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Thursday, January 2, 2020


A collection of POETRY from
Mightyfull13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


January 2020 

Earth's Beauty
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Let not your mind-eyes be blind
Be humble and kind
It can take you places beyond the sea
Elevate your thoughts and pictures what you'll see
Earth's beauty
And hidden treasures
The Wonders of life
Is an amazing pleasure
Not everything can't be seen ain't real
Imagination is a presaucive zeal
In evil's heart there's a beast
No hope for them at Jah feast.

As the wintery weather passed away
The warmth as a mother's love appears
It's a beautiful day, sunny and bright
Oh this feeling is like electrolytes
Restoration of energy that was lost
Nature's blessings mustn't be toss
Its unpredictability is very sincere
So we must be prepared
As we see the flowers bloom
The perfect time to groom
Earth's beauty loom
While observing from my windows room.

The Color Of War 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Death and destruction is the color of war
So stay far
The respecter of none
And it's no fun
Mentally or emotionally
Its devastation is the same physically
Destroying family, friends and foes
Is no solution to our woes
Loss of lives, fingers, hands and toes
Living like this is no way to go
Where is the love
We prayed for from above
Wishing to be free like a peaceful dove
Feeling safe like hands in a glove
Is all we seek
And to be redeem.
Death and distress is the color of war
Why's total annihilation is the bar
Did we lost sight of who we are
Cares less about the earthly stars
Humanity suffers so much pain
From this opinion and disdain
Now it's time to live without fear
By showing each other that we care.

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