"From Then 'Til Now" by Roots Architects

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 1)

July 2014

A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

1] The person you neglect or treat the worst, can be the one to give you the most generous and best hospitality of life. {FRF}

2] Jah lives in all those who hate HIM, but never fail to love them as like others because He is the LIFE in them. {FRF}

3] To become heirs of good, one has to make their being an instrument of love to eschew and dispel lies and deception.{FRF}

4] What one GROSS is good, but what they DEPOSIT in the ACCOUNT of LIFE is excellent, because it is from this SAVING they will be able to withdraw the interest of their living NET. {FRF}

5] Jah is AWESOME no matter what the circumstance or the temptation you are going through, the WILL of WORSHIP can remove all OBSTACLE from out the WAY.{FRF}

6] What inspire and motivate one person can have no effect on another so don't be persuade by emotions or sentiments but the evidence of your own pessimistic and optimistic view of life. {FRF}

7] There are times when your strongest support comes from the lest expected wt the passion of resistance, and assisting you not to deny your Jah like selves. {FRF}

8] Never think everyone will love you the way you are, because hatred is a problematic virtue of life perceive by those whom you are not a slave of their purpose. {FRF}

9] Flamboyant is often time misguided and miseducated, especially when it comes to the attractive attention of a creative person ability. {FRF}

10] Remove yourself from the noise and mental confusion of life, call it meditation, prayer, peacefulness or what every you wish and never forget the QUIETUDE there is to be absorb in so doing. {FRF}

11] Smile for the world even though you cannot make everyone happy, but it will turn someone bad day into joy. {FRF}

12] That which annoyed and stresses you the most, will teach the very important lesson of spirituality and tolerance. {FRF}

13] The investor or finance don't care about likeness or friendship, they only love and care about who and what is marketable/sellable to make that money. {FRF}

14] Don't stray away from the principles and values of the life, to adapt vulgarity and become a COXCOMB. {FRF}

15] Never come on social media looking for honor or respect because no one can share what they don't have, instead be as LOVE in the heart's consciousness of those who are blind, that is willed to educate and protect the ppl. {FRF}

16] It's better to walk on the Godly path and make an err, because there will be forgiveness, but when you walk on the evil path, the Devil shall run away and find someone new to deceive. {FRF}

17] Not everyone who talk of Jah is faithful to Jah, because they would commit an err to seek forgiveness instead of doing what's right in allness, and fullness of the Living Jah of whom We are a part thereof. {FRF}

18] To become heirs of good, one has to make their being an instrument of love to eschew and dispel lies and deception.{FRF}

19] JAH live in all those who hate HIM, but never fail to love them as like others because He is the LIFE in them. {FRF}

20] The word LIKE is use in social network because the good quotes and ppl works are often times never been LOVED. {FRF}

21] How many ppl listen to what their conscience dictate.{FRF}
They are waiting on God"s time, when many a time, God already told them what to do but they were just not listening. {FRF}

22] It's useless to get up everyday talking and emphasizing on the things that need to be done and not doing them. {FRF}

23] In truth, when physical achievement has been attained, it shall not perish,for it shall have been achieved through the fullness of the abundance of the universal good of Jah.{FRF}

24] LOVE is scared and it seeks not for deception. It knows nought of suspicious so weep not and behold the powers of JAH. {FRF}

24] The fruition of one"s success doesn't come through sudden flight but by the tireless time, honesty and diligent works invested over the years. {FRF}

26] Small portion, thankful receive, what is not for you, you will never achieve.Be clairvoyant, don't be deceive, what's for you, must be retrieve. {FRF}

27] The small things that one can do in the "circle of life“, can motivate and creates an impact like a tsunami. {FRF}

28] Keep a interest in the ones who will be around wherever their are bad times and not the one who will be around only when the tides are high. {FRF}

29] Each one travel through life"s path has a responsibility to passes the lesson of life, love, light and truth at sometime or the other. Travelling the physical path in the physical habiliment that you can experience the blessedness of divine intelligence. {FRF}

