Friday, February 9, 2018

Ras Mc Bean and Soulcraft have finished the work in their highly-awaited upcoming album

Ras Mc Bean and Soulcraft have finished the work in their highly-awaited upcoming album

One of the best reggae bands in the Balkans, Soulcraft, just finished the recording of their third studio album with Ras Mc Bean as a new vocalist. Soulcraft invited Mc Bean to record an album together. With the support of their record label, Ammonite Records, this cooperation became true.

The famous reggae singer spent few weeks together with Soulcraft in Belgrade based Blaze studio, where they recorded fifteen new authorial reggae songs, with Soulcraft as composer, arranger and producer and McBean as the lyricist and vocalist.

In a statement given to Belgrade based portal Mc Bean shared his enthousiasm and expectation that the album they created will become one of the best European reggae albums of today.

Pleased by mutual understanding between him and the band, Mc Bean decided furthermore to become an equal member of Soulcraft, instead of making Soulcraft his supporting band, as expected. Asked to explain this unusual decision, Mc Bean says:

- There is a song "Equality and Justice" on this album. I am not big, I am not Bob Marley or (someone nearly as big), but I walk the steps of these people. I have traveled, I have done many things, but there is something different about Soulcraft and Ras Mc Bean.

We have a different vibe, and it is completely different. I don't know what it is, at this moment it is a puzzle, but I like the vibe of that puzzle. So we are going on this road together, and I think we have a lot to achieve -

Powered up by Ras Mc Bean as a new band member, Soulcraft are aiming high, with reason.

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