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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 13)

Last updated: June, 13, 2019

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1601) They hide behind the image of their God which is illusion, once it's broken by reality, it exposed their motives and intentions.{FRF}

1602) The "Bible" is not the problem, it's the mistranslation and plagiarism perpetrated by the interpreters according to their ideology and discriminatory system to enslave and suppress the readers (especially Africans) mind.{FRF}

1603) Never resign yourself to silence because of anyone lying truth or fear, deposit the experience into the bank of openness.{FRF}

1604) *Capitalism and democracy are wife and husband, kakiscocracy is their children, statocracy is their defense, oligarchy is their objective with no intention of theocracy or autonomy.{FRF}

1605) *When the none factor becomes the X factor, it will  be a factor that break or make the difference.{FRF}

1606) Veracity defines the impeccablity of one's character, not their wealth or position.{FRF}

1607) Nothing is short in the world, we are just not subscribing to the true value of life by accepting minformation.{FRF}

1608) *Lots of parents aided and abetted their children through intangible and tangible abuses, then blaming the system for the actions.{FRF}

1609) The highest level can be frightening you at the top, especially by those who think they are below is thinking badmind.{FRF}

1610) Untruthfulness cause stagnation and disorder spiritually and physically, I'm totally disconnecting from such imbalance.{FRF}

1611) Challenges, disappointments and difficulties arise when images, money, cursing and battle are the agenda.{FRF}

1612) Meditation is the restoration of life's harmony and direction, it stabilizes the body and mind.{FRF}

1613) Even though life is beautiful, It takes a beautiful mind to think and do beautiful things to show the beauty of Jah creation.
And remember, handsome, pretty, hot or sexy is not beauty, it's the purity of the soul.{FRF}

1614) More time the complaints are the biggest contributor to the problems. It's their way of distracting from their faults.{FRF}

1615) *The confused asked confusing questions to create confusion of the minds.{FRF}

1616) What we eat and drink are not as destructive as the information we absorbed. It desecrated the soul.{FRF}

1617) Reggae Music has a hypnosis vibes and a magnetic way of captivating people's minds, now it seems like the mind of people's negative thinking have thwarted its purpose and glory.{FRF}

1618) Many embraced an individuality that is not their own, and forgot who they are, is, and who they were.{FRF}

1619) The consequences of failure is not as detrimental as having self doubt about trying to succeed.{FRF}

1620) If the political hate the apolitical, the ungodly hate the godly, and the religious hate the spiritual, the illusionist hate the realist, then, how will there be better?.{FRF}

1621) It cost me less or nothing listening to music that's produced than to produce music to be listen to, so I am taking a break from music productions, and it doesn't mean giving up.{FRF}

1622) *Never let your emotion dictate your motion, it can cause frustration onto make the wrong decision.{FRF}

1623) *Sometimes the absent of one's presence is more detrimental than the present of their absence.{FRF}

1624) *The heart and root cause of the world's problems has never been or ever been attempted to be resolve by the fake leaders because they are the fruits of their fore parents labour.{FRF}

1625) Values are destructive to the mind, and often leads to dispute.{FRF}

1626) *A path or a way of life isn't necessarily the best for everyone's journey, because not everyone can or will withstand the rigorous process that it takes to reach the destination.{FRF}

1627) Many times those who you do for the most, cares less, and the ones who you do nothing for, are the best in your interest.{FRF}

1628) can change our clothes, shoes, jewelry or any of our material gains, but if we didn't change our envious heart and mind, nothing changed.{FRF}

1629) every success is good, but that which is done good, is very successful.{FRF}

1630) power of "Yes" or "No' are two of life's greatest decision, the choice is in your authority.{FRF}

1631) *Of all the things that's killing us, the polluted air we breath , the distorted truth we learned and the contaminated food we eat are the most devastating.{FRF}

1632) *They hate the law you love, and would love you to accept the law they love but hate you for loving the law which has no hatred.{FRF}

1633) *Luck is not for the person who used their mind and time to work for what they want to accomplish.{FRF}

1634) *Discrepancies are not division, it's diversity in coexistence to achieve tolerance and overstanding. {FRF}

1635) Disseminating false information is an intent to destroy the minds of the people, so be careful of what you absorbs.{FRF}

1636) *Enlist, silent and listen are spelled with the same amount of letters when scrambled, so dont be enlist in the silent army and rage war against those  who listen to learn from others.{FRF}

1637) Communication is one of the most important word in life, it keeps us in tune with ourself and others.{FRF}

1638) *Africans are easily influenced by love and religious means because it is a creative force of their spiritual being.{FRF}

1639) Hate is an intolerable act, Love is the defense against unlawfulness.{FRF}

1640) *Not every chance must be taken, but the biggest untaken chance is when you don't take care of your health.{FRF}

1641) Although it has singularity, happiness is pluralistic, and come in the order of acceptance, harmony, love and tolerance.{FRF}

1642) *Internalizing poverty will break your resilience from taking chances to overcome external poverty. {FRF}

1643) Let's take a moment and forget about the history, the ideology, the philosophy, the religious beliefs and celebrate for the unfortunate who knows not what a celebration is. Let's heed to life's plead of love for humanity.{FRF}

1644) Coexistence is like a rose and the thorn, we accept its beauty yet have no tolerance for the pains. {FRF}

1645) Our own circumstances of envy and greed make lots of Us who we are today, then we blame the system.{FRF}

1646) The badman and gangsters are more fearful of the people they live with than the politicians who make the laws and regulations under which they lived. They have done more less to keep their communities safe from crime and much more keeping the revenue alive.{FRF}