30] The BRAIN is useless without the information. Storing the right info will fulance your mind to work efficiently, powerful and increases the mental capacity.{FRF}

31] Love grows out of mutual respect is like a seed planted in fertile soil. It germinate then pollinate and blossom into a beautiful relation. {FRF}

32] Revolutionary words are become entertainment, Entertainment become eccentric, Eccentricity are contributing to the indiscipline of daily living. The ppl"s behavior are changing every day.{FRF}

33] Wisemind allows nothing to be good that is temporary, no man to be happy but he that need no other happiness than what he has within himself. No man to be great or powerful that is not master of himself. {FRF}

34] Its not what have been taught or said but what you retain and the comprehension you receive. {FRF}

35] Tolerating a person ill behavior doesn't necessarily means u are accepting or condoning. It's better to be supportive than to be judgmental knowing that that same person ill behavior can change in a instance. The same mouth that say bad can say good. {FRF}

36] Life"s struggles must not paralyze you, instead utilize it to elevate you. Life is simple although the living rough. {FRF}

37] Pretending to love and care for someone is surreal, but the conscience of that person will never allow them to function straight. The reflection of their action is what they will see in the mirror of life each day. Clearly bad fortune.{FRF}

38] LOVE knows no separation neither does Principle. In JAH there is no division, his LOVE is divine. One in the beginning, now and forever. {FRF}

39] There is no commotion in silence, and it's not in every instance does it mean consent. Someone can be silence and it clearly its a dissent. {FRF}

40] When you are going through hard time don't have regrets, because trials and tribulations ae sometimes the transportation to where you want to go.{FRF}

41] The Law of Attraction can be the Art of Temptation.{FRF}

42] Some posses the ability to diagnose the problem of others and never be able to resolve their own. {FRF}

43] Don't feel lonely when you are alone, because been alone doesn't mean you are on your own, accept the ALMIGHTY as your backbone and free your mind with an atone.{FRF}

44] Seek not the knowledge of this World, it's domination and knows nothing of your own self.{FRF}

45] It's doesn't matter how much you pray, if you don't work for what you want there will never be a pay day because God will answer but don't write checks or disburse cash.{FRF}

46] People will judge you in the present of their sight, while the eyes of the Lord are vigilant in our absence from each other.{FRF}

47] With all the life struggles, destruction, poverty, ignorance, diseases or economical philosophy, only Jah has the PANACEA to heal the world and all broken heart. {FRF}

48] As we live each day on this journey of life, it's important to identify the division that separate our introvert and extrovert and deny us from being an ambivert. {FRF}

49] The beauty of love can make the blind see the happiness it give to those around by the radiance of their soul. {FRF}

50] Insecurity is the impediment of oneness and lack of ability to progress. {FRF}

51] Spend not more than you should because it's not what you earn but what is saved. {FRF}

52] As we travel each day on this journey of life, it's important to identify the division that separate our introvert from the extrovert, and deny us from being an AMBIVERT.{FRF}

53] With all the life struggles, destruction, poverty, ignorance, diseases or economical philosophy, only Jah has the PANACEA to heal the world and all broken heart. {FRF}

54] Never see the beauty of a person through their attire or the favor granted but by their impeccable characteristic.{FRF}

55] A Self-center person always profess the things they did for others while the Ivine-center who possess the words, works and spiritual relation wt the Most High, shares testimony of life. {FRF}

56] Isn't it wonderful that the thing you want to say to a special person is so beautiful that it came out through a smile.{FRF}

57] Never sell your values for $$, because $$ is less than your values. {FRF}

58] LOVE is the circumference of all giving and doing to the person[s] whom you care to share with in ill or health, or in bad and good times unconditionally. {FRF}

59] A wisemind person take heed to the advise of fool even when it's not needed, while the fool who need the advise of the wise, unheeded and find their self in difficult times which could be avoided. {FRF}

