Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 20)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2301) *Of all the anti-terminology that exists, there are none eviler than misotheism or anti-god. {FRF}

2302) *One of humans' greatest impotence is lacking the ability to utilize their minds positively and consciously. {FRF}

2303) *Attribute your accomplishments to good teachings, it keeps you focused on doing what's right. {FRF}

2304) *Be a fan of the art and show gratitude to the people who make the sacrifice to establish it. {FRF}

2305) *The anticipation of the projection is based on the trajectory to foresee the progression. {FRF}

2306) *People get deceived by the applause not knowing it was only for amusement, outside of that they are just nevermost human beings. {FRF}

2307) *Not every change must be embraced, but it should be acknowledged because it could be destruction or redemption. {FRF}

2308) *The inhumane rules are an injustice used to finance the system that oppresses the righteous. {FRF}

2309) *Don't force yourself into limitations because of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. {FRF}

2310) *The change you want only happens when you do it. {FRF}

2311) Leadership is not about being at the front, a good leader knows what it takes to follow, or rule from the depths. {FRF}

2312) *Self-doubt is a deterrent to progressing oneself. {FRF}

2313) *Evolution is constantly happening, get defeated by it or be a part of it. {FRF} 

2314) Be one of the solution-driven mindset and be forgiven, it creates harmony and an internal state of equanimity. {FRF}

2315) *The psychological, medical, political, and religious assassination of those who oppose
negativity seems to be on course for attainment, regardless, it will never be as long as positivity and the spiritual keep up the resistance. {FRF}

2316) *Force not yourself trying to reverse the unresolved, giving worthy to the unworthy and the irreparable to the err. {FRF}

2317) *The cohesive means of liberation may seem elusive but those who are of the same mindset will bring some moral ascendancy. {FRF}

2318) *The strength of the human spirit is our resilience to revitalize our souls despite the dehumanizing circumstance by the oppressors. Be energized by what can never be taken away. {FRF}

2319) Put your value on the validity and vitality of spiritual immortality and your vision will be the vehicle of change. {FRF}

2320) Some people feel so comfortable putting others at a disadvantage just to fulfill their needs. {FRF}

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