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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 16)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyfull13 Records

1901) *Finite minds only see what they think, infinite minds see beyond their thoughts.{FRF}

1902) *Pastiche and plagiarism are similar, one compliment the art while the other copy.{FRF}

1903) *From forenoon to the afternoon we celebrate the Sun, Stars, and Moon.{FRF}

1904) *Esteeming people beyond your expectations can bring grief and disappointment.{FRF}

1905) *Some people absolve themselves of the wrong they did then blamed It on others.{FRF}

1906) *A whetstone sharpens a sword, explanation enhanced the mind.{FRF}

1907) *Invest in those who will make your interest grow, and not those who withdraw it into declination.{FRF}

1908) You don't have to follow everything the person you follow because no one can be a follower of themselves.{FRF}

1909) *The truth doesn't need an apology, it brings contentment to the mind.{FRF}

1910) *Fickle is their fame so they play the game with complaining and giving blame.{FRF}

1911) *Let's able the disabled so that they can be funable to resist the unable.{FRF}

1912) *Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel isn't guaranteed hope, it is to subdue the unforeseen dangers of every length, breadth and step of the way.{FRF} 

1913) *Some people shoes can never be filled because they are buried in them.{FRF}

1914) *Ms. and Mr. Conversant, decolonization of the mind is essential.{FRF}

1915) *The dynamics of going fast is totally different from how fast you go.{FRF}

1916) *Giving oxygen to the dead and fueling a car without an engine is equally the same.{FRF}

1917) *Some people's guilt of faithful unawareness gets them into trouble.{FRF}

1918) *Greatness can be achieved through honesty and dishonesty, but in the end, only honesty will prevail.{FRF}

1919)  *Investing in a business is good, so be the business that you are investing in.{FRF}

1920) *Walking backward to go forward is as dangerous as walking forward without looking backward.{FRF} 

Brand New Thoughts 

1921) *If artistes and musicians were not affected by politics and its divisiveness they would not be singing against it or involved in it.{FRF}

1922) Reggae music is for unity and liberation of the mind. It confronts the world with the African existence and affirms that the probability of our Africaness is not a fluke.{FRF}

1923) The legacy of Reggae is not built only on the vocalizations of life's circumstances, without any tangible action to help make people's lives better, it is a farce.{FRF}

1924) *Reggae music addresses a lot of problems in the world but the practitioners remain divided into sit-down the conversation when it comes to a resolve.{FRF}

1925) Causations occurs not by coincidence but by the ordinance of Nature and the Cosmos, so we feel the Effect.{FRF}

1926) The magma has risen and racial hatred erupted like a Volcano eradicating everything in its path.{FRF}

1927) The repercussions of the reaction of the action are because of the inaction to the justifications.{FRF}

1928) *One's difference with the indifference is due to the latter lack of qualities and incompetence.{FRF}

1929) *We know so little about the many things in the world that it is not much we can do.{FRF}

1930) *Law and Order are being defended by disorder and lawlessness.{FRF}

1931) Evil is not winning, it's only been amplified more than good via the medium.{FRF}

1932) The world that they build, if you want to be a part of it, you must give up who you are to be fit in.{FRF}

1933) Through strain and pain, some will fain to gain, sustain, and never complain because it is not in vain.{FRF} 

* Exclusive for Reggaediscography

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