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Anthony Leonard Pierre "If It Is Once a Day (63)" - Song Credit (translator)

"If It Is Once a Day (63)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Walk In The Rain" - Cd: (7/1/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"If It Is Once a Day (63)" - Song lyrics (translator):

If it’s once a day
only once a day
tell Her
I do need for You
go and embrace Her
with brazen compassion
hold Her closely
take the time
to secure the door of You and Her togetherness
close the entry - “adjarly” and
an’ ‘LOVE’  Her
penetrate Her Soul
concentrate on Her
as only, You should
if at all -- once a day
only once
let Her know
You are there ‘CAUSE - YOU - CARE
Yuh ain’t gonna leave
an’ go -- nowhere - anywhere … at all.

If it’s once a day
let Your needs -- go
put Hers, Her desires
in front of Your wants and insecurities
for Her
cry with the symphony of Her indulgence
take the time
to listen to Her an’ CARRY  Her weight
if at all -- once a day
make sure YOU get on Her nerves
to reassure Your acceptance of Her indifferences
as You are there
in sickness and health
the good and the bad
the sunny or the cloudy days
so in You

If it’s once a day
let Her know
no matter what matters
You are in dowry for Her jealousy
there for Her
in companionship for both You and Her
You - willing to be - HER
support and strength
You are NOT a-weakened
to show Your
caring and supportive love for Her - so
if at all -- once a day
tell Her
I do
I do
WANT for You
I do
NEED for You
I do
THINK of You -- about You
FOR - YOU - AND - ME … I do.

I’ll do, do, do anything
for You … with You
as You would be so appreciating
to do for Me
I will be a-proud
as We forge the togetherness of We
do tell Her
so as to let Her doubtfulness know - and
if only once a day
please to LOVE  HER
close the doors of insecurity and inhibition
in the heat of passion
be a warrior in “brassfull armor - bronzy”
JUST  FOR  HER - find the strength
and muster one more uumm -
into Her acceptance.

If it’s once a day
tell Her, in the voice of Her “stallioned” Kingman
hi~hello, just thinking about You
ask Her inna Big-man voice of the Love Zone
how are You?
what can I do - in earnest for You?
if at all -- once a day
let Her know
if Her tears should fall
drip - drop - drop - “driply~drop” - do know
where, how and what opportune time of this day
to hand Her Your towel and say
My Honey Dear - Sweet~Sweet Sugar~Plum~Plum
I am here - ready and capable
to let Your teardrops - STOP.

If only, once a day
HOLD  Her - CARE with Her
THINK with Her - TALK with Her
DECISIONS - make decisions with Her
if it’s even the simplest of things
do it attentively and caringly
just for Her
go through the ups and downs
with Her - WORRY
forgiveness, patience, tenderness
exercise these inner karmas
and remember to - TALK
if it’s only once a day
be (one ... big oversized bunny)2x
who’s willing to
forgive, forget an’ lay aside -- just for
the heck of it
if at all -- once a day
make a fool of You
just for Her Nerve’s sake
be the critical Friend
the confidant and the lover
be all You can and have to be
for the sake of
Your relationship’s endurance ...
if it’s only once a day ... be.

Be … be SORRY
be SAD
for and with Her
if at all -- once a day
DO - the unbelievable and unthinkable
if not for Her confidence
then for Yours
as it’s never a too late
to lie for Her
pain and unseen weakness
so do something
if it’s even to waste some - times
walking in the la~la bye
do it willingly
with Her - in Your company.

If it’s once a day
tell Her
of Your Dreams for
both Your Future togetherness
let Her know
You are there
a Shoulder
to lean on
let Her know
at least once a day
and Your manhood
if at all -- once a day
renew a pledge
with Your Soul Mate.

If it’s once a day
tell Her ...

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