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Friday, June 11, 2021

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 17)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

2001) *An ageless mind is watered by the fountain of youth even as the physical grows in age. {FRF}

2002) Dissemblers are on the move spreading their antithetical beliefs trying to deceive everyone in their path.{FRF}

2003) *Where we came from might be bad, but what comes out of us must be the epitome of goodness.{FRF}

2004) You are always right until you learn or realize how wrong you were knowing what you know today.{FRF}

2005) It's not yours unless a title or a certificate or a will assigns ownership to your name.{FRF}

2006) *Living in a house doesn't mean you have a home, you can become homeless in a minute.{FRF}

2007) *The enablers will mislead you to do wrong and denied the help requires to accomplish what is right. {FRF}

2008) *People have become immune to the falsehood that they are numb to the truth.{FRF}

2009) *In the "court of public opinion," the truth, facts, and evidence can be unlawful, but in a "court of law," all the aforementioned are lawful.{FRF}

2010) In today's music sphere it is not the most arranged, composed, nor the intellectual lyrics of songs that will make it popular or a hit, it's the game, the name, the fame of artistes, producers, labels, the hype generated and the promotions.{FRF}

2011) *The logic of a bright and sunny day is warm is not always accurate, because, in reality, it can be sunny and bright yet, cold as a refrigerator.{FRF}

2012) *You can pardon or erase the record of a person for the crimes that they did but they are still a criminal. {FRF}

2013) *Creation is an excellent history book, it holds the record of what everyone does and doesn't.{FRF}

2014) *The flaw in the logic of the topic is being egotistic.{FRF} 

2015) Although love will forgive your err, Creation is an excellent history book, it holds the record to everyone's truth so don't be pretentious.{FRF}

2016) A man who inspired his children and woman to be leaders will have a stable and successful home.{FRF}

2017) Your love is like the heat that liquefied ice into pure drinking water.{FRF}

2018) Your eyes are like a stoplight on red and I would never want to see the green to send me on go. {FRF}

2019) Never measure the importance of life by the days or by the years ahead of you but the very moment that the breath of life is in your goody because in the quint of an eye you can be no more.{FRF}

2020) Cherish those who are with you today, because today doesn't have anything guaranteed for anyone.{FRF}

2021) Don't be chasing the love that is running away from you, and ignore the love that is coming to you. {FRF} 

2022) Sometimes the people you are following have you as their leader or teacher.{FRF}

2023) When the followed is following the follower and the follower is following the followed, then you know there's nothing to follow.{FRF}

2024) Those who acknowledge their weaknesses will be strengthened to be more promising.{FRF}

2025) Whatever the situation may be, a rooted family will overcome all obstacles by staying together.{FRF}

2026) The best thing that a person can leave in this world when they depart in the flesh is that which will grow in transcendence from generation to generation.{FRF}

2027) The goodness and mercy of fellowship are unmeasured and is incomparable to the material possession that anyone would achieve and imagine.{FRF} 

2028)  *If you think buying healthy food is expensive, just think about the expense of junk or unhealthy food will cost in medical bills when you get sick.{FRF}

2029)  If you can't do or show things that will give favorable results, don't command or dictate to people what to do.{FRF}

2030)  *Hatred and anger will affect your assessment when you are in danger.{FRF}

2031)  *Even if you are born great or empowered with greatness, without the decorum of principle and self-esteem, greatness will never be achieved.{FRF}

2032)  *Their livelihood is fueled by the inaction of those who only talk.{FRF}

2033)  *The lyrical content in the arts of entertainment evolved from the glorification of what's portrayed by those who are a product of the community.{FRF}

2034)  *Togetherness is not about being together physically, but mentally and divinely inclined to think, act, and execute deeds.{FRF}

2035)  *The sacrifice taken to be great consists of negative and positive, but to be good is simply being good by doing good.{FRF}

2036)  *Don't keep your priority where there is no support, it's time-wasting.{FRF}

2037)  *Informed music highlights the difficulty in many opportunities, yet it gives a positiveness to sees alternatives in most obstacles.{FRF}

2038)  *Life's process is an examination, some will fail, some will be average while some will succeed.{FRF}

2039)  *Differences of thoughts and opinions cause discrimination and amplify the consequences of hatred.{FRF}

2040)  *The dysphoria is challenging and is driving people into mental depression, hold on and know there is euphoria. {FRF}

2041)  *Experience is learning and developing oneself from becoming a victim of circumstances.{FRF}

2042)  *We are never wrong until the wrong invaded our space and transforms us into being the consequences of life.{FRF}

2043)  *Don't blame circumstances to make you become what you don't want to or make you become what you aren't.{FRF} 

2044) Our consequences and experiences must not define who we are unless we become a product of both.{FRF}

2045) *Anyone who thinks that they can learn everything about the world will one day realize that knowledge is infinite and they are not.{FRF}

2046) People's disagreement with what you agree to doesn't makes you wrong; thinking for yourself is strong.{FRF}

2047) *It is a game! Fueled by economic growth at all costs. {FRF}

2048) *The system is a single force governing in a pluralistic form. The characters and the characteristics are coexisting. {FRF}

2049) *Some opportunities will lead to comfort and financial enslavement.{FRF}

2050) Jah fultrusted I with the wisdom to trust Iself so that I can do what is right for I to live so I give thanks and praise for a healthy and selfless life.{FRF}

2051) Uncertainties created changes and restore the opportunity to have assurance in the Most High Jah. {FRF}

2052) The disability to erase the erroneous teachings that continue to suppress us as people is more dangerous than the ability to learn how to survive, yet some of the most brilliant minds remain arrogant {FRF}

