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Saturday, September 2, 2017

UPCOMING EVENTS 2018 by Sharon Corinthian

It's time to get live!
It's time to get lit!
Spiritually Powered Inspiration Thoughts...
It's time to get your fix!!!
Join #SharonCorinthian and #PatrickThorpe every Tuesday from 8-9pm est on for SPIT which stands for (spiritually powered inspirational thoughts) Using the power of words through poetry to uplift, encourage and inspire.

Welcome to S.P.I.T with Sharon Corinthian and Saint Patrick
come and get your fix

Hey family, check out my show SPIT with my co-host St. Patrick Thorpe.
It airs every Tuesday from 8-10pm on
See you in the chat room

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It's Time To S.P.I.T
Join Sharon Corinthian and St Patrick Thorpe every Tuesday night from 8-10pm est on as they present S.P.I.T (Spiritually Powered Inspirational Thoughts). Spoken word that will encourage, uplift and inspire. Tell a friend to tell a friend and join us for the show.

S.P.I.T - Spiritually Powered Inspiration Thoughts
Check out info on Facebook

Peace and Blessings to you. So we ended 2017 just to do more things in 2018. We are back with Birdz I Goes Social Media Live.
Next week we are moving it from Dover Road up to the hills of The Ankh Family H.Q to support their production and just hold a vibe and reasoning. So all who won't be able to make it, you can join us on  my Social Media and their will be other persons sharing as well. Follow my instagram add my Facebook page and keep updated.
For those here in Jamaica I hope to see you there. If you are not, join me where ever I will be live. And to know where I'm going live add my pages.
Thank you and see you next week


Stand Up Jamaica - With Sharon Corinthian and Diana Hyman

"Yes Jamaica" by Sharon Corinthian (Video)

Stand Up Jamaica

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