60] People"s behavior may be mischievous and erroneous. Be firm,keep calm, and don't let your semblance of civility disappear because tolerance is not a weakness, it's fulcouragement that gives confidence when dealing with ill-temper people.{FRF}

61] A wise person will never repudiate his words. Wisemind is high, the words of Jah is true, write it upon the table of your heart and no one can take it from you. {FRF}

62] The game of Love is ACHROMIC, let no one DEKE you from this reality. {FRF}

63] Physics teaches us that a FORCE is a pull or a push, while the dictionary share many definitions both negative and positive.
I say that, to say this; living is not a hand out, so never hesitate to exert the collective FORCE to retrieve what is yours. {FRF}

64] Never be pretentious of what you aren't and try to give which you can't, be genuine in all that you do, live natural so Life can reveal itself to you. {FRF}

65] The greatest of all reasoning is between the Ivine and the physical self. It's the most tangible security in life, from which one learn the path of life, it's lesson and it's plusperience. What is learnt shall be the guideline for one not to make the same mistake twice or been chastise as a fool. Through the desire of inner reasoning, one will grasp more overstanding to converse and have acceptance to those who are unfortunate in the current reality of life.{FRF}

67] Let the strength of the Most High be thy will, and His might be thy way moving forward on all thy journey.{FRF}

68] Never let the silent authority deny the outspoken majority in become the large minority. {FRF}

69] I love you as life, and even if you don't care, Jah know I do and that's what matters most. {FRF}

70] As a leader or an educator, it's not good to express your jealousy in the public domain, it can be misleading to those who are very supportive of your diligent works. {FRF}

71] The vastitude of our love for humanity is greater than the pleasure of sex, and its ambience is most conducive to thy being. {FRF}

72] LOVE has been misused and misrepresented by most, if not all who see it as a definition of sexual intercourse. A person can love the the world but can never have sex wt all the partners who may offer or propose to such action, which become evidently when we comes of age.
Jah is Love and they that knoweth not Love knoweth not Jah, so it's incomparable because so many of us has engage in illicit SEX that has nothing to do wt LOVE. {FRF}

73] Let positive literature, Art and Music be the catharsis just as your daily bread. (FRF)

74] Strife can be bought by a single coin, deceit by just a word, mistakes will come wt broken heart, sorrow only bring sorrow, but Jah love is not counterfeit and cannot be purchase wt the fines of treasures, so speak through his voice and no one can stop you from say: Jah, I thank you and I will serve thee from Sun set to Sun rise because only in joy there will be joy which cometh from within. {FRF}

75] Most ppl will not adore or honor the good works of others because of who they are; or until they are decease. They will glorify all that was done in their nonexistence. Facebook is a prime example of such occurrence so don't live your life by the likes or unlike of the social network else you will be going over the "CLIFF of HATRED. {FRF}

76] The reason why there are so much confusion in today's world is because "In the beginning" some was CREATED while the others was "MADE".{FRF}

77] History cannot exist without the reality of present occurrences, and there will never be any more-ture unless there are historical facts. {FRF} Never let transgression transform, transfigure or transmute into what you aren't, be real wt Jah zeal. {FRF}

78] I & I are not nomads, just the sojourners doing the works of the Most High in low and high places wt/out adjournment.{FRF}

79] Some will never give you attention until you are poise to start making money, so never forget to share wt the those who create you into being an equity.{FRF}

80] The person you may dislike the most, can be the one who holds the knowledege secret combinations to unlock the treasures of life, so never let self ignorance/arrogance cause you to dis-communicate and deny yourself to retrieve the jewel what's yours. {FRF}

81] Never get too excited about the great performance, be more concern of what to do when the performance goes wrong and the correction to it. {FRF}

82] Whenever you can triangulate your very next move through the high tides, you will learn the difference between panic and fair. While one is dangerous, the other is naturally healthy. {FRF}

83] When children lose the presents of their parents it's devastating, so never deny them the comfort of familyhood. {FRF}

