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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chyna Nicole releases new Single 'Cheers for Education - They Will Soar'

Chyna Nicole releases new Single "Cheers for Education - They Will Soar"

Many may talk about putting kids first when the reality is selfish intentions. Chyna Nicole (“20 Years in the Making & Ready for the World” chart hitting debut album & Top Female Artist) teamed up with her Manager/Producer Fitzroy Francis of Mightyful13 Records to pen what is compared to Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World”.

The inception to “Cheers for Education - They Will Soar”,  Chyna Nicole’s (daugher of Carl Williams of Waterhouse) anticipated greatest single yet, was birthed from a previous discussion with Rula Brown of PEACE AND LOVE SCHOLARSHIP (scholarships given to the Caribbean totaling US$50,500.00), Dr. Ev of the Caribbean Radio Show (popular radio show with million listenership of conscious music) and Fitzroy Francis (Producer of the Year - Mightyful13 Records) prior to Chyna Nicole’s involvement.

After a year long discussion, Chyna Nicole embraced their idea when it was presented to her recently. Kids first! Chyna Nicole is also an educator completing her 2nd Masters Degree shy of a doctorate in Spring 2014 in Educational Leadership. “I’ve always wanted music and education to marry. It finally did.” The song is no regular song. “Cheers for Education - They Will Soar” was musically arranged by Mr. Courtney Panton (Manager of New Kingston Band and multi-instrumentalist) in Hawaii while Courtney was on tour.

When Courtney heard the skeleton demo sent from Chyna Nicole, he immediately musically arranged and accompanied the piece making the already potentially hit record into a masterpiece. He loved it!
The song is produced by Mightyful13 Records, Nico Star Music and Courtney Panton.
40% proceeds will be donated to for student scholarships. It was mastered by Mr. Earle Holder of (TOP Mastering Engineer & Grammy Judge).

From the creation of the idea to the materialization of the song, only professional hands have touched this amazing record created for the benefits of children!
The video is slated early this year and Chyna Nicole’s own students and parents have already expressed interest in the appearance. Many music djs globally have requested the record and it is already getting heavy rotation!

PALAS (Peace and Love Scholarship) is a non-profit organization founded by Rula Brown. The mission of PALAS is to dedicated to recognize and honor outstanding academic performances (Commitment, Empowerment, Responsibility, Possibility and Support).
The mission aligns to all parties vision and mission - to and positively impact the world with music, education and charitable contributions.

They hope the world will embrace the song, but more importantly, they wish to put smiles on children’s faces when they are awarded scholarships to improve the quality of life with a shining future! “Cheers for Education - They Will Soar” is now available digital worldwide via Mightyful13 Records & Nico Star Music

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North America:
Manager: Fitzroy Francis of Mightyful13 Records
Phone: 347 476 5882

Assistant Mgr: Carl “Pop” Williams
Phone: 876 889-4504

Name: Earle Holder
Phone: 404 643-8213

Jamaica Promotion:
Name: Gucci
Phone: 876 574-5651

Name: Linton Edwards
Phone: 876 999-5333

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