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Monday, July 13, 2015


Last updated: March 2017


Singer: Thorpido
Job: Recording Artist/Songwriter and Producer
Location: Kingston Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Influences: From hardship and struggle I face in life. Also listening to artist such as, Capleton, Buju Banton and Bounty Killa.

Reggae recording artist Thorpido released new single “Rasta Rude Boy” under the label Kaos Family Records and distributed by VPAL Music on September, 2, 2016. A video will also be released on VEVO for the said song of that same month. Optimistic and sedulous Thorpido is expecting great thing to happen soon.

Thorpido is a Jamaican Reggae Recording Artist & Songwriter best known for his lover’s style and popular single “Teach Them The Way”. Which peak at # 1 on CVM TV hit list video chart.

Marvin Lloyd Thorpe born July 23, 1986 better known by his stage name Thorpido was born in Kingston Jamaica. In 1991 he moved to Pembroke Hall St. Mary. At the age of nine while enrolled at Jeffery Town All Age school. He develops a passion for music listening to artiste such as Capleton, Buju Banton and Bounty Killer. Thorpido would write songs of four lines and sing aloud with his brother.

He finished high school where he represents Tacky High school in both cricket and football. Thorpido continued his musical journey where in 2004 he started recording songs with his brothers and friends. His friend would use a cassette recorder to record his songs. These songs were played in his community which enrolled him to perform at concerts.

Thorpido begins his music career professionally in 2009, with his first single *Evil Deeds*. Under the Label Kaos Family Records. Thorpido gets radio airplays and perform on TVJ Smile Jamaica TV morning show. Songs such as *Missing You*, *Love and Let’s Grow*, *Burn Babylon*, a collaboration with Hungarian artist Moze and *Down In Jamaica* under the label DoobieSound, from Uppsala Sweden are also other singles from Thorpido.

On August 13, 2015 Thorpido made one of his greatest impacts in reggae music by releasing his debut album SOUNDS OF REVELATION.
His album consists of thirteen powerful songs of pure reggae vibes and message of positive teaching. Thorpido is said to be among the greats in the reggae music industry and is preparing for more shows releases of new single in the coming months. Thorpido revealing and teaching many through his music aims to concentrate on youths which are the future and leaders of tomorrow. Thorpido is uplifting and working for unity, peace, love and for a better world.

Thorpido is uplifting and teaching people through music across the world.


1) Album:
.2015 - Sounds Of Revelation

2) Singles:
.2013 - Love and Let's Grow [Cd Run]
.2014 - Rastaman Citiation (Sub Matter & Thorpido) - [Squinty Bass Records]
.2014 - Teach Them The Way (Thorpido & Danny Axeman) - [Cd Run]
.2014 - Nations Of Africa - [Kaos Family Records]
.2014 - Wicked Dem A Come (Thorpido & Nappa) - [Kaos Family Records/Pic-Axe Production]
.2014 - Missing You - [Kaos Family Records]
.2014 - Down In Jamaica - [Kaos Family Records]
.2015 - Sounds of Revelation - [Kaos Family Records]
.2016 - Mama Cry No More -  [Kaos Family Records/VPAL Music]
.2016 - Rasta Rude Boy - [Kaos Family Records/VPAL Music]
.2017 - Nah Give Up - [Burn It Produccions & Kaos Family Records]

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Thorpido - Discography:


.2015 - Sounds Of Revelation
(Original Press):
"Sounds Of Revelation" 2015
1) Nations Of Africa. 2) Sounds Of Revelation. 3) Freedom Is My Cry. 4) Black Woman. 5) Smiling Face. 6) Vybz And Flow. 7) Why. 8) Chant Down Babylon [Feat. Nappa & Etikal]. 9) Jah Lives. 10) Respect. 11) Beach Sides. 12) Heat Is On. 13) Down In Jamaica.
[Label: Kaos Family Records (Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)]

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New Singles 

.2015 - Sounds of Revelation
(Original Press):
Artist: Thorpido
Song: Sounds of Revelation
Format: Digital Release
Label: Kaos Family Records

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.2016 - Mama Cry No More
(Original Press):
Artist: Thorpido
Song: Mama Cry No More
Format: Digital Release
Label: Kaos Family Records/VPAL Music

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.2016 - Rasta Rude Boy
(Original Press):
Artist: Thorpido
Song: Rasta Rude Boy
Format: Digital Release
Label: Kaos Family Records/VPAL Music

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.2017 - Nah Give Up
(Original Press):
Artist: Thorpido
Song: Nah Give Up
Riddim: Light Up Riddim
Format: Digital Release
Label: Burn It Produccions & Kaos Family Records

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Facebook Fan Page
Skype: thorpido77

For bookings and information please contact:
Name: Curtis Thorpe

For press/media inquiries please contact:
Name: Curtis Thorpe

Thorpido "Rasta Rude Boy" - (Official Video)

Thorpido "Sounds Of Revelation" (Official Video)

Thorpido "Down In Jamaica"


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Photos by Thorpido

Biography by Omar Johnson

Discography by  Marco of Reggaediscography


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