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Sunday, January 2, 2022


A collection of POETRY from
Mightyful13 Records

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


December 2022

Child Of The Sun
by Fitzroy R. Francis

I am a child of the Sun 
I bear witness to many things that have been done 
Owing no allegiance to church nor state 
In my hands, I hold my fate 
Doing good is an unwavering task 
It has no limit to individuals or groups if you ask 
However, let me tell you this, 
If I failed today, I do not need any sympathy 
At least I tried and gave my honesty 
I will keep going with the pace of time 
No matter the ebb and the flow
I have confidence in attaining what's mine 
I have no doubt when dark clouds cover my rays 
There is love, so I dare not go astray 
I hold firm that soon one day 
It will dissipate out of the way 
The night lights in my travels 
Presents their marvels 
I am a child of the Sun 
Bearing witness to many things that are done 
It's wonderful to be above the ground 
I know Jah is unbound 
He's always the center of my sphere 
In times of need, he is always there.

Love Returns
by Fitzroy R. Francis

When love doesn't love you anymore
It may be knocking on another door
But if you are unsure
Abstain from negative, think pure
The work of we must not become me
It will be clear to see
Words of commitment
Is not resentment
Every rose
Has its thorns
It can be disheartening
Pay attention to new starting
The sun is always rising
Even if it is in hiding
Life is never unfair
Its imbalance is like fruits that bear
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet
With faith, you can dweet
The blind man could not see love at first sight
So he dreams of opening his eyes
In great danger, love appears
Dissipating all his fears
Then came hope and happiness
From regress to progress with no distress
Just like a boomerang, love returns home
Saying no more will I roam. 

November 2022

Ras Tafari Teaching
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Ras Tafari's teaching is I n I way
It guides I n I day by day
Ras Tafari is here to stay
His inspiration I n I will portray
Africa for African
Ethiopians, Black Americans, or Jamaicans
Unity makes I n I strong
I n I will never go wrong
Maintain this positive vibration
Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization
Life is I n I teacher and direction
Giving thanks for the Conquering Lion
He is King of Kings of the land
The scepter shall not depart from his hand
Each one teaches one, no confusion
That's how I n I unlearn much illusion
Whatever differences may arise
Human chemistry I n I comprise
No fighting against one another
Show love and be a keeper
Devoured bitterness
Exalt righteousness
The goodness of Jah is forIver
Love makes it better
In this celebration of the Coronation
I n I chant for restoration.

October 2022

The Plenilune
by Fitzroy R. Francis

It's a beauty seeing the plenilune
Bursting through the nightly clouds
Such good vybez to be around
Earth's only natural satellite is on its rounds
In the gloom, it glows
And the whole world knows
Shadows spread across the ground
Listening to the nightly incest sounds
It can't be touched, yet can be seen
The reflection of the lights on the edge of leaves
It surges into the sky
And it's no lie, resting assures that the plenilune is a beautiful sight. 

End Of Summer Fun
by Fitzroy R. Francis

It's great to be where no one knows your name
Avoidance of the hype and fame
Greeting people with love and respect
Feeling inclusive, not being a suspect
Different people, beautiful faces
No separation between the human race
Fuljoying music and having fun.
Eating, and drinking before the festivities are done
Relaxing in the shade to cover the sun
Dancing until the evening went on the run
It all comes together as the equinox
So fuljoy it and don't get flummoxed. 

September 2022

by Fitzroy R. Francis

In his vision, he sees her face
Such beauty and grace
Holding her tight in his arms
From the cold, keeping her warm
Like electricity her feelings shock
Not by Hickory, Dickory, or Dock
Naked as she was born
He adores her loving charms
Kissing her lips
Suddenly, he stimulates her clit
Her vagina is no myth
Gently, his pen" went inside
Oh my, oh my he shouts
This is a sensation that can not hide
Semen starts to flow
She smiles and said let it go
As he caresses her breasts
She plays on his chest
It's sexual magic in the room
Orgasms take them to the moon
Lovemaking all afternoon
Thinking of each other as they spoon
He said I love you in a tone
And places her in his comfort zone. 

Fitzroy R. Francis

Intimacy is not synonymous with sex
It's restoring calm when you are vex
Intimacy is accepting the care
Of those who always share
Intimacy is giving compassion in times of distraction
The ultimate means of satisfaction
Intimacy is doing good deliberately
Instead of being differently
Intimacy is making changes
Grasp life's opportunities and take its chances
Intimacy is loving who you are
Acknowledging you are no less than the stars
Intimacy is selfless
With blessings and no stress
Intimacy is emotional, intellectual, experiential, physical, and spiritual
And have no ritual
Intimacy is cozy
And not boasty
Intimacy is sharing experiences, feelings, and thoughts
Makes partners happy and safe from wrath
Intimacy is being present; in someone's space
Holding, hugging, kissing, caressing, in warm embrace
Intimacy is love
Express deep partnership like a dove
Intimacy is connectivity
Living together with compatibility. 

