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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 12)

Last updated: November, 3, 2018

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1501) *The have not voice of positivity has less influence than the negative voice of the wealthy to those who value money to morality.{FRF}

1502) The only impossible thing for Jah to do is to tell his people lies.{FRF}

1503) *Some people imperfections are pandemic and incurable.{FRF}

1504) Irrespective of your circumstances, disservice or service are govern by policies.{FRF}

1505) Prioritizing education is more of a problem than money, because the things some do to earn money is of less value to how they attained education.{FRF}

1506) One's complementary factor will help another become a transcending character.{FRF}

1507) The guilty conscience speak ferociously but the innocent remain calm and secure.{FRF}

1508) *Hurt not the Earth, it is our home, live Earthly and no hurt will come unto you, else you will end up under the Earth.

1509) Don't obfuscate the less fortunate because you might be in a better position to strive, uplift them in whatever way you can.{FRF}

1510) Boast not with knowledge to prove how intelligent you are, because what you know can be nothingness to one's reality.{FRF}

1511) *Be a brand that is sellable but priceless to buy, and if been bought, can never be sold, and if been sold, be the half that have never been told and always unfolding.{FRF}

1512) *For hate I have not so far gone, but for love, I have gone so far above and beyond.{FRF}

1513) A fireman is not a fool because he ran into fire to save lives, it's characteristically the energy of bravery.{FRF}

1514) The children are taking the responsibility of the parents because the parents failed to do their responsibilities.{FRF}

1515) Their inaction will not deter the action of the youths against violence and discrimination.{FRF}

1516) The youths are not letting anyone forces their thoughts back into some semblance of order.{FRF}

1517) The Sun never changes, it is ful-temporaneous and shine brightly even if it is covered by the darkest of clouds.{FRF}

1518) Ineffectuality stop individual's and collective duty to be responsible.{FRF}

1519) It's the learnt characteristics and not the person(s), so be aware that the person(s) can be the characteristics.{FRF}

1520) Sharing my thoughts are not preaching nor teaching,it is for those who have the same mind set about learning.{FRF}

1521) To be lost sometime is great, it nurture one's navigational skill to find selfways on the roadless travel to where they belong.{FRF}

1522) Opportunity and Privilege breed classism because those at the top has no intention of uplifting those at the bottom.{FRF}

1523) Positive music flows like decent language, a single wrong note can turn its joy into sorrow of indecency.{FRF}

1524) Bless all conditions, bless the circumstances which ever arise. Say to life, with gratitude I am thankful.{FRF}

1525) Stop pretending, We all break the ethical law of life by having biases.
Some expressed it openly, others do it privately.{FRF}

1526) *Most gun owners don't have a positive reason why they have it other than killing their own and the animals.{FRF}

1527) Kindness is an action word that heals, quicken and illumines the mind and body of those who have willingness. It is Life, Light, Love and Truth.{FRF}

1528) The great "ideal" is for Us to live free from arrogance, badnind, disease, envy, greed, hatred, hungry, ignorance, jealously, poverty and live with love.{FRF}

1529) When the mind is misguided by dogma, proselytization and immorality, it creates the most undiscipline human character.{FRF}

1530) The tangible force of music is a reflection of the unseen force of the minds and spiritual variation combined with melodies and moods.{FRF}

1531) Many of us in this business of music take for granted the people who it brings into our lives by dancing, listening, playing and purchasing of our songs.{FRF}

1532) A winner will always be remembered, but it is most significant never to forget all the participants who finished the competition fairly.{FRF}

1533) An old tree cannot be bent, but that old tree shed leaves and branches, and new ones grows. Learning is ageless.{FRF}

1534) The 'Architect of Evil' can never out designs the 'Architect of Good' because light dispels darkness.{FRF}

1535) Your failure is not because of no one success, and neither theirs of yours.
It's about the choice you make.{FRF}

1536) Being around negative people create an atmospheric conditions like driving on a road with poor visibility. {FRF}

1537) We prayed for God's help when we are in need or wants, but whenever things are going good, most of us only remember the enjoyment.{FRF}

1538) Things and time has delayed, but once there's life, it will itinue to the fullest like anchoring a relay.{FRF}

1539) Your decision may not be the best of interest to others, so make others interest in the best decision you are making.{FRF}

1540) The investigated are now investigating the investigators who are doing an investigation into a crime they doesn't want to be investigate, thus trying to impede an investigatory procedures.{FRF}

1541) Don't be taken out of your logics by no one, it can change the premise of your reality.{FRF}

1542) The recipe for success is not written in a book, and without the ingredient of love, living is a failure.{FRF}

1543) Without the ingredient of love, living is a failure.{FRF}

1544) Good and evil traveled like the parallel lines, yet they are unequal in moral values.{FRF}

1545) The "human elements" makes Us equal even if we erode the ethical law of life, whether wealthy or not. {FRF}

1546) Your method of solution maybe different, but most importantly, the resulted answer must be the same. {FRF}

1547) Before accepting any response as an affirmative, make sure the final analysis is parallel to your own resolve. {FRF}

1548) Some focus on the link and not the importance, but without the importance, the link will break apart.{FRF}

1549) Arrogance has reached an insurmountable apex that civility and tolerance are becoming a second fiddle.{FRF}

