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Monday, August 20, 2018



Singer: Jesse Royal
Location: Kingston JA
Genre: Reggae

With popular mixtapes, hit singles and now his debut album, Jesse Royal is establishing himself as one of the next reggae superstars to emerge from Jamaica. Jesse's reputation has been steadily building over the past half-decade. His versatile singjay style recalls some of the giants of reggae history, but Jesse’s diverse musical taste and restless artistic spirit have set him on a unique path that is helping propel the genre into new territory. Focusing on what has worked in recent years in the reggae scene – from the heavy touring, DIY-aesthetics of the U.S. reggae movement to the Sound System and bass culture influences of the U.K. scene – he’s ready to apply all his experiences along the way to his own journey. Jesse Royal’s time is now.

Jesse’s official debut album, Lily Of Da Valley, drops October 6, 2017, in partnership with the New York-based tastemaker label Easy Star Records. Written largely in conjunction with producer and mastermind Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, who has contributed to a number of Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated projects, the album represents where Jamaican music is right now, a seamless blending of classic roots with contemporary production and superb musicianship. New songs like “400 Years,” “Generation,” “Life’s Sweet,” and “Always Be Around,” will become staples of Jesse’s catalog, which includes earlier megahits like “Modern Day Judas” and “Finally.” These two gems have garnered a combined 10 million listens on streaming services worldwide so far and are included on the album along with the new songs.

With Easy Star, he joins an international family of bands that includes The Skints, Rebelution, The Black Seeds, The Green, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Easy Star All-Stars, The Expanders, John Brown’s Body, and other artists that are evolving reggae from New York to London to New Zealand to Hawaii and beyond. The rest of the team Jesse has assembled puts him in good company: he is managed by Lukes Morgan, of the Grammy-award winning reggae family Morgan Heritage, who in the past year helped break Raging Fyah on the scene en route to a Grammy nomination themselves. Cristy Barber, a trailblazer in reggae music who has helped the careers of Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stephen Marley, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, SOJA and many others, is overseeing the marketing campaign. And his team in Jamaica includes his longtime friend Kareem “Remus” Burrell, the son of Fatis Burrell, of Xterminator, one of the most important producers/labels of the dancehall era, and an early mentor of Jesse’s.

In the lead up to Jesse’s first full length release, he has already been covered by major media outlets such as Vogue and Vice. He has worked closely with the Major Lazer team, releasing a popular mixtape with Walshy Fire, which resulted in his song “If I Give You My Love” being featured on their cartoon TV series via FXX Network. He has made music with Bad Brains and performed alongside the pioneering punk/reggae band at the Afropunk Festival. He has already toured extensively in the US, UK, and Europe, playing major festivals like Cali Roots, Boomtown Fair, Reggae On The River, and Rototom Sunsplash. He obviously thrives on the unconventional approach, while still keeping grounded in the history of reggae. That’s why he often bristles at being grouped into a movement being called “Reggae Revival” – because to Jesse, he is not reviving the past; he is firmly rooted in the here and now, with an eye on the future.

Biography taken from "Jesse Royal Facebook Fan Page"

by Christian Lacoste

1) Album:
2017 - Lily Of Da Valley

2) EP:
2015 - Hope And Love

3) Songs Exclusive To Singles:
This Morning (2012), Modern Day Judas (2012)*, Greedy Babylon (2013)*, Warning To All (2013)*, Feel Your Pain (2013)**, Raising Your Voices For Freedom (2014)*, Gimme Likkle (2014), Just Can’t Leave It Alone (2014), Finally (2015)*, Hope & Love (2015)***, Cold Feet (2015) ***, Kingston (2015)***, Jam Rock (2015)***, Next To You (2015)*, Silent River (2016), Roots And Culture (2016)*, We Matter (2018).
*Also included on compilations. The song ‘Modern Day Judas’ and ‘Finally’ were included on Jesse Royal first album in 2017.
**Also included on the Mixtapes listed on this page, but the complete version of the songs can be found on digital music stores. *** Exclusive to the Japanese EP ‘Hope & Love’.

4) Songs Exclusive To Compilations:
Hatred Is Obsolete Route (Plastic Smile) (2011)*, Talk To Me (2011)*, Singing The Blues (2011)*, Bitter Sweet (2011)*, Wadadda (2013), Preying On The Weak (2013), Little Did They Know (2014), Muddy Road (2014), Set It Straight (2015), Ghetto Girl (2015), Cool And Deadly (2015), Cops And Robbers (2015), Come From (2015), Bless My Soul (2015), Blowing In The Wind (2016), Black Woman (2016), Fyah Fyah (2017), Hold The Faith (2017), My Time To Shine (2018).
*Also included on the Misheni Mixtape, but the complete version of the songs can be found on compilations available on digital music stores. The song Wadada was issued on YouTube in 2013 but was officially available only in Fall 2015.

5) Songs Exclusive To YouTube:
Least Deserve It (2010)*, Butterflies (2011)*, One Eye Open (2012)*, Light Like A Feather (2013)*, Going Home (When The Night Feets My Song) (2017)
*Also included on the Misheni Mixtape, but the complete version of the songs can be found on YouTube.

