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Saturday, August 19, 2023



Celebrating Roots Reggae Music

written by

Dan-I Cameron

Reggae Magazine



The Dub issue 38 
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Here is the blurb for the issue: So, The Dub magazine has been away for a while, recharging and responding to the demands of everyday life.  But we were never going to stay away for too long.  I owe enormous thanks to the man like Leo B, who has interviewed everyone he has met over the last year or two and sent all the results to The Dub.  I would also like to thank Hayley Squires and Elisabeth Van Meel for including us in their plans for publicising the new works from Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and the African Head Charge family and for DJ Smart Monkey for interviewing Bonjo I and Style Scott for the magazine.  I would like to thank Original Dubman, Tina Brown, IR::Indigenous Resistance family, I-Roots and Dub Vendor and many others for the continued support and encouragement they have given me.  Massive respect to the other writers and contributors, especially original editor Natty Mark Samuels, John ‘Cornerstonemuzik’ Green, Steve ‘Jah Warrior’ Mosco, Dan ‘Bossaphonik’ Ofer, I-Lodica and new contributor Anja ‘Siren Sisters’ Winnes.  Lastly, thanks to all the artists who are featured in this issue.  

In this issue, we have exclusive interviews with Teddy Dan, Alpha Steppa, Dreadzone, Jah Wobble, Mad Professor, The Bug, Amp Freqq, OBF, Mungo’s HiFi and Deemas J as well as awesome photos from last year’s Boomtown Fair, all conducted by our very own Leo B who has just relocated to Leeds with his family.  Salute Bredda Leo!  We also have some sample pages from the forthcoming incredible comic book version of the life of Don Drummond – Trombone Man by Adam Reeves and Constantinos Pissourios; a feature on Sister Habesha (originally published in German in Riddim Mag); a review of the forthcoming nyahbinghi album by Bonjo I, Gaudi and Drums Of Defiance; our regular columns from John Green and I-Lodica; as well as a poem in tribute to the one and only Jah Shaka from founding editor and polymath Natty Mark Samuels.  
As always, the magazine is free to read and download.  Please share far and wide, One Love.

The Dub issue 37 
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Exclusive interviews with David Hinds of Steel Pulse about the new Steel Pulse In Dub album with Gaudi; John Green/DJ Baps (founder writer for The Dub); Danny Red; Ghetto priest; journalist and broadcaster John Masouri; dubwise electronic musician David Harrow; and Patrick Dokter, the On.U archivist who has saved hundreds of master tapes from being lost.
The issue also includes features on U-Roy by Natty Mark Samuels; Sister Carol by Sista Ali Zion; Dennis Bovell’s The African by Steve Mosco; Likkle Warrior by Tina Brown; Ras Tweed’s Balance album; Indigenous Resistance’s film When Visions fall From Sky by Ebilotoh & Prasad Bidaye; Wolverhampton Sound Systems 1960-1990 by Keith Fraser; Dub Up Records; Selection Train; Bossaphonik by Dan Ofer; Dub Recollections Part 2 by I-Lodica; LKJ by Matteo Anselmo; From The Roots by Pete Clack; Reissue Corner by Eric Denham.  

The Dub issue 36 
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Interviews with Knati P – The Artist In Me by Tom Jenkins;  In Loving Memory of Bunny Lee by Leo B.  
Packed with reviews and features: Roger Robinson;  Ken Boothe: What Is Man? By Tina Brown;  Oxford Dub Club review by Natty Mark Samuels;  UK Principal;  Winna Stays On at The Gate in Birmingham;  MC Clapper Priest;  Vaughn Benjamin/ Akae Beka Top 10 by Sista Ali Zion;  Cornerstonemuzik by john Green;  ‘555 Crown Street’ by Steve Mosco;  Manasseh Meets Praise album;  Fikir Amlak & King Alpha – “7 Powers”;  Transglobal Underground – “Walls Have Ears”;  Regeneration – A Cultural Whitewashing, Save Our Rastafari Cultural Centre by Tina Brown;  Dub recollections by I-Lodica;  A Genealogy of the ‘On The Wire’ Theme – Jethro R. Binks;  Bossaphonik Jazz World Beats by Dan Ofer;  Don Fe’s Isolation Stems Group by Jack Carver;  From The Roots… Michael Van Merwyn by Pete Clack;  Mankind’s Last Hope by Hugo Makepeace;  Blue Beat records – The Story by Eric Denham;  Food 4 Life by Zillah Minx & Sid Truelove;  Dub London – Reggae Retrospective at the Museum Of London by Joan Smith;  Kitabu by Natty Mark Samuels;  Gaudi - “100 Years Of Theremin” by Leo B;  Mick Ital & Vivek Eastern Roots – Ital Power 12”;  Yaksha & Fikir Amlak – ‘Overcome’;  Nat Birchall, Vin Gordon, Dave Fullwood & Breadwinners – “Upfull Living” LP;  Martin Campbell – ‘Climb Wrong Mountain’;  25 Years of the Jah Warrior Label;  Linval Thompson, Unlisted Fanatic – ‘The Father’;  Dawit Menelik Tafari – “Troubled Times” LP by Ras Tenda;  Ras Tweed – ‘Balance’;  Arkaingelle – “Nah Watah Down” LP;  Judah Eskender Tafari;  Vinyl Trackback – The Chosen Few by Eric Denham.  

The Dub issue 35 
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Exclusive interviews with Rakesh Rootsman Rak – Roots n Permaculture;  VP Records – 40 Years, Interview with Carter Van Pelt;  Kibir La Amlak – Interview with JT.  
Also with reviews and features, including:  West London Dub Club;  The Three Kings Of Reggae – Reggae On Tap by Natty Mark Samuels;  ‘African Tribesman’ by Steve Mosco;  Digital Nyahbinghi;  ‘To Gather And Talk’ by Allison Thomas;  Clancy Eccles by Eric Denham;  Bossaphonik Jazz World Beats by Dan Ofer;  Cornerstonemuzik by John Green;  Aba Shanti I;  Independence Dub;  Children Of Kush by Natty Mark Samuels;  From The Roots … Dom Pipkin by Pete Clack;  Fairfield House & Imperial Radio by Hugo Makepeace;  Lee Scratch Perry – “Heavy Rain” by Benjamin Ital;  “Scientists Of Sound” book by Robbo Dread & Dr Simon Jones;  Vinyl Trackback – “Jamaica’s Greatest” by Eric Denham;  The Dub Diary.  

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Founder of The Dub, Natty Mark Samuels, edited the first seventeen issues. Issue eighteen and others following will now be edited by Dan-I Cameron.

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