1550) Inappropriate words must never be said to those who look up you because it will cause them to look down on you and destroy the household.
The human elements of life can bring shame and disgrace.{FRF}

1551) Free from the chains but are shackled in the form of "Psychological and Economical slavery."{FRF}

1552) They weaken our minds but kept us physical fine systematically so we can be find to pay their revenue.{FRF}

1553) It takes spiritual fortitude to overcome some of these mental strain and stressful times.{FRF}

1554) *Once you are not within their parameter, you become an enemy of the perimeter.{FRF}

1555) Even though love is unlimited, don't fuel people's bad ways through your good intentions.{FRF}

1556) We work to grow the economy yet the economy is not working for us because our expenses has out growing our income.{FRF}

1557) *Being competitive is not about competition, and being number one is not about exhalation, but taking a stand to where you belong.{FRF}

1558) *Don't silent yourself because you speak so loudly dictating what's wrong to make it right.{FRF}

1559) No amount of hatred poured into the InIverse can shift the equilibrium of love. It power stand predominant.{FRF}

1560) The fervor of criticism we face over a mistake can't be compared to the lovinkindness we shared.{FRF}

1561) Those with oratorical authority has the power to fabricate fiction into facts and vise versa.{FRF}

1562) In the pollution of noise, quietude is like a reflecting light in the dark, just as knowing Jah in both the storm and the calm.{FRF}

1563) Some will become more envious than the oppressor once success is in their hands.{FRF}

1564) The wisemind chastised not the dead who can't defend themselves, unlike the fools who cast criticism.{FRF}

1565) *Many speak against their oppressor, yet when they have the power, they crucify the oppressed.{FRF}

1566) *Migrants may not be perfect citizens/residents like many wanted, but it doesn't make them guilty of what's being propagated.{FRF}

1567) In a web of desperate lies, it become some sources of staying alive in a world where truth can get you kill.{FRF}

1568) The world's constitutions were not written for Blacks, but we should own them, work them and make them our own to defeat their causes.{FRF}

1569) *The existence of my presence is always gravitating towards the essence of love and the content on life's values.{FRF}

1570) Gentleness is a wo/manifestation of the Infinite Order of the Iniverse that Us the capability of existing within the boundless space and unlimited time.{FRF}

1571) *Some educated people are so arrogant when it comes to intelligence and intellectuality.{FRF}

1572) *They claw of the law need to be thaw because of it flaws to suppress human progress.{FRF}

1573) The significance of our ancestors sacrifice has become an epoch of life which we must never forget {FRF}

1574) *Our presence are critical to their existence so they treated Us with impunity, once We are not around, our achievements are invaluable.{FRF}

1575) The "Internet Age" is proliferating many of the hidden corruption and conspiracy theories that are in existence.{FRF}

1576) *The unsuccessful are called derogatory names, and whenever they are successful, theIr achievement are praised.{FRF}

1577) *We live in a world where death unite the living, yet the living stay diivided among themselves.{FRF}

1578) *Be conversational instead of confrontational, you earn more about the love for life.{FRF}

1579) Many of us brains are being kidnapped by miseducation and disinformation giving the kidnappers comfort in what they are doing.{FRF}

1580) The "Presidency" is above all President and shaped many into presidential governance, but today we see it disappearing.{FRF}

1581) Indecency has kidnapped the "presidency" that insult and immortality have become a tendency.{FRF}

1582) *Speaking how you living is less important than living how you speak. 'Principality and Power" can be demonic.{FRF}

1583) Love must not be measured by sexual intercourse but the characteristic of unthoughtful hatred.{FRF}

1584) I have tremendous tolerance for what you do, but it doesn't mean I accepted the bullshit.{FRF}

Brand New Thoughts

1585) *Learn to subdue your power and live, allow it to subdue you and be killed.{FRF}

1586) *Fame without family is falsehood and fictitious characteristics, familyhood is real legacy.{FRF}

1587) *He who have the plan can pause for a cause and restart, but a copy cat will become stagnant.{FRF}

1588) *Failure to acknowledge who's genuine is a sin and criminality.{FRF}

1589) *Your biggest loss can come from what you gain, and greatest gain from that which is lost.{FRF}

1590) In the institution of learning, I have failed where many have attained a "Master Degree in Hypocrisy" {FRF}

1591) Excellence is a characteristic, just like love, is a role we were born to fill, so let it be an ultimatum.{FRF}

1592) Not all aimless wanderers are wandering aimlessly, so seek your truth beyond tradition without compromising the value of self.{FRF}

1593) *Sometimes you have to master your dislike to be successful, just like a subject in school, if failed, you can't graduate.{FRF}

1594) Never equate your life to no one, some will say they can't live without you but will not die for, or with you or fuldure a minute of your pain.{FRF}

1595) Nothing is more important in life than to live truthfully, so make sure your story in the "book of life" is irreplaceable but inspirational.{FRF}

1596) Once it's ideal for you, do.{FRF}

1597) *In this social media age, people are most willing to video you dying than trying  to help.{FRF}

1598) Ear" is in fear so beware of the scare perpetrated, so don't you ever despair, else you will feel.{FRF}

1599) An amoral generation has been in existence for years, nevertheless, the "Social Media" age propelled their prevalence.{FRF}

1600) *Demanding excellence of others to a certain extent may seems like you are challenging one's purpose when you are just trying to motivate their ability.{FRF}

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