August 2022

Life Is Realistic
by Fitzroy R. Francis

With my presence, absence disappear
In my absence, your presence appear
Love is kind and so sincere
Never leave you hanging because I care
Unlimited commitment, passion, and fair
Unraveling thoughts we both endear
Views are macroscopic
Knowledge is microscopic
Communication telepathic
Living with metaphysics
In a world of psychedelic
Don't be erratic
Most things are scientific
Life is realistic
Strength and resistance
Possibility and persistence
Striving to better
Rather than being bitter
Overcoming hate and anger
Eradication of poverty and hunger
Let's be one another keeper
Instead of pushing each other deeper
It's time to live together
For far too long humanity suffered
Be one to admire
And let someone be inspired
Restore their desire
So they can attain what's required. 

by Fitzroy R. Francis

If you are tired
It means you have worked
If you are sad
Then happiness is mad
If you are uncertain
Something fails
If you are frustrated
Soon there will be hope
If you are in a battle
Victory is near
If you are depressed
Do not regress
If you are thinking of giving up
That is a choice to disrupt
If you are contemplating to quit
Persistence is the grit
If you are being afraid
Self-love is care
If you are lacking faith in yourself
Jah helps those who help themselves
If you are unprepared
Get ready and stop compare
If you are being put to the test
Do what is right by being the best
Once you give your all
There is no contest.

July 2022

Fun In The Sun
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Have a lot of fun in the sun
Be responsible and don't run
The present is here and now
The future is somewhat how
Somethings are biannual
Others are biennial
Living is perennial
And doesn't need a manual
Don't be fictitious
Life is factual
Good characteristics
Are very realistic
Act kind and don't be blind
All good doing is divine
Let your action be the intention
And there will be a positive reaction
Ignore the doubt
Because there is a route
If you are not sure
Feel secure
Fuljoy the sun and have some fun
Choose the direction you want to run
Be a product of your good environment
Avoid being dependent
Learn from the decision of experience
Then nothing will impair your percipience. 

She Is
by Fitzroy R. Francis

To the blind
She is the light
To the voiceless
She is their tongues
To the homeless
She is their shelter
To the sick
She is their healer
To the ignorant
She is the intuition
In sadness
She is happiness
In misfortune
She grants opportunity
Where is uncertainty
She restores possibility
To imprisoned minds
She gives womancipation
To the hungry
She brings food
The thirsty soul
She quenches
The broken home
She mends
And to the naked
She adorns them with majesty
All been said must be done
Let's get together and have fun. 

June 2022

You Are A Kryptonite
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Keep a hold of your point of view
Without stopping or taking a review
The ups and downs we've been through
Now you have left
I don't know what to do
All I can say is that I love you
Remembrance of those days spent
Why would I go around trying to pretend
Good things must be appreciated
Simple matter I never exaggerated
Looking at your picture on the wall
Have me wondering if love can fall
I never want to lose you, girl
And that is from my heart
True love has great meaning
So let's have a brand new start
Nature has put us together
Nothing will break it apart
An imperfectly perfect person
Express your reason
It's like a good cook meal
With the right ingredients and season. 

It's Instinctual 
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Keep hold of your point of view
Without stopping or taking a review
The ups and downs we've been through
Now you have left
I don't know what to do
All I can say is that I love you
Remembrance of those days spent
Why would I go around trying to pretend
Good things must be appreciated
Simple matter I never exaggerated
Looking at your picture on the wall
Have me wondering if love can fall
I never want to lose you, girl
And that is from my heart
True love has great meaning
So let's have a brand new start
Nature has put us together
Nothing will break it apart
An imperfectly perfect person
Express your reason
It's like a good cook meal
With the right ingredients and season.

May 2022

Springtime Scene
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Sitting in my backyard
Drinking a cup of tea
Cool wind blowing
As I mediating
White clouds and blue sky
While birds whistle twiddly diddly dee
Suddenly I see
A black cat ran from across the street
Unto the freshly cut lawn
Grass looking green
It's a springtime scene
Trees are blooming
Flowers pollinating
Neighbors shouting good morning
Wifey and I responding
It's a wonderful day
Love and laughter in array
Observing the beauty of nature
Chillaxing and holding a vybez
Giving thanks to be alive
Acknowledging what it means
Life itself is not a dream
So let fuljoy
The clean fresh breeze. 

The Horizon
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Looking beyond the horizon
There's no reason to be frightened
The sea spread its waves next to the earth
Reminds us of what it is worth
Natural vegetation through and through
Behold, the sky is blue
Mountain, Hills, Valley, and Plains
Sun, Moon, Stars, and falling rain
As children of the Most High
Let's exalt His name
He's the light of the world
No need to be a shame
Walk the path of righteousness
And you will never lose control
Loving material things
Create denial of the soul
The mystery they seek is already unfold
Jah is the fullness that was never been told. 

