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Friday, February 11, 2022

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 18)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2101) *Moulding of the minds is essential to create the path of obligation and responsibilities through the medium of education and to sharpen it academically and economically with spirituality. {FRF}

2102) *A cohesiveness of one's abilities makes them able, without the workability, nothing will exemplify.{FRF}

2103) *Love and happiness are all you should wish for everyone known and unknown, it's the virtue of life, a direction of possibility, and perdurable energy that no one can destroy.{FRF}

2104) *The most so-called religious, and spiritual people are the ones who are propagating dis/misinformation and disseminating fear about the effects of something they have no experience of, while those who do, are not affected or dejected.{FRF}

2105) *The achievement we can't teach, though some find the wrong way to reach then think they have the right to preach.{FRF} 

2106) *Never politicalize the people's ways of living or religiously pollute their beliefs and thinking.{FRF}

2107) No one knows the truth but the truth, and that there is no truth of the truth but the Truth.
The truth tells the truth even when nothing is true, however, it itself is the Truth and can only be known by those who accept the truth with unquestionably and a clear conscience.{FRF}

2108) *Apart from death, the only time you stop learning is when you stop teaching yourself.{FRF}

2109) *When or where situations are unreasonably and vexatiously presented, it can force you to act on emotions and not on evidence.{FRF}

2110) *They disrupted a perfectly good Creation so they can look great. It can't be replicated.{FRF}

2111) *Goodness must be pass on or shared by those who know good, it is the greatest pleasure of life not written in a book.{FRF}

2112) For some people, #karma is only about the bad you do come back to haunt you, they are wrong because it is also the good you do come forward to assist you.
It's the outcomes of your action. {FRF}

2113) Hopelessness has become the last hope of the hopeful now that their fate falls from their hands{FRF}

2114) When you work upon yourself and become so marvelous that everyone would want to be like you, own your experience and claim the evidence of its teachings and tasks.{FRF} 

2115) The words of the greats and wise have become so foolish in this era that the babies and the suckling have grown up comprehending their folly.{FRF}

2116) *Some people think that freedom is to get up, act irresponsible, and speak dum' things loosely and freely. {FRF}

2117) *Some people are so busy cultivating discord that they forget that when harvest times come around they will not be found.{FRF}

2118) *When those who you love are the why you live for, the how-to survive have a more meaningful purpose.{FRF}

2119) We are constantly drifting into the space of disarray, self-indulgent, and indiscipline, the #factoids aspects of human nature become the norm. {FRF}

2120) Companionship is like a seed planted in fertile soil, once it is watered and nurtured through mutual attitude, it helps us to grow and develop beyond the pointless aspects of life.{FRF}

2121) Those who have a dynamic character don't need to boast, they beam and radiate like the constellation of stars.{FRF}

2122) Let your intuition be your guide, artificial intelligence is big business in this fourth revolution, and fuelling the NorthEastWestSouth and social media with fabricated theories.{FRF}

2123) Psychometrics valuation, telepathic communication in a world of decumulation{FRF}

2124) Despite the talk, we are less of a threat to the system than we are to ourselves.{FRF}

2125) We are such an enemy of ourselves that the "System" is now mythology. {FRF}

2126) The wealthy and famous will become relics of history, the content of the healthy is their legacy for life.{FRF}

2127) Those who know 'love' and 'wholeness' by their first names, comprehend righteousness. {FRF}

2128)  *The importance of silence is equally important as sound. The sound of irritation, pressure, pleasure, and accomplishment is all a part of life, and although "Silence" can be deafening to the ears and frightening to the mind, the most important thing is to maintain who you are.{FRF}

2129) *As the dark is the mother of light, so is the mother's womb from which we all came.{FRF}

2130) *The compulsiveness of consciousness is undeniable. {FRF}

2131) *Unconditional love is the most intangible asset anyone can give without favor or ulterior motives.{FRF}

2132) *We all have the right to be wrong, especially when it comes to loving someone you adore.{FRF}

2133) Those who have no vision complain about the system and blame people, those with insight blame themselves if they are deceived by the system and the people.{FRF}

2134) An organized mind is thinking wisely, and organized thoughts are knowledge of acknowledging, both are life experiences that guide us. {FRF}

2135) *A plethora of words with a paucity of information can be impactful only if it's the truth.{FRF}

2136) *The inactivity of truth will make lies more prevalent in today's world, now lying has become the norm.{FRF}

2137) *Truth doesn't afraid of lies, it always prevails at the finding.{FRF}

2138) *Those that know what they're worth will never let it devalue but strive to be more invaluable.{FRF}

2139) *Gratitude is an active characteristic, a byproduct of loving-kindness and thankfulness. {FRF}

2140) *Never be defined by your attitude, instead, utilize the aptitude to resist servitude when you strive to reach the altitude with gratitude. {FRF}

2141) With gratitude, we give thanks for the words of Jah that rekindled our spiritual awareness every day, they are the spark that flickers the flames of assurance. {FRF}

2142) *If you never say anything there is nothing to defend regardless of what is said by those who allegedly said you did.{FRF}

2143) Most times the people with who you have invested a lot of time are less supportive of your journey because you have left them at the destination they intended for you. {FRF}

2144) The Earth was here before you were born and will be after you die gone, so stop acting as if you are the most indispensable human being. {FRF}

2145) If you are bold enough to die for what you believe in, don't be afraid to live for it or by it.{FRF}

2146) The Religious believers, the Political pursuers, and the Scientists have one thing in common, they all defraud the people who put their faith in them. {FRF}

2147) *Some people's success is defined by wealth and riches, for other people it is the obstacles they overcome and the peace of mind it gives achieving it.{FRF} 

2148) *Be aware of the precautions in overcoming the fear, staying alive is great as existing. {FRF}

