Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 12)

Last updated: May, 3, 2018

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyfull13 Records

1501) *The have not voice of positivity has less influence than the negative voice of the wealthy to those who value money to morality.{FRF}

1502) The only impossible thing for Jah to do is to tell his people lies.{FRF}

1503) *Some people imperfections are pandemic and incurable.{FRF}

1504) Irrespective of your circumstances, disservice or service are govern by policies.{FRF}

1505) Prioritizing education is more of a problem than money, because the things some do to earn money is of less value to how they attained education.{FRF}

1506) One's complementary factor will help another become a transcending character.{FRF}

1507) The guilty conscience speak ferociously but the innocent remain calm and secure.{FRF}

1508) *Hurt not the Earth, it is our home, live Earthly and no hurt will come unto you, else you will end up under the Earth.

1509) Don't obfuscate the less fortunate because you might be in a better position to strive, uplift them in whatever way you can.{FRF}

1510) Boast not with knowledge to prove how intelligent you are, because what you know can be nothingness to one's reality.{FRF}

1511) *Be a brand that is sellable but priceless to buy, and if been bought, can never be sold, and if been sold, be the half that have never been told and always unfolding.{FRF}

1512) *For hate I have not so far gone, but for love, I have gone so far above and beyond.{FRF}

1513) A fireman is not a fool because he ran into fire to save lives, it's characteristically the energy of bravery.{FRF}

Brand New Thoughts

1514) The children are taking the responsibility of the parents because the parents failed to do their responsibilities.{FRF}

1515) Their inaction will not deter the action of the youths against violence and discrimination.{FRF}

1516) The youths are not letting anyone forces their thoughts back into some semblance of order.{FRF}

1517) The Sun never changes, it is ful-temporaneous and shine brightly even if it is covered by the darkest of clouds.{FRF}

1518) Ineffectuality stop individual's and collective duty to be responsible.{FRF}

1519) It's the learnt characteristics and not the person(s), so be aware that the person(s) can be the characteristics.{FRF}

1520) Sharing my thoughts are not preaching nor teaching,it is for those who have the same mind set about learning.{FRF}

1521) To be lost sometime is great, it nurture one's navigational skill to find selfways on the roadless travel to where they belong.{FRF}

1522) Opportunity and Privilege breed classism because those at the top has no intention of uplifting those at the bottom.{FRF}

1523) Positive music flows like decent language, a single wrong note can turn its joy into sorrow of indecency.{FRF}

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