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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Walk in the Rain (465)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Walk in the Rain (465)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Walk In The Rain" - Cd: (7/1/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Walk in the Rain (465)" - Song lyrics (translator):

A’ was tired
soaking wet an’ out’a breathe
the glass frontier
“opaques” the dancing of hot Rain
on paved side streets
as the clouds burst
the thunder tells
time was on its side
an’ A’ realized … how much wetter can I get
at least its taste will be
“memorious” and sweet
suh today - to justify a fault of leaving
the motorized key
A’ decided to
walk out into the Rain
jus’ for the heck of it
for the fun of it.

Uneventful and getting drenched
I was wondering
what got into Me
walking in the pouring Rain
as I strolled down the side lane
then - to the chirp of splashing raindrops
something nudged
an anxiety into Me
and A’ felt like actin’ rude - this
to satisfy the daydream mood
suh with a shy and a shrug of the shoulder
what to lose … thus A’ focused the move
an old man called on his youth
to act out-off statue
rollicking like young - ah, ah … again
and as customary
crossing the black concrete ocean - dis time to
oh gosh man - this steamin’ engine
almost splash the skipping heels
‘cause it wasn’t able to hit My hurry
so the strides finished
to start some youthful prancing.

Soakin’ wet already ... A’ decided
why de’heck an’ jus’ step splash suh
right inna de’next puddle - (kiss teeth sound)
which began the walk along
wid de’windin’ Spring
that tributary It’s way
along the uneven paved sidewalk
balancing Myself from flooding Springs
to over-flown Banks
back unto and into the River forming
and just prancing along - walking in the Rain
A’ - aimed determined to make a great landing
into the next Pool molding
oops - careful A’ fell off the cliff
paving men made in Sun the heat
so I looked to do a careful side-walk
in the Island’s skank-dancing
it’s the splashing car that passes by
and My sweeping feet
that makes the Music
that now … sounds so sweet to Me.

Mi foot sink-doung and soak
right-up to Mi ankle
oh shucks
a’suh dat did deep
even likkle mud
now ankles Mi feet
oh what a fun though
suh I skipped a little run - jus’ fe fun
if Mi never suh tired
from Mi fat burning work-out
maybe Mi wou’da
run de’res’a way
running inna de’Rain
dat wou’da be
the bestest of fun - jus’ total fun
oh gosh again man
what’s his hurry in the pouring rain
was he intending to drench Me
with his speeding crest
now ... that would spoil My rollicking
no fun.

Heading down the straights
to My complex
through the shrubs
the Sun sinks Its tiredness onto the horizon
so I shivered the Rain - slickin’
on Its moving canvas
the porosity was already weakened
by work-out sweat
so - now the journey taking its toll
questioned the repercussion of infection
that might then follows - am I coughing already
thus, the strides were now
intentionally adult
as I navigate the over-flooding
of a man-made waterway
My shiver is cold - and now
A’ comin’-up to de’bus stop - where
a small crown awaits - in customary formation
most of them heading nowhere - as
it’s the spot they converse to company misery
they workin’ at begging to affords
their fixation to menace
and betwixt the crotch grabbing and
“mothrefucker” to “nig’a”-skanking
the short pleated skirt reveals
woo~ie … she looks cutie iee
will she be boarding
a bus to somewhere headin’ to nowhere
A’ stepped sideways of the next puddle
just in case she looks around and sees
the antics - and taking Me for rude
suh - A’ walked-up
nicely and carefully
as the thought awakens
the Rudiee within Me
meeting a sexy-pie
in this neighbourhood - in the Rain
now, dat would be
the biggest of fun
A’ would run across the street - later after
A’ get Mi wallet an’ buy Mi a’ … bubble gum
pow - poppin’ bubbles
just for fun.

A’ was almost home now
an’ wet to the ground
as A’ two steps away
from the bus stop
she turned her big
blue an’ white umbrella and
we both say, “Oh no!” - “Fuck no!”
I was drenched with the Rain
staining to the ground
liquor of addiction waterlogged
her face and front/frown
priced doung - to lady for hire
suh she has
no-way to maintain her smile into seduction
an’ in the prudish-standoffness - to I she gave
the blind man’s stare
as she skips anxiously
across the street - for
to slow the attention of the next trick
slowed down to pick-up
his passer-bye’s addictive habit
oh gosh man
he almost splashed Me - earlier
has he cruised by
looking for fruit basket
to play - easy get dis and dat’s no fun
so now, it was again ok
to SPLASH into the next puddle
as I was, so vex to see
her font of UGLY dependencies.

