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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 16)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1901) *Finite minds only see what they think, infinite minds see beyond their thoughts.{FRF}

1902) *Pastiche and plagiarism are similar, one compliment the art while the other copy.{FRF}

1903) *From forenoon to the afternoon we celebrate the Sun, Stars, and Moon.{FRF}

1904) *Esteeming people beyond your expectations can bring grief and disappointment.{FRF}

1905) *Some people absolve themselves of the wrong they did then blamed It on others.{FRF}

1906) *A whetstone sharpens a sword, explanation enhanced the mind.{FRF}

1907) *Invest in those who will make your interest grow, and not those who withdraw it into declination.{FRF}

1908) You don't have to follow everything the person you follow because no one can be a follower of themselves.{FRF}

1909) *The truth doesn't need an apology, it brings contentment to the mind.{FRF}

1910) *Fickle is their fame so they play the game with complaining and giving blame.{FRF}

1911) *Let's able the disabled so that they can be funable to resist the unable.{FRF}

1912) *Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel isn't guaranteed hope, it is to subdue the unforeseen dangers of every length, breadth and step of the way.{FRF} 

1913) *Some people shoes can never be filled because they are buried in them.{FRF}

1914) *Ms. and Mr. Conversant, decolonization of the mind is essential.{FRF}

1915) *The dynamics of going fast is totally different from how fast you go.{FRF}

1916) *Giving oxygen to the dead and fueling a car without an engine is equally the same.{FRF}

1917) *Some people's guilt of faithful unawareness gets them into trouble.{FRF}

1918) *Greatness can be achieved through honesty and dishonesty, but in the end, only honesty will prevail.{FRF}

1919)  *Investing in a business is good, so be the business that you are investing in.{FRF}

1920) *Walking backward to go forward is as dangerous as walking forward without looking backward.{FRF} 

1921) *If artistes and musicians were not affected by politics and its divisiveness they would not be singing against it or involved in it.{FRF}

1922) Reggae music is for unity and liberation of the mind. It confronts the world with the African existence and affirms that the probability of our Africaness is not a fluke.{FRF}

1923) The legacy of Reggae is not built only on the vocalizations of life's circumstances, without any tangible action to help make people's lives better, it is a farce.{FRF}

1924) *Reggae music addresses a lot of problems in the world but the practitioners remain divided into sit-down the conversation when it comes to a resolve.{FRF}

1925) Causations occurs not by coincidence but by the ordinance of Nature and the Cosmos, so we feel the Effect.{FRF}

1926) The magma has risen and racial hatred erupted like a Volcano eradicating everything in its path.{FRF}

1927) The repercussions of the reaction of the action are because of the inaction to the justifications.{FRF}

1928) *One's difference with the indifference is due to the latter lack of qualities and incompetence.{FRF}

1929) *We know so little about the many things in the world that it is not much we can do.{FRF}

1930) *Law and Order are being defended by disorder and lawlessness.{FRF}

1931) Evil is not winning, it's only been amplified more than good via the medium.{FRF}

1932) The world that they build, if you want to be a part of it, you must give up who you are to be fit in.{FRF}

1933) Through strain and pain, some will fain to gain, sustain, and never complain because it is not in vain.{FRF} 

1934) When the influenced becomes the influencer, it means something influential has happened.{FRF}

1935) *Listening to the ignorant doesn't mean that you are stupid, it's your awareness as to how alone you can be in a community.{FRF}

1936)  *An invariable character is a threat to the fakers.{FRF}

1937) *Never ignore those who want to express their thoughts, nor deny them a listening ear. Their burden might be your explanation.{FRF}

1938) *The memory of the dead is more revered than the works of the living.{FRF}

1939) Speaking or communicating with the dead is an illusion for the dead knows nothing. Live life until your time.{FRF}

1940) Living has become a wonderland, people are perplexed, contemplating what to do. The pendulum swings and caught a lot of us off-guard.
The best Is yet to come so keep your minds strong.{FRF}

1941) *Not everyone who stumbled falls backward, many of us stumble forward, but most importantly, it's those who get up and continue.{FRF}

1942) *We must stop misinterpreted cultural appreciation for cultural appropriation, embracing other people's expressions is nothing to be angry about.{FRF}

1943) *Don't let your vision be of another person because once deceased, their vision may die .{FRF}

1944) *Some people take on burden just to look good, then murmured and squeal when the pressure hits.{FRF}

1945) *A lot of people get credit for being successful but little or none for those who caused the success.{FRF}

1946) *Don't let negative out weight your good.{FRF}

1947)  The vacancy of a woman's heart has an oasis where only the perfect man can enter once he is patient in the antechamber.{FRF}

1948)  Be the "love" and share the "love" instead of saying you love, and you will be loved by "love." {FRF}

1949)  If a woman doesn't find love in a man and is not sexcited, no amount of money can or will satisfy her.{FRF}

1950)  A woman must not stand behind nor in front of her man but with him in unity to accomplish the objective of solidarity.{FRF}

1951) The "Music Business" has become a "Sindustry" fill with materialist, hatred, deceit, and immorality that it has transformed into a "Killdustry." {FRF}

1952) Those politicians who live beyond the struggles of the black community doesn't care about them, only their votes.{FRF}

