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Thursday, April 13, 2017

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (December 2018)

Last updated: December, 3, 2018

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


December 2018

Migrant's Rant
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Hey you boasting over wealth
It's good to see you living it up
I hope you do the same about good health
Your disposition
Doesn't make another less
Neither make them unfortunate
Due to life's circumstances
Many may fall from grace
Oh, and least you forget
We are a part of the human race.

Homeless people being displaced
Ill-treament and ill-health
Creating anger and dispair
Some fleeing to save their lives
Fuel with hatred and fear
Now Migrants are being detained
Children separation is a shame
Now at hand is modernized slavery
For some, It's an act of bravery
Or just taking a stand
To get away from crime and poverty
Seeking a better living conditions
And have some soberity.

Government of this land
What you're doing is not nice
The people have been sacrifice
Suppressing the strugglers plan
Is inhumane and ou of hand
Imposing human ban
For this you'll be pay
Because there will be a judgment day.

November 2018

I Got A Call
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I got a call
From I brethren Paul
And what he said, hurts my heart
I only have months to live
And it's no lie
From cancer, I am going to die
I became numb and stun
before I could answer
Not knowing what to say
I slowly responded with empathy
Oh no Jah Jah
As I shared my sympathy
Tears fell from my eyes
As started to cry
Trying to understand why
Good people die
leaving us without a sigh.

Cancer, this murderous killer
Have no friends
Impartial to any
Whether you're rich
Or doesn't have a penny
So many lives it has taken
Causing an awakening
As to why we must not be frighten
But be more supportive
Without being discriminatory.

Having this disease
Comes with no condemnation
So let's focus on early detection
To save lives and give protection
By building awareness
To get rid of fear
With love and compassion
Showing how much we care
In all we do
We must be bless-cere.

October 2018

Nature's Gift 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Oh what a sight to behold
The birds and the Squirrels living as one
Birds eating seeds, some singing their song
Whilst the squirrels eating nuts
And having their fun
Paster of green grass laid
It's not a masquerade
Beautiful flowers around
Such natural occurrence are unbound
God's creatures in harmony
Why can't this be humanity
Our great virtue of spirituality.

Looking as the pollens fell from the trees
As leaves spreading out like wings
Nature's gift can be seen
It is so amazing
Seeing such vibration
And certainly, We are defined by our actions
And not by distracting thoughts
So in all things we do
Love must be true
Else we will never make it through
And for whatever we've fought
Everything will come to nought.

September 2018

Sir Randall
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Sir Randall Francis
A man of brilliance
And a lover of all
Fed many families from start
By pushing a cart
Both the have, to the not
The good, the bad and the community 'ristocrat
Through the political turmoil
And brazen gun shot
No shame to his game
This was his fame
From Coronation Market to Penwood Rd
Every type of food provisions on spot
Escallion, tomato, hot peppers and thyme
Power seasons, cabbage, orange and lime
Yams, banana, plantain, dashene, and coco
Not ro mention irish and sweet potatoes
Fresh as can be to cook in a pot
Rain fall or whether sun hot.

Sir Randall hav' him bib 'round him waste
Securing the purchaser's cash
And for the creditors
There is a book
With names written
As a reminder w'en him look
A man of integrity
Without dishonesty
Jovial as can be
Many gather to see
Never been accused
Or have to rescue

Is how he lived and give.
Revered by most
He's one reliable host
Don't know about bragging
Neither does he boast
But once you are standing near
Or sitting on his bench
No need to fear
You cyan be hungry
And yuh thirst mus' get quench
Because Daddy Randall is a man who care.

August 2018

Beauty Of Her Soul
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I held her nakedness in my arms
Embracing the solace of her charm
Raising my temperature to warm
A love like this, none can disarm

The taste of her lips, from my kiss
Create a bliss
I keep reminisce, and insist upon....
How I could never resist

Her eyes glitter as the sun rays
I adored her, so I will never stray
And when she smiles
It humbled me like a child

As for the beauty of her soul
It radiated each day as life unfold
And truth be told
It's like a mysterious story that was untold.

July 2018

The Sound of the Train
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Choo Choo Choo
It's the sound of a train
Heard from a distance far
In the silence of the night
Strolling along the railroad tracks
Loaded with cargo stocks
No, it has no passengers
Nor one with gangs in chains
It's the commercial train
Heading to the distribution port.

