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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 14)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1701) The evil actions and doings of people are that which is bad, because without them, the day is good.{FRF}

1702) *In the world of knowledge, what you don't know is as important as the things  you know.{FRF}

1703) *Freedom of Speech is a threat to society whenever those who are speaking out are impactful and influential.{FRF}

1704) It's a pleasure for some people to hear bad news immediately, the good news get them sick.{FRF}

1705) *Right your wrongs so others can make the wrong right.{FRF}

1706) *Once you digress from the truth, you will regress from the progress.{FRF}

1707) Pretty fade while beauty is everlasting, a gift of nature that fuels the soul.{FRF}

1708) People's deeds are most remembered in death and sickness rather than being alive and healthy.{FRF}

1709) Let your focus be the burning fire of possible, and the flame of accomplished goals.{FRF}

1710) Don't hate who you are and love who you aren't, then except people to accept who you can't be.{FRF}

1711) *They will condemn your income source, yet use the source of your income to suppress your objectives for their benefits.{FRF}

1712) The "what's", the "who's" and the "why's" are as impactful as the "where's", but not as the "when." {FRF}

1713) *The force of determination is more convincing than evil, it's the will to do good.{FRF}

1714) *Sexual intercourse is life, pleasure and death.{FRF}

1715) *Don't be trapped in the silence circle of the liars, it demote your character into amorality.

1716) *Good favor is not limited to any special individual, just do it for the right person.{FRF}

1717) *Those who internalize their thinking, are more decisive in their thoughts and opinions.{FRF}

1718) *If there's nothing to be imitated from what you do, it means you are not original.{FRF}

1719) *Your ability to think is essential for change, but the paradigm of your actions will force resolve.{FRF}

1720) The person who you condemned can be the same person you need to be build up.{FRF}

1721) Love dissolve confusion through one's good actions, deeds, thoughts and words.{FEF}

1722) True participants never fears his/her competitors, just happy of the inclusion to complete the mission.{FRF}

1723) We worried about what was or could be when our presence is to create the chances and changes today.{FRF}

1724) You can dream of all the things wanted, have sight or vision as you wish, if there's no input of work, it's a total failure.{FRF}

1725) Don't rely on anyone to be important because they can make you unimportant in a second. Knowing the importance of yourself is the greatest.{FRF}

1726) Growth in maturity of being yourself change the ways others may be thinking of how you should be.{FRF}

1727) Never worry about the unchangeable or be frustrated by unacceptable and reject  your undeniable self.{FRF}

1728) Never rejoice in the death of no one, not even your enemies especially when you never have the courage to confront them alive.{FRF}

1729) Both the bad and good of a person lives after they die, their ideology instantly becomes life.{FRF}

1730) *If you disable the able from being capable of doing what they have to do, they will be fulable of doing what they want to do.{FRF}

1731) *Be cognizant of the fact that change has a limitless process, and sometimes unattdw'bad BP 7pick ainable.{FRF}

1732) *Only Jah alone is immovable so stop acting like you are.{FRF}

1733) Irrespective of the communication, don't place too much reliance in determining their solution.{FRF}

1734) Philosophical, Political and Religious privation are life's most dangerous situations to be in.{FRF}

1735) Many children are denied the opportunity to be children because of privation, it's cruelty.{FRF}

1736) *It will take decades of decades to reach the destination on the endless journey with such limited life span.{FRF}

1737) Life's opportunities will always present itself, how you utilize it and what you make of it counts.{FRF}

1738) Some people mouth deposit more shit than their ass, and their breath are stinker than a million cesspool.{FRF}

1739) Fulightening another's hopes and show kindness to another's aspiration is nothing but spectacular.{FRF}

1740) *Those who govern the "President" knows that the "Presidency" have lawful governance of sacred zeal, any unlawful occurrence can cause retribution.{FRF}

1741) Experience the Universal awareness and beyond the self, the force of goodness must be apprecilove irrespective of belief.{FRF}

1742) *Our rhetoric came from the environment in which we live, who we are, or what we adapted.{FRF}

1743) *What you are condemning is a way of life for many, and what they hated could  be your life's treasure.{FRF}

1744) *A smile is like a burning fire and the flames that ignited other to smile.{FRF}

1745) *Backward looking brings trials and smiles, use both for experience to go through.{FRF}

1746) *Failure is not something to find excuse but to accept, admit and try again. And it must never be repeated, else you will be defeated.{FRF}

1747) While some people are policing what others eat and drink, many are jailed in hunger trying to get fed.{FRF}

1748) Apprecilove the good you do even if the ones you did it for doesn't make good from the goodness.{FRF}

