's a battle of strength as some trees fall to the dust
Their limbs broke and crashed to the ground
Roots gripping desperately earthly bound
Leaves were stripped away and carried off into the air
Vulnerable branches were left bare
Unable to withstand the tempestuous wind
Everything in its way succumbs like sin
When the wind gets wild it rage
A scene of destruction and havoc on all page
Roofs torn apart, debris scattered all around
Nature's fury makes a resounding sound
The howling wind is something to fear
No place untouched, showing no care
Buildings tremble, windows shatter
As the tempestuous wind continues to batter
People seek shelter, holding on tight
Praying for safety, throughout the night
But amidst the chaos, there is a beauty
The power of nature, wild and free on its duty
Be still, a calm will descend
And life will go on, on the path it intends. 

After The Storm
by Fitzroy R. Francis

As the world spins on its axis
We’re here for the ride
Walking by the ocean
To hear the incoming tide
The mystic winds speak and it never lies
The sun is there, up in the sky
It shines on me, it shines on you
Let's start this day, we've got much to do
We take what comes
From nature, we never run
After the storm, there is a calm
It was cold but now it's warm
After the rain, the sun shines 
It was cold but now it's warm
Watching the people passing by
Stars begin to fill the evening sky
The young and old were helped along
Care for the weak, and the strong
It’s written there, in the sand
Come on over and take my hand
Life chemistry makes us one
Despite our differences, love is the bond
Remove hate and have faith
In our own hands are our fate
Now the rainbow is high
We can all forget the sigh
Earth vegetation looks good where we stand
Let's do our best whenever we can. 

May 2024

No Child Abused
by Fitzroy R. Francis

We are tired of seeing the children undergoing humiliation
They are the future of our civilization
We must train them in the right way
So bad judgment is not their day
Never take away their freedom
And force them to live in random
Empower them to make their own choices
Then they will realize
There are responsibilities that they must take 
The tasks that no one must break
They need to learn wisdom and knowledge through their own experiences
It's through these lessons that they will truly understand
And if tempted to go astray
Instructions will guide their way
Be mindful of the examples we portray
Our actions and words have an impact
So keep them intact
It is our behavior they will emulate
They are the generation to assimilate
Let's invest more time in their development
And don't be shy about commitment
To create a world where they can thrive
They must know the importance of how to survive. 

Broken Home
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Broken homes cause inaccurate norms
Instructions given are hard to adhere to
The lack of moral guidance
Can't be restored by finance
Parents' faith, passion, and patience, are sometimes abuse
Discipline is refuse
Leading to insecurity, and disgrace
It hurts the heart, there is no solace
The development of our youth is crucial
Amidst the pain, we must remember that family is vital
We have the power to create a change
Foster a sense of love and rearrange
Let's exalt Jah's name with praise
To heal the wounds of the craze
Children are like mustard seeds, small but full of potential
It is our responsibility to give them attention
Nurture and support their good intentions
We must respect their career of choice
Once it's true, we will all rejoice
Let's provide them with a strong foundation
Teach them self-trust, and the value of education
Broken homes arise from many circumstances
To break the cycle needs resistance
Create a conducive fulvironment for our children
So they can connect with kindred. 

April 2024

I Held The Moon
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Sitting on a mountain where I held the moon in my hands
I am immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature's plan
A sight to behold as a story unfolds
No more the half is untold
Into an infinite space of glittering lights
The stars twinkle like diamonds, painting the celestial beauty of the night
Here, I am free to contemplate and reflect, to embrace the tranquility that surrounds me
In this moment, I feel a sense of joy and wonder
Creating a harmonious symphony that fills my soul and away all blunder
It's life itself takes center stage in this grand display
Inviting me to be a part of its glorious phenomenon
My imagination soars, a captivating flight
Witnessing nature's magnificence, with sheer delight
A testament to the cosmos, it's infinite all
A gentle reminder of galaxies that enthrall
The moon, so far away, becomes tangible and within my reach
The seemingly impossible can be achieved and dreams can be realized if we dare to believe. 

