Monday, October 19, 2020

Dandy Livingstone: ‘They Call Us Legends’ (New Album)

Dandy Livingstone (born Robert Livingstone Thompson, December 14, 1943, Kingston Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae musician, songwriter and record producer. At the age of 15, Livingstone moved to the UK to join his parents in London. 

He met Lee Gopthal in 1963, founder of Trojan Records, who at the time was selling and distributing Jamaican music and became one of the sale’s person. Livingstone auditioned for Carnival Records and two weeks later he did his first recording session which was successful. What a Life and Time and Tide from the session were big sellers. 

He did an album titled Rock Steady With Dandy for Ska Beat Records Label and then recorded the song Rudy A Message To You which was a big seller and later a hit for the British group the Specials in 1979. 

Lee Gopthal, who actually started Livingstone in the business, had by this time in 1968, started Trojan Records and he wanted Dandy Livingstone on board. He was major forces in the early days of the label, best known for his 1972 hits Suzanne Beware Of The Devil and Big City which went to #14 and #20 respectively on the British pop chart. 1969 was a good year with Reggae In Your Jeggae and I’m Your Puppet. 

He also produced Red Red Wine, a hit for Tony Tribe. In 1970 he also had success with Raining In My Heart and then Version Girl which was later covered by UB40. Over the years Dandy Livingstone has worked with many top class musicians. 

He said one of his fondest memories was coming back to Jamaica for the first time in 1971 after thirteen years to record at Dynamic Studio with session musicians such as Jackie Jackson, Hux Brown, Winston Wright, Winston Grennan, Gladstone Anderson, Rad Bryan, Lloyd Parks and others. Livingstone returned to Jamaica with his family in 1983. 

In 2020, forty years after his last album, he released They Call Us Legends, including updated classics and new anthems.

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