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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Anthony Leonard Pierre "The Code Name (8)" - Song Credit (translator)

"The Code Name (8)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Black Fruit" - Cd: (5/15/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"The Code Name (8)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Nigger - Blackie!
Nigger - West Indian!
Black American - Afro American … “the hairstyle man”!
Oh, coloured one - dirty-man!
Black Afrikan
as if “Afrikans” were
were supposed to be -- of the caucasian’s klan!

Colored - lazy-one
underprivileged - dutty-bwoy
all lazy - backward - stupid-man!
Woman beater - child molester
drunkard - rapist and thief!
YES ... in all stages of insincerity
those names, that THEY dutty babylon accept

Come on
My People - Black Peoples … WISE  UP
to their propaganda, brainwashing tactics!
the surviving Blacks
in the amerindian regions
the fighting Botswanians
the mighty Warriors of Angola
the enduring Ugandans
Black Warriors, never gave-up
when THEY became Zimbabweans
the fighting Spirits
of the Southern Ethiopians
even de’rebellious Nya-Dreads
of de’likkle-rock - Jamaica
NO - of these Peoples
You never hear
as They represent free Spirits
ever since Our Backs
against the walls of oppression
against the walls - of Black Extinction.

“South Africa” - YES!
but why?
Black Majority - “white supremacy”
to remember dem’a enslavin’ -- We
Charleston, South Carolina
Southampton an’ Jamestown in Virginia
the Cotton Belt of North America
Port Royal, Morant Bay and Discovery Bay in Jamaica
the sugar - banana plantations
are there for We - Blacks … to see - and study.

Goree and Bissau, in Senegal
Lagos, in Nigeria
Accra, in Ghana
River Gambia, Senegal, Niger
River Tanor, Pra, Oki and Volta ... dotted
with “slave” ports that flow to the “Gold Coast”
there one can see - tourists in
in incertitude - they are running from
east-west ... north and south
to get a glimpse of ‘his-story’
they are dosing themselves in
their “white supremacy” ideology - a-dreaming of
and wishing for “the good old days”, when
europe, west afrika’s “slave” coast and the americas
formed what seemed to be
(the unbreakable “Black ... Triangle”.)2x

See I have seen
everybody -- chant
they are chanting, “Nigger - Blackie
West Indian - Afro A~meri~can
coloured - Third World Man - minority
where in Africa yuh from - the NIGER?”
“Come ... put them in prisons - PLEASE
those kind cannot be trusted - tar babies!”
in the name of their “almighties”
with these phrases of oppression
to continue the subliminal attack on
BLACK  NATION’S  Mental an’ Emotional state.

In their sub-psyche
they justify their actions
of the Black-Race division - annihilation
as the only way
can over-power - an’ rule
they are afraid and a-fearful of
their own inhibitions
and for THEIR survival though
Black denigrate - they covert.

Nigger “elevated” to Negro
as if, Wi grows only from Our knees!
Afro American to Black American
now Afrikan A~merry who?
don’t be fooled
Afrikan A~merry who
don’t - be - fooled?
they are trying to
trick, confuse an’ mislead - We
to keep I powerless
in their “white supremacy institution incorporations”.

Note this: Afrikan American
Caribbean - West Indian Man
as if, Wi have no Women!
Jamaican - Black Jamaicans
as if Jamaicans were
were supposed to be -- of the caucasian’s klan!
Yardiee, Raggamuffin - Yankiee
now Wi shouting POSSE while embracing
a Third World Mentality!
whose two worlds
are ahead of - I?
don’t You see they are trying to - covert
to - brainwash WE
to - divide WE
to conquer - WE
enslave - WE
to be rid of -- WE?

Negro, and all the rest
negative CODE  NAMES
not - for ... I!
brought forth
mental - emotional
spiritual and yes
physical - “slavery”
upon - MAJORITY ... I
the aspiring BLACK - NATION!

“A ~ FREE ~ ...”

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