Somehow … this next wyan
was the wettest of them
but so sweet
because A’ used both feet - at once
trusting the Rudiee within
A’ did it kin’a … “hopscotched” like
now … Mi sweats cannot be worn
to the next work-out session
after the Rain
it will be dried/drenched wid mud stains and disappointment
for by now - as they sped-off
it did’a Rain ... dirty. - A’ wan’ some kalanga wa’ta …

Ooh - ease cross the ‘T’
of Davie and Jones Ferry Roads
as the stop sign was not for I - suh
cross de’driveway - broke de’left
to navigate the shrubs
up the flight of stairs - then on the first landing
A’ selected de’key out’a de’lace
then examined the security
of this neighbourhood - afterwards
two locks to open
inna the foyer of this rented two bedrooms
the explorer took His shys of relief
water soakin’ de’piece a’ carpet
dat wipes dirty … off the tiredness of feet
kotch Mi heel pon de’bricks
My anchor of disappointment
whey store de’regular worn shoes
fa’ sweat an’ fresh rain can be drenching
an’ Mi dey balancing Miself suh, a struggling
fe teck-off de’water-soaked “snikees”
is like Mi foot never si
fresh water before - for it gwan swell
A’ hope it nuh smell was the frowned expression
and-as A’ stepped towards a drier place
A’ realized the emptiness of this ‘stage’
My strides embraced
so I stepped some style
in - into My shivered motion.

A’ tippie-toe through de’kitchen
doung the slight hallway
de’wa’ta mark
whey a dry from off’a Mi
leads right back
to the backroom’s carpet
where in the front-way to the walk-in closet
water soaked, work-out clothes
a’ gi’Mi another drenchin’
as Mi a’ fight fe teck-off Mi
wet-up, work-out, sweat-stained suit
My Mind was preoccupied - still
with sexy-pie’s ‘umbrella’
posing-up to ask, “Why not?”

yes! ... Mi naked now
an’a ready fe’guh
teck a well deserved ‘fresh’
fe wash-wey
Mi work-out sweat an’ muscles burning
and de’Rain drenchin’
whey stack nakedness now - show-off posing
before de’bathroom’s mirror - and
as My Head leaned its inquisitiveness
through this backroom’s window - oh
maybe her sister is there by now
posing for bubble … BUBBLE … bubble gum’s juice
the soaking tee-shirt formed as a hankie
messaging My aching a-stared face
for there is milk-drew stains
deep within the stoma of My porous Face
My sweat was battling with the rain - as
on My asthmatic Chest, it dropped to mark the strains
of heavy breath(ing) taking in the allergic season.

In the safety of these walls
and the blinds cock-eyed
My nakedness danced
the ballerina’s waltz
it’s called
carefree - who gives-a-heck
and - to the applause of this belief
Mi si Myself posing
still soaked an’ smilin’
what ... an accomplishment
that was nice to the smile forming
so much fun and memories awaking for
this forth four-five-six year old man
while there was still a thought of
what-if and regret
for sexy-pie’s ‘umbrella’
blaming her for
her wink of missed opportunities - oh
should I toss them in the bundle - or
should I wear these sweats again
imagined the Mind
in the daydreaming dance.

An’ guess what
A’ didn’t get into
no trouble - either
oh, dat was so much fun
that A’ going to bath - later
A’ going to walk back
out ... into the living room
into de’puddle A’ meck
comin’ ... back here
YEAH! - this is fun
so much fun
walking in the Rain
at My age.

A’ t’ink A’ gonna do it
out - in the Rain
running and jumping
out - in the Rain
jus’ for the heck of it
for the fun of it
the total fun of it
although A’ knew
A’ won’t be poppin’ no bubbles
jus’ for the fun of it
pow - poppin’ bubbles
just for fun ...

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