1953) Some men seek for excellence in a woman, others seek sexcellence. If you find one or the other it's good, finding both are exceptional.{FRF}

1954) The most significant epoch of this time is for us to make our invariable thought the flagship of our dissenting voice.{FRF}

1955) Human dignity and principles must prevail over principality and power.{FRF}

1956) It is said that a lady's best friend is a diamond, but your companionship to me is more precious than any diamond..
Her kryptonite voice and her contagious smile are nothing more than impeccable.{FRF}

1957) *Sometimes the good you do for others subtracts your goodness and leaves you in stress.{FRF}

1958) The passion of our people is of great significance, and keeping ourselves alive is the ultimate goal, but if we continue to indulge in sophistry, our journey, and destination will end up in a cul-de-sac.{FRF}

1959) The laws are lawless, and Our rights will ve unlawful unless these laws are eradicated.{FRF}

1960) In all things give thanks and praise.
Be assured that all is well as we all surmount the human challenges confront you each day.{FRF}

1961) Remove all doubt from your mind and be reminded that in the test we have to do our best, and in the race we must resort to Jah's grace and take life's lesson to multiply your blessings.{FRF} 

1962) *The accelerant of good doesn't have the symptom of evil, and will always be a healer.{FRF}

1963) *When the power of prayer fails destruction prevails.{FRF}

1964) *Some say that they are the G.O.A.T, I n I are L.I.O.N.
Living Independent Of Naysayers.{FRF}

1965) *We would be all dead if life's most important priority changes like the environment.{FRF}

1966) Some people are like a fireman who sets a building on fire then runs into the burning building to put out the blaze so he can be praised.{FRF}

1967) *The man who genuinely cares for a woman think less about sex, notwithstanding if he does, her mind, health, hygiene, and well-being are of more importance.{FRF}

1968) Silence is violence because in it there is a voice to len', and not to speak out against injustices is criminal.{FRF}

1969) *You will become powerless once you start to discommunicate from where the source of your power comes from.{FRF}

1970) Hate will never conquer Aspiration, Hospitality, Kindness, Love, and, Zeal unless you lose your valor.{FRF}

1971) Old tree weathered many storms and most outlived many men and women unless it is destroyed by one of the other.{FRF}

1972) *Don't be too busy paying any attention to those who are interested in your wellbeing.{FRF}

1973) *The complaint is likely to be the complain so complaining is the only option.{FRF}

1974) *Death would be our success if life's most important priority changes like the environment.{FRF}

1975) *Talk is cheap yet it can be the most expensive thing because it cost the loss of many lives and funeral services.{FRF}

1976) *When the mind is illuminated by experience, wisdom, knowledge, and overstanding become invincible.{FRF} 

Brand New Thoughts 

1977) *Good things come to those who work, and many times to those who ask.{FRF}

1978) *Quoted poetry touches many souls, unquote poetry may not be told, both are worthy in time of uncertainty, they strengthen the minds and hearts to overcome vanity.{FRF}

1979) Empathy is the greatest of all human characteristics.{FRF}

1980) *The fools bemoan for the things which they have not but the wise graciously utilized what they possess.{FRF}

1981) The variableness of the World cannot and will never shadow the light of the Most High Jah Ras Tafari, neither the evil of mankind can lead is children into temptation because the Lord thy Jah cannot be tempted.{FRF}

1982) *The lust for material things and the reign of power and world dominance is not of Jah but mankind aspiring in their doings which will lead to despair, death, and destruction.{FRF}

1983) Although lives seem to be in turmoil, our loyalty to have faith and to show love will be unwavering and undaunted.{FRF}

1984) *Never seek praise nor fame for the good you did or do even if it is not being appreciated. The reward for such is in the comfort of your mind, knowing it was done with a good heart.{FRF}

1985) *Some people's best is to get the worst of what is remained.{FRF}

1986) *Don't take dispute in your home, but if you do, don't go to bed, and waking up makes it a part of the conversations it can destroy your household.{FRF}

1987) *The majority-minority is being suppressed by the minority-majority.{FRF}

1988) *Perpetual ideal will transcend and outlive the oppressive force by a generation that will resuscitate its values.{FRF}

1989) *Relapsing to who you are not is easier than to maintain who you are with all the fakenesses available.{FRF} 

1990) *Some dare to speak with courage yet lacking the will to stand up for the words.

1991) *Parents sometimes make the decision, it is ours to bear and share.{FRF}

1992) Change is not finished unless you complete the task, if not,  your task will be completely finished.

1993) Reggae music transcends all boundaries and barriers and with its positive message, unifies people of difference irrespective of language, colour, or creed.{FRF}

1994) * You may not be always forever be my friend, but you will forever always be someone I hold in high esteem.

1995) *Friendship is like a rose, if it is not watered and nurture it will wither and die.

1996) Despite the disagreement, We are human beings.{FRF}

1997) Communication and conversation coexist together, a none response from either is dissatisfaction caused by the other.

1998) Things gained earnestly are like an invaluable treasure and bring happiness to the mind. {FRF}

1999) It is good to allow a person to trust themselves so you won't be the one to have distrust and fall victim to their mistrust. {FRF}

2000) Lots of people hated Bob Marley's philosophy and love his music when his philosophy is what makes his music withstanding.{FRF} 

* Exclusive for Reggaediscography

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