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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Singer: Princess Kazayah
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Chicago, United States
Genre: Reggae / Roots Reggae / Lovers Rock
Influences: Jah, Queen Ifrica, India Arie, Dezarie, Empress Omega.

Shanelle Mitchell, "Princess Kazayah," was born & raised in the city of Evanston, IL which borders Chicago, IL. She was born to two Jamaican parents making her a 1st generation Jamaican born in the United States. She grew up in the 7th Day Adventist Church from her youth and that has given Kazayah a deep spiritual essence in her music.

She is used to singing in the church from a very young age. After connecting with local producer Ras Wadadah II, who exposed her to original roots-reggae, she found a deep love for Roots-Reggae music. Her music is regarded as angelic when hearing her soft melodic voice and her uplifting lyrics inspiring the listeners.

Kazayah is busy working with D.O.V.E Muzik's band as well as working hard in the studio on projects of her own as well as collaborations with various artists ad producers. In summer of 2014 she released a mixtape entitled, "Troddin: The DubTape" with 12 songs on the project.

She then went on to be featured on a new release by D.O.V.E. Muzik & Riddim Yut Productions called "You Can Do It" which was apart of a compilation album called “Chimurenga: The People’s Struggle.” Then later featured on a project from Trinidad & Tobago producers Lion Twins with a song called “Armageddon.”

She has even indulged in the craft of producing her own music as well as others for her musical family. Most recent Kazayah has collaborated with Warrior King on their new single “You Can Do It Remix” which also has a music video that was released in June of 2017 and distributed by VPAL Music.

After performing live for the first time in 2013 locally in Evanston she has went on to perform on stages all around the Chicago-land area as well as Jamaica, Belize, Mexico, Canada and California. In 2015 she performed alongside some of Reggae music's top up & coming artists such as Dre Island, Cali P, Micah Shemaiah, Mr. Williamz, Keida, Exile Di Brave, Suns of Dub, Pentateuch, The Uprising Roots Band, Kelissa McDonald and more.

Recently in Chicago Kazayah has performed at the Wild Hare, "the reggae capital of the Midwest," alongside her D.O.V.E. Muzik family. Since the she has performed at various shows around Chicago, also opening up for Sizzla, Warrior King and The Wailing Souls.

Her aim today is to touch as many hearts as possible and point them to a better tomorrow. Through her music, she wishes to show the people a positive way to live and to look at life no matter what circumstance they are facing. Her music brings light, joy, and most of all peaceful vibrations.

With the voice of an angel mesmerizing her audience with soothing sounds & harmonies, she causes automatic “feel good” vibrations and thought provoking meditations. Her music is one of a kind and is a blend of R&B, Gospel, Roots-Reggae, Lovers Rock & Dub.


1) Singles:
2017 -  Steaming Team (Ras I-Dre feat. Princess Kazayah) - [D.O.V.E. Muzik]
2017 - You Can Do It [Remix] Ft. Warrior King.- [D.O.V.E. Muzik]

2) Singles for Various Compilations:
.2015 - You Can Do It  - [Development Of Vital Energies Muzik]
[Song featured on the Compilation album "Chimurenga: The People's Struggle"]
.2016 - Wisdom & Glory (Sgt. Remo & Friends & Princess Kazayah) - [Sergio Ortiz]
[Song featured on the album "Sgt. Remo & Friends" by Sgt. Remo]
2017 - Armageddon - [Lion Twin Studio]
[Song featured on the EP "Armageddon"]

3) Free Mixtape:
2014 - Troddin: The DubTape

 Princess Kazayah - Discography:


2017 -  Steaming Team (Ras I-Dre feat. Princess Kazayah)
(Original Press):
Singers: Ras I-Dre feat. Princess Kazayah
Song:  Steaming Team
Format: Digital Single
Label: D.O.V.E. Muzik

Buy Song on  iTunes - GooglePlay Amazon

.2017 - You Can Do It [Remix] Ft. Warrior King.
(Original Press):

Singers: Princess Kazayah  Ft. Warrior King
Song: You Can Do It [Remix]
Format: Digital Single
Label: D.O.V.E. Muzik

Buy Song on  iTunes - GooglePlay Amazon


Free Mixtape:

2014 - Troddin: The DubTape
(Original Press):

"Troddin: The DubTape" 2014 - Free Mixtape
1) Intro. 2) Taking A Message ft. Ras Arcane. 2) Toddin. 3) Grace of JAH. 4) What's Going On ft. Wadadah. 5) Conqueror. 6) The Mighty One. 7) Revolution ft. Ras I-Dre. 8) Comforter ft. Wadadah. 9) Keep Yuh Head Up. 10) JAH Herb. 11) Glory + Honor.







Email: princesskazayah@gmail.com

Princess Kazayah - You Can Do It [Remix] Ft. Warrior King

Princess Kazayah&nbsp "Armageddon"

Sgt Remo & Princess Kazayah "Wisdom & Glory "

Princess Kazayah "You Can Do It"

Princess Kazayah "Troddin: The DubTape [FREE MIXTAPE]"


In This Page.....Princess Kazayah

Photos by Princess Kazayah

Biography by Princess Kazayah

Discography by Marco of Reggaediscography

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