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A collection of POETRY from
Mightyfull13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


April 2021

by Fitzroy R. Francis

My eyes see the sea
My ears hear the sound
My nose smells the scent
My feet walk in the sand
My hands touch the grains
My temple feeling the breeze
My mind sharing the thoughts
My life is how I live
My love is all I give
My journey has no destination
My time is not on a clock
My salvation is not of people
My blessings are of Jah

by Fitzroy R. Francis

We conceive
We born
We incarnate
We grow
We learn
We think
We school
We work
We play
We try
We fail
We struggle
We succeed
We achieve
We accomplish
We survive
We strive
We thrive
We stayed alive
We fuljoy life
We keep healthy
We aged
We get ill
We feel pain
We die
We get buried
We transmigrate
We leave a story
We are remembered. 

March 2021

I Walk With Love
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I walk with love slowly but surely
Making steps holy and boldly
No hatred on my mind
Steadily taking the time
Doing things nature's way
As I defined my stay
Being collective in what I say
So no one is misled or go astray

I walk with love looking above
Am in peace, like a dove
Thinking about below
Where we all must go
Watching the birds that fly
In a clear and beautiful sky
Seeking from within
Without causing a sin

I walk with love in Jah sight
Executing what is right
Fear no enemy or foe
Everything in life has a flow
Keep focus as I go
There's nothing more to show
And if the pendulum swing
Love will forever win. 

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Twilight sky I behold
It beautifies the soul
Sun's rays scattered and refracted light
Below the horizon as the day drew night
Only for minutes then out of sight
Fiery clouds are in great delight
Now I know it's eventide
So I relaxed my head
From a job well done
As I lay in bed
No noctambulate as the stars come out
Give thanks to Jah, I shout
Preparing for another day
Through meditation as I pray. 

February 2021

A Moonlight Night
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Sitting alone on a moonlight night
Sipping on some rootsy wine
Feeling the vybez of contentment
Thinking about life commitment
An embarking journey that's assigned
By Jah, who all things are designed
Glistening light reflects on the leaves
Shedding my mind of grieves
Oh what a wonderful time of relief
Holding steadfast in my faith and beliefs

In this changing time
We must never forget
The IvIness that created the InIverse
Through spiritual authority and vibration
The essential process of Creation
Jah Almighty involution
Male and Female evolution
Human reproduction by copulation
Jah Ras Tafari incarnation
Our Africaness is no illusions
Eyes seeing the moonlight
Is a thrill
Brings satisfaction so we can be fulfilled

A Seed Grows Silently
by Fitzroy R. Francis

A seed grows silently
With all due diligence
No direct light of the sun
Having a lot of fun
As it burst out of the soil
We can now see its toil
From germination to fruition
It's a fact and not fiction
Amidst the tension
Overcoming all contradiction
Nurture by the loving hands
With every protection
Heat, Air, and Water
Perfectly it comes together
Now rooted in the fertile land
Glory be to the Creation. 

January 2021

Children Of Orion
by Fitzroy R. Francis

We are the children of Orion
Ridding upon the moon and starz
We are the children of Tsion
Traveled on the wings of the wind
On the galactic chariots
Sailing from Pluto to Mars
Seeing constellation of starz
Consciously knowing who we are
Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka
Together, they brighten the night sky
The cosmos is the ultimate high
Life can never die.

Incomprehensible we were
Could never be deter
Glossolalia we spoke
Metaphysics awoke
It's not a mythology
Learn of the undisputed chronology
Even in the Holy Bible, it was said
No one can open the Orion belt
Celestial located
Divinely protect
Humanity selected
We are the children of Orion
Descend in the physical realm
We are the children of Tsion
Ascend to where we belong, 
Whenever our work on earth has ended. 

Petrichor (Smell Of The Rain)
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Listening to it beating on the roof
Feeling it while getting wet is proof
Seeing if falls from the sky
As the leaves of the trees smile
When the raindrops splatter the ground
The petrichor odor comes around
Its scent travel quickly downwind
Alerting the people that rain is on the way
And if there is something special to say
I give thanks each and every day
It's no illusions in my head
I slept comfortably in my bed
As it watered the earth
The vegetation shows its worth
Aiding humanity
With sanity and sustainability
Its effervescence is inhalable
Clean and consumable
So irresistible 
I adore the variables. 

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