All vehicles stop
Avoiding a crash
Pedestrians observed
As each cart passes by
One by one they go
Just a great way to show
How modern technology are today
Transporting goods an easier way

Choo Choo Choo goes the train
In the early morning as day break
Choo Choo Choo goes the train
The freight cars passes one by one
Choo Choo Choo goes the train
One of our great invention to date.

June 2018

Mapless Journey
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I am on a mapless journey
Knowing not where I go
No roads or highways nor routes
Still I maintained my roots
Searching for my destination
Along the path of no existence
I looked for signs, I see none
I looked and I wonder
But I will never surrender
Travelling this celestial sphere
Because I am sure, Jah loves and care
And with such protection and guidance
I felt bless to be prepared.

I am on a mapless journey
Seeing clearly where I must go
Overcoming obstacles and confrontations
On this great musical frontier
In keeping the mission alive
I learned how to survive
Maintenance of this positive energy
Sustaining my vibez
I have realized
It's an unstopable synergy
So I be likewise
Spreading this joy and happiness
Is the ultimate finesse.

May 2018

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Her eyes glitter like the flashing lightening
Her voice echo like the thunder
Her feelings is as the falling rain
Her warmth is like the skorching day
Her touch is gentle, tender and kind
And yes, I'm so happy.....
She's mine.

Her graciousness is like the morn
Her kweenciple goes beyond the norm
Her faith is firm as rock
Her heart is hopeful as the truth
Her mind is immense as the ocean
Her vigilance is immortal as the stars
Her boundless love is divine
She is so nice like fine wine.

Her laughter is joyous as a child
Her nakedness is only for my eyes
Her radiance beauty is a rainbow sky
Her genuineness can be seen by the blind
And whenever she's with I
Her love filled the empty spaces inside.

April 2018

Mama Earth Crying
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Bombs fell
While chemical weapons and missiles reign
The great luxury of nature seems in vain
World's leaders cannot refrain
From making war and inflicting pain
On the innocent, oh what a shame
They will never live to feel the rain
Nor to see the light of the sun
To enjoy its fun
Much less to inhale
Clean fresh air
Or look up to the sky
To behold the Moon and Stars
As hopelessness become unrepair.

Syria cry, Iraq cry, Libya cry
Ethiopia cried
Mama Earth is crying
Abba Time is sighing
And it's no lie
As their children are dying
Humanity pleading
To the highmindness of lowly men
Who thinks they cared.

Guns, bombs and ammunition
Weapons of mass destruction
Causing loss of lives upon iration
Oh what a situation
Now history is recording, and recalling
The actions of their doings
And will be judging
All the atrocities that it is happening
Over the power struggling
To which they are fighting.{FRF}

Hey Mr."Winter" 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Hey Mr. Winter
Why are you so cruel
It is Spring, and you're acting rude
When we thought that you've gone away
News flash, you're coming today
Mr. Winter, why be so bad
You made us happy but now we're sad
With this icy and freezing rain
Sending cold wind through our window pane
Causing us frustration and pain

Hey Mr. Winter, give us a break
The season of Spring has begun
And all we see is snow flakes
Don't you think your time has come
To leave us alone and go back home
In the North Pole where you belong
That the birds can sing their happy songs

Hey Mr. Winter it's time to go
We are tired of walking in the snow, don't you know?
We want to fuljoy the sun and see the green grass grow.{FRF}

March 2018

A Sunny Bright Cold Windy Day
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I looked through my window
And wow I say
It's a sunny bright cold windy day
Snow filled grass
Glistening like glass
No surprise
It's frozen ice
From the wretched weather overnight

The branches and trees can't rejoice
No birds, no squirrels are in sight.
The weatherman say it's below
But we, have work to go
The paradox of nature changes miraculously
Beyond the minds of human explanation
So to avoid end up sickly

let's prepare ourselves warmly.

February 2018

{Oh Woman Of My Dream}
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Oh woman of my dream
I awoken and is you I see
I feel the warmth
Of your sacred charm
And the comfort of being in your arms
Your kisses on my lips
Give chills of the hips
And from without
Your love shines within
Like salvation of my sin.

Oh woman of my dream
Only you I see
Into the depths of my heart
You are every beat that starts
Just as music played in sync
With the same progression
And rhythmic timing
You serenaded me with undying songs
Your infinite love cometh from a place so far
Like your inspiration beyond the stars.