2149) "Not even the dark glass on your face will protect you from Jah light because it has tenfold the intensity of sunlight that can cause temporary or permanent retinal damage to those who have no insight.{FRF}

2150) *In the depths of your eyes, I see your truth, and it's a bright light of hope.{FRF}

2151) *With the dictatorial behavior and the stroke of a pen and the mouth, lots of people become a victim. {FRF}

2152) *Tales of lies and deception were concocted to confuse your focus on what is true.{FRF}

2153) *To escape the trajectory of ignorance it takes edification and intelligence..{FRF

2154) *Style can't be bought in a store, and it takes the simplicity of great minds to acknowledge it..{FRF

2155) *Love is infrangible. {FRF}

2156) Naturally, we are the most sapient of creation..{FRF}

2157) Being a polymath helps us to understand various aspects of life and its challenges..{FRF}

2158) *It can be dishonorable to defend something honorable thinking that it is an honor doing it.{FRF}

2159) *The inability to say no can be hazardous and insane. {FRF}

2160) *Love what you do more than any other and the sacrifice that it requires and accept the results you achieve.{FRF}

2161) *loosened screws are a distraction from the realness of one's self so whatever it is don't make it dampen your vybez. {FRF}

2162) *The myth of superiority and the emotion of inferiority travel parallel with thoughts but the love for humanity simplifies the path.{FRF} 

2163) Increases what you will never lose by giving what you can't keep.{FRF}

2164) Prepare for death no matter how because one day you will, but when Jah gives the choice you choose, the best of life you'll live.{FRF}

2165) *Listen not to the unhealthy narratives or to those who have more problems than the solutions.{FRF}

2166) *People use to listen to artists' music to get solace in their lives but today it seems like the music artists are soliciting is from the people to live a life.{FRF}

2167) "Individually, we are all at fault, and only our collective actions will create the ultimate change.{FRF}

2168) Most people are using a pail trying to empty a fathomless ocean.{FRF}

2169) People worry about where they are going when they die rather than taking the time to be alive to love each other. {FRF}

2170) The inviolable things of Jah can't be taught, neither can they be bought nor sold, so if you possess them, preserve them because they are greater than what's already been told.{FRF}

2171) Most people still pray for this Great God to come from the sky, while ignorance, poverty, diseases, bombs, guns, and missiles destroy human lives. {FRF}

2172) "Satan the Devil" and his children are loosed out of their prison and are free to do evil, but the children of Jah will not be converted or conform. {FRF}

2173) Instead of being around ungrateful people who disregard your service, serve it to those who value your presence. {FRF} 

2174) *Living a life of pretending doesn't take away or hide the guilt from your conscience. {FRF}

2175) Those who have no vision complain about the system and blame people, those with insight blame themselves if they are deceived by the system and the people.{FRF}

2176) Despite the plethora of words shared by the great and godly minds of the world, they're still lacking or have a paucity of information and no solutions when it comes to the problems of life.{FRF}

2177) The Earth was here before we were born and will be after we are dead and gone, so stop acting as if you are that most indispensable human being. {FRF}

2178) Sometimes it is during your darkest moment in life when those who truly love you appear like the constellation. {FRF}

2179) *Learning is the adolescence of daily life, and getting old is the acknowledgment of understanding that we do.{FRF}

2180) *Life has an unknown that will defeat you daily if you don't overthrow the fear of being feared.{FRF}

2181) *The factors for failure are more accessible than fortune, so fortified your claim. {FRF}

2182) *The unforeseeable, the unpredictable, and the unknown will catch you unprepared if you lack awareness of their outcome. {FRF}

2183) *Exertion has no written manual that can be taught, so create a procedure that causes effort to prevail.{FRF}

2184) Whenever the marginalized people formulated something tangible or intangible to make themselves self-sufficient or phenomenal through the power of Literature, Art, Music, and Poetry (LAMP) to see their way economically the government instituted legislation to criminalize their activities or implement a revenue collection scheme.{FRF} 

2185) *Have patience with nothing, be humble with something, and be respected when you have everything because you can end up losing all things.{FRF}

2186) *They lie about the truth to convince you to get into power, then the truth revealed their lies once they are in. {FRF}

2187) *Be a lifetime friend for all seasons and every reason by showing loyalty and fervently. {FRF}

2188) *Go lief in life and apprecilove what it gives.{FRF}

2189) *Not all life's experiences can be learned from teaching because if you tell someone that something is bitter/sweet/salty/sour or umami they have to taste it to know.{FRF}

2190) For black people and the disenfranchised, we are victims of "bigotry of low expectations" so we must prove them wrong by excelling with impeccable quality and integrity.{FRF}

2191) Bad and good results come from the rhetoric we disseminate, so be responsible.{FRF}

2192) They think we're all unkempt, uncouth, and unlawful, It’s not true, it's a fabrication to suppress our progress. {FRF}

2193) *The sea of possibility flows into the ocean of prosperity.{FRF}

2194) *A woman's happiness comes from honesty, satisfactory sex, love, intimacy, and appreciation of who she is.{FRF}

2195) *It's most instances good and bad are asynchronous, so keep doing what's right.{FRF}

2196) Those who have no financial support or have any contact within the system are locked out of the gate of justice.{FRF}

2197) Economical circumstance requires economic solutions. When one"s expenditures exceed his income, how does that one sustain his economical viability day to day knowing that in this society it only takes cash to care! When the bills are due and not paid, no matter who you are, all utilities are likely to be cut off.{FRF} 

2198) *Pay less attention to the things that have no love and you will become less of a critic and more of a supporter. {FRF}

2199) *Crime is so normalized that it has no impact on some people unless it comes with celebrity status. {FRF}

2200) *A delusional person has no moral compass and sees things only through their own beliefs. {FRF}

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