84] Wheat and tares always grow together, but once we separate the wheat of knowledge from the chaff of mortal thinking, the Ivine overstanding will reveals all that which was hidden and lost. {FRF}

85] Many work so hard everyday struggling to upkeep the "Empire of Falling Angels" instead of RESTORING the "Dynasty of the Rising Sun". {FRF}

86] Take not the TESTIMONY of the tabernacle and sell for MONEY, because the judgement will never be sweet as HONEY. {FRF}

87] Don't be misled by the musical merchant who sings only to achieve material gain and fame in the name Jah Ras Tafari and make no itribution, but honor they that giveth through righteousness, charity, love, hope, peace and faith wt a pure heart, mind and soul calling on His name. {FRF]

88] Don't replace GOD in the household for a DOG, the blessings will never flow. {FRF}

89] Some ppl are like consumerist quick-sand, whatsoever you do around them, failure will be your attempt. {FRF}

90] It's good to leap over the river of faith b4 you climb the mountain of trust, then and there you will descend on the plain of hope. {FRF}

91] Sexual intercourse is BAD when you are wt the wrong partners and GOOD whenever they are right.True love produce real living. {FRF}

92] Never ful-gage into a fight but of you do, don't lose. {FRF}

93] Be poised and be wise, then you will realize the peace of mind it bring when you forgive. {FRF]

94] The only that never change with no misteke, is Jah love. {FRF}

95] Don't denigrate, elevate others to the zenith of life. {FRF}

96] Disappointment is the gate way to realization. {FRF}

97] Determination is the fundamental for one to progress.{FRF}

98] The little mean so much when there are love one to make you happy. {FRF}

99] The element of narcissism will lead one's life indirectly and create self gratification. {FRF}

100] In all areas of life, there is down and up, but one thing for sure, never you quit. {FRF}

101] It takes a vast amount of exerting energy, time and effort in damage repair of the negative, yet so placid and minimal doing toward the positive.{FRF}

102] We all said and done things which others dislike, but sometime it's not what ones says or do; it's the manner of how it was done why others will react as they may. {FRF}

103] A person who use their brain and mind as a God and not be agnostic, will possess the yesledge and overstanding of Ivine intelligence and godliness. {FRF}

104] There will be nothing to explain nor confusion exist if our Ivine mind is as with the Ivine order of life. With such the moral intellect will rise into spiritual intelligence and reveal all parables. {FRF}

105] Mightyful13's requiem will sing to resurrect the mind of the living dead. {FRF}

106] Don't be disturb by my quotes or the comments that I post, it doesn't dictate how one must live or free anyone of the wrong they did but be more concern of how it may, deprogram one robotic mind from dismay. {FRF}

107] Like a seed planted in fertile soil, so is nurtured love, EFFLORESCE in the heart and mind. (FRF)

108] Eat not of that which is pollution to your consumption but that which is nutritious to your daily living.(FRF)

109] When ppl have you @ the lowest point in life, rejoice in thanksgiving and have fun because there is no fear of falling further but to rise. (FRF)

110] Use not of the water because it look clean and clear, make sure there are no filth gather @ the bottom, and if you don't, you will stir up the residue of the polluters. (FRF)

111] You can make the right choice wt the wrong person and become stagnant, and you can be stagnant by making the wrong choice wt the right person, so it's best you make it good. (FRF)

112] Grind not the evidence of your emotion into the dust of lust else you will cultivate the hardness of love and deceit. (FRF)

113] Let the best of you rise the less in you and let not the less of you suppress the best in you. (FRF)

114] As long as we are disobedience, making mistakes, and keep forgetting from whence our all of everything cometh from, we will need guidance or we will always be afflicted by our own undoings. (FRF)

115] The ones with the most critique often time has no solutions to share and have the worst advise to give. (FRF)

116] We all worry about racism and been racist, but put us all of together and look @ our shadow and see which color you see. It's all Black!! (FRF)

117] To know the things to live with is good, to know the things to live without is better but to know the things you can't resist is greater than the best. (FRF)