Oh woman in my dream
You are real
Your nice-ability
Is an open seal
Nothing from you I'll conceal
In you I found the ultimate zeal.{FRF}

January 2018

I Am Like A Tree
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I am like a tree in the lonely woods
From the day I was given life, I am a survivor
Watered by the rain
Nurtured by the sun
Seeing the galaxy of stars
Above and beyond.

I am like a tree in the wild
Growing up so humble as a child
Fulduring many coldsome nights
And resisted various raging storms
I fuljoying its calm
Resuscitation from nature's warm.

I am like a tree in the midst of the open
Sheltered so many people without a token
But when my leaves are shedding
And all fruits are eaten, I remain the same
As I was in the beginning
Standing alone on my own.

December 2017

The Squirrels
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Up and down the trees they goes
While others combing through the grass
In the green green grass of hope
Unearthing nuts buried long ago
To my surprise
They eat mushroom too

Squirrels are so persuasive
As members of the family
Their actions are decisive
Yet so friendly as it seems
And if you ever approach them
In a flash they dissappear

Round and round they run about
Looking so happy and cheerful
Wagging those fluffy little tails
Is such a beauty to behold
Watching the squirrels on their stroll
Is uplifting to the soul.

November 2017

Her Majesty (Tribute to Empress Menen)
by Fitzroy R. Francis 

I see God in her, oh Empress
Your Africaness are impeccable
And through the spectacle of Ethiopia I give praise
She is the Royal divine
Her Majesty incline

Fathomless wiseness is her speech
Of such greatness I beseech
Her heights are unreach
So I adhere to what she teach

I see God in her, oh Goddess of love
And your blessing of life is all the above
Soaring like a Condor
And a peaceful dove
Crowned equally with His Majesty
Is a true symbol of love.

I Behold The Rainbow
by Fitzroy R. Francis

As the rain drift away
I behold the rainbow in all its glory
The green in the center of the spectrum
Declared all things bright and beautiful
It's Jah great expressions of his love
And the bloom create life fruitage
In radiance from above.

The trees, birds, bees, ants and every living things are happy
Fuljoying the warm desired
And all wo/mankind has to do
Is to look up and give thanks

To the Eternal Cosmos Power
And bless the Holy land.{FRF}

October 2017

We Are 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

We were the Void
We were the Word
We became Flesh
We are Female and Male
We are the Genesis...
We are the Old and New
We are the Present and the ForIver
We are the Psalms
We are the Proverbs
We are the Songs
We are the Hymns
We are the Revelation of Iration
We are the Ark of the Covenant
We are His story, Her story
We are the Book of Life
We are African
We are the Human Community
We are Jah Ras Tafari children
We cometh in a New Name
We hail Empress Menen I
We praise Emperor Haile Selassie I the First.{FRF}

Forty Five di Eraser, Forty Four di Pen
by Fitzroy R. Francis

45 shoots at everything 44 have done
44 had a pen
45 has the eraser
From ending DACA
And saying its MAGA
45 is aiming to please his base
Creating unconstitutional disgrace
45 is so bold
Dictate all that he's been told
Now Radios, TV, News
Has become the cry of a Nation
While others are so confused

45 seems not to care
By those who dare to share....
Their views or opinions
Or causing provocation
45 will be shooting....
Until all of 44 work disappear
But one thing 45 will never undo
Is that 44 was President of the United States for true

September 2017

Speak to Creation
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Speak to the Iniverse and it will answer you
Speak to the Earth and it will provide for you
Speak to the Sky and it will cover you
Speak to Sun and it will shine for you

Speak to the I-stellation and it will give you light
Speak to the Wind and it will blow for you
Speak softly to the Cloud and it will hear you
Speak to the Rain and it will quench your thrist

Speak to the River and it will run for you
Speak to the Ocean and it will sway for you
Speak to the Mountains and Plains,  and nothing will be in vain
Speak to the Animals and dominion will be given

Speak to the Plants and they will feed you
Speak to Man and they will give you opinions and views
Speak to Jah and gain overstanding
Speak to Creation and it will reveal many things to you.

No Vain Imagination
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I see leaves turn into butterflies
And beautify the sky
In my eyes Roses and daisy blooming
While insects are pollinating
New life are wo/manifesting

I see the rain falling down
Forming rivers of running water
And I said
I can build a boat
To sail away to neverland
With no vain imagination

I behold the mysteries of time
Uncomprehensive to the mind
But I never question why
In the realm of I divine
And what Jah have revealed to me
The naked eyes cannot see
So I reverence with love and thanks
What is given unto to me

I saw grey turned into blue
So I yes life is true
Teaching this experience

Of the wonders that are magnificent.

