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Thursday, January 2, 2020


A collection of POETRY from
Mightyfull13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


December 2020

The Precious Gift Of Life
by Fitzroy R. Francis

No one taketh
What Jah giveth
Thou they curseth
Firmer are them that He blesseth
What life has ordained
Ought to be attained
And when evil is the refrained
The good thing will be obtained
In a time of sickness
He restored health
The precious gift of life
Is the greatest of wealth
The joy of living long
You have to be strong
But if obstacles make you weak
His salvation is there to seek
The Earth is for the meek
So don't turn the other cheek
Cause what's given at the start
Is for the clever, wise, and the smart
Jah is the light and the way
No need to stray
Growing up to be a woman or man
Is no miracle plan
The concept of copulation
Is from the advent of Creation
It is the ultimate subjection
For animals and humans
Now the manifestations
Are the conclusion of the revelation. 

I Am Of Jah Creation 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I don't come from evolution
I am of Jah creation
Procreated in my mother's womb
From the semen of my father's tool
I am a living soul
A mystery cannot be told
The masculine gender I am for sure
The feminine gender I adore
Born with intelligence, wisemind
and overstanding
Attain experience from earth's school
Can't be trick nor be fooled
I am a product of civilization
Meditation is I education
Holding steadfast in intuition
Simplicity, my greatest satisfaction.

I don't come from evolution
I am a descendant of love vibration
Living within and not above
I am myself, unglove
Co-existing with other
Like sisters and brothers
Unselfishly I care
Hate has to disappear
Not living by their time
Only of the divine
I speak from the Oracle
Where all things communicate
I precepts is of truth
I am a root
Judgment is not mine
The Commandments are perfectly fine
My statues are by Jah plan
So I trod his way with no confusion. 

November 2020

Just Be There For Me 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Just be there for me
I am not insecure
Even when you aren't near
I am very assured
That your love
Is a therapy to be adored

Just be there for me
Don't ever go astray
You make me smile
Both night and day
Thinking of you i
Is more than words can say

Just be there for me
You are the love of my life
Whenever there's a problem
The solution is in your eyes
By revealing the fact
Things became simplify.

Just be there for me
Hold me in your heart
We were meant to be
From the start
With such clairvoyance
You're more than smart
So just be there for me
And we will never part.

Be Safe
by Fitzroy R. Francis

How safe is "be safe"
In an unsafety world
Safeness is seasonal
Even if you live in denial
It can change like the weather
So get it together
Life is precious
Be aware of your subconscious
Dynamism is no schism
Just look at the prism
The trajectory of satisfaction
Is more than talk, it's an action
Carelessness is a detention
Avoid the inclusion
Because once there is a start
It must have a conclusion
And in all you do
Please make the right decision.

October 2020

by Fitzroy R. Francis

High tide or low tide
The sea is more than a friend
In bad times or good times
It will be there without end
Ruff waves or calm waves
It can be your grave
It's not for the coward
So you better be brave
It is swift and sways
When coming your way
Be alert and ready to spurt
Get out the way of Mother Earth
Hide tide low tide
Impossible to avoid
You can't run and you can't hide
When you collide with the rules of life. 

Life Is No Jape 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Life is no jape
Its responsibility, we can't escape
Many of us are not abstemious
So in death, we become famous
Inveigle by misconception
Living the great deception
So this health rejection
Is not an exception
Now there is nowhere to go
Only essential flow
We are placed on lockdown
Leaving many with frowns
And if your argument is not transpicuous
You better be conspicuous
Or you'll be among the unconscious

Life is no jape
And we are not from the Ape
As humanity pleaded
All in disbelief
Some wondering what to say
If it's judgment day
With so many lives gone away
Is there a God in the sky
On which we can rely
Or it's a lie
So we can all die
Thinking about going to heaven
Appetency is a desire
Competency is require
Complacency must be not admire
Once you have no fire. 

September 2020

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Intolerable as they are
Unwritten rules remain
Some execute it in vengeance
Others with dismay
Commuting the time of criminals
Granted clemency to convicts
The pardoning of the unjust
Break the heart of trusted
Minds boggle, legs wobbling
As nervousness take a stand
Confusing thoughts it brought
Now the whole world will see
That truth and lies
Are displacing honesty.

Lawlessness Reign
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Lawlessness reign
Tyranny erode the rule of law
Unfreedom have more justice
Morality is at stake
Is this what we want to be
Or a place for our children to see
Where is that God in the sky
When we need safety most
Are we comfortable with promise lies
Instead of a commitment to try
We born, live and die
Some naturally, others of violent crime
Asynchronous struggles
Contemporaneous battle
Does freedom lose its eyes?
As we contemplate how to survive
Where must we look
When life is a living book.

