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Hornsman Coyote - New Album "Sevengreen" 2017

Hornsman Coyote - New Album "Sevengreen" 2017

Serbian reggae musician Hornsman Coyote (Nemanja Kojić) released his new album titled "Sevengreen" through Ammonite Records label. After several international projects and the cooperation with the band Soulcraft, Hornsman Coyote went back solo and recorded new studio album containing 12 songs. It is announced by the video single "Bells of Hate" and audio singles "Modern Age Slavery" and "I Belive". Kojić claims his new songs are a reflection of his everyday life:

- After a long time I sing exclusively in my own name, more than ever assured of what I sing of. There is a load of symbolics on this album, based upon my personal feelings and perception, as well as some facts. This is my tenth album as Hornsman Coyote, seven is my lucky number and green is the color of peace, while "Sevengreen" is also the 50th release of my label, Ammonite Records.

Music is scored and produced by the acclaimed international team House of Ridim, specialized in reggae music, with whom Coyote already cooperated in hit songs "Belly Of The Beast" and "Seems Like Revolution".

CD "Sevengreen" is available through Bandcamp, Discogs and Amazon, as well as music shops specialized in reggae music.

Hornsman Coyote -"Sevengreen" 2017
01) Selassie Tree
02) Holy Ways
03) Bells of Hate
04) I Belive
05) Modern Age Slavery
06) Star
7) Tone of Your Voice
8) Bitter Sweet
09) Towers of Babywrong
10) Bad Memories
11) Loving You
12) Liberation Re-visited (Hornsman Coyote ft. Vukašin Irie FM & MC Milovan)
Label: Ammonite Records (CD: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)

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Cd available on Bandcamp

Hornsman Coyote - Bells of Hate (Official Video)

Hornsman Coyote - Modern Age Slavery (Official Video)

Hornsman Coyote "I Belive" (Official Video)


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