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Sunday, September 23, 2018


All Photos by Chance Nkosi Gomez


Singer: Protoje
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Music Genre: Reggae

PROTOJE author composer of talent is regarded as one of the precursors of the Jamaican movement "REGGAE REVIVAL". Affirming its dissenting side worldwide, he assumes his responsibility towards the society as an artist.

Thus it makes a point of composing his albums, engaged sets of themes made with conscious lyrics. His new and fourth album that came out on June 29th. "A MATTER OF TIME" is a very expected opus of the public and criticism which had lauded the latest one, "FUTURE ANCIENT", released in 2015 wich included the famous hit "WHO KNOWS" Feat. CHRONIXX (70 million sights on Youtube, play-listed on the BBC and the French famous radio 'Radio Nova').

The first singles of this new album were already out: politically committed "BLOOD MONEY" which has had a large success played live, and "TRUTHS & RIGHTS" featuring MORTIMER, rising star of the Jamaican scene which accompanies PROTOJE on a title. This song tells about the importance of political commitment in the emancipation through reggae music, as it began in Jamaica.

Then the very expected "END NOON" followed in February with a throbbing melody. It is a happy song which mix an aggressive battery of the hip-hop, low a jazz funk/rub-a-dub and more whimsical notes of guitars inspired by the R&B.

Fourth and last piece to date: a new combination of a high flight with CHRONIXX, "NO GUARANTEE" which still promises a large success when played live, and more to come since the BBC and Billboard were already tuned !

You will have understood it, from June 29th onward, PROTOJE and its band THE INDIGGNATION will be fine loans to make you take off with a new sound which confirms PROTOJE among the worthiest heirs to the movement.

"English translation by JYM Linvingdrum taken from the press-release of Baco Records"

By Reggaediscography

1) Albums:
2011 - 7 Year Itch
2013 - The 8 Year Affair
2015 - Ancient Future
2018 - A Matter Of Time

2) Singles:
2010 - Dread - [Don Corleon Records]
2010 - J.A. - [Don Corleon Records]
2012 - Wrong Side - [Don Corleon Records]
2012 - Evil Display - [Soul Vybz Music]
2012 - Reggae Revival (Ft Romain Virgo) - [Don Corleon Records]
2012 - Around the World - [Don Corleon Records]
2013 - Kingston Be Wise - [Don Corleon Records]
2013 - Who Dem a Program - [Don Corleon Records]
2013 - This Is Not A Marijuana Song - [Lifeline Music]
2013 - Selassie Souljahz (Ft Sizzla, Protoje & Kabaka Pyramid) - [Royal Order Music]
2013 - Kingston Be Wise (As Heard In "Grand Theft Auto V" -  [Don Corleon Records]
2014  ‎- Who Knows (Protoje Ft Chronixx) - [Overstand Entertainment]
2014 - Resist Not Evil  - [Overstand Entertainment]
2014 - Really Like You (Sara Lugo & Protoje) - [Silly Walks Discotheque]
2016 - Who Knows (Shy FX Remix) - [Baco Records]
2017 - Blood Money - [In.Digg.Nation/Overstand Entertainment/Mr Bongo]
2017 - Truths & Rights (Ft. Mortimer) - [In.Digg.Nation/Overstand Entertainment/Mr Bongo]
2018 - Bout Noon  - [In.Digg.Nation/Overstand Entertainment/Mr Bongo]
2018 - No Guarantee (feat. Chronixx)  - [In.Digg.Nation/Overstand Entertainment/Mr Bongo]

3) Free Download:
2016 - Royalty Free (Side B)

4) Appearances:
2016 - Baco Tape Vol.1 (Mixed by Dj Kash) - [Baco Records]
1h Mix • Brand News • New Remix • Limited edition audio cassette
[it includes Protoje's Songs: Can't Feel No Way, Who Knows (Shy FX Remix), Glad You're Home]
2017 - Baco Tape Vol.2 (Mixed by Dj Kash) - [Baco Records]
1h Mix • Brand News • New Remix • Limited edition audio cassette
[it includes Protoje's Songs: Blood Money, Bubblin, Protection]