In the Shadow of the Moon
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Under the starry glorious night
Where the moon, our celestial neighbour lights
A fascination for humanity
Its luminous glow and presence inspired solidarity
In the shadow of the moon, I stand
Trying my best to overstand
A world of mystery unfolds
Its secrets invite us to explore
Throughout history, it has held a prominent place
Ancient civilizations attributed mystical powers to its grace
Influence on tides and seasons
Played a crucial role for many reasons
Its proximity to Earth has captivated explorers
As they pondered its wonders
Mysterious discoveries through exploration
The origin of the moon is a topic of scientific discussion
In Jah Almighty my faith is strong
As a poet, I know I belong
Moonlit nights backdrop for countless tales
Our desires and aspirations never fail
From poetry to music, it captivates audiences and fuels their imagination
In the shadow of the moon, awaits a realm of fascination
The vastness of the cosmos and the limitless possibilities
Its timeless allure inspires us to reach for the probability
A source of inspiration that transcends time and space
That gives us nothing but pure solace. 

March 2024

by Fitzroy R. Francis

At the height of the confusion, amidst the chaos and distraction
Don't be stimulated by the illusion
Be like people who find solace in artistic expression
Through paintings, music, and poetic creation
They find an outlet for their emotions and passion
In this world of miscommunication and misperception
Their art becomes a form of honest reflection
They use their talents to challenge the misrepresentation
And expose the truth through their creative interpretation
Leaders without representation and hidden agendas
Manipulating the masses with their propaganda
Using religion as a tool for their ascension
They disregard humanity and breed division
But the truth cannot be hidden forever
The people are waking up and standing together
No longer will they fall for political deflection
They demand honesty and a truthful connection
Listen, Jah people, it's time to break free from deception
Embrace love, unity, and self-reflection
Cherish your life and its divine manifestation
Without each other, there are no solutions
Believe in yourself, find your inner elevation
Let your clarity guide you toward liberation
It's time to have a conversation about condescension
And strive for a world free from prejudice and discrimination
If you ever feel a lack of motivation
Think of the next generation's aspiration
Their future depends on our livication
To create a world of love and inspiration
No more frustration with our identification
Celebrate our diverse cultures and integration
Life's journey is not just an excursion
But a chance to make a positive contribution
The objective of our existence goes beyond the destination
It lies within our purest intentions
Let's be good to all nations, without hesitation
And create a world filled with love and appreciation
So let us rise above disillusion
Spread justice in every situation
Together, we will overcome complication
And build a world of inclusion and unification. 

Womam of Conscience
by Fitzroy R. Francis

May your burdens be light, and your worries few
May joy surround you in all that you do
She cares about her family, that much is clear
Her love for them is steadfast, strong, and sincere
Compassionate and comely, she radiates grace
Her kindness and warmth light up any space
Forgiveness is her autonomy, her power to heal
She understands that holding grudges won't make her feel
Anything else is seldom on her mind
She values love and peace of every kind
If insult comes her way, she chooses to run
Away from negativity, she'll never be undone
When it's a compliment, she has fun and delights
But her happiness doesn't depend on others' sights
She doesn't live her life like a gun, filled with rage
Instead, she navigates with wisdom and sage
When it's a concern, she assuages and eases
Offering support and hope to lessen life's teases
She is a woman of conscience, strong and fair
Her actions and decisions show she truly cares
One with the highest level of confidence and might
She faces challenges with determination and light
Filled with ambition and pride, she reaches for the stars
Never settle for anything less than what's ours
Conspicuous, she never hides, standing tall and true
Her strength and authenticity shine through.
Unprincipled behavior is not tolerated, she discerns
Integrity and honesty are the lessons she learns
Such characteristics must be evaluated and weighed
For she knows that true character cannot be swayed
No doubt she is a sage, wise beyond her years
Her wisdom and insight can calm any fears
Disrespect caused her to rage, for she deserves respect
She won't tolerate mistreatment or neglect
Never misinterpreted, she expresses herself with care
Her words and actions are important, she's aware
It is a discussion, she believes
Where overstanding and empathy can be relieved
So as you go along your way, remember her light
May happiness guide you, morning, noon, and night
Her wish for you is simple, yet profound
May joy and love in your life always be found.

