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RUSTY ZINN - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae - Rock Steady/Ska - Lovers Rock)


Singer: Rusty Zinn
Job: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bass and Percussion
Location: Hayward, CA
Genre: Reggae - Rock Steady/Ska - Lovers Rock
Influences: Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, Slim Smith, Joe Higgs, Milton Henry, Clinton Fearon, Hux Brown, Mikey Chung, Tony Chin, Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Gene Chandler ....

Rusty’s mix of classic reggae, rock steady and ska is imbued throughout with the sound of his magnificent voice, his hook laden original compositions and his thorough understanding of the place of soul in Jamaican music. Of the twelve tunes on ‘The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn’, (RockBeat Records, to be released in February 2015) nine are written by Rusty, and show his command of the craft. Meaningful lyrics, memorable and melodic tunes set in timelessly crisp productions, all topped off by his warm and intimate voice. The kind of songs that should be on every radio stations’ playlist.

Rusty Reggae Soul cover 2The album’s opening song ‘Rise Up’, is up on YouTube and is rapidly gaining views. The tune shows the ska side of Rusty’s musical personality, and is a joyful paean to hope and optimism in these doubtful times. It has the sensibilities of a ‘We Shall Overcome’ lyric but with a far better tune and a totally irresistible dance beat. All the songs on the album, whether written by Rusty or not, reflect love, a yearning for love, or an unflinching optimism in what lies ahead. ‘Pushing Towards A Dream’, ‘She Comes From Nothing’ and ‘Woman Don’t Settle’ acknowledge problems but point to solutions, while ‘Angie I Love You’ (written for his wife),’Do I Stand A Chance With You’,’Lover’s Glory’, ‘Put Your Faith in Me’, Frankie Valli’s ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’, Gladys Knight’s ‘Is There A Place’ and Jimmy Holiday’s ‘Turning Point’ are unabashedly romantic to the core. ‘Gift Of Love’ is a glorious celebration of life’s central theme set to a riffing ska rhythm.

The focus of Rusty’s music is always centered on the voice first and foremost. He says: “when I was a small child the very first music I remember hearing were vocal groups like The Spinners and The Stylistics. My parents were always playing music from their youth, mostly Doo Wop, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Fats Domino and so many more. I think being raised on all that kind of music made me subconsciously develop certain standards to uphold in my music. Those standards are elements such as soulful singing, good messages, strong arrangements, nice chord progressions…“ These are key ingredients in Rusty’s personal brand of Reggae which is also much influenced and inspired by such great Jamaican singers as Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, and Slim Smith. and he now brings the sensibilities of soul to his chosen brand of Jamaican music. Emphasizing melody, romance and feeling, he terms his musical vision ‘A Journey to the Soul of Lovers Rock Steady.’

Rusty Zinn’s musical journey started in the eighties in the blues field. A stunning guitarist and singer, he established a world wide presence as a young blues turk, and all who saw and heard him marveled at his mastery of the idioms, his astonishing guitar playing, his soulful singing – a musician’s musician. However,by the turn of the millennium he found himself drawn to the melodies and rhythms of Jamaican music and rapidly and thoroughly immersed himself in the idiom, studying it and learning its history just as thoroughly as he had the blues.

‘When I was in Kingston in 2009, recording my ‘Manifestation’ CD it was like I was in a dream state. It was like being in reggae Disneyland because on every street corner you would recognize a reggae legend. When I started my recording session there it was the first time I could remember my knees knocking together just like they did the first time I performed on stage at the age of 18. There I was singing and performing my own material with my heroes – some of the biggest legends and veterans of Jamaican music. The great producer Bunny Lee even walked in while I was singing a song. He watched and listened for a while and then gave me a thumbs up and a great big smile and turned and walked out the door.’
Over the years Rusty has performed with a multitude of Jamaican artists, and befriended even more. He’s recorded with the legendary Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie, Boris Gardiner, Robbie Lyn, Mikey Chung, Soul Syndicate, Scully Sims, Hux Brown and many more.
His YouTube video of ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ has received more than 865,000 hits.

He has twice received Joe Higgs Music Award nominations as Best International Reggae Artist (in 2007 and 2009) and for Best Male Singer category (alongside such legends as Beres Hammond) in 2009. These nominations were a great honor for Rusty as Joe Higgs, known as The Godfather of Jamaican Music, has had a huge impact and profound influence on his music, particularly his approach to songwriting. Other Jamaican performers who have had an impact on his music are his many mentors, Milton Henry, Mikey Mao Chung, Barry Biggs, Clinton Fearon, Tony Chin, and Fully Fullwood. Rusty sought out many of these Jamaican music notables and befriended them so that he could soak up the true vibes of some of Reggae’s foundational singers and musicians. He found that many of these men who are his heroes were more than approachable and willing to share their knowledge with him.

When reviewing an earlier CD in The Beat publication Chuck Foster (KPFK ‘Reggae Central’) wrote “…. did I mention this guy can sing?” and compared his songwriting talents to the great Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham.

Sly Dunbar, of the legendary rhythm section Sly & Robbie, recently commented: ‘I was blown away by his singing … his voice is clean and smooth. He is a great artist. ‘Nuff respect to Rusty.’

