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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Tradeswoman (108) [Virgo Bratta Mix]" - Song Credit (translator)

"Tradeswoman (108) [Virgo Bratta Mix]" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Black Fruit" - Cd: (5/15/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Tradeswoman (108) [Virgo Bratta Mix]" -Trades Song lyrics (translator):

She is an’
labouring at working
so long - so hard - so alone
with Her only ‘TOOLS’
these tools are
between Her - seductively
to physically satisfy - AND
inside Her - compassionately
to emotionally sooth and make less harmful.

What has gone
so BAD with society?
the oldest of professions
they say
has gotten so saturated    de’Pickney Dem innocence stolen
especially - with the innocence of Children
many of these    Your virtuousness … violated
poor - helpless young Women --
and yes ... facing the realities of - Boys too   oh young Man why?
They have no other choice - seems ... a choice has failed
so They’re out ‘SELLING’  Their dignity
for whatever the reason
- an escape from a bad-minded daddy
or a careless, slight-minded mommy
- to feed a Baby    de’Pickney Dem hungry
Her Children crying for a bite to eat
a choice has failed - to find shelter
from the crime-filled streets
or, so sad
dis young Lady - She is caught hooked
on one of society’s mind-killing chemicals:
if you think for once
it is the lure of money on esteem’s gravity
that pushes so many
sweet - tender Souls
to choose this ‘road’ - THEN
you have something wrong
and that thing is definitely
in your STUPID phobiatic head.

O~o~oh - the bravest of all
are THESE  Women
They possess an Inner Strength
no-one can explain
They know not where
this body in lonesome an’ bashfulness
took its ‘BODY’ from, or
just how fucked~up
the mind is - BUT
strong - strong - STRONG
motherly and full of the attraction man pleases
with all of Her OWN burdens
She lay - DOWN ... on submission
to willingly accept
another’s -- WORRY
the compassion that man seeks
to solace his need
is trivialized to the juices
a physique feeds
yet a society incarcerates
instead of addressing
why “Jesus” seeked for ... the sacrificial blood
that drips the hands
in his RESURRECTED state --
what time of the month must woman be ready
for man to save himself beneath Mary’s skirt
What would the WORLD  DO
it’s liken unto
They’re ‘placeth’ here
symbolizing trees
to shade us from despondency’s embrace
to feed us the lust of desolation’s juices
and in some miraculous way
provides ‘clean air’ so we all can - LIVE
now - the lone voice that fights
to save a tree’s sacrificial
is often forced ‘down’
by industrial military might
as it profits whom
if She is lower-classed.

(A)(A very
multi-talented - multi-gifted
multi-available - multi-everything
She will be
a mamma ... compassionately
a listener ... sympathetically
a shoulder ... so strong
lean on this Corner Stone
you worried man - YES!)
a teacher - a fortuneteller
a psychologist and a friend
to the most troubled of any - BODY
what a burden society has placed
on Her understandings
what a position
to be caught - trapped in
what a disgrace
for the human race
so many MOTHERS
have ‘lost’ Their dignity
nobody gives Them
any respect
nobody cares to change things
for the better - best
while hypocrisy “alleluias” a condemnation
with a nerving pinky They mascara a tear.

They have an Inner Strength
instead of the menace of
begging - stealing or
accepting public assistance
bite Their prides in pantomime silence
suck Their stomachs in as a ballerina pivots
hold Their heads - proudly up to post stamp’s sculpture
and go-off as Dulcima hurries
to work the streets of
any city
any town
any village
this inexperience
puts laughter to the college bound
a profession that is text written.

a pebble in the avalanche of rolling stones
one can find Her
brave-heartedly on the battlefield - anywhere
as society has created the situations, so
She WILL always
be … in need
She IS always
in … need.

Unaware of sexuality’s curse
living an acceptance in … a trapped body
selling Self the lie
soothing a nerve of tomorrow’s catatonia
this Woman wouldn’t be treated so
if She was conceived as a boy-brother
this Boy would not
if He was a little girl - a sister
but in Their controlled schizophrenic state
the orifice is the septic that hypocrisy flushes
as They so many times
run away from the “devil”
and find Themselves in “hell”
the hell of a street corner
selling Themselves
to any - body bidding.

Whose ‘BODY’ is this
She has to … take in?
where has ‘IT’ been - and why
causing ‘IT’ to come seeking - Her bosom
for some ‘shelter’?
why does ‘IT’
have to come to Her
to be released
to be filled … with satisfaction?
is the confession of family
so hijacked by moralities
She is labeled to be “derogatorized” by the class
Her split personality patronized
didn’t She smile at Her shadow
in Cinderella’s glass chariot
waving an’ throwing kisses.(A)

Such a real Woman
She deserves much mention of praises, for
of which the religious mythology associates
must be shattered by the pulpit’s book
whose “vampireous” ideologies
have led millions of unsuspecting women
to the guillotine’s crook --
in order to address and begin to attain
solutions to this addiction
which is wrongly been criminalized
the deficit of the have and the have-nots
must be “despiritualized”
despite the baptismal in apathy - as
in the excitement of balancing the budget
pussy mus’ ... get wet
concealing pity in the stains of cheap make-ups.

Crime stopper fights the villain or the victim
is supplied the cause or demands the repercussion
whilst He applies lip’s make-ups
who will be whistling
as asses cascades high-heel ‘steppings’
is He daddy’s failure
or lacking too much of mommy’s cuddling
for as penetrations heard of “oh shit man!”
the vocabulary spatters society its realities
for - at what period … is His orifice of concern
to this satisfaction of the addicted
note: it is NOT  THE  POOR
who hardens up
to jack-off the use
of Her talented tricks
but the HYPOCRITICAL middle an’ upper classers
who can AFFORD the bills - yet
cycling Her through the doors of recidivism
a tax-break to the haves
and a burden to assure
She will continue to have not
as the chameleon suits in its deception
are you one of its enemies
belittling ‘cause you stride in upright.

Why is the road of Life
so unfair
many - too many
were not given a chance
to experience, CHILDHOOD
They went right from the Womb
to the streets, it seems
because: a large percentage
- running away from - the home
running … to find Themselves
- They were caught-up in situations
that led to Their present condition
- unfairly, so many are born
right into the profession
following mommy’s footsteps
or worse yet
- forced into this lifestyle
by Their Own parents.

society owes Her
if it is - at least
a little respect
give it to Her
if it is - a simple thank you
this for saving YOUR family’s grace
She would appreciate that
yuh know
She got a ‘voice’ too!
if you think
the things She does
are so wrong
then - put yourself
in Her place an’ envision Souls
entrapped in this unexplained perception
and you will see … yourself - in His space
and something WORTHWHILE
has to be done

An’ society
make it

Tradeswoman - tradeswoman … Wi know sey
yuh life well hard
put yuh life pon de’line fe’a chare
yet yuh kimbo de’smile
jus’a gwaan

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