118] Obliquity is erroneous and will expose one perversity from good behaviour.(FRF)

119] You can educate a person to be something that they were not, and whenever they become who they are they use what they learnt and try to suppress who taught them into being. (FFR)

120] Growing of locks or one's hair doesn't make you conscious or being a Rastafarian because it is not indigneous to any specific race or culture but the natural recourse of a positive life style giving ultimate praises to the Most High. (FRF)

121] The ancient is the Crown of the present and the present is the Majesty of the mosture. (FRF)

122] Don't judge an artist by the songs they sings but the exemplary family life they live, because most chant righteousness and live polygmonous which is a contradicting reality. (FRF)

123] Conscious music is not only about singing of God, world affairs or the plights of people, it's the reflective truth which reveals through the mediation of the heart, mind and soul. (FRF)

124] The coterie of great minds will always be a scintillating factor of brilliance. (FRF)

125] Marriage fail, sex fail, money fail,Government fail,family fail, friends fail, and material gain fail. They only thing that never and cannot fail is the love of Jah. (FRF)

126] Stimulate the best in a person, extract their good characteristic and their unforseen qualities which they most of the time ignore. (FRF)

127] Some will find fault and critize the goodness of others because they don't want to support it yet what they do is substandard.(FRF)

128] Revenge is not reacting negative or rile to an opponent but doing what's positively correct that they can see the mirror of reflective love. (FRF)

129] Sexplanation define the human inclination. (FRF)

130] Karma is from ages so the trouble debt of karmic can never be worry once you have learn to live in justice, familhood and free mind with The Most High, so be responsible for all you do. (FRF)

131] Don't be wrap up in the reverie of silence when you enter in the chamber of silence, leave all doubt and confusion, because it's there one seek a peace of mind. (FRF)

132] The mind is like a book revealing the literature of life and time to those who read and overstand it well. (FRF)

133] The teacher is not only the one giving the lessons, but they that absorb the knowledge to apply it in principle of harmony to the coming generation. (FRF)

134] A school is not just sitting in a classroom but wherever one become a student of learning .(FRF)

135] The truth dissolves darkness and lies to make it light, meaningful and living right. (FRF)

136] A person only deceive their self to the degree that they interpret the truth to please others regardless of the facts. (FRF)

137] The good DICTION of wisemind will be a guiding light to oneself and others.(FRF)

138] Some will be attracted by the negative emotions and dis one's intellect or positive reason, and in so doing, deny their good character.(FRF)

139] The ignorance of a person can make them become envious of others progressive altitude.(FRF)

140] A person will walk pass you like an exams and fail and the one who fail to pass you by have a better result. (FRF)

141] When the system can't get you to do what they want, it will figure how to keep you out, so you has to figure how to get in so you can keep doing what you need to. (FRF)

142] Jah haven's door is open wide, yet so many refused to go inside. (FRF)

143] Your losses is mine, my gain is yours, once the mind is willing to share the likes. (FRF)

144] Never sexualize when one said "I Love You", it will mislead your emotions and create blitz distraction, when the one who said "I Love You" has no sexual desires to be wt you.(FRF)

145] Never try to give orders how one should live, when your own household is not in the order first or have none to comply. (FRF)

146] Each one sanctuary is where they will find a peaceful mind.(FRF)

147] To fall wt loyal integrity and humanity, is less catastrophic than to rise in selfishness, creed and envy, because you will have a misanthropist character. (FRF)

148] Give an artistes a microphone and they will sing their songs, give a scholar their texts book to be prepare for their exams, give a trade man all is tools and wt knowledge and overstanding, surely the job will be done. (FRF)

149] The architect design the blue-print, the contractor implement the plan, whilst the labourers erect the house, but @ the completion, its the proprietor who will have it all.(FRF)

150] Battling against oneself is the greatest battle in life. Love is power and service is joy to one's doing good, forsake not the spiritual mind thinking in all of life's daily living and be victorious against the negative thoughts. (FRF)

