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Anthony Leonard Pierre "At Blue Mountain Peak (9), Pt. 1 of 3" - Song Credit (translator)

"At Blue Mountain Peak (9), Pt. 1 of 3" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd: (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"At Blue Mountain Peak (9), Pt. 1 of 3" - Song lyrics (translator):

My Kilimanjaro - My Kilimanjaro
It’s at … Blue Mountain’s Peak
It’s where
Little-Childrens’ Hearts beat
and de’Elders wipe the sweat of Their Brow
under the remembrance of - da’Laboba
where They meet
Kilooo … spouts a hot spring
to start Its trek
to the Ocean deep
where Ancestors’ Souls … sleep
in the salt of Its waves
the Rivers of - east and west
Cabatar River - Savanna - Nigril River
from north and south
these Tributaries - CREST
in the bosom of
Kilimanjaro sweet
Yallas - Plantain - White River
where They meet - is at Jamaica’s
Kilooo … Kilooo~manjaro Blue Mountain’s Peak.

Sometimes de’Children
don’t sleep
sweet are the tears
They weep
banana leaves
They share
with drew drops
Their sheet
the Manjaro rocks
pile-up heap - a pillow to sleep
Kilooo … Kilimanjaro - River sweet
Niger River - Mathabra River - Ra-Minio
on Its/Their banks
You’ll find - a little
to eat away a memory of
hunger - sadness and despair
suh wash~wash
your hands - your face - your feet
they will be CLEAN from the piss of
of up stream’s Village steam - Black River
Kilooo … Kilimanjaro mystery clean
It’s at … Blue Mountain’s Peak
givin’ de’world
a new soundin’ Music
a new Rhythm … so sweet.

From the workings
of Its tides
rocks and shells are carved
by time and pressure - to become ... yeah
they’re de’meat an’ fat
of Ocean deep
to be arrayed appetizingly
at Street-Side Market places
de’passerbyers find them pleasing
an’ wantin’ to possess as keepsakes - this
to display the motions of
Blue Mountain’s moods
to far away - who LUST  Her virginity
they wonderily dream
to come BASK by Kiloo’s mystery - ahoo
an’ from the market Higglers
a fist full of banana
or a’ coconut carvin’
a’ stalk of sugar cane
or a’ fin’ga a’yam
a bunch a’ Kalalloo
to the potency of sea roots - Irish Moss
yuh will cherish - the smooth touch
of Nature’s beauty - sekkle
Some will have to - ‘live’
off their worth - in the City Streets
as their wonders
dazzle eyes to keep - saying:
they’re from the belly - of Kilimanjaro deep
de’Cabatar - Savanna an’ Nigril
Rivers of the Mount.
De’cock a’crow
dog a’bark and de’drew drops - too cold
five-a-clock - inna de’mornin’
eighty-five (85) de’temperature
too hot - down below
where de’Reggae Rhythm is
the alarm clock - bubble … Wi’a bubble
Wi givin’ de’world
a new soundin’ Music
dey tappin’ an’ groovin’ to
the creative an’ smartabality
dubblin’ … in an’ out’a Wi
fa’ Wi - box-doung sug’a cane
dey meck rum an’ sweets wid iee
while Man an’ Man - workin’ rock an’ rock stone
Dem dey swing … Dem picks - to a timely winin’
cultivating an’ reaping valued marbles
from so~so hillside rocks/stones
as de’Doctor Birds chirp
to the dip and beauty of young Girl’s hips
Wi teck gugnu an’ red an’ green - peas
an’ dey colour-up even wild-rice wid it - seen
when Wi done wid chicken
mouth blazin’ - yuh jerkin’-off
all frustrations an’ bring back feisty
an’ even Wi biggest critics
un’da shady tree - a’ ketch a’ puss-nap from a’ bellyful
fa’ when Wi chat
Wi don’t chat no fart
so don’t come
labrishin’ wid fartatious so~so rubbish to Wi --
an’ although it was chosen to be
Wi rising-up above
from the bloody pavements
of dem contrived “slavery” plantations
not to become the product
of such environments
but its victor - Wi strive
Blue Mountain
ahead of a world’s struggle
resisting for change - chat ‘bout
one love an’ inity
for I an’I - de’surviving Ones
as it was then - a SAFE-HAVEN for
the “Maroons” an’ dem Black “Buccaneers”
so it is now - SANCTUARY
for Black Warrior - de’Natty Dread Yardies
an’ I knoweth where My Soul
will sleep - to its transformation
it’s at the foothill(s) of Blue Mountain’s
Yallas - Plantain an’ White Rivers
aloft from
Kingston City to Jambos Pond viewing peak
Kilooo~man~jaro steep
It’s at … Blue Mountain’s Peak
givin’ de’world
a new soundin’ Music
a new Rhythm … so sweet.

Rafts and small vessels
sail - on Its tides
transporting on the Rio Grande
not only Peoples
also - FOOD
of appetizing and stamina
taking Life
from place to place
as this transplant
is reminiscent of My Nomadic Roots
from Moshi, Arusha - Uru to Mbuko
from Killsome City to
Portland, Mary, Andrew and Thomas
as We bury
the sorrow of a past
We trod on - ‘cause
the Mountains - BOND a new horizon - ahoo
Castleton, Blue Lagoon
Hagley Gap and Gordon Town
holds a foundation
on which a Nation builds
a’Wi … run t’ings
those whom are known - as Yardies.

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