Sunday, April 16, 2017

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A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyfull13 Records

Brand New Thoughts

1601) They hide behind the image of their God which is illusion, once it's broken by reality, it exposed their motives and intentions.{FRF}

1602) The "Bible" is not the problem, it's the mistranslation and plagiarism perpetrated by the interpreters according to their ideology and discriminatory system to enslave and suppress the readers (especially Africans) mind.{FRF}

1603) Never resign yourself to silence because of anyone lying truth or fear, deposit the experience into the bank of openness.{FRF}

1604) *Capitalism and democracy are wife and husband, kakiscocracy is their children, statocracy is their defense, oligarchy is their objective with no intention of theocracy or autonomy.{FRF}

1605) *When the none factor becomes the X factor, it will  be a factor that break or make the difference.{FRF}

1606) Veracity defines the impeccablity of one's character, not their wealth or position.{FRF}

1607) Nothing is short in the world, we are just not subscribing to the true value of life by accepting minformation.{FRF}

1608) *Lots of parents aided and abetted their children through intangible and tangible abuses, then blaming the system for the actions.{FRF}

1609) The highest level can be frightening you at the top, especially by those who think they are below is thinking badmind.{FRF}

1610) Untruthfulness cause stagnation and disorder spiritually and physically, I'm totally disconnecting from such imbalance.{FRF}

1611) Challenges, disappointments and difficulties arise when images, money, cursing and battle are the agenda.{FRF}

1612) Meditation is the restoration of life's harmony and direction, it stabilizes the body and mind.{FRF}

1613) Even though life is beautiful, It takes a beautiful mind to think and do beautiful things to show the beauty of Jah creation.
And remember, handsome, pretty, hot or sexy is not beauty, it's the purity of the soul.{FRF}

1614) More time the complaints are the biggest contributor to the problems. It's their way of distracting from their faults.{FRF}

1615) *The confused asked confusing questions to create confusion of the minds.{FRF}

1616) What we eat and drink are not as destructive as the information we absorbed. It desecrated the soul.{FRF}

1617) Reggae Music has a hypnosis vibes and a magnetic way of captivating people's minds, now it seems like the mind of people's negative thinking have thwarted its purpose and glory.{FRF}

1618) Many embraced an individuality that is not their own, and forgot who they are, is, and who they were.{FRF}

1619) The consequences of failure is not as detrimental as having self doubt about trying to succeed.{FRF}

1620) If the political hate the apolitical, the ungodly hate the godly, and the religious hate the spiritual, the illusionist hate the realist, then, how will there be better?.{FRF}

* Exclusive for Reggaediscography

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