151] The mind is absorbent, it can clean, wipe, and take in all that which surrounds it. (FRF)

152] Just like the winds that come and change, no one knows from whence it came, and move away wt/out a trace, so are ppl who are VANE. (FRF)

153] Not every good things one done in life people will love, not every good songs recorded they will listen, not every good speech spoken they will hear, not every positive advise they will take, not every good book that's written they will read, because most of the time their intention is to gossip and defame.(FRF)

154] We always remember that there are two sides to a coin, but most, if not all of us totally forget about the edge which has chipped so many over. (FRF)

155] Sitting in the classroom of life wt a double blackboard, don't be complacent, because when the teacher said turn around, those who is atop will instantly end up @ the back and those @ the back will be atop the class so make sure you are pivotal. (FRF)

156] When a NEOPHYTE become a PROSELYTE they can be transform into an ACOLYTE.(FRF)

157] To be common is not popularity, to be seen every where is not been famous, to be regular is not been classic. Be exclusive, be isolative, be selective, because you will be become nothing without integrity.(FRF)

158] The life one live is not the life they may love, and the life they love is not the one they can live, especially if they are on the ubac side.(FRF)

159] Life is complete, life is beautiful, life is sweet, and life's pattern is allotted unto each and every one on Earth to live their portion. (FRF)

160] Praising Jah is not a religion or a ritual, it's the fundamental rights of the human spirits acknowledging the Ivine creation of life and time of one's being. (FRF)

161] Keep not connected to anyone for personal reason or having an ulterior motive, kept connected because they are real and true.(FRF)

161] Let not negativity nettle your fine fettle.(FRF)

162] The more one learn is the less they know, and the less one know is the more they learn. (FRF)

163] None of Us are infallible; We all stumble along the way, and only a fool will say I knows it all. The body needs a physician when ill and so is a teacher to those who are desirous to learn, and if we refuse, our own declaration will be reveal. (FRF)

164] A bel-spirited person will always be precede by their reputation and character.(FRF)

165] Some will try to change others and the world @ lager, yet they cannot change the person they see when they are looking in the mirror.(FRF)

166] Don't wait on the Sabbath to do good, do good on the Sabbath and make it Godly. (FRF) That which is crooked can never be straight, that which is repulsive can never be lovely,that which is opaque can never be transparent, that which is negative can never be positive, but all that which is of Jah will be invincible and imperishable.(FRF)

167] There are many BOONDOGGLERS in the industry so don't be trick by fabrication. (FRF)

168] All females in the Business of Music, take the shackles off your feet and also from the mind, no need using your BODY to make it through because you all have received a BRAIN.(FRF)

169] Some a super Star, some a pop Star, some a mega Star,some a rock Star but most a them a gigolo Star and groupie Star.(FRF)

170] We all born naked then clothe with the finess apparel of life, so cover the nakedness of lies and illusions wt the fabric of truths and rights. (FRF)

171] Art, Literature, Language and Music is the Medium by which we must disseminate the message of Jah so the Nation can attain preventive knowledge. (FRF)

172] Each day unfolds as it's ordain to be, so it's useless living with pass regrets yet trying to gain tomorrow now. (FRF)

173] Life is simple but people make the living very complicated and problematic when thing don't go their way.(FRF)

174] Whenever one try to lead their self, they will end up no where; but when Jah lead the way, they will be everywhere fair and square. (FRF)

175] Meliorism is an adret side of life, much more fertile and gente that they think. (FRF)

176] Never take advise from a person who's ambition is to see one falling in order for them to rise.(FRF)

177] Some are so inmune to the negative energy that they are fearsome of accepting the positive.(FRF)

178] Never waste time noticing and criticizing others affairs while importantly, yours is going no where.(FRF)

179] Don't wait until the pendulum swing, act now to avoid all reprecussion. (FRF)

180] Where people support you not, Jah is always @.(FRF)

181] In the race for success it's not about who win, its who cross the finishllne to complete the race. (FRF)

