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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 15)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1801) Problems are challenging, a solution-driven mindset will help you make it through.{FRF}

1802) A compatible relationship is built on communication, overstanding and trust.{FRF}

1803) I seek nothing that you have seek or would do anything to gain.{FRF}

1804) No individual or individuals born or to be born can explain the realms and nature of Ras Tafari. One can only share their learned or lived plusperiences.{FRF}

1805) Not every artistes are like the birds who sings because they have a song, but sing songs to impact lives.{FRF}

1806) The "lesser great" powers are the economic beneficiary for the wealth of the "majority weaker" powers.{FRF}

1807) We don't have to embrace the action, it's a must for the courage.{FRF}

1808) Some condemn others for what they do/did and what they are doing, they need acceptance.{FRF}

1809) We are highlighting too many unfavorable things instead of strengthening what is fulcouraging.{FRF}

1810) It's neither lie or true until it becomes action.{FRF}

1811) Don't be unnerved by a woman's strength, be loyal to her vitality and not her royalty.{FRF}

1812) Biological Warfare, an axis of evil that constitutes depopulation and the eradication of humanity.{FRF}

1813) *They are using the algorithms to disseminate misinformation to divide the massive.{FRF}

1814)  We need proteins into the body,
we must use our protean ability and attitude to struggle, survive, strive to succeed.{FRF}

1815)  Everyone has their own truth, of the truth but the only truth is that "Intrinsic Truth" which never told or tells no one about its truth, so live your truth.{FRF}

1816)  The ones you praised, praise the ones who you condemned.{FRF}

1817)  Confident mind place trust in itself security that it never ceases to applaud those who pursue their aspirations.{FRF}

1818)  Your truth could be true, but it can have no counterpart in other people's life experiences.{FRF}

1819)  The power of thoughts is more powerful than thinking about power.{FRF}

1820)  *Amazing experiences are great, experiencing the amazing is good.{FRF}

1821)  Not every discussion is attractive, too much selfishness, abnegation, and self-gratification.{FRF}.

1822)  *Some people's high aims are so low that they always looking down on others.{FRF}

1823)  Hold on to what no one can teach you, It gives an effulgent individuality.{FRF}

1824)  *What I do for you, I may not do it for two, and what I did for two might never be done for you, so appreciate the gesture that is true.{FRF}

1825)  *How you achieve your goal is of more importance than the goal once you achieved it honestly.{FRF}

1826)  *If you move the (W)ounds and replace it with an (S) you get the (S)ounds of healing.{FRF}

1827)  *The mind of a person is the root of their evil and good doings.{FRF}

1828)  A lot of people are so obsessed with other people's religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, eating habits, sources of income and clothing attire that every single day they are so focused on their lifestyle that they become bamboozle by their own self-righteousness and nihilism.{FRF}

1829)  Lots of these songs today are nothing but jabberwocky with some
huggermugger lyrics.{FRF}

1830) Music is not just a song. It's the hymn, the rhythmic progression, the impact, and the anthemic effect.{FRF}

1831) *Hold not unto the things that are proscribed, it will haunt your mind and spirit ferociously.{FRF}

1832) *Don't stretch out your hands unless you are standing firm on your feet. You can be pulled down on your face.{FRF}

1833) *Life itself is the most precious gift, to be able to live it with care, share and good measure are of the greatest essence of love.{FRF}

1834) *Mindset can change but with no opportunity, the intention remains the same.{FRF}

1835) *The person who disappointed you can be more genuine than those who want to prove to you.{FRF}

1836) *Don't rely on anyone to convey the message you should, it can be misunderstood.{FRF}

1837) *They will make you famous and a moneymaker just to pay their bills and forget about your human values.{FRF}

1838) *The fervor to speak negatively of others can be used for the positive.{FRF}

1839) *You don't need permission to do what's right, your ability will command it.{FRF}

1840) *The loss of good people shifts the axis of the earth.{FRF}

1841) Amidst all adversity, I challenge yourself to be at the calmest possible and never to take a negative path but to keep focus, stay firm, stay rooted and keep persistent.{FRF}

1842) *The strength of a Nation is in what they can do on its own, and not in reliance upon another.{FRF}

1843) *The possibility of crisis management has defeated the probability of life management.{FRF}

1844) Negative gained the ascendancy. We are living in a time when no one wants to be medically positive.{FRF}

1845) *Ethical governance and sustainability through visibility and translucency will provide assurance and effectiveness in any crisis.{FRF}

1846) *Don't see things through the prism of fear and despair, but through the love and compassion of your heart.{FRF}

1847) *The musicality of our diphthong must be melodious, effective and impactful to motivate the minds.{FRF}

1848) *Whatever anyone does to help you in life, there is a hidden agenda known or unknown that will reveal at some point in time.{!FRF}

1849) *Don't get tangle by wangle else you will find yourself in bangles.{FRF}

1850) Casting judgment and empathy are not thoroughly related. The latter is more acceptable.{FRF}

1851)*When the source of your income becomes isolated, it compelled you to extract from your neutrality and generalized all circumstances. {FRF}

