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Monday, September 12, 2022

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 19)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2201) *I am impressed with the imprest fund given to pay for my expenses.{FRF}

2202) *Stop giving attention where there is no support and ignore where it genuinely exists.{FRF}

2203) *Winning doesn't make you the best or the greatest, doing it with integrity does.{FRF}

2204) *A supplement is not a disagreement. {FRF}

2205) *Apprecilove life and apricate in the sun and have a lot of fun. {FRF}

2206) *Verbalized your thoughts to galvanize the effect.{FRF}

2207) *The cosmetic world has s taken away the origin of who people are and the purpose Jah create them to be. {FRF}

2208) *Caring comes from listening attentively with empathy.{FRF}

2209) *Voracious readers have a great appetite for good literature. {FRF}

2210) *The music scene has changed into a scission instead of a session that has caused a recession. {FRF}

2211) "Rejecting those who have importance to your moral development will lead to a travesty. {FRF}
2212) *I don't think being honest required any adjective, it's either you speak it or remain silent.{FRF}

2213) *The need for what is yours does not conflict with the needs for what is not.{FRF}

2214) *Work of the heart creates more results than working hard, it's the diligence you possess. {FRF} 

2215)  *Greatness and achievement look the same, notwithstanding, achievement can be inherited but greatness comes with persistence and continuity. {FRF}

2216) *If you separate the art form of the artist it leaves you with an ist without a zest. {FRF}

2217) *Self-improvement comes from stopping complaining, acknowledging the failure, and keeping working. {FRF}

2218) *Comfort and peace of mind are more guaranteed sleeping on the floor of your own home rather than in someone else's luxurious bed filled with chaos..{FRF}

2219) *Some people will do you bad just to be happy, and disrupt your good by doing you wrong so be strong. {FRF}

2220) *Amid the struggle, there is a way of preference for doing something no one is doing. {FRF}

2221) *The goodness of doing good is good, and it is good doing good to those who have a good mind and heart. {FRF}

2222) *Complacency can be a myth, it's like traveling on a smooth and lovely road, and then suddenly it collapsed. {FRF}

2223) *Music of hate divides people, that of love gathered them to dance and sing in harmony. {FRF}

2224) *Some people are best living apart than together because their lifestyle is much different from yours. {FRF} 

Brand New Thoughts 

2225) *If the plateau on which we stand doesn't facilitate us to see the incoming, then we must strive to go higher. {FRF}

2226)  *God the unseen is the most famous yet those who are chasing fame want to be seen in everything they do.{FRF}

2227) *The word created the world and if you live life long loyally and livid, you will cherish the old in it. {FRF}

2228) *Lessening your circle is part of comprehending what good life is about, and making space for the genius ones. {FRF}

2229) *One of life's greatest experiences is to unlearn the way of envy, hatred, and deceit. {FRF}

2230) *Despite their teachings, find the perfect techniques to unlearn the great miseducation. {FRF}

2231) *Among the great divide, is to unlearn the criminalization of our foreparents and glorify their civilization. {FRF}

2232) *We are afraid of being ourselves just because we think that we are children of followers. {FRF}

2233) *We have prayed so much that our only solution was to become the work. {FRF}

2234) *Learning is universal and unlimited, however, the power to unlearn erroneous teaching is limited to the minds. {FRF} 

* Exclusive for Reggaediscography

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