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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Singer: Natty Jean
Location: Senegal / France
Genre: Reggae / Urban Afro

NATTY JEAN is coming straight from Senegal where he started singing on hip-hop stages with and local productions. He was quickly attracted by reggae music and its swaying rhythms that he started to mix with hiphop and African influences like DIDIER AWADI (from DAARA J FAMILY) for example who invited him on his last album (MA REVOLUTION, 2012). A choice which drop him into MANJUL’s studios: the famous French producer based in Mali (Dub To Mali, Danakil, Takana Zion, Bishop…) had produced his first album SANTA YALLA (2012). And this is where he met with DANAKIL’s members too who immediately identified his singular voice and invited him on their ECHOS DU TEMPS album and tour.

Now NATTY JEAN is a full member accompanying the singer Balik and the 9 musicians on the most beautiful scenes over the world (Francofolies de La Rochelle, Olympia and Zénith de Paris, Paléo Festival, or les Francofolies de Montréal). An occasion for providing its tracks during the shows and get a faithful audience.

This autumn NATTY JEAN will return with a new album: IMAGINE (Baco Records), an explicit title traducing his wish to bring some hope from Africa. Wrote in Wolof French and English his lyrics offer a view on West African youth: its concerns, dreams and hope far from sordid clichés. Engaged and concerned like his Elders TIKEN JAH FAKOLY or ALPHA BLONDY NATTY JEAN is defending a strong Africa convinced she has all she needs to grow by herself.

He’s talking about serious and very actual thematic like immigration. On « On M’a Dit » he tells us about how Europe became a distant and dangerous dream for young Africans. With « Imagine » he’s speaking about migrants’ so painful journey running thousands of kilometres to save their life and families.

Sad to see his brothers leaving Africa for countries which don’t want them NATTY JEAN campaigned for more humanity return to the native land and for a reconstruction of Africa by the Africans full of hope and talent. Produced by YOVO M’BOUEKE (Alain Bashung, Alpha Blondy, Rachid Taha, Amadou & Mariam...), mixed by GODWIN LOGIE (Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Ismael Lo...) with the master CHEICK TIDIANE SECK on arrangements (Salif Keita, Mory Kanté, Jimmy Cliff, Carlos Santana…), BORIS from DANAKIL and MANJUL on composition and DIDIER AWADI, VIVIANE CHIDID or GASTON’s voices, this new album puts back African reggae in the centre of the stage. With urban Afro Roots sonorities tracks are rhythmed by the NATTY JEAN’s beautiful voice who can sing and rap with strength and accuracy.


1) Albums:
2012 - Santa Yalla
2018 - Imagine

2) Singles:
2018 - On m'a dit (Feat. Diamy Sacko) - [Baco Records]

3) Appearances:
2016 - Baco Tape Vol.1 (Mixed by Dj Kash) - [Baco Records]
1h Mix • Brand News • New Remix • Limited edition audio cassette
[it includes Naty Jean's Songs: Talibe, Money]
2017 - Baco Tape Vol.2 (Mixed by Dj Kash) - [Baco Records]
1h Mix • Brand News • New Remix • Limited edition audio cassette
[it includes Natty Jean's Songs: Ak Yow (Ft. Viviane), Lou Teugue Tass]
2018 - Baco Tape Vol.3 (Mixed by Dj Kash) - [Baco Records]
1h Mix • Brand News • New Remix • Limited edition audio cassette
[it includes Natty Jean's Songs: Freestyle Baco, Imagine, Taya, On M’a Dit, Lou Teugue Tass]

Natty Jean - Discography:


2012 - Santa Yalla
(Original Press):
"Santa Yalla" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) I Believe. 2) Santa Yalla. 3) Aida. 4) Mama. 5) Yow Rek. 6) Jump Up. 7) Bouma Sagnone. 8) Sope Wax. 9) Wax Léne. 10) Money. 11) Taalibe. 12) Xarit. 13) C'est Elle [Feat. Balik (Danakil)]. 14) I Believe Dub. 15) Santa Yalla Dub. 16) Wax Léne Dub. 17) Dub Mama. 18) Dub Bouma Sagnone.
[Label: Baco Records (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2012)]

Buy Cd at  Baco Records

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2018 - Imagine
(Original Press):

Cd: "Imagine" 2018 - (Original Version)
1) Laissez Nous. 2) Falling. 3) On M’a Dit (feat Diamy Sacko). 4) Sénégal. 5) Lou Teugue Tass. 6) Taya. 7) Ak Yow (Feat Viviane Chidid). 8) Salimata. 9) Imagine. 10) Prezident (Feat Didier Awadi & Gaston (Sen Kumpë). 11) Egotrip. 12) Adouna. 13) Allah. 14) Echosysdub (Bonus Track).
[Label: Baco Records (Cd: 2018)(Digital Release: 2018)]

Vinyl: "Imagine" 2018 - (Original Version)
Side A:
1) On M’a Dit (Feat Diami Sacko). 2) Falling. 3) Lou Teugue Tas. 4) Allah.
Side B:
1) Salimata. 2) Imagine. 3) Taya. 4) Laissez-Nous.
[Label: Baco Records (Lp: 2018)]

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Listen to the Album on  Spotify - Deezer




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Natty Jean "Imagine" [Official Video]

Natty Jean "Taya" [Official Video]

Natty Jean "On m'a dit" [Official Video]

Natty Jean "I Believe" [Official Video]

Natty Jean "Allah" [Official Audio]


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