1749) *The unsympathetic can be sympathetic to those who have none.{FRF}

1750) *A person can morph into your worst enemy over simple things.{FRF}

1751) *You will always find yourself in circumstances, be positive, be polite, be proactive and be prepared.{FRF}

1752) *The older something gets its value decreases, while some increases, others become priceless.{FRF}

1753) Selfishness and Individualism are destroying the nation. It's all about using others for gains.{FRF}

1754) *90% of those who are in the Reggae business have no love for the music, their main objectives are about the fame, the hype and the flamboyance.{FRF}

1755) *We deracinated from Africa, but Africa couldn't be deracinated out of Us.{FRF}

1756) *Divest all your disinterest and invest more in that which is interesting to you.{FRF}

1757) *Surrendering at the top is more difficult than the bottom.{FRF}

1758) *Some people's history means nothing to the present or future generation because there success isn't impactful.{ FRF}

1759) *Your brightest light will always be seen in the darkest of time.{FRF}

1760) *While many are seeking the truth, there're others who reeks of destruction.{FRF}

1761) *Success doesn't come from singularity, it embodies the support of others.{FRF}

1762) ^Make sure you are saving money for the rainy days so you don't have to depend on GoFundMe service especially those who put all their thrust in God.{FRF}

1763) *Having no defeat, experience nor victory is for those who never tried.{FRF}

1764) *The rhythm of life will flow once we restore the good vibration.{FRF}

1765) *Shadow is dark, yet can be seen in sunshine as in the moonlight.{FRF}

1766) *Unlimited thinking creates unlimited achievements, and it will only come through action.{FRF}

1767) *Human resilience is powered by motivation, inspiration guides the path.{FRF}

1768) *If what you want is not what you need, your needs will run away from what you wanted.{FRF}

1769) People are so immune to conspiracy theory, lies and propaganda that they are using it to defame others.{FRF}

1770) Old age or ill health will humble some people and force them to apprecilove other's presence.{FRF}

1771) No matter how high your goals are, it requires the assistance and support of others to be achieve.{FRF}

1772) *Lots of unqualified are certified, and the qualified and uncertified.{FRF}

1773) *The impossibility of the possible only happen to those who don't try.{FRF}

1774) *If what you want doesn't want you, it will never stay with you.{FRF}

1775) Instead of looking for differences in each other, we should embrace each other's life with love.{FRF}

1776) *Once we apply the moral principles that's been imparted by our foreparents, we will be able to navigate through life's difficulties.{FRF}

1777) *You are of no importance to anyone if you have nothing to copy or plagiarized.{FRF}

1778) The endless struggle becomes a force to fuldure when your faith in the good is pushed to the limits. Keep persisting.{FRF}

1779) Farming is a great teacher. It educate you of time, patience and vigilance and how to industrialized your harvest.{FRF}

1780) *If everything you know is taught by those you know nothing about what  they know, you know nothing.{FRF}

1781) *Although the age is their parent, youths are the teacher of the age.{FRF}

1782) We (black people) are always part of the wealth creation yet played little or no part in wealth distribution.{FRF}

1783) *Unfortunates can be the beginning of a lifetime experience and journey, so absorb its teachings.{FRF}

1784) Let your metanoia be profound and in syzygy as like tthe Earth, Moon and Sun.{FRF}

1785) *The subtex of their conversation is out of context, and if you object, you become the subject of their reject.{FRF}

1786) *Many of them come into the music to be seen and not to see, and come to be praise instead of giving praises.

1787) *Critique the establishment, speak for the voiceless, articulate the people's pain and share selfless solutions.

1788) *There is nothing to achieve if you hated every one who disagrees with you.{FRF}

1789) *Being a rebel forces many to apprecilove the response of the justice seekers.{FRF}

1790) *People are provocative and problematic so be stern and solutions driven by possibilities.{FRF}

1791) *Whenever truth and rights correct you don't deny it because of who it might or may came from.{FRF}

1792) *Perseverance is stronger than pride, it is the essence of one's performance.{FRF}

1793)  * We are exempted from education development, economical inclusion, wealth distribution and material sustainability, but always a part of the production process.{FRF}

1794) *Surrendering at the top is more difficult than the bottom especially when you never earned it to be there.{FRF}

1795) *The memory of you being absence is more important to some people than your present.{FRF}

1796) *A man will lie to a woman to get her attention, but when the truth is known, he becomes a scorned.{FRF}

1797) You can't claim to be a legend or an icon much less a pioneer and you have never did something that has never been done.{FRF}

1798) No need to be disempowering others to empowered another, it will cause the same imbalance.{FRF}

1799) Problems are here to break us down, be solutions-driven to make it through.  { FRF}

1800) A compatible relationship is built on communication, understanding and trust.{FRF}

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