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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 21)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2401)  *As much as they speak of love and unity, most people's feelings of compassion decline when the level of their earnings increases because of their self-interest entitlements and their craving for frugality. {FRF}

2402) *The lack of spontaneity deprived many of their authenticity. {FRF}

2403) *You never know how beautiful you are until someone says that your annoyance is pretty obvious. {FRF}

2404) *If justice is not in the war there will be no peacefulness in the solution even if they are none. {FRF}

2405) *Truth and Rights are my ultimate alibi, they keep my I-science clear and my mind morale. {FRF}

2406) *If you are not involved in the resolution don't complain about the evolution because no one can rise higher than what is ordained. {FRF}

2407) *The incongruity of people's mindsets is the biggest challenge because of their infallible conceive life. {FRF}

2408) *Some people are comfortable with thoughts and prayers and attend funerals because they believe in dying and going to Heaven/Zion rather than living life on Earth. {FRF}

2409) *Most people create opposition, even when there is nothing to oppose. {FRF}

2410) *The haters hate because they have no love for progress and upliftment. {FRF}

2411) *I am confident that those who have the forte to do good are not moved by what is happening today because evil can't prevail. {FRF} 

2412) If you have done a person no wrong, there is nothing to correct or have no guilt. {FRF}

2413) Those who have the ability to learn and unlearn have the willingness to relearn. {FRF}

2414) Some people's belief mechanisms are so spiritual that it has no human compassion. {FRF}

2415) *Never disabuse a person who has a different perspective than yours. {FRF}

2416) The feelings of hope are like the wind, travel unseen but can be felt by those who have faith. {FRF}

2417) It is a gross violation of human rights and principles not to have an overstanding of people's occurrences and reality. {FRF}

2418) *A lot of these self-proclaimed righteous people think that they can be involved in illicit action and believe they can advocate for the people's integrity. {FRF}

2419) *Stop complaining about what is not being done and keep doing what is right. {FRF}

2420) *Sometimes people in the highest office are held to the lowest standard. {FRF}

2421) *Lots of us have no sentience, and their sentences have no compassion for humanity. {FRF}

2422) *In the race against death, a place where children are the majority and suffering from the inhumane situation. {FRF}

2423) *Artistes must inculcate the importance of good morals through the lucidity of their
lyrical content to help mold the minds of the fans. {FRF}

2424) *None of us can outlive time because physical age has a limit but not time. {FRF} 

2425) *Nothing is more remarkable than dreaming about the woman you have a great desire for and love, especially when it is synchronized and translated into compatibility. {FRF}

2426) There is no secret in rectitude, however,
rectitude has sacred things that will preserve you mentally and spiritually. {FRF}

2427) *When the unlawful becomes the law, the law gets more lawless if you act irresponsibly. {FRF}

2428) *They are stoic to the fact that they care less about it. {FRF}

2429) *Those who retreat from the destination of negligence have the experience to guide you on the journey of accomplishment. {FRF}

2430) *People's disregard is like learning to fly a plane in mid-air with no one there to teach you. {FRF}

2431) *Do not take someone in your space to be displaced and end up on your face. {FRF}

2432) *The unsolved problems and the unanswered questions are neverending beyond your imagination and logic. {FRF}

2433) *The greatest is not the great even if it achieves greater. {FRF}

2434) Let no one's beliefs erode the virtues of your mind. {FRF}

2435)  *Some people will spit at you and say it's raining. {FRF}

2436)  *Unfactual rhetoric is persuasive noise. {FRF}

2437)  *The message in music never has to end because of the tempo changes. {FRF}

2438) *An act of defiance will give a voice to the voiceless. {FRF}

2439)  *His performance was imbued with sparkle and elan. {FRF}

2440)  *We are a casualty of denial because of people's miscomprehension. {FRF}

2441) *Hatred is not the absence of love but the conviction that love will never prevail or will surely fail. {FRF}

2442)  *A life devoid of excitement or extraordinary experiences will lead to boredom. {FRF}

2443)  *The bridge of love is a lifeline that has long been a symbol of connectivity. {FRF}

2444)  *If you are an ongoing financial liability people will resent you, if you are an equity they embrace you. {FRF} 

2445)   *The enslaver's words are always the loudest cry for justice synonymous with the hater's action for love. {FRF}

2446)  *Arthur the Author needs an Auteur to express his Artistic ability. {FRF}

2447)  *When you come of age you can easily see the mess in the message. {FRF}

2448)  *The waves and the winds are not obstacles to those who use them to navigate the journeys of their lives. {FRF}

2449)  *Those who skillfully harness the waves and winds find no hindrances, but rather pathways to navigate the adventures of their existence. {FRF}

2450)  *The most difficult choice on the journey is when you reach the fork in the road, knowing that you need them all to advance. {FRF}

2451)  *If it can't be reciprocal it is not universal. {FRF}

2452)  *On the journey of life, there are many destinations, but there are no destinations where the journey stops. {FRF}

2453) *Revenge is not on the path of the journey, it has a destination of no return. {FRF}

2454)  *Vulnerable minds can be easily led into believing the illusion of life. {FRF} 


2455) *Those who build their comfort on lies will never find the truth, but those who find the truth will always be comforted. {FRF}

2456) *When you are the personified of your ideation the truth becomes truthful. {FRF}

2457) *Faith in the truth is bigger than anyone's imagination. {FRF}

2458) *Erase borders and boundaries from your thoughts and mind there will be betterment in the human community. {FRF}

2459) *Amid a hot summer appears a mist that even the birds and the bees drank from to quench their thirst. {FRF}

2460) *Bad things happen when we fail to choose what's good. {FRF}

2461)  *Most people have shifted from the conviction of law to an opinionated mindset that has plunged them into confusion. {FRF}

2462) *Don't complain about being sad when you do things to make people happy. {FRF}

2463) *An erudite person doesn't inflate, they inform. {FRF}

2464) *Love is the ultimate worth. {FRF} 

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