August 2017 

The Wind 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

The wind teach us many things
The unforeseen yesledge of life
Intelligence is our shield and armor
Overstanding is our guide
Spirituality is the sword
Divinity the defense
An order, the power of common sense.

The Iniverse is our home
The sky is the roof
The constellation our lights
The Earth is our playing ground
The Oceans are thy mirrors
Through which we see clearly
Humanity is our temple
Ras Tafari the only perfect example.

Ethiopia the cradle of civilization
The evolution of Iration
The transition to modernization
The foundation of wo/man
Is the multiplication of life
From generation to generation.{FRF}

The Blind Eyes See Clearly
by Fitzroy R. Francis

The  physically blind or visually impaired
Has an insight that's so clear
The sharpness of their senses
Are twice as potent than you and I
They don't go war
Or dropping bombs
As like those who can sees
Doing so many things
And destroying humanity

Their genius are undefined
Often times make one think
The mystery of their yesledge
That truly lies within
Just like the flying birds
Who chirp and sings
Songs of melodies
With love and inspiration.

The way they think
Is different from many
Making themselves happy
Is the ultimate things to do.{FRF}

July 2017 

This Perfect I-ception 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

From nothing cometh light
And light have no accidence
Nature is nameless
Unless given by Humans
Language is sounds
Which formulated into words
Words are spoken as speech
Define by who it's reach
Most times been misinterpreted
When lacks overstanding
Because most of us act before we think

God, this perfect I-ception
Is a true revelation of wo/man
Manifested through sexual interaction
To continuate the multiplication
Of life on earth and Iration.

From nothing cometh everything
Into the chamber of all things
The evolution of scientific things
And the invention of material things
A daily destruction of many things

His Imperial Majesty 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Jah wo/manifested in the flesh
He were seen by 72 Nations
He is known on in the world
His spirit pour in justification
He were received by the righteous
His divinity is indisputable
His character is pure
He blessed those who received the glory
His name, Haile Selassie I is exalted among heathens
He descended to conquer evil response
He ascended in H.I.M, the true resistance
He is revere through hymns
He is praise with Psalms
His blessings of life is itinual.
His love is infinite
His compassion is irresistible
He is the perfect man
He uplift the fallen
He educate the ignorant
He fullightened the minds
He is the seal and sign
He is all that living for is worth
He is Ras Tafari, King of the Earth.

June 2017

Never Be In Need 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Some call on God only when in need
But if they succeed
All praises goes to their greed
My beloved people, take heed
Be careful how you proceed
Because Jah blessing is like a seed
And from it all things breed
To provide and feed
So live by his words and deed
And you will never be in need.

May 2017

Mother Earth 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Mother Earth is crying
And it's not an alternative facts
Humanity is in ruining
With no Planet B intact
Global warming becomes the fear
As the ozone layer and the glazier disappear
While a President's EPA is in doubt
People marching all about
Scientists and researchers leading this route
Amplified their solutions
To restore clear air from pollution
And secure Jah's Iration from imminent destruction
Mother Earth is crying and that is a fact
So be educated about your fulvironment
And preserve this precious Rock.

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Cancer is dangerous
Yet can be cured
With early detection
We will be secure
Skin, Breast, Cervical and Testicular
Hodgkin Lymphoma and Thyroid
Need treatment in galore
So never you resist
Because of feeling insecure

It's one of humans' greatest killer
And a respector of none
Whether it's women, men or children
Who are infected by this scum
Daily scientific researches
Just to get things done
Working to eradicate this disease
That exist under the sun

Cancer is cancerous
So be generous and kind
Treat those who have it
With that God's love
And help them to survive
You might have no foreknowledge
In your family it may run
But for your information
Cancer is no fun.

by Fitzroy R. Francis 

The G-hate Nation are raging war and genocide against humanity
Selling of arms and ammunition in its destructive capacity
Dropping of bombs and the taking of lives, building friction and strive
Soldiers on the battlefield making the ultimate sacrifice
While the solution to peace is no where in sight

Is this another conspiracy to deceive the minds
When behind close doors everything are organized
To depopulate and destabilize
The innocent who are try to centralized
From this catastrophic try

Now we see the world becoming feared
Of the leaders who supposed to care
Pledging allegiance to be sincere
And to eliminate hopeless and despair

World War 3 seems to be a plan
Yet so many closing eyes, kneeling and clasp their hands
Waiting for reaction of the Almighty One
Who has no intention of intervention

Rise up all ye people of this land
Come together and take your stand
Or be prepared for annihilation
Is the battle of the Armageddon
Now witnessing the Mother Of All Bomb
Unleash into Afghanistan.

