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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Self Survival (310)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Self Survival (310)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd: (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Self Survival (310)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Sometimes One
GOT - to be selfish
for One’s Own
Self … Survival - by
accepting the mission
then identify the fears
exercising patience
being virtuous to the challenges thus the accumulations
open an eye to reality
and knowing its implications
One must - realize the extent
Ancestors will go through
to have You realize and live - up to
potential and expectations - as
once You are alive
there is … a solution
awaiting the intuitiveness to
make manifest the reoccurring ‘Dreams’.

As each link
has its own STRESS ... to bear
even if They have to
send You - BACK
if chosen - due to the Visions
have found You capable
then You will definitely
and can count on it - that
despite a resistance - You will be - BACK
in the rebirth
to finish a mission in ability’s reach
at least - start Your journey
through the un-played notes Your story tells
a task it seems
each MUST experience
so self-reliance, competence and experience
can become ... Community acceptance - for
once You start de’yarn
make no excuse - to hinder
the appreciation of this
exotic baptismal … of Self-gratitude.

Sometimes You have to
just to do Your do
an’ if Yuh ‘ave to sacrifice
then surrender - a-‘slaved’ to Your do
and as the stares are becoming customary
stand willing - to bear the consequence
‘cause NO-one “trods” - misery’s roads
but Your sojourn
as it is from You - within You that
You know the will
to go through occurrences
and when You find the Dreams reoccurring
even Your “wishings”
and the doubt - then
becomes a friend
that’s when You MUST
dig-in to enjoy the Sleep
‘cause the Music of the Ancestors
speaks deep - as
once You are alive
there is the ripple
no need to waste time, pondering
whose fling started its skipping
just allow common-sense to mold its crest.

When a Dream
is on its momentum
the silence of lonely moments
will taste sweet - no matter the circumstances
it’s useless to crave the hunger
if You don’t take the time to plan and
‘cut’ de’shit within the hour appointed
and as You make love
to Your selfish laughter
the onlookers will envy
Your introverted demeanor
as Visions, realize Themselves
it is You in gay-lick gaiety’s overtures
who will make manifest
the vitality of Ancestor’s Visions - for
once You lean … into de’fart
no need for the pretext - to blunder
Your celebration of Nature’s existence.

Until You have knowledge
of Your purpose
in this Existence
and be willing to accept
and see that
to its realizations
no matter how trivial
its implications You do succeed
You will NEVER be rewarded
a Life ... worth living
for none is given a text
prescribing the Life - worth saving
so don’t flip a page
dancing onto Your Own nightmare
as the reoccurrence will madden You
in the awaken
thus ... so at times You
You’ve got … got’ta be selfish
a-lost in “self-centerdness” for Your Own
Self - continuing Survival
at times - clearing
then to swallowing a saliva
in company of You and Yourself
because the lineage of Ancestors
accepts no apology
as Ancestry tolerates
no excuse
Ancestors expect
no plea! - as
once You are within the depths of meditation
that’s when the erection - stands its weakest
what then is said of ‘flesh’s’ stench
in the elevation of Self.

As the torah, bible and koran are destined to rewrite their fables
what will Your story tells - not of Your crucifix
but of the uselessness spilt in apathy’s welfare
to the complacency of all advancements
and note that if You crumble its papers
You can get but one untainted wipe
therefore, take time to make good use of the moment
so in the company of others
Your bullshit won’t stink in revelation of stupidity.

Those who are most critical of Your dos
are the ones on whose bandwagon
You had refused to plop Your assertive ass
oh~shit~man - You’re right handed
but the maneuverable skills of Your left
is off more use to Your Self-hygiene
why then give away de’ass to shit through de’rib
this - in the laughter of
envy, jealousy an’ greed
so when You come upon de’decision
it’s best to run upon the broken glasses - as
slowing down to walk carefully
will only cause You to be “ouch~ing” - a cry
as You expose a self-doubted fear
then - You now have the added burden
to explain why … in the first place
did You gone “barefootedly” crazy
for didn’t You see the first steps
so in the moment
be selfish for Your Own Self-survival
lean Your scruples on the very foundation
the glass places its broken conscience upon.

Drink, eat, shit, sleep and procreate
is all a Life guarantees
now - once You hear the nails pounding
its useless praying to
what-if and if-only-I’d known
the journey in either direction is the eternal fear
‘cause memory-loss will not permit
the starting from where You left off
so please don’t - don’t You want to know why …
silence is a blood~klaat
while the grave is being dug - thus
sometimes You have to
just to do Your do
for Your Own selfish
Self … Survival - for
there is but one chance in this lifetime - to
look into the mirror’s closets and smile
at Your Own nakedness
knowing that ... the cadaver had not given in to
the shock treatment of submission.

Suh - as Yuh trod on through
the volcanic terrains of mankind
remember to scratch tu’n-ripe breadfruit wid care
least the inside broke-out an’ burn Yuh - and
if Yuh carry ‘pussy’ to market
before Yuh put-up the price sign
first Yuh a’fe disguise the smell - suh
don’t follow smiles and discard Your friends and family
as no-one will be there to fan de’flies from off’a Yuh
when ‘pussy’ gets its price an’ move on.

Sometimes One
GOT - to be selfish
for One’s Own
Self - Survival
got’ta be selfish
for One’s Own
Self - continuing Survival
as the selfishness
of Self-neediness
seeks for and postulates
to lean on
onto the acclamations of
Your accomplishments
so as You awake
from the Dreams
smile on - do chortle on
get a smirk on - be gleeful ... as You
realize the extent
Ancestors will go through
to have You
realize and live - up to
potential and expectations - for
once Your placenta is dead
to this Creation
You are definitely flipped in exposure
slapped to go be
on Your Own.

Sometimes One
GOT - to be selfish
for One’s Own
Self … Survival ...

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