‘Great songs, delivery and execution that hits you with truths, rights & Love! ‘ Doug Wendt (Midnight Dread)

Rusty’s manager, Bob ‘Rob’ Bell says: ‘My first years in the music business were with Island Records and Trojan Records from 1965 through 1972 – the golden age of ska, rock steady and reggae. Rusty has that sound and feeling down without playing the nostalgia card – he plays to the heart’. Echoing the latter sentiment, James Austin of Rockbeat Records adds that ‘this CD has excellent “crossover” potential, opening up the world of Reggae to a whole new audience’.


1) Albums:
.2007 - ReggaeBlue
.2010 - Manifestation
.2015 - The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn

2) Singles:
.2012 - Wear A Crown (Rusty Ft. Sly & Robbie) on 54-46 Riddim  [Taxi/One Pop Records]
.2012 - You're The One (Rusty Ft. Sly & Robbie) on I Know Myself Riddim [Taxi/One Pop Records]
.2013 - Angela (Jay Douglas feat. Rusty Zinn) - [Mega City Music]
.2013 - Always Be My Baby (Anthony Pure Silk Brightly feat Rusty Zinn) - [Pure Silk productions]

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 Rusty Zinn - Discography:


.2007 - ReggaeBlue
(Original Press):
"ReggaeBlue" 2007 - (Original Version)
1) She Comes from Nothing. 2) The World Is In Rewind. 3) Just Take Your Time. 4) Pushin' Towards a Dream. 5) Everytime I See a Rainbow. 6) Reggae My Blues Away. 7) Can't Take My Eyes Off You. 8) My God. 9) You Got to Show It. 10) A Song of My Own. 11) The Day After. 12) Heaven Is a Place Called Zion.
[Label: Bad Daddy (Cd: 2007)(Digital Release: 2007)]

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Line Up:
Rusty Zinn: Vocals, Background Vocals, Lead, Pick & Riddim Guitars, Acoustic Guitar
Tony Chin: Riddim Guitar
Jawge Hughes: Piano & Organ
Fully Fullwood: Bass
Santa Davis: Drums
Bob Welsh: Organ
Robert Sidwell: Lead & Pick Guitar
Randy Bermudes: Bass
Adam Goodhue: Drums

.2010 - Manifestation
(Original Press):
"Manifestation" 2010 - (Original Version)
1) Give Something You've Got. 2) For Creation. 3) A Many Spelendored Thing. 4) Mankind. 5) My God. 6) Manifestation. 7) Breakaway (From This Love). 8) How Could I Let You Get Away. 9) In Zion (There Is No Night). 10) Heaven Is a Place Called Zion. 11) Put Your Faith In Me. 12) My God Dub.
[Label: 9 Above Records (Cd: 2010)(Digital Release: 2011)]

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Line Up:
Rusty Zinn: Vocals, Lead, Pick & Riddim Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals
Mikey Mao Chung: Riddm & Pick Guitars
Robbie Lyn: Piano, Organ & Synthesizer
Bob Welsh: Piano & Organ
Boris Gardner: Bass
Herb Daly: Bass
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Johnny Blimling: Drums
Scully Simms: Percussion & Kette Drum
Guillame "Stepper" Briard: Tenor Sax
Didier Bolay: Trombone
Mike Rinta: Trombone
Bill Ortiz: Trumpet
Scot Brenton: Chromatic Harmonica
Album Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at the Mixing Lab in 2009

.2015 - The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn
(Original Press):
"The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn" 2015 - (Original Version)
1) Rise Up!. 2) Angie, I Love You. 3) Pushing Towards a Dream. 4) Can't Take My Eyes Off You. 5) Do I Stand a Chance With You. 6) Turning Point. 7) She Comes From Nothing. 8) Put Your Faith In Me. 9) Is There a Place In Your Heart For Me. 10) Lover's Glory. 11) Gift of Love. 12) Woman Don't Settle.
[Label: Rockbeat Records (Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)]

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Line Up:
Rusty Zinn: Vocals, background vocals, Riddim & Pick Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Hux Brown: Riddim Guitar
Bob Welsh: Lead & Pick Guitars, Organ
Jawge Hughes: Piano & Organ
Chris Burns: Piano
Russel Kreitman: Piano, Organ, Melodica
Randy Bermudes: Bass
Boris Gardner: Bass
Robbie Lyn: Piano & Organ
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Johnny Blimling: Drums
Jeremy Gray: Drums
Guillame "Stepper" Briard: Tenor Sax
Didier Bolay: Trombone
Scot Brenton: Background Vocals & Percussion
Chris Andersen AKA "The Mighty Viking: Lead Guitar


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Rusty Zinn "Rise Up" - (Official Video)

Rusty Zinn & The Fab Five "Angela"

Rusty Zinn with Sly and Robbie "You're The One"

Rusty Zinn with Sly and Robbie "Wear A Crown"

Rusty Zinn "A Many Splendored Thing"

Rusty Zinn "Give Something You've Got"

Rusty Zinn Band - live at World One Fest

.Anthony Pure Silk Brightly feat Rusty Zinn "Always Be My Baby"


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