Protoje - Discography:


2011 - 7 Year Itch
(Original Press):
"7 Year Itc" 2011
1) The Seven Year Itch. 2) Dread. 3) Arguments. 4) Rasta Love (Feat. Ky-Mani Marley). 5) Overtime. 6) Roll. 7) In the Streets (Interlude). 8) Ja. 9) Wrong Side of the Law. 10) No Lipstick. 11) On the Road. 12) Growing Up (Feat. Gentleman). 13) After I'm Gone (Feat. Jah9).
[Label: Don Corleon Records (Cd: 2011)(Digital Release: 2011)]

2013 - The 8 Year Affair
(Original Press):
"The 8 Year Affair" 2013
1) The 8 Year Affair. 2) I&I. 3) Kingston Be Wise. 4) Hold You Now. 5) Someone Like You (Feat. Tessanne Chin). 6) Around the World (Feat. Chris Watts). 7) Who Dem a Program. 8) This Is Not a Marijuana Song. 9) Reggae Revival (Feat. Romain Virgo). 10) Come My Way. 11) Shot By Love (Feat. Toi). 12) Black Cinderella. 13) Hail Ras Tafari. 14) Music from My Heart.
[Label: Don Corleon Records (Cd: 2013)(Digital Release: 2013)]

2015 - Ancient Future
(Original Press):

Cd: "Ancient Future" 2015
1) Protection [Feat. Mortimer]. 2) Criminal. 3) Who Knows [Feat. Chronixx]. 4) All Will Have to Change. 5) Stylin’. 6) Love Gone Cold [Feat. Sevana]. 7) Sudden Flight [Feat. Jesse Royal & Sevana]. 8) Bubblin’. 9) Answer To Your Name. 10) Who Can You Call. 11) The Flame [Feat. Kabaka Pyramid].
[Label: Baco Records/In.Digg.Nation (Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)]

Double Vinyl: "Ancient Future" 2015
Sida A: 1) Protection [Feat. Mortimer]. 2) Criminal. 3) Who Knows [Feat. Chronixx].
Side B: 1) All Will Have to Change. 2) Stylin’. 3) Love Gone Cold [Feat. Sevana].
Side C: 1) Sudden Flight [Feat. Jesse Royal & Sevana]. 2) Bubblin’. 3) Answer To Your Name.
Side D: 1) Who Can You Call. 2) The Flame [Feat. Kabaka Pyramid]. 3) Who Knows Gregory Morris DUB MIX (Bonus Track).
[Label: Baco Records/In.Digg.Nation (2 Lp: 2015)]

Buy Cd & Vinyl at  Baco Records

2018 - A Matter Of Time
(Original Press):
"A Matter Of Time" 2018
1) Flames [Feat. Chronixx]. 2) Blood Money. 3) Mind Of A King. 4) Like This. 5) Bout Noon. 6) A Matter Of Time. 7) No Guarantee [Feat. Chronixx]. 8) Lessons. 9) Truths & Rights [Feat. Mortimer]. 10) Camera Show.
[Label: Baco Records (Lp/Cd: 2018), In.Digg.Nation (Lp/Cd/Digital Release: 2018)]

Buy Cd & Vinyl at  Baco Records

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Free Download:

2016 - Royalty Free (Side B)
(Original Press):
Ep: "Royalty Free (Side B)" 2016
1) Can't Feel No Way.
2) Glad You're Home.
3) Sandra Foster.
4) Flight Plans (Ft. Lila Iké).
5) Used To Be My Life.

Ep available for Free Download at Soundcloud





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Protoje "Bout Noon" (Official Music Video)

Protoje "Who Knows ft. Chronixx" (Official Music Video)

Protoje "Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana" (Official Music Video)

Protoje "Answer To Your Name" (Official Music Video)"


In This Page.....Protoje

Photos by Chance Nkosi Gomez via Baco Records

Biography by JYM Linvingdrum taken from the French  press-release of Baco Records
Add photo concert in France by Fred 'Reggaelover'

Discography by Reggaediscography

Protoje in Concert in France
Photos by Fred 'Reggaelover'

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