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Friday, December 3, 2021

Manjul Meets Fx and Yvo "Sound Therapy" (Album)

MANJUL SOULETIE (Dub To Mali, Sugar Minott, African Brothers, Takana Zion, Azania Band, Danakil), multi instrumentalist, singer, mix engineer and producer, presents his new album «SOUND THERAPY», fruit of the collaboration with the sound engineer FRANÇOIS FX VILAVERDE and drummer YVO ABADI! 

The trio met in Bamako on the various projects of artists TIKEN JAH FAKOLY, AMADOU ET MARIAM or on the Paris-Bamako Festival. For the past fifteen years, they have rubbed shoulders with each other, in particular thanks to the late manager and director Marc Antoine Moreau who had made Bamako and the MANJUL studio one of his favorite places of creation in Africa. 

Beyond their common passion for reggae, the three artists have a sensitivity to music all their own. They are convinced of the therapeutic dimension of it, as much on the psychic, physical, social and spiritual level that it provides to those who do it, those who accompany it, distribute it or receive it. 

All three work in parallel for and in the company of many artists in the studio or live. This work is a testament to friendships and collaborations and brings together a large number of musicians, singers and singers from different backgrounds, musical expressions and generations. Beyond the purely musical dimension of the project, YVO ABADI, also a painter and draftsman, brings a plastic dimension to it since he creates the visual supports for the album. And if this album is a meticulously produced piece, it’s because with the skills of their own, the trio has developed a very precise process of creation. 

The instrumental themes are proposed by MANJUL then arranged by YVO ABADI who brings all his rhythmic sensitivity to them. The directions and sound enhancements are supervised by FX VILAVERDE throughout the recording and mixing process in addition to his presence on keyboards, basses, trumpets, percussions and choirs. We also find the lead voice of MANJUL on 4 tracks in different languages and styles. 

Recorded in several studios between Paris, Mali, Jamaica and Réunion, this work brings together and expresses a wide spectrum of emotions and cultural particularities. So on this project, artists from the islands of the Indian Ocean, Comoros, Congo, Mali, Guyana, Jamaica and France come together on Reggae songs with Roots influences. Tinted with multiple musical influences evoking deep themes, it is about «a musical journey within and around everyone, motivated by the therapeutic power that» sound «represents for all that lives». 

This project also has its share of great collaborations since we find prestigious guests: CLINTON FEARON, CEDRIC MYTON, CORNELL CAMPBELL, BACO MOURCHID, TIKOK VELLAYE, VALERIE TRIBORD, JUPITER AND OKWESS and many others ... , the talented CYRIL ATEF, TARANTABABU, the saxophonist RICO GAULTIER (Faya Horns Roots Heritage, ...), the trombonist DIDIER BOLAY

New Album available at 

Manjul Meets Fx and Yvo - Sound Therapy

1) Human Being
2) From My Soul (Manjul, Cornell Campbell)
3) Long Time No See (Manjul, Clinton Fearon)
4) Fo Nou Levé (Manjul feat. Jupiter & Okwess, Montana Kinunu, Yende Balamba, Valérie Tribord, Cyril Atef)
5) Set Me Free (Manjul, Cedric Myton, Baco Mourchid feat. Cyril Atef)
6) Koulèr (Manjul, Tikok Vellaye)
7) The Lion and the Hunter
8) L'Homme (Manjul, Jupiter & Okwess) 
9) Somewhere to Be Found
10) Griotic Dub
11) Green Sunshine* (Bonus Track)

Available on vinyl with 10 tracks and digital release with 11 tracks*

Manjul feat. Clinton Fearon - Long Time No See [Official Video]