Loyal Soldier (Lutan Fyah) (2012)*, Do It Again (Cergis) (2012), Wolrd Cry (BiD, Karina Buhr) (2012)*, Show Them How Fi Blaze (Jahman) (2014), Righteous Ones (Blue King Brown) (2014), Cold Johnny (Kirkledove) (2015), Mash Me Up (Jovi Rockwell) (2015), Sudden Fight (Protoje, Sevana) (2015), Jah Jah Children Rise Up (Irie Souljah) (2015), I’m Alright (Cergis) (2015), Herb Must Legalize Now (Natural Revealers) (2016), Humble (Raging Fyah) (2016), I Need Your Love (Rasta Children) (Iba Mahr, Chronixx, Keznamdi...) (2016), Wake Up And Live (Kelissa) (2017), No War (Noise Cans) (2017), Searching (Basic Division) (2017), Going Home (When The Night Feets My Song) (Bedouin Soundclash) (2017), Give Thanks (MEDZ) (2018), Leave You Alone (Ikaya) (2018), Herbalist Party (Charlie Black) (2018), Pillow (Notis, Kumar Fyah) (2018).
••• The following songs could also be included in this cathegory: Generation (Jo Mersa Marley) (2017), Full Moon (Natty Rico) (2017), Waan Go Home (Patrice) (2017).
*Also included on the Mixtapes, but the complete version of the songs can be found on digital music stores.

Hotter The Battle (2012), Raindrops (2013), Na Na Na (Melodies In My Head) (2013), Push Back (2013)

8) ACOUSTICS and PERFORMANCES: (Official Recordings)
Hotter The Battle (acoustic, 2014), Modern Day Judas (acoustic, 2014), Woke Up This Morning (acoustic, 2014), Feel Your Pain (2016), Cool & Deadly (acoustic, 2017), Generation (acoustic, 2018).
Sources: Jussbuss Acoustic (April 2014), BNV Studio Hollywood (April 2016), Becca D’s Deadly (March 2017), Sugarshack Sessions (April 2018).

2012 - Misheni Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Tall Up)
2013 - In Comes The Small Axe (Mixed By DJ Tall Up)

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 Jesse Royal - Discography:


2017 - Lily Of Da Valley
(Original Press):
“Lily Of Da Valley” 2017 - (Original Version)
1) 400 Years. 2) Generation [Feat. Jo Mersa Marley]. 3) Modern Day Judas. 4) Life’s Sweet. 5) Real Love. 6) Always Be Around. 7) Stand Firm. 8) Roll Me Something. 9) Full Moon [Feat. Natty Rico]. 10) Rock It Tonight. 11) Finally. 12) Justice. 13) Waan Go Home [Feat. Patrice]. 14) Jah Will See Us Through.
[Label: Easy Star Records (Cd/Lp: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)]

Note: The following songs were previously available: Modern Day Judas (2012), Finally (2015), The song ‘Always Be Around’ was issued as a single four months before the album



2015 - Hope And Love
(Original Press):
EP: "Hope And Love" 2015 - (Original Version)
1) Hope & Love. 2) Cold Feet. 3) Kingston. 4) Jam Rock. 5) Jam Rock Dub Mix.
[Label: Gachapan Records (Cd: 2015)] (EP exclusive to Japan)



2012 - Misheni Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Tall Up)
(Original Press):
Free Download: Misheni Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Tall Up) 2012
1) Kwanza. 2) Singing The Blues. 3) Interview (Pili). 4) Talk To Me. 5) Bittersweet. 6) Interview (Tatu). 7) Hotter The Battle. 8) Interview (Ya Nne). 9) Loyal Soldier (feat. Lutan Fyah). 10) Hatred Is Obsolete (Plastic Smile). 11) Interview (Tano). 12) Least Deserve It. 13) One Eye Open. 14) Interview (Sita). 15) Modern Day Judas. 16) Interview (Saba). 17) Butterflies. 18) Interview (Nane).
[Label: none (Download: 2012)]

Mixtape Free Download at  http://bit.ly/J3Bhog or Soundcloud via ReggaeVille

Note: Misheni meaning ‘The Mission’ in Swahili
Note: promotional album available for download only. Some of the songs were previously available on YouTube in 2010 and 2011.

2013 - In Comes The Small Axe (Mixed By DJ Tall Up)
(Original Press):
Free Download: In Comes The Small Axe (Mixed By DJ Tall Up) 2013
1) Intro. 2) Interview (Kwanza). 3) Warning To All. 4) Interview (Pili). 5) Greedy Babylon. 6) Hotter The Battle. 7) Interview (Tatu). 8) Raindrops. 9) Interview (Ya Nne). 10) Modern Day Judas. 11) Interview (Tano). 12) Feel Your Pain. 13) Interview (Sita). 14) Na Na Na (Melodies In My Head). 15) Interview (Saba). 16) This Morning. 17) Light Like A Feather. 18) Interview (Nane). 19) Push Back. 20) Interview (Tisa). 21) World Cry. 22) Interview (Kumi). [Label: none (Download: 2013)]

Mixtape Free Download at Soundcloud






Youtube Channel


Jesse Royal "Geenration"

Jesse Royal "Blowing In The Wind"

Jesse Royal "Gimmie Likkle / Finally"

Jesse Royal "Cool & Deadly"

Jesse Royal "Modern Day Judas"

Jesse Royal "This Morning"


Discography by Christian Lacoste

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