1647) *Age and time are limitless, yet both have their limit to many things as you grow older, the happy years are their blessings.{FRF}

1648) *Jah seek one thing of humanity; the goodness of their minds and hearts. All the other things become ineffective and eventually take care of themselves. Therefore, Love only reward is to Love, to be Loved and be Lovely.{FRF}

1649) *Powerlessness most times come from one's ego and not the love of material things nor fame.{FRF}

1650) *Unbreakable bond or unconditional love doesn't mean accepting or liking one's negative energy.{FRF}

1651) Judgement will return from where it came, so speak facts or truth about a person.{FRF}

1652) Politicians and Preachers are using alternative facts as their intellectual pyramid to convince people's mind.{FRF}

1653) *Life has no version and can never be plagiarized. You only live once.{FRF}

1654) *Actionable intelligence is an invaluable source of communication.{FRF}

1655) *Don't accept or tolerate anyone falsehood, it's aiding and abetting of stupidity.{FRF}

1656) *Accepting your experience of life's truth is one of the greatest education you can share.{FRF}

1657) *Bad attitude is of a high risk than inexperience.{FRF}

1658) Listen not, nor repeat the slanderous rumour that will condemn a person's life, exalt the goodness of their deeds {FRF}

1659) Honesty and Integrity are your non negotiables, keep them intact.{FRF}

1660) *It's hard to separated the person from the music when the person's lifestyles are recorded into music and their experiences are the essence of their songs.{FRF}

1661) *It's unlawful for others to make their ways of living lawful because they think it is just for you.{FRF}

1662) *Execute once your observation is clear, then evaluate the accomplishments and rejoice.{FRF}

1663) *The finite knowledge of men is like a route without a map that leads no where, unlike infinite knowledge that paves the way.{FRF}

1664) *The premise of the logics that says we have the rights, is right, but it doesn't mean everything you do or say is right.{FRF}

1665) *It's Us on ice or just no ice until there is Justice.{FRF}

1666) *Life's greatest disabilities is the inability to think, act, speak and do what's right for you.{FRF}

1667) *Being who you are doesn't mean you are against others, accepting your imperfections is not an indication that others are perfect, and to have a tolerance for you is not appreciloving your stupidity.{FRF}

1668) *You edify them to modify their lives and then they turn against you just to gratify themselves.{FRF}

1669) *Everything comes from nothing, and that of nothing becomes something, and once there's something, we can have anythings.{FRF}

1670) *They divide us through discordance, then subtract the positive thoughts to multiply arrogance to add ignorance, poverty and disease.{FRF}

1671) Not every coming together is unity, sometimes it's bringing in pirates invasion into your creativity realm.{FRF}

1672) *You can't give a thristy man pure water to keep and expect him not to drink.{FRF}

1673) *Stop trying to use the rules of division to attain unity or the rules of subtraction to attain multiplication, it will never add up.{FRF}

1674) *Leaders cares not about casualties once the objective of their mission is accomplished.{FRF}

1675) *No one will help when you are the one that did everything to make others successful and not yourself.{FRF}

1676) Stop Jamaicanize the African agenda of restoration and repartriation, it's a treason and betrayal.{FRF}

1677) *The effectiveness of the mental slavery syndrome has affected the ability of many to do what's right.{FRF}

1678) *We must never accept reward from those who tried to execute and extinct us, it's a betrayal if we do.{FRF}

1679) *How honourable are the honouree when their works were dishonored by the "Most Honourable" who are the ones honouring them.{FRF}

1680) *The truth about lying is that it creates an illusory effect, but once revealed it exposed you.{FRF}

1681) *Be stern, resilient and unselfish in the pursuit of the objective and task at hand. This attitudes fulable us to work assiduously and to apprecilove what we do wholeheartedly.{FRF}

1682) *Age is an honour, longevity is a blessing and an inspiration that reaffirms that good health is essential to living.{FRF}

1683) *Be that no nonsense person who believes in getting things done effectively.{FRF}

1684) *Seriousness, courtesy and a jovial mood is the driving force to succeed.{FRF}

1685) *Contentment, peace of mind and a heart of gratitude fuels your inner awareness to be humble.{FRF}

1686) *Every criminality is wrong and but not every wrong is criminal.{FRF}

1687) Some are a characters, others have character.{FRF}

1688) *Lawyer, liar and loyalty, is a lean and lonesome liability.{FRF}

1689) Social media's controversy, disinformation, gossip and propaganda are the new norm to some people's relevancy.{FRF}

1690) The prisms of our own self experiences are how we gain life's teachings and to overstand other people's perspective.{FRF}

1691) Regrets and disappointments take you backward, acceptance and understanding lead you forward.{FRF}

1692) *The world's system changes many people, while some finds themselves unchangeable because of what  they learned from the system.{FRF}

1693) *The person who was introduced by you can become more iconic than you, nevertheless, don't be deterred because history will document your gesture.{FRF}

1694) Great achievement involve great risks.
Never lose the lesson of the R's.
Respect yourself and that of others.
Be responsible for all your actions and don't let dispute injure a good relation. Remember these rules in everything you do.{FRF}

1695) *Everyone have the right to do what's right for them, but it doesn't mean it's right for others in their doings.{FRF}

1696) *If they leave you out don't force to get in, it means that your integrity is beyond their norm.{FRF}

1697) In times of constant change one must be futuristic, but never fail to be prepare presently.{FRF}

1698) *Change your characteristics, it will help your personality.{FRF}

1699) Nepotism is the best example of many downfall.{FRF}

1700) *Negative conclusion derived from negative energy.{FRF}

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