August 2020

by Fitzroy R. Francis

JahMeckYa, the mind-eyes of the world
JahWeCan, a voiceless voice is heard
We chat prophetically
Represented Internationally
Revere the honourable
Salute them with majesty
From colonial rule
Life experience becomes our school
Agriculture, education, music and sports
We rise from being their tools
No more we can be fooled.
Suh yuh betta play it kool.

JahMeckYa, little but wi tallawa.
We gi dem Quadrille, Mento, and Nyahbinghi
Ska, Dancehall, Reggae, and Rocksteady
Miss Lou, Garvey, Wailers, and Bob Marley
Merlene, Quarrie, Bolt, and Shelly
Black Uhuru, Shabba, Koffe won historic Grammy
Not to mention ganja, bauxite and coffee
Political divided, spiritually connected
Negativity got rejected.

JahMeckYa, the land of wood and wata
Lots of great sons and dawtas
Excel in a various quata
Irrespective of obstacles and disasters
We are fearless and selfless
Shares love and laffta
And if you ask for more
We give yuh braata
One love, equal rights, and justice
Is the utterance of Rasta.

July 2020

Black Lives Matter 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Hate is a cancer
Create violence and anger
And if leave uncheck
We are in danger
Our human ideal
Is very real
Morality and decency
A great equivalence
It must not be compared
By those who dare
And if they oppose
When we are defending our lives
Be adherence, to human rights

As all lives matter
Black lives do matter
So be unbothered of the racist chatter
Embrace the ones who are sisters and brothers
Fighting the cause by coming together
Shouting aloud
Acting proud
With placards and banners
Saying white silence is violence
In defense of the black resilience

Government is myopic
Systematic change is the topic
People's demand
Police reform
Will, there be a change
So the guilty can be estranged
Or it is only a talk
That freely they may walk
For years they have committed this crime
While those in high places undermine
But a generation has rise
Saying no justice, no peace at this time.

We Are Made Of Something Beautiful 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Look at the rainbow
Glowing in harmony
All its colours
Are in synchrony
Why humanity live in disunity
Is it because of ideology
Stop the war and fight every day
Let's joints and pray
We all are one
So give a helping hand.

We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show
We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show

No discrimination against anyone
Condemnation is no solution
Let's support the idea of inclusion
Without changing one's opinion
Diversity is an objective
Never be too subjective
It takes nothing to be respectful
If you can't be good be careful

We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show
We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show

The breath of life is our dependent
To it there's no resentment
Living with contentment
Is part of being coherent
Celebration of our differences
Is the point of every reference
Let's show love without preference
And be aware of interference
Of people's rights
And liberty

We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show
We are made of something beautiful
And the world should know
We are made of something beautiful
And it's the love we need to show

June 2020

Conspiracy Theory
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I listened silently in a noise space
In a world of conspiracy theory
I heard the unrequired
Resulting from the undesired
Oh, what a shame
Mankind has fallen from grace
Nothing but a big disgrace
Are they from outer space
Or an evolution that has no trace.

Never in a lifetime
I felt so misplace
Misinformation and data
Worth more than oil
People are propagating lies
To meet the changing fortune of time
Some are driving fear
Others are crashing faith
Fueled by the rise of hate
Igniting uncertainty in fate.

Conspiracy theory take over the land
Saying 5G technology is a plan
Some are saying it's virus bound
So a vaccine can be around
And if you're unsure of what to do
Be yourself and live it through
Not everything is seen on youtube
Must be taken as true
Despite the theory they present
There are no practical solutions to make amends.

The Egde
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Sitting by the window ledge
Thinking about a penny coin
Of its sides and circumference
Then realization comes alive
That it also has an edge
So I pledge
Not to alleged
Or to create a wedge
And if you do not understand
Then like a tree, you will be sledge
Falling to ground
Or end up like a clown
Safety is unchanged like the sun
There's nowhere to run
Even in the saddest of time
We need to have some fun.

May 2020

Smile With Her Eyes 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

As serious as she looks
Her eyes smile beautifully
Painted lips wrinkle less face
I love her solace
What's whisper in my ears
Shows how much she cares
I love you my dear
Is a daily prayer to share
It touches my heart
And soothes my mind
Oh what an energetic start
This is divine
Like roses she bloomed
Her effervescence filled the room
She erase all gloom
Just like the fullest of the moon.

by Fitzroy R. Francis

No one can take your space
So you need not haste
Spacelessness is unlimited
Unoccupied and unbounded
Go for what is yours
Claim it at every will
Uncompetitive on the mission
Energetic remission
The life force of this time
Can never be unwind
The mystical High Most
Is our ultimate Host
To accomplish this journey
We don't have to brag or boast.