April 2022

War And Inflation
by Fitzroy R. Francis

It's a military invasion
War and escalating inflation
From covid19 vaccination
To high costs of living and frustration
Refugee migration
Is not repatriation
Displacement and evacuation
Increased separation
Consumerism and minimalism
Capitalism and materialism
All this ism and schism
Create financial, social, and political victims
Uncertainty over the land
Disruption of the plan
Will it last long
A question for the weak and strong
Imposing of sanctions
Less hope, more sufferation
Open your minds Jah people
Aren't you one of his disciples
Free yourself of envy and hate
Be courageous and have fate
As you go along the way
Never get distracted and stray
It's far to go
So don't be part of the poppy show
These lessons must not be missed
Else you will end up in a twist
Contrary to their notion
Love is the only resolution. 

March 2022

Where Do The Butterflies Go
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Where do the butterflies go
When the rain is falling
Where do the butterflies go
When the storm is raging
They are not like the bees
Whose place is in an apiary
They are not like the birds
Whose place is in an aviary
They are not like the dogs
Who can find a place in a kennel
They are not like the lion
Whose place is in a den
Every life needs a home
Every life needs a shelter
Every life needs a place of comfort
And a place of rest
A place for reproduction
Just like the nest
Where do the butterflies go
When the rain is falling
Where do the butterflies go
When the storm is raging
Some hibernate as the Fall comes around
Most, nowhere to be found
In the Winter they may be out of sight
Laying eggs, hiding in sheltered sites
Suddenly they appear as Springtime looms
Beautify the summer as the flowers bloom. 

Our Story
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Rise and shine and give Jah the glory
I am so happy that you are my story
Whether it snows, sun, or rain
Loving you is always the same
Oh so humble and boldly
Your life is precious and soul-worthy
I'm so in love with you
Thinking about how we can get through
And if I have to wait in vain
Looking at your picture stops all my pains
The reflection of your beautiful smile
Kept me relaxed all the time
You always make me happy
Never feeling blue
Although my body is here
My mind is filled with you I swear.

This space in my heart
It's yours the day we start
The flicker of my flames
Only you can tame
I know love waits on no man
Being with you is my ultimate plan
I hope you know and understand
Our work of art is human
So beautiful to behold
It's poetry and chemistry of the soul
Your affection I adore
In my calculations, we will soar
You are an evolving mystery
Together we are writing a beautiful story. 

February 2022

My Pen Is
by Fitzroy R. Francis

My pen writes in observation
Through mediation
Jah inspiration
Positive vibration
With vigilance
Such brilliance
Grasping love is as the rose
To the thorns, you are exposed
Co-exist in the garden of hate
Still not deterred by the lack of faith
It documents events of the time
Reminds us to be kind
Happiness is not blind
It's a direction you must find
My pen is a representation of Art
Written words formulate from the thoughts
The hands that hold the pen
In remembrance of where and when
And if you think about it
It's a world without an end. 

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Happiness is loving yourself
Happiness is respect for others
Happiness is like the wind
Happiness is a virtue to all
Happiness is the direction of truth
Happiness is reproduced by love
Happiness is selflessly existing alone
Happiness is the goodness of time
Happiness is integral
Happiness is equilibrium
Happiness is rhythmic order
Happiness is caring
Happiness is sharing more
Happiness is accepting less
Happiness never perish
Happiness is indestructible
Happiness is an action
Happiness is using your gift
Happiness is automatic
Happiness is ascending
Happiness is satisfying your interest
Happiness is to be stressless
Happiness is to survive
Happiness is to live without strive
Happiness is life
Happiness is being alive. 

January 2022

Genie In A Bottle
by Fitzroy R. Francis

Living in a world filled with conspiracies
Distorted minds with theories
Humankind has lost faith in Jah
Continuing gazing at the sky
Abdicate the  plan
Now they plunged into confusion
There is no Genie in the bottle
To help them in this battle
And the only way to win
Is stop doing all the sins
Intelligence is high for fools
The system turned some into tools
Things will never be the same
As long as they take it for a game
The breaking of creation's rules
Led to regrets and ruins
Spreading lies and fear
Disregard facts for fair
And if you ever think of it
The only place it can fit
Are those who have a heart filled with shit. 

by Fitzroy R. Francis

Time is in abundance, waste it not
Time has its moment, yours is thine
Time is the keeper of all counsel, listen
Time is the essence, it's worth is excellent
Time love punctuality, be the king or kween
Time is blind, but know the seen
Time brings synergy, let's work in unity
Time recreates the energy, positively
Time is a doctor even in emergency
Time is accuracy in advocacy
Time assists in resistance
Time conquers defiance
Time is undefined, can't be reversed
Time waited not, it heals
Time is wingless, yet it flies
Time is like money, spend it wisely
Time is now, it has no tomorrow
Time brings happiness, it eliminates sorrows
Time has obedience, so be patience
Time told what to unfold
Time is to live, make the most of it
Time is given, take what is yours
Time is the Master, the Saviour, and the karma. 

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  1. Sweet good vibes I love all of them. Sweet poetry.