1852) *Not everything described is something to subscribe, unless you ascribe that it's prescribed by the fact.{FRF}

1853) *Some people are bound by frivolity, so doing something becomes the most difficult task.{FRF}

1854) *In desolation, isolation, death, or despair, never cease to acknowledge that life itself is an assignment that we must all fulfill.{FRF}

1855) *Physical and social distancing will change the paradigm of our lives forever.{FRF}

1856) All they do is exhibiting wealth or riches, but the Earth owns holds everything.{FRF}

1857) Ambivalence, Church, State Conspiracy Theory, Healthpocalypse, Fear, Deception, and Anti-Jah are the current Dispensation.{FRF}

1858) *A student who doesn't listen attentively to what is being taught will end up copying an answer but can't explain its method of solution.{FRF}

1859) *While worrying about the future term when the short-term solution decrease, then you imply a long-term and the middle-term so the near-term objective increase.{FRF}

1860) *There is no breakout from the outbreak if you don't take a break from the nonessential things.{FRF}

1861) Social distance is not a distance love, but loving each other from a distance in instances where love is needed.{FRF}

1862) Life's algorithm is unjust so strive to retrieve what you truly deserve and not just what is given. Your output must be proportional as your input.{FRF}

1863) Isolation is the preservation of self from the unkindness of uncleanness.{FRF}

1864) *Once the system sees that you have the power to liberate people's minds, it will grant you your material desire to destroy yourself.{FRF}

1865) We are as the Sun, emitting rays of light behind the darkest of clouds,
We are the constellation that brightens the night sky,
We share differences in opinion yet mathematically We are one or a part of the circumference of life.{FRF}

1866) *When the source of your living becomes isolated, it compelled you to extract from your neutrality and generalized all circumstances.{FRF}

1867) The greatest of wiseness is to overstand that we only have one life and no one knows everything and to navigate such thinking through the living and learning experiences in parallel with others. It is called intuition and clairvoyance.{FRF}

1868) *Some will gather at the behest of good, but others do so for negativity.{FRF}

1869) *Mindfulness is a quality of one's actions.{FRF}

1870) *We are now a commodity for the morgue and the cemetery.{FRF}

1871) *Even when the truth is politically motivated, never politicise the truth.
It's our fervor for Justice.{FRF}

1872) *It's better to be on the good side unknowingly while working on getting things right.{FRF}

1873) *We who seek justice know social justice is more important than social distancing even in a pandemic.{FRF}

1874) *Physical distancing is like racism, it divided us, but injustice unified us in protests.{FRF}

1875) *Isolation and separation can be primitive if we have no access to education and health.{FRF}

1876) From an epidemic to a pandemic and now a plandemic as a conspiracy theory become endemic because of youtube it becomes sporadic.{FRF}

1877) Racist words and actions are equally harmful as the quiescence and silence of who said they aren't.{FRF}

1878) *The rule of law has been eroded, even by those who are defending Justice.{FRF}

1879) *See your own darkness so the light won't blind you, and be in harmony with yourself.{FRF}

1880) *Without conformity to stupidity, positivity in the community is the greatest commodity for prosperity.{FRF}

1881) A river's velocity flows more swiftly when it's clean.{FRF}

1882) Roots Reggae music persists to be a symbol of the counterculture.{FRF}

1883) *Rather than being reminded of the enslavement and suppression by our oppressors, it's better having remembrance about the conquest of our ancestors.{FRF}

1884) Wealthy man advice on life becomes a joke because he now seriously have to protect his wealth which he attained seriously while joking around.{FRF}

1885) *The pendulum of the mind oscillates from good and evil trying to relate while contemplating the result.{FRF}

1886) *Life is filled with euphoria, make the best of it.{FRF}

1887) *The irrefutable is immutable.{FRF}

1888) *African ideographic symbols were demonized to validate colonization and Western Christianity.{FRF}

1889) *We are the incipient and the recipient of good.{FRF}

1890) *Ras Tafari is the perfect archetype of the African upliftment.{FRF}

1891) *An experienced is more impactful than a performance, the impression live with you beyond your reach.{FRF}

1892)  *It becomes more axiomatic that racism needs a unified solution to eradicate its existence.{FRF}

1893)  *His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I is the ultimate totem of the Ras Tafarians community.{FRF}

1894)  *For some people, fear is the beginning, to others, it is acknowledged in the midst of the adventure, as to the fearless, it comes at the climax of the conquest with death or experience.{FRF}

1895)  *Reassert yourself to what you were and reclaim what's lost of your soul. {FRF}

1896)  *Being a leader doesn't mean that your opinions or ideas are right.{FRF}

1897)  *Disengage from the unfavorable energy and fulgage with the optimistic .{FRF}

1898)  *Many of us are maven in the music business so we crave for the best at all times.{FRF}

1899)  *Amidst the call for reparations, repatriation, restoration, it is most important that we have the proper preparation to accommodate all.{FRF}

1900)  *Don't get distracted by sentiment when it comes to truth, emotions are not proclivity in conversation.{FRF}

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