2053) *Despite the spirit of fear, with love and selflessness, share unwavering intercessions on everyone's behalf.{FRF}

2054) Political and Religious trauma syndrome is the cause of many people's demise mentally and emotionally. Their dogmatic teaching and indoctrination to hope created more fallacy than anything else.{FRF}

2055) *We continue to search for the things that will never be known and keep denying the things we already knew.
Those who know that they don't know are still hoping to know what they're trying to know, soon realized that it is impossible to know.{FRF}

2056) A person's style of living or lifestyle may be wrong, but nothing is more wrong than you being so loving hating them that your wish is to see their life end. {FRF} 

2057) *Birds are recorded singing beautiful songs and melodies yet they have never become recording birds like artists and musicians. {FRF}

2058) *Where you are from or was is as important as where you are and where you are going.{FRF}

2059) *The extremely hard things women love are diamonds, understanding themselves, and a hard penis.{FRF}

2060) *Our companionship is as gravity, an invisible force that pulls us toward each other and can be equated to the Earth's gravity that keeps us on the ground. The velocity is impactful. {FRF}

2061) *Don't be an influencer and you are not influenced by your influence. {FRF}

2062) *Even if you failed in my attempt to win her love and affection don't be disappointed because you tried assiduously. Notwithstanding, forever always be friends for life.{FRF}

2063) *We continue to search for the things that will never be known and denying the things we already knew. {FRF}

2064) *Those who know that they don't know are still hoping to know what they are trying to know, soon realized that it is impossible to know.{FRF}

2065) *In this world of economic and materialism, international morality has been eroded by fame, fortune, and opportunities that this generation is moved by glitter and not the goodness which their minds dictate.{FRF}

2066) *As this new day appears let it finds you feeling better than yesterday. Use your awesomeness and durability to inspiring other irrespective of the elements.{FRF}

2067) *Share your sunshine, and be a shining light to many especially those who only see dark clouds. {FRF}

2068) *Motivation is the smallest of a sum so make it a day-to-day effort.{FRF} 

2069)  *The right path of has no ready signs, use your intuition of love, and it will lead you where to go.{FRF}

2070) *The seeds of your roots are who you are and are from, but what you become is the choices and direction you take or make.{FRF}

2071) *Your whereabouts and your whereofpresents are of equal importance.{FRF}

2072) *Unknown artists and musicians are always a casualty of those with fame and popularity.{FRF}

2073) *We must and have to be thankful for the mistake and err of our foreparents just as their accomplishments because their activities inspire us who we are. {FRF}

2074) *If you are not for what you are made of, you will find yourself in the company of the anti.{FRF}

2075) *Ras Tafari is a relic of divine nature and iration.{FRF}

2076) *You can be treated the less and in essence, you are the most important.{FRF}

2077) *Intrinsic truth makes you indispensable, falsehood makes you disposable.{FRF}

2078) Evil has nothing to do with the color of the skin, it's the minds and hearts and thinking of a group of people who have an agenda to suppress the good.{FRF}

2079) No system of government is designed to uplift the people unless they are contributing to increasing the revenue.{FRF}

2080) *Apart from certain of death, the only other certainty in life is the uncertainties we encounter every day. {FRF} 

2081)  *The hardest thing to give is self and the easiest is love, self the quantity has a price, love gives the value.{FRF}

2082) *The prism of fear causes hate, compassion gives happiness.{FRF}

2083) *The boisterous voice of the fools is dangerous but the silence of the wise is impactful. {FRF}

2084) *Instead of criticizing what others do or don't cultivate your own life success. {FRF}

2085) *Discommunication and not the distance is what devalues the importance of a relation or a person.{FRF}

2086) *The comfort of the trees is often being relished by passersby and not the one who planted them. {FRF}

2087) *The High Most Jah is absoluteness and the perfection of our health and well-being, and through his divine presence in Us, life will be fulfilled with his wholesome blessings and merciful kindness. {FRF}

2088) *The coined word "personal" has overwhelmed the mind of the human race into flummox as to who, what and where is God. Many people try to differentiate between God the personal and a personal God. Some continue looking up and rejected looking within the divine intelligence and the power of life.{FRF}

2089) *Nothing is more powerful than the divine mind, it is the ultimate source of our connection with the InIverse and to comprehend what is and what's not.
The communicative laws and principles grant Us intuition. {FRF}

2090) *From objective facts to alternative facts, from conspiracy theory to dis and misinformation.{FRF}

2091) *When the system weaponizes the constitution anyone who is against it immediately became a criminal. {FRF}

2092) *Pay your due and you will be paid because what is payable must have a day of payment.{FRF} 

2093)  *Life itself grants us many things, failures, and accomplishments, but to heed the words of idiocy galvanize indecision and uncertainty.{FRF}

2094) *The corrective measure doesn't have to be judgmental or comes with condemnation, we are all victims.{FRF}

2095) *They keep searching for that which was never reveal and trying to explain it when they're no blueprint. {FRF}

2096) *The oppressors found that the complaints are comfortable, competent, and complaisant with the hand-to-mouth systems.{FRF}

2097) *The obvious always outshine the genius.{FRF}

2098) *If at the end of the resistance, the ink is not dry into law, and equity, tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance are a farce.{FRF}

2099)  *If you never leave the door of love open, happiness will not be there because it doesn't knock to get an entry.{FRF}

2100)  *When we fail to harmonize our actions, thoughts, and words with the Divine Law of Creation, our ill-experience and erroneous thinking are ours to own because Jah is all good where no evil dwells.
To think otherwise is falsehood. {FRF}

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