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Sunday, January 1, 2023


A collection of POETRY from
Mightyful13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.



Spark Of Life
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I call my baby on the telephone
To comfort her when I'm not home
It makes her feel good inside
Whenever she hears my voice
Chatting with the one she loves
Ignite her spark of life
Absent from who you care
Bring loneliness and despair
It's important to be there
Loyalty is sincere
No matter what the seasons bring
Happiness comes from within
My love is like a running stream
She is a beautiful rose
I have to keep her watered
Can't let her be exposed
To the sexually thirsty slaughterers
Or those with lustful souls
Both of us together are something to behold
It's a cycle that no one can control. 

Love-Sex Synergy
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Lots of people equate love with sex
It makes some happy, and others vex
Persons have sex without love for each other
The relationships end up in disaster
Friendships built genuinely at an early age
Sets the stage to be on the front page
Like seeds that are sown
Nurturing it so it grows
Togetherness keeps it strong
True compatibility can't be wrong
Honesty must be the policy
Human nature is fallible
Love-sex synergy can be inevitable
Self-control must not be regrettable
Sex has a reason
Love has no special season
They say it's blind
So be kind
This act of arousement
Is a heartfelt enjoyment
Finding the love of attraction
Give much satisfaction. 

January 2023

Beautify My Life
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Like an artist, she beautifies my life
Her love is more than the colors of the rainbow
She radiates and she glows
Fills my empty canvas and stars in my show
I am the ebb
She is the flow
When she comes
Then I let go
I am her rain
She's my sunshine
She wrote the contents of the time
I am so thankful she is mine
To my lock, she is the key
In loneliness, her haven I seek
It's so gentle when she speaks
That's the voice that has me weak
I don't like when she gets angry
And if it's my fault, I’ll say I'm sorry
It makes me no less of a man so I never worry
Her effervescence smile is contagious
Not a person with ill behavior or does things outrageous
Together we converse
Being straightforward with no reverse
And if there are any problems
She's solution-driven to end them.  

The Road To The Soul 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

We stumble over our self-gratifications
Seek perfection with no expectations
Physically incline
Spiritually decline
And without His will
Everything is still
Those who seek good shell
In love, they dwell
No more on the road of life we faltered
Jah blessing is our drinking water
Through wisdom, we radiated
Experience teaches us to communicate
In times of despair, we can't go wanting
Together we meditate and give praises by chanting
The road to the soul is not written in scrolls
Nor it's a story that can be told
Although the deaf cannot hear
What is felt they share
We all walk this earthly path
Filled with obstacles and wrath
But on this journey, there's nothing to fear
With Jah's presence evil disappears. 

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