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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kanka releases 5th album "Watch Your Step"

Kanka releases 5th album "Watch Your Step" 

True to his reputation as the spearhead of the European "Steppa" dub scene, the composer KANKA from Rouen, France delivers a new masterpiece "Watch Your Step" that is decidedly muscular and resolutely destined for the dancefloor.
With more developed basslines and the collaboration of three new MCs (Echo Ranks, YT, El Fata), Kanka renews hispercussive style while maintaining relatively high tempos for dub.

As usual, his compositions combine rhythmic efficiency with melodic richness, two very characteristic components of his style. Still intended for the electro audience as much as the reggae audience, this new album promises to bring freshnessto the dub addicts and sound systems. Naturally, Kanka will also produce 4 maxi vinyls from "Watch Your Step", offeringdifferent versions from the album, therefore not forgetting the more underground audience. The sub bass will resonatejust as well from big sound walls as from the walls at home.

On stage, Kanka remains accompanied by his faithful bassist Chris B., and a brand new live set will be offered for the occasion of this new album. After massive touring in France (Vieilles Charrues, Reggae Sun Ska, Dub Station, Teleramadub festival, Reperkusound, Dubquake, Zénith de Grenoble ...) and abroad (UK, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Morocco, Netherlands, Croatia ...), the artist will be back out on the road to present an increasingly diversified repertoire.

The immense energy of his live mix, which is accompanied by variousspecific dub effects and big thumping bass will continue to delight a wide audience.
The only motto is: dancing and fun! Simply, the sound for the sound!! After having released 4 albums with ​​the Parisian label Hammerbass, Kanka returns in 2014 with a brand new energy because all of his productions will be released on his own label Dubalistik Records (which has already produced many vinyls). So put on your dancing shoes and watch your step!!

Since the release of his first album in 2005, the already cult "Don't Stop Dub", KANKA has blown a breath of fresh air to the planet Dub. Each of his productions are acclaimed by the specialized press and his tracks are played by well known and well respected DJs and sound sytems- (Iration Steppas, OBF, Blackboard Jungle..) His percussive and ultra effectivestyle, with it's deep and hypnotic bass, has earned him many followers.

With over 400 concerts under his belt, KANKA is now considered one of the spearheads of the European steppa dub scene, his live performances being the reason for such a good reputation. Equally at home in the electro scene as in thereggae scene, he has scoured the venues and festivals and heated up the sound systems all over Europe, - but also in Morocco and Mexico, where he made two tours!

Even though KANKA's music draws it's influences from the original Jamaican and English reggae-dub, his meticulous production and sustained rhythm permits him to conquer an audience as much electro as reggae and take them into a powerful trance. After 2 major albums, "Alert" in 2006, "Sub.mersion" in 2009, and many frenzied concerts, KANKA slowsthe tempo and attacks dubstep in 2010 when he releases an album and a vinyl EP under the name of ALEK 6, a more introspective and confidential side project, which enables him to explore other worlds of sound.

In 2011 the conqueror ofdub makes a huge comeback with the October release of "Dub Communication" and the massive tour that goes with it! It includes everything that makes up the force of KANKA: always thrusting rhythms, huge and heavy melodic bass and sharp electro sounds. These are the ingredients that are also found in his latest album "Watch Your Step" released on February 24, 2014.
Just as the title suggests, KANKA therefore offers steppa dub that is increasingly perfected and culminated both in terms of the compositions and in the mixes and masterings. Watch your step! The pitiless hammering is starting up andwill certainly pass close to you…Warrior Style!

Kanka "Watch Your Step" - New Album 2014
01) Venus Dub
02) Worries & Problems (feat. Echo Ranks)
03) Ghost of Dub
04) London
05)Disconnect Yourself (feat. YT)
06) Straight Dub
07) 37
08) Never Let Them (feat. El Fata)
09) Rainbow Dub
10) Spring
11) Stepperstyle (feat. Echo Ranks)
12) We Love Bass
Label: Dubalistik

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Kanka "Stepper Style" - (Official Video 2014)

Kanka feat. YT "Disconnect Yourself"

Kanka "London"

Kanka "Watch Your Step" 2014 - (Album Sampler)

Kanka Live 2013/2014

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