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MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


July 2019

Natural Woman 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

She is a natural woman
No one but herself
She own who she is
With no change to fit in
Defying criticism
Overcoming the shame
Very smart and intelligent
She knows life is not a game
And for fame
She can't be tame
In this Male dominated world
Where many marginalized for their curve
And oh my God, it get on her nerves.

Oh natural woman
Such a beauty
Fulfilling Jah plan
Is her scared duty
No modification of her creation
She got curves and looks, no alteration
For who she is, need no one validation
Integrity is her ratification
And for that, there's no sorry
In life she knows
Love never worry
Because, she's best to tell her story

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Men sailed across the oceans floor
And saw fathomless waters galore
Travelled beyond the barriers of sounds
To behold the countless stars
Seeking to find from whence life began
A mystery that never given
Astronauts, blast off in space
Searching for God's face
Archeologists digging deep
Unearthing things to keep
Trying to convince the world at large
By desecrating scared place.

The history pages are confused
Misinterpreting what life unbound
Astrologers predicting flaws
About the Universal laws
Telling us of nonexistence beings
Living above the skies
While humanity here on Earth
Suffered daily and died
Of hunger, poverty and disease
Doctors and researchers just not pleased

The Politicians and the Preachers
Are sucking the people dry
Robbing their wealth and their lives
Through promises and lies
Telling them of unfulfilling things
Knowing that they won't survive
But in this struggle, We will strive
To make the best purpose of life.{FRF}

June 2019

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Love is not a subset of war nor hatred, but a defender of righteousness, truth and justice to obtain peace.

Love is forgiveness without forgetting, compassion without ridiculed and to have power and authority without suppression.

Love is the greatest resistance against evil and love is not a feeble nor turn the other cheek method as many may think.

Love is the equality of God and Goddess, King and Kween, Emperor and Empress and Male and Female working together for the same objective for the betterment of the human community.

The great opposition to hatred is the law of life and not love, because when the law of life is being executed, it can and will destroy hatefulness.

Love subdue all

Independent And Unemployment Speak 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Independent ask Unemployment... Where have you been? When the burden of life is like a sin And you have nothing to give.

Unemployment relied and said, The imbalance has cost me stress Seeking to find despite the unrest But with due respect, I'm doing my best.

Independent asked How can you be doing your best
When I see no effort to get a job Is it deliberate or it's a threat I hope your intention is not to rob.

Unemployment in respond, Aren't we not human with ups and downs Life's cycle will go around And better must come once I am above ground So give me time to find my bound.

Independent laughed and then said We all need help or assistance To pay the bills at hand And I meant no discrimination But where is your discretion? The hours of working on my feet, the pains in my body are very discreet Yet you only regard when you're in need Or it's envy, jealousy and greed!

Unemployment cried out loud Oh no my friend..... I love you to the end And although I know you cared I wish this lifestyle of mine disappear Please don't think I am just here Waiting to survive off thin air.

Independent laughed in reply... Glad to know your conscience is clear A helping hand is good to share But not to those who sit idley and stare And don't get me wrong, I know how it feels I was once in your appeal.

May 2019

Lifeless Leaves 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Nature's grace must be embrace
Seasons change is no disgrace
 It's like reproduction of the human race
Seeing lifeless leaves all over the place
Now, it's that time of year
When the colour green disappears.

As I rake through the grass
It felt so blesscere
An experience I truly adore
I apprecilove it more
The feeling of lifeless leaves in my hands
Some will never understand
It's no melancholy blues
Because technology is what they choose.

But for me, it's a natural high
Observing leaves falls like rain from the sky
It brings happiness, sometimes pain
Because it's time to gather them in one
Bagging up for the garbage pan
But those who recycle leaves I suppose
Knows its importance of making compost

Birth, Age, Pain And Death 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

When we become no use to ourself
We are no use for anyone
Why should we live in pain and suffering at the expense of others
When prayers and hope only come at the time when we're on our sick and dying bed

Life has its cycle and change
And whenever it occurs, nothing can or will save you from the palms of death
With no cure in sight
Helplessness grew in flight
Lots are more concerned about a place in the sky
As if there lies a pie
Not preparing financially on earth
By refusing to accept its worth

Birth, Age, Pain and Death
Is somethings we must not forget
It's a part of life's process
So don't stress, just have duress
And in all you do
Give it your best
Because in this world, life is a test
But at the end, we need peaceful rest.

April 2019

A Truthful Lie
by Fitzroy R. Francis

They think lie
See lie
Speak lie
Eat lie
Drink lie
Inhale lie
Exhale lie
And now they are living a truthful lie.

Lie is their character and personality
In a world of alternative fact
Where truth to them is not the truth
And what you see and hear must be refute
What a perception of their thought
Elevating lies while truth becomes nought
And who would have thought
That lie is no more abomination if being taught
Even though they are exposed and caught

Lying has become a norm
More dangerous than a raging storm
A devastating disease that causes depression
Putting people's life in recession
Lie was once a transgression
But it seems no more even in a confession

Lie will never eradicate the truth
No matter how much they dispute
So live your life not because
But to know it is a route
That will guide you along like a flute

The Blind, The Dumb, The Deaf 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

The blind see feelingly
The dumb speak wordlessly
The deaf hear soundlessly
Yet their minds think fearlessly
The things they comprehend
Is of no pretense
With great acknowledgment
The negative they resent
Never thought of being handicapped
Or like being called inpaired
So they work together to make every cent
Exercising their ability to be independent.