182] Sometime you have to standoff in order to take the lead, and give up much to gain the most.(FRF)

183] Only a braggart become boastful @ the penultimate, knowing not they can be misplaced. (FRF)

184] Materialistic opportunity can create dishonesty and unnessary involvement rather than the motive of doing good. (FRF)

185] Some are better than the mistake they make and can easily be forgiven, while others are everything as the mistake and even when forgiven, is hard living with them. (FRF)

186] Decision making is critical and crucial toward one moving forward, a simple blunder and the whole thing can create a living downfall. (FRF)

187] You can be a "Derelict of Society" but never a "Derelict of Jah". (FRF)

188] Dont take God out of the good, or Jah out of Jahovah, as they take Christ out of Christianity just to decieve and crucify humanity of their rightful home.(FRF)

189] Never be disheartened by the distractor, let the distractor be disheartened by your attraction.(FRF)

190] The maths of life's problem can be solve through various methodology, make sure you don't copy others result and has no defination of your own. (FRF)

191] Hype and position are temporary, and will have a free fall if you are without a deployed parachute of isciousness when you looses both.(FRF)

192] If what.you lose is what you choose, then you will be free of things that will confuse. (FRF)

193] Once you have tbe unconditional will to act, speak and give,you possess the will to win.(FRF)

194] Some fear the progress of others, so they will do anything suppressive to impede their stand.(FRF)

195] I listen so many radios and the substandard music they played is evidential that most of them are PREVARICATOR when they speak about promoting good quality songs. (FRF)

196] When ppl keep you down, Jah will lift you up,when they keep you out, Jah will let you in, so be good in Jah sight, do what's right and you will see the light everyday and night. (FRF)

197] The way one seems up may lead them down, the way down might lead one through, the way through might lead them around, the way around might lead them away, then they will realize from Jah they are gone astray.(FRF)

198] Never become embroiled in the problem of others, it will lead to stridence.(FRF)

199] The brain of idle thinking is the workshop of evil, and the voice of praters. (FRF)

200] Be the best of the worst are you will be the worst of the best. (FRF)

201] Some will discredit your good work and give it to others who has done absolutely nothing in making whom they are.(FRF)

202] Be cautious in your effort and time spent characterizing others, because for the price of success some will transgress and deny your worth.(FRF)

203] We all cleave to our strength and usually forget about the power of our weakness from which we all have to rise. (FRF)

204] Spirituality is the epicenter of a long lasting relation, whilst Jah-vinity gives it salvation.(FRF)

205] Time spent can be time wasted when you put your all in a puzzle and leave out a single missing part, it become incomplete.(FRF)

206] It take years to build a castle yet without the headcorner stone it will crumble and fall within a second.(FRF)

207] The good one does can so eaisly be forgotten when they are alive, yet once they die the accolade comes and flows like a running stream.(FRF)

208] Mightyful13 Records has made a FORAY on the industry wt positive and motivational songs.(FRF)

209] Each has to give account of their own doings because in truth all things shall be reveal.(FRF)

210] It is written yet not seen wt the natural eyes,spoken and cannot be heard, told and never be understood, because if one is not of Jah,they will be unprepared.(FRF)

211] The good works of everyone shall be manifest,iclear and be rewarded, so be not be deceive by the highmindedness of those who lives in craftiness.(FRF)

212] The foolish and weak things of this world will confuse and bring you to nought, but that which is of Jah will exalt your might.(FRF)

213] Never exalt or be boastful of your material gain, because in the wisemind of Jah they are foolishness unto his strength and might.(FRF)

214] Wealth is good, education is great but without the love of Jah they are both unhealthy and will become a folly. (FRF)

215] Never live your life to please or to impress others, because even those of great wealth and education fails but never the wisemind of Jah.(FRF)

216] We all think different, act different, speak different, eat different, do things different, yet when we discover the difference, we are all flesh, blood, veins and bones.(FRF)

