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TMAR - DISCOGRAPHY: (Singer/Songwriter Music Producer)


Singer: Tmar
Job: Singer/Songwriter & Music Producer
Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, UK
Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Fusion
Influences: Peter Tosh, Sly & Robbie, Bob Marley, Tupac, Nas

Tmar is a Uk based Singer/Songwriter & music Producer.
Born in Linstead Jamaica this multi talented singer/songwriter, writes songs in almost all popular genres. His style & sound is deeply rooted in his Native genres Reggae & dancehall but what sets him apart from most is his unique way of fusing that with other genres such as HipHop, R&B, Rock & Pop. Its no different when it comes to his production style.

Tmar's debut album Pursuit Of Happiness, was released November 4th 2014, the first single from the album, "Overcome" was released on September 20, 2014. The album is now availble for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all other major music download platforms.

Tmar has Produced songs for big Dancehall names such as Capleton, Charly Blacks, Little Hero & more, to date he has released four compilation albums, "Keep Walking Riddim" "Street Cleaner Riddim" "Fyah Starta Riddim" "3Wayz Riddim" & the latest "Puff Puff Riddim" co produced with his Label Partner/Producer Marc Leys of MacLes Music Factory.

He has also worked with numerous upcoming artiste on their demo & also songs which they are looking to use as breakthrough singles and has been credited for his keen ear for sounds and things otherwise unnoticeable but relevant to a good track.
One Love


1) Album:
.2014 - Pursuit Of Happiness

2) EP:
.2014 - EEdiat SoundBoy EP

3) Singles:
.2010 - Still affi fight - [New Sound Records]
.2014 - Overcome - [New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory]

4) Collaborations & Guest Appearances:
.2008 - "Keep Walking" (Keep Walking Riddim) - [New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory]
.2012 - "Fear No Evil" (Street Cleaner Riddim) - [New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory]
.2012 - "Gal Dem Love Mi" -(Fyah Starta Riddim)- [New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory]
.2013 - "Dah Style Deh" -(3 Wayz Riddim) - [ZiggyBlacks Productions]
.2013 - "Dem Yute Yah" - (Street ode Riddim) - [Rocsolid Records]
.2013 - "Live Everyday" - (Puff Puff Riddim) - [Macles Music Factory/New Sound Records]
.2013 - "Memories" (Gyal Scream Riddim) - [Ziggyblacks Productions]
.2013 - "Babylon Walls" (Rootstep To The World, Vol.13) - [Rootstep Division Recordings]
.2013 - "Babylon Walls Acapella" (Rootstep To The World, Vol.5 Acapellas) - [Rootstep Division]

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Tmar - Discography:

1) Album:

.2014 - Pursuit Of Happiness
(Original Press):
"Pursuit Of Happiness" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Life In Your Hands. 2) Crying Hearts. 3) Billion Voices. 4) Mind Control. 5) Live Everyday. 6) Live For Your Love. 7) Rich With Love [Feat. Timmi Burrell]. 8) Man a Rebel. 9) Overcome [Feat. Icey Stanley]. 10) Day Off. 11) Through a Blind Man's Eyes. 12) Warning [Feat. Damas]. 13) Pursuit of Happiness.
[Label: New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory (Digital Release: 2014)]

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2) EP:

.2014 - EEdiat SoundBoy EP
(Original Press):
"EEdiat SoundBoy EP" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) EEdiat SoundBoy. 2) EEdiat SoundBoy Dub Intsrumental. 3) EEdiat SoundBoy Instrumental.
[Label: New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory (EP Digital: 2014)]

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Tmar ft. Icey Stanley "Overcome" - (Official Video)

Tmar "Fear No Evil" (Street Cleaner Riddim 2012)

Tmar "Dah Style Deh" (3Wayz Riddim)

Tmar "Memories" (Gyal Scream Riddim)

Tmar "EEdiat SoundBoy" (New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory)


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