See no evil
Speak no evil
Hear no evil
So their minds are very content
Living life to its fullest
Without anyone's consent
Going around with goodness
Sharing such effervescence.

The never seen eyes
The unspoken lips
The unheard ears
Is a beauty to behold
A puzzle to many
And a revelation of the untold
As they mysteriously unfold
Definding the human soul
Which can neither be bought
A can not be sold

March 2019

by Fitzroy R. Francis

The Earth is our home
With so many displaced people
The sky is our roof
Yet no shelter to lay to see its beauty
The ground is our floor
But its comfort we never fuldure
The herbs is our food and medicine
But we've being fed with prescription poisons
And when we die of these pollution
The Morgue, the Church and Cemetery goes in monetary celebration
Colluded with the Theologians
That Heaven or Zion is the place for souls relaxation
Free from life's pain and sufferatiion
While buried through denominations
Is deemed a fulfillment of the biblical Revelation.

The Earth is our home
Existing in a universal space
The Earth is our home
Its divine origin they cannot trace
The Earth is our home
For years mankind is trying to embrace
This mind of scientific evolution
Studying and researching
Has been their only solution
But I know Jah Jah Iration
Is from matter, life and time;
To the ultimate perfection.

The Earth is our home
The only place with living existence
The Earth is our home
With oxygen in great capacity
The Earth is our home
With Mass, radius and surface gravity
The Earth is our home
It acceleration and velocity
Is define through its kinetic and gravitational potential energy
The Earth is our home
We are not Nomads
The Earth is our home
So no more we will roam

by Fitzroy R. Francis

A woman's love is like the ocean
Fathomless depth and vast proportions
To be with her take great livication
Undying commitment
Without distraction
Many men tried to find their place
But through disloyalty
They fell from grace
Looses her charm
And sweet embrace
To what they did
She has a great distaste.

A woman's love is like an ocean
Her tide can be high
Or sometimes low
Smooth as silk, is how she flow
In wiseness and intelligence
She excell and grow
But in her wrath
She is very distraught
Nullifying stupidity
Into total nought
Once she's treated good
You get the best of thought.

A woman's love is like an ocean
With moving currents and traction
Her energy-efficient and vibration
Is a forceful winds of interaction
So never disrupt her meditation
Else there will be a serious reaction
With a true sense of devotion
There will never be a commotion.

February 2019

by Fitzroy R. Francis

She knew no father
Then her mother died
From child to adulthood
She became a mother of ten
A woman of great interdependence
Creating herself into a job
Never has an intention to rob
Disenfranchised because of where she were from
Inadequate education from school
But she was no fool's tool
So she keep pressing along
With divine blessings and inspiration
Her only hope to escape rejections and sufferatiion
A woman of her own creative language
To many it was uncompehensive
And when we get her wrath
It comes with some bumboclath.

Mada Pearly as she was affectionately called
Never surrender to the negative at all
Resisted the ghetto stigmatism
By standing tall
Discriminated by many of her peers
This woman of strength, couldn't be compared
Giving praises to God that dwell therein
While the self-righteous think it was a sin
Her church was her intuition
With the power of love she despised political division
Very calculative when making a decision
Doing what's best with great precision.

A fearless human being she was
Overcoming many obstacles that came
And for her children and others sake
Education was the pinnacle to take
So ceaselessly she worked
Wit' har crocus bags and baskets
Supplying the community with provisions
Coming from Darling Street and Coronation Market
As life and time progress
One dreadful night she just transmigrated
Into the realm of space
Beyond our minds and comprehension.

If I Die 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

If today or tomorrow I die
Please don't cry
Because when I was alive
You never share a sigh
I don't need a funeral
And care zero about a burial
The condolences you will say
To my family and love ones can stay
But if they wish to accept
It won't be in reject or becomes a subject.

If today or tomorrow I die
The truth will out live the lies
And the evidence of how I tried
Can never be denied
But to those who think it's opaque
Look into the mirror and don't be vague
And if you live to please everyone
That's where your troubles began
Only some people will understand
In life you must execute your plan.

If today or tomorrow I die
Don't wonder why
It's the only guarantee I know
As a day will come and go
You may or may not be aware
It's like time that disappeare
You can resist it in your mind
But be prepared to meet the divine
It's the transmigration of the soul
Returning to where life is unfold.

January 2019

The Sky Is Crying
by Fitzroy R. Francis

The sky is crying tears
To see humanity living in fear
Days of uncertainty looms
Because world leaders doesn't care
Political gloom
Religious doom
Atrocities, above and beyond
As destruction engulfed the land.

The sky is crying tears
The solar system is in despair
It was never God's plan
To see the downfall of Man
Who eroded the rules of law
And exposes to earthly flaws
Defying the Order of Iration
Now Man is facing retribution.

The sky cries tears through the clouds
As lightening flash and thunder sounds
Deforestation is immense
Ruin of the ozone layer are intense
Climate change is no pretence
Because of human incompetence
Now we are seeing what it bring
As Our existence is on the brink.

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