February 2024 

Mother's Love
by Fitzroy R. Francis

A mother's love knows no bounds
With respect and politeness, she surrounds
She never forgot nurturing and care
Compassion flows when danger is near
Children of her womb
Her love is from birth to tomb
We sought her strength, both physical and mental
As she assiduously works, managing life's essentials
When we err, sadness fills the air
But with corrective measures, she brings pleasure and repair
In her heart, impossibility finds a home
For she forgives always, no matter what, she never leaves us alone
Keep being who you are, blessings abound
In failure or a fall, we stand tall on solid ground
She's the bridge that connects us all
Her love effectively breaks down the walls. 

The Titanic Love 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Forced love is a crying shame
Her parents are the ones to blame
A woman's heart disappears into the bottom of the sea
Couldn't be rescued, his frozen body sinks
She held his hand until it slipped away
Her hope dashed like fire lost its flames
Drowned in sorrow, she remains
In a world filled with despair and disdain
Her soul, like a shattered mirror on the sea floor
Reflecting shards of a love, that isn't anymore
Her tears blend with the salty sea
In the depths, no one hears her plea
The ocean, a silent witness to her pain
Her heart echoes a love song, sung in vain
His memory, a ghost ship sailing in her mind
In the abyss of her thoughts, a treasured moment in time
Her love, a forgotten song, a lost lullaby
Echoing through the deep, where their promises lie
Her heart, a sunken ship, home to silent screams
Love is now a distant dream
In the cold sea, she's left to weep,
Her love is a secret the ocean will keep
As her rescuers appeared, they could see her fears
She is now secure and a new beginning is ensure
A love that will be in the past but its memory is here to last. 

January 2024

Love is Lovely
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Love is a force that binds us together
Love is a flame that burns forever
Love is patient, love is kind
Love is the strength that we all find
Love is a journey, never-ending
Love is the message we keep sending
Love is the music that fills our soul
Love is the feeling that makes us whole
Love is the laughter, love is the tears
Love is the triumph over our fears
Love is the warmth in a gentle touch
Love is the answer, it means so much
Love is the beauty in every face
Love is the power that can erase
Love is the light that guides our way
Love is the reason we choose to stay
Love is the bond that holds us tight
Love is the beacon in the darkest night
Love is the language that we all speak
Love is the hope when we feel weak
Love is the strength to overcome
Love is the joy, love is the fun
Love is the treasure we always find
Love is the reason to leave behind
Love is the gift that keeps on giving
Love is the reason we keep on living
So let's cherish love in all its forms
And let it guide us through life's storms
For love is the greatest power of all
And with love, we'll always stand tall. 

The Love Train
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Love knows no boundaries, it transcends near and far
It blossoms like a flower, a radiant star
With each passing station, hearts connect
A symphony of emotions, love's dialect
No need for reservations or a fancy suite
Just open your heart, and let love's rhythm beat
As the train glides along the tracks of fate
We embrace the journey, love cannot wait
Through mountains and valleys, love remains true
It binds us together, me and you
The love train brings joy, laughter, and cheer
No room for sadness, only love's atmosphere
So let's dance in the aisle, sing our favorite song
As the love train carries us, all night long
Hand in hand, we'll create memories to treasure
Love's eternal flame, a boundless pleasure
No matter the destination, love will always find
A place in our hearts, leaving no one behind
So hop aboard, let's enjoy the ride
On the train of love, with nothing to hide
For love is the engine, that fuels our desire
A magical journey, that will never tire. 

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