Friday, June 11, 2021

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 17)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2001) *An ageless mind is watered by the fountain of youth even as the physical grows in age. {FRF}

2002) Dissemblers are on the move spreading their antithetical beliefs trying to deceive everyone in their path.{FRF}

2003) *Where we came from might be bad, but what comes out of us must be the epitome of goodness.{FRF}

2004) You are always right until you learn or realize how wrong you were knowing what you know today.{FRF}

2005) It's not yours unless a title or a certificate or a will assigns ownership to your name.{FRF}

2006) *Living in a house doesn't mean you have a home, you can become homeless in a minute.{FRF}

2007) *The enablers will mislead you to do wrong and denied the help requires to accomplish what is right. {FRF}

2008) *People have become immune to the falsehood that they are numb to the truth.{FRF}

2009) *In the "court of public opinion," the truth, facts, and evidence can be unlawful, but in a "court of law," all the aforementioned are lawful.{FRF}

2010) In today's music sphere it is not the most arranged, composed, nor the intellectual lyrics of songs that will make it popular or a hit, it's the game, the name, the fame of artistes, producers, labels, the hype generated and the promotions.{FRF}

2011) *The logic of a bright and sunny day is warm is not always accurate, because, in reality, it can be sunny and bright yet, cold as a refrigerator.{FRF}

2012) *You can pardon or erase the record of a person for the crimes that they did but they are still a criminal. {FRF}

2013) *Creation is an excellent history book, it holds the record of what everyone does and doesn't.{FRF}

2014) *The flaw in the logic of the topic is being egotistic.{FRF} 

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