April 2017

Tribute to BLACK UHURU 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Growing up inna Waterhouse
A multi talented community
Through times bad and good
living as family as we should
Oneness were the Order of the day
Although political violence led many astray
Yet the beating of drums with chant of praise
Routinely, it happens every day
We go to church, school and play
Much of our discipline were instilled this way.

Ducky Simpson.....di Gong of the Uhuru
Don and Garth...Founding fathers of the Uhuru
Michael Rose...a King fi di Uhuru
Junior Reid....a di Wailaz Uhuru
Youth like Andrew Bees...a Guru Guru Uhuru
Bless up Puma Jones..the first female of the Uhuru
"Scientist" discovered the name of Uhuru
Herman Cain did artwork for di Uhuru.

They took the music four corners of the earth
With solidarity the love King Selassie
What is life they asked
Because too many bull in di pen
The whole world is Africa
Natty Dreadlocks coming for dinner
Puffing on the right stuff
The gudd gudd gudd sensimilla
And over next door
There is a party in session.......going on all night.

Ducky Simpson.....di Gong of the Uhuru
Don Garth...Founding fathers of the Uhuru
Michael Rose...a King fi di Uhuru
Junior Reid....a di Wailaz Uhuru
Youth like Andrew Bees...a Guru Guru Uhuru
Puma Jones....the female Uhuru
"Scientist" discovered the name of Uhuru
Herman Cain did artwork for di Uhuru.

Dem won di the first Reggae Grammy
And bring it come yaad
The Diamond Award of Excellent
Was a magnificent reward
And after 40+ years in the biz
Dem still touring di place
Edutaining the human race
With Sponge Reggae rocking all over
Singing the utterance of RasTa'

Sly & Robbie....drum and bass of Uhuru
Bubbler & Asher.....keyboardist Uhuru
Daryl & Mikey Chung...guitarist Uhuru
Frank Stepanek.....a di white Uhuru
Axeman still plays with Uhuru
Skyjuice and many more play fi di Uhuru
So lets come together
And salute the legendary Black Uhuru.

If I Could Slice Up The Rainbow 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

If I could slice up the rainbow
And share it in many pieces
To eliminate hate diseases
If I could slice up the rainbow
Just to colour and beautify the world
So we can live in love and harmony
Emitting the light of confidence
Erasing the darkness of absence
And revered the Most High One.

So look at me and tell me what you see
I'm never what you may want me to be
I was born from I mother's womb
Resisting and healing from life's wound
And I know the pain of survival is real
But Jah Jah has opened the seven seals.

In life you reap what is sow
And it's not good to compare one's growth
I live as like the wind
And do my best from within
Giving thanks for guidance and protection
I keeping doing the good as best as I can.

If I could slice up the rainbow
And share it in many pieces
To eliminate hate diseases
If I could slice up the rainbow
Just to colour and beautify the world
So we can live in love and harmony
Emitting the light of confidence
Erasing the darkness of absence
And revered the Most High One.{FRF}

by Fitzroy R. Francis

We see them killing in God's name
While mothers and children put to shame
Fathers home is on the battlefield
With broken bottles and rubble heaps
No safe place for food to eat
Where sound of bombs is like a song
The crying for freedom is seldom sings
As they struggle tireless to win.

Disregarding humanity
Imposing subhuman ideologies
Disregarding sovereignty
Suppression through political and religious philosophies

Siege on the city
Angel of Death have no sympathy
Gun shots falls like rain
The innocence keep dying in vain
Besieging those who rebel
Nothing but a regime of hell
And as I see Syria cry
I keep asking the reasons why.

Disregarding humanity
Imposing subhuman ideologies
Disregarding sovereignty
Suppression through political and religious philosophies

For many, war is their life
Martyrdom, the ultimate sacrifice
And for those who run and flee
Suddenly become a Refuge
Now the whole wide world can see
The people are living in misery
United Nation take your stand
Syria need much more than a helping hand.

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