217] Some ppl are like cavity, if they are not extracted you will feel the pains of life.(FRF)

218] Be that tool for the Most High Jah and not for the low mind fools, let Jah use you because He will never abuse or refuse you.(FRF)

219] Fortune of change doesn't come from the will of Men and Ppl,but the ordinance of Jah.(FRF)

220] Wait on no one or anyone permission to do good.(FRF)

221] The struggles of life is always existing, you just has to keep on persisting.(FRF)

222] Never be discourage by the hypocrite, intovert or the imposter, just be inspire and motivated by extrovert and fultrepreneur.(FRF)

223] The acceptance of one's good work always come from the most unexpected, whilst those of their own will share the worst flax of discreditation.(FRF)

224] New things are not procreate or generate only through words but by the feelings and action of each other.(FRF)

225] Any where a group of ppl gather wt great misunderstanding, it will create a confusion of tongue.(FRF)

226] The word FRIEND and FRIENDSHIP are misleading in the vocabulary due to their suffix because a sinking SHIP is the END of its journey.(FRF)

227] Trust if Jah wt all thy heart, all thy mind, all thy soul and all broken things will be amend miraculously. (Inspiration)

228] In the midst of all discouragement and failure there is an accomplish Rainbow that will arise upon the horizon of change.(FRF)

229] The struggles of life is a test of time to see how well one can resist temptations,trials and tribulations to come up with the result of refraining evil. (FRF)

230] Wait on Jah,wait on Jah and be of good courage and He will strength thee.(Bible)

231] Getting out of the music business is one but sometime I feel like I sholud a take my arms because them ppl too wicked, but Jah say fi just cool.True,true. (BOB MARLEY)

232] The appearance of another who you walk wt can deny you of what you should achieve.(FRF)

233] Many may hear of you, see of you, know of you but only those who's spirituality connected wt you can feel you to reach out and motivate your restoration.(FRF)

234] One can loose all their possession of life, but once they don't lose their integrity and Jah from inside, their rise will never be a surprise.(FRF)

235] People will change their mind, you work hard and they wont pay you, what is yours they take from you, take your shelter and make you homeless, but whatever situations, conditions or wherever it may put you in, remember Jah is as always there.(FRF)

236] Life situation can change drastically that one can finds themself becomes homeless even with a roof over their head. (FRF)

237] Ask Bout Christ and the Almighty Bestow Confidence in All Battle Coming.(FRF)

238] Been right is not always an option but to learn from each others because some have the wrong right and some have the right wrong.(FRF)

239] Good Artist don't have to prostitute or over saturate their voice to make a name or a hit records because the gift of Jah is divine and will happen @ the right time.{FRF}

240] Some are nomads, some are ambulants, some are sojourners while some are homeless and has no plan.(FRF)

241]  Never force your feelings to be connected to someone, else you will be dishonest and cheating yourself.(FRF)

242] Let your rident expression be the radiant of your character.(FRF)

243] If the love of a woman is not taken when it's been awaken, surely it will goes to someone else who is not faking. (FRF)

244] Be as the root or central which is the basic of a word, that when a prefix or a suffix is added, it becomes anew and un+CHANGE+able.(FRF)

245] The silence listener shall hear Jah speak because the very breath one breath is the reality of the living being.(FRF)

246] Spirituality and Ivinity is void of form that will and can never becomes fable. It is the living king/Queenciple of the wisemind and isciousness in all doings through every plusperience.(FRF)

247] There are things you need but never wanted, things you will give and never receive, things that make you stumble and never fall, things you have and one day loose it all.(FRF)

248] Be what you may and not that which they want you to be, because the best gift of life is Jah presents living inside of you.(FRF)

249] Let not the incurrence of anyone smirch take hold on you, because Jah inculcated works is indelible and infinite. (FRF)

250] Promise comes wt lies, as lies comes wt thief, happy comes wt sorrow,as sorrow comes wt grief, so give Jah all thanks and Praises and you will be relief.(FRF)

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