Saturday, July 11, 2015

Garrette & Axel released new single 'YOUR LOVE'

Garrette & Axel released new single 'YOUR LOVE'

First and foremost we would like to thank Marco Fregnan of the wonderful Reggaediscography for supporting us on our musical journey and giving us this awesome opportunity to be featured.
Garrette & Axel formerly known as D'Eclectic decided to go back to the drawing board to reinvent ourselves, because our aim was to improve our artistry, thus beginning with the name change.

We believed that our names represents who we are which we wanted to be reflected through our music. We wanted to be naked artistically speaking.
So with that in mind we went back to the studio and started writing songs that reflects who we are "no fascade" but real, edgy and outside of the box. Overall attaining a fresher sound that moves your soul as well as your feet.

Our objective is to present our listeners music that is relatable that it will evoke emotions and sensations, because we believe that our listeners ears deserve amazing music. After a brief break Garrette & Axel emerged on the 4th of July with a new single called "Your Love", an edgy R&B single that speaks about love as an addiction. So far the single has received tremendous reviews and an amazing amount of shares on social media.

Indeed the duo is grateful and humbled by the awesome response. Below you will find the link to hear and purchase the single. As well as a link to our band page to connect with us, feel free to follow us we would be honored, also message us we would love to hear from you.
Let us know how our music touched or inspired you.

Best Regards
Garrette & Axel

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Garrette & Axel with the host of the Real Radio show
Garrette & Axel with our awesome friends at the santacruzan festival in Jersey City!!

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