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Anthony Leonard Pierre "You Just Never Know (553a, Pt. 1)" - Song Credit (translator)

"You Just Never Know (553a, Pt. 1)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Walk In The Rain" - Cd: (7/1/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"You Just Never Know (553a, Pt. 1)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Yow … showin’ de’slight minded idiots
dat - dey be
in their cesspool of fraudulence
skinnin’ stain-up teeth to alleluia
t’inkin’ dem teck Yuh fe fool
a’ back-stab You fe nuttin’
more dan - a’ handful - wow
for de’heck-off-it - sidestep the stupidity of their company
You - in “ifidelity” - one love and irie
equally to Your enemies
as friends You do
‘cause Yuh JUST never know - Yuh never know
suh peace an’ love - even to One who
makes and carries weapons
‘cause Yuh never know - their friend or foe … be
meck t’ings irie - despite Your daily moods
‘cause Yuh JUST never know - You never know ..!
You’ll never know - Yuh never know - Your friend or enemy
You’ll never know - Your friend or enemy … be ..!
Behave Yuhself Guy - fa’
every once in a-while
on the day’s beat
striding the tides … of tired feet
show some respect
to unexpected
suh pon Yuh action’s pace
someone can count … on
‘cause One never knows
footsteps’ intentions
and - it’s in SILENCE that
that ounce of water an’ a’ last breath taken
will surprise non-suspecting with … de’killing
suh Yuh si
after Yuh agree wid a’wyan … pon a’t’ing - THEN
when bang’a rang an’ greedy - a’ chew cud
don’t sid-doung in pew and blackmail dem … in the end
as - in defense
Yuh know not de’strings dem twining - plus
yuh know not whom their friend or enemy … be
Yuh JUST never know - You never know ..!

Yuh si when de’shit ‘bout fe ketch its stink
is best Yuh bu’n candle - fe odour-out a’wyan
fa’ a’nuh everybody yah cyan save
suh - if Yuh set a rat trap an’ catch a’ snake
this a reality - of these days
a rat trap … at the ‘nose’ of a maze
fa’ - a greedy man will stab Yuh betwixt the teeth
to prevent Yuh at the table’s feat - suh
as You ‘FLY’ like an eagle
be alert at all times - ‘cause
the oceans’ tides are
be by no man’s prediction - accordingly
as Yuh … SOAR the majesty of Your glory
be in control of Your wingspan
that warmth - cascading Your breastplate
could be the warning of valley-dept ahead
so - as You seek on whom next You can prey
be aware on WHOSE draft You glide
‘cause Yuh never know
the heights … someone will ‘fly’
to CUT ... You down
Yuh JUST never know - You never know ..!
You’ll never know - Yuh never know - Yuh never know
the heights someone will ‘fly’ to CUT  You down ..!
Yuh si dat dutty-baffon bullfrog
whey a’ teck ‘im shit fe toothpaste
A’ gwan stab ‘im inna ‘im waist
meck ‘im piss through ‘im backside - wo~o~o
a’wyan fe forgive but NEVER forget
‘cause Yuh never know - as
even Yuh greatest deeds
can bring unsuspecting - subconscious pain
fa’ ENVY is a silent - vicious enemy
suh - an’ … even in them trying times
do let-off a’ sup’nu - an’ gi’ envy … him wang’a-gut
‘cause Yuh never know
from when - where and why
Your tomorrow’s flood forms - Yuh never know
suh inna the highest of tides
try a’t’ing - gwan … teck wyan dibbie~dibie step
‘cause Yuh never know
which is the last - off Your/the one~one cocoas
Yuh JUST never know - You never know ..!

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