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Friday, February 14, 2020

Brand new Compilation album 'H-UMANI' by Music In Black, MEI & Rising Time

Music is one of the most powerful means of communication, for this reason many songs speak of important themes such as love, friendship, courage, peace, racism.

Music in Black together with the Mei 'Meeting of Independent Labels' and Rising Time Label present the release of H-UMANI, a new project that wants to spread messages of brotherhood and hospitality, in a period in which human rights are often trampled on and where the word "different" is not considered as an opportunity for exchange and growth.

It is precisely the artists who sing the diversity using music to spread positive messages.
Rocky G.Vox & Chala-Dz, Idrisman, Fat Combo, SistaSara and Santa Dub Family are the names that make up the tracklist of the H-UMANI album available on Spotify.

The cover was made by DiMa while the album is distributed by Rising Time Label

Listen to the album on  Spotify

1) Rocky G.Vox & Chala Dz Cham  - Victim
2) Idrisman - On my Way
3) Fat Combo - Far Away
4) SistaSara - United We Stand
5) Santa Dub Family - Meditation Dub

Idrisman - On my

Rocky G.Vox & Chala-dz Cham "Victim"