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Singer:Tony Prophit
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Canada
Genre: Reggae

A Jamaican born, recording artist who based in Canada with a unique voice that has to be reckoning with. Anthony BUNNY Mellish has been on the entertainment scene since 13 years of age. Mellish, who was born in the parish of St James was relocated to Great River in Hanover as an infant where he attended the Bethel All Age School in the parish. He then upgraded academically and earned a spot at the Harrison Memorial High School as a teenager in which, he discovered his talent in music. Mellish was encouraged by family members to pursue a career in music at a tender age.

With just the alias from his first name ‘Tony’ and a sense of writing his own future, he then fused it with prophet to predetermine what he would become. One of the most unmistakable voice and a talented artiste now goes by the name as “TONY PROPHIT”. Early in his career he manages to rise quickly to prominence after receiving numerous awards in the early 90s as a Lad in Canada. Tony migrated to Toronto Canada in his early 20s where he dedicated his life to music fully.

Tony Prohpit recently launches his Reggae album that titled “Sweet Nazarene Prophecy, “with hit singles such as; NEW JERUSALEM, YOUR CHOICE and NO LIES just to name a few, and now currently starting doing his promotion to reach on a broader platform. Tony Prophit has dominated the Rasta Fest Reggae Show in Montreal, Canada recently and has done a few tours in St Vincent, Jamaica and other Countries around the world.

Tony prophit engulfs his life around good deeds and maintains his support for the less fortunate persons out there in the world. He also took part in charity events and recently returned to Jamaica June of 2016 where he launched one of his singles and hosted a Pre-Back to School Treat where he presented over 5000+ students from Montego Bay to Negril with thousands of educational items such as bags, books, uniforms and a wide variety of school supplies.

Tony Prophit was supported by his wife Odette Mellish and gained inspiration in his career. She is also co-writer in some of his singles which depict him reaching out to own his spot in the industry.
An artiste who as gone through many struggles but never accepted defeat is on his way to greatness amongst some of the giants in the industry. Tony Prophit is now gearing up for some major shows in 2018.


1) Album:
2016 - Sweet Nazarine's Prophecy

2) Singles:
2016 - Your Choice - [Tony Prophit]
2016 - No Lie - [Tony Prophit]
2016 - The Blind - [Tony Prophit]
2016 - New Jerusalem - [Tony Prophit]

 Tony Prophit - Discography:


2016 - Sweet Nazarine's Prophecy
(Original Press):
"Sweet Nazarine's Prophecy" 2016
1) Constantine. 2) Gedeon Suite. 3) Jah & I. 4) I Am a Plant. 5) Sweet Nazarine. 6) Testimony. 7) Phophecy. 8) Hello Hello. 9) Confusion. 10) Ignorance. 11) Live Up. 12) Vision.
[Label: Tony Prophit (Digital Release: 2016)]

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Tony Prophit "Jah and I"

Tony Prophit "I am a plant"

Tony Prophit "Live up"

Tony Prophit "Sweet Nazarine"

Tony Prophit "Your Choice"


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