April 2020

Corona Visit Us
by Fitzroy R. Francis

As the impurity of the world pours itself upon mankind
They all scrambled living in fear
Pastors, Pope, Priests, and Presidents
Become a running scare.
Scientists, Doctors, Physicians, and Nurses
Get caught off guard and unaware
This eating of wild animals
Has triggered pandemic and despair
Forcing massive isolation
Panic and frustration
Antisocial behavior
Have some people wondering
Where is their saviour?

Hospitals overloaded
Malls, Schools, Churches, Parks, Beaches, and Factories are closed
Sports and Entertainment expose
Causing financial uncertainties and woes
While the people's instability grows
Confusion join friends and foes
No more gambol for the kids
Limiting the life they live
But hope is on the horizon
So don't you feel imprisoned
Just practice good hygiene
And everything that clean
It is no act of God
Nor a spanking from the rod
And if you are nervous
It's a trait of Corona visiting Us
And as it passes through the land
Don't be worried
Just be selfless
By showing empathy
To your fellow ones.

March 2020

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Something is greater than nothing
Nothing is less than anything
Anything is the worse of everything
Everything is good as most things
Most things like to have all things
All things are not the best of things
The best of things comes from the good things
Good things are the right things
Right things are the precious things
Precious things are treasured things
Treasured things are the ultimate things
Ultimate things are living things.

Black Is Black
by Fitzroy R. Francis

There's nothing about being black
If you are not thinking black
You can't be black
And afraid to live black
Because the curriculum is black
Black is black
So no turning back
Why the fear of black
When our story is black
African black, American black
Jamaican black
Lights out is black
The funeral clothes are black
They incarcerating more black
Every shadow is black
Love yourself being black
And don't avoid that
Beautiful and comly is black
So never stay at the back
Cause it's ok to be black.

February 2020

by Fitzroy R. Francis

I care because eyes see selfishness
I think free because minds enslaved
I loved because of people's hate
I unite because the division
I eat healthy because the cure is expensive
I work because dependency is a crime
I stay real because of unlikeness
I meditate because it's the only solution
I see Jah because the spirit is an illusion
I fulvision because dreams are in your sleep
I speak the truth because of lie
I produce because mass productions take over the land
I cherished Iration because of its salutations
I give thanks for man and wombman because it's Jah plan
I reproduction because of depopulation
I rejoice because of grief
I am very relieved

 by Fitzroy R. Francis

The blinds' eyes see nothing
The wise minds formulate everything
The negative is always anything
The positive is the possibility of something
The mouth speaks about, of, to and for many things
The living has hope to all things
The conscience dictates the truth
The ignorant refutes
The intelligence fulacted
The academic retracted
The learned is aware
The earnings can disappear
The good heart is bless-cere
The weaker ones are in despair
The arrogant falls in confusion
The brilliant find ataraxy and a solution

January 2020 

Earth's Beauty
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Let not your mind-eyes be blind
Be humble and kind
It can take you places beyond the sea
Elevate your thoughts and pictures what you'll see
Earth's beauty
And hidden treasures
The Wonders of life
Is an amazing pleasure
Not everything can't be seen ain't real
Imagination is a presaucive zeal
In evil's heart there's a beast
No hope for them at Jah feast.

As the wintery weather passed away
The warmth as a mother's love appears
It's a beautiful day, sunny and bright
Oh this feeling is like electrolytes
Restoration of energy that was lost
Nature's blessings mustn't be toss
Its unpredictability is very sincere
So we must be prepared
As we see the flowers bloom
The perfect time to groom
Earth's beauty loom
While observing from my windows room.

The Color Of War 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Death and destruction is the color of war
So stay far
The respecter of none
And it's no fun
Mentally or emotionally
Its devastation is the same physically
Destroying family, friends and foes
Is no solution to our woes
Loss of lives, fingers, hands and toes
Living like this is no way to go
Where is the love
We prayed for from above
Wishing to be free like a peaceful dove
Feeling safe like hands in a glove
Is all we seek
And to be redeem.
Death and distress is the color of war
Why's total annihilation is the bar
Did we lost sight of who we are
Cares less about the earthly stars
Humanity suffers so much pain
From this opinion and disdain
Now it's time to live without fear
By showing each other that we care.

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