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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Education Mis-System (95)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Education Mis-System (95)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Pon Dat Very Day" - Cd: (4/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Education Mis-System (95)" - Song lyrics (translator):

To Us
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
- underpaid
as teachers
- overpaid
as babysitters
- overworked
physically and mentally drained
in a time constrained ... system
nu’ov’atime in - dis ‘GAME’
- teachers are mistreated by the
requirements and conditions they have to work in
- they are left alone
with Children of PECULIAR behaviours and needs
- accused as unfit educators
by impatient - frustrated parents
“De’bwoy cyan’t read after how long - yu’ave ‘im?”
“Kiss~mi~neck~back - mi gyal com’ home
t’inkin’ - she prematurely … half pregnant ..!”
- less time and money allocated
to accomplish the impossible
a room full
all MUST pass - A+
- educators becoming surrogate parents
taking on the responsibility of parent and society
- many times
not enough time to teach
some forms of
public or religious holiday - conference or field trip
- other times
teachers’ time is REQUIRED on a research project
have to keep an’ justify
those government and corporate grants --
but within all this
the system calls for, higher - improved test scores
to justify a campaign promise, or
quiet the ONE lone voice
crying for improvement - crying for betterment.
They are SHORT-CHANGING the Children by
robbing Them of - Their Youth - Their Creative Will
thus forcing the Mind
to stray
as the Mind of the Young
go - wasted
the Mind IS a terrible thing … to oppress
as indicated in
the behaviours and the “bewop” Voices of the Youths
Black Bwoys don’t read the communication stumbling blocks
that NOOSES a potential
but its through Their stifled outcries - one sees the need for
educational emancipation - educational emancipation.

An oppressed Mind
is certainly, going to continue to do ‘wrong’
whenever and wherever ‘IT’ sees an opportunity
to bu’st loose - to unleash - show-off and potential
school settings
where conditions seem - right
set by
parent pressure, peer pressure
administrative pressure and teacher pressure ... BAM
tension is unleashed -
conditions like these
cause even the strongest of INDIVIDUAL ‘good teacher’
to fallow the MASS - master race supremacy plan
of suppression
to oppress the … caught - in - the - trap
Inner City, predominately DARK - SKINNED - Child
this well planned systematic oppression
ultimately KILLS - the (spongy - unaware MIND.)2x

Conditions of this “mis-system”
gone … suh raass bad
like ALL the other atrocities
aimed, to KILL the BLACK  ‘WILL’
cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, under-employment, sexual diseases
the influx of guns … in Black Communities - etcetera
this too Inner City crisis
spreading to your rural towns
and you continue to tur~rn your heads
to a condition, you well know - that is
contrived, conceived and plotted
researching and (wishing the problem - away.)2x

What happens to “bending the tree whilst it’s young”
instead of
better - proven teaching methods
community involvement
real … day-to-day role models and
mutual respect on BOTH the path of
of the Teachers and Students
We observe YOU calling for more security
your symbol of - intimidation and submission
it’s like prisoners whom are held in
inhumane conditions - are out of control
suh yuh invading the Innocent’s Rights
looking for the ONE out of every hundred
you claim, is causing the plight
of course, as it is then justified by moral scruples
against YOU the Children MUST - FIGHT
as you ‘take’ Their BASIC rights - away
the educational system goes
accusing both Student and Teachers - as
by lunch time the stresses of a cultural shock
will have these Innocence confused
under a system’s failing label
without an ‘in place’ safety net.

Such a sad bumbo~klaat reality
run the schools like prisons
‘cause that’s where ‘you’ intend
these Young FERTILE  Minds to be heading
you break away at - Their ‘WILL’
it’s like training animals
for the repetitive monotony circus routines
if only BIG elephant will wake-up
and realize it has the WILL an’ MIGHT
to (BREAK ... the chains!)2x
Think … of the cost of running a school
verses maintaining a prison
We see in the school systems
there are taxpayers, school offered private tutors
for the caucasian’s child, who needs extra help
of course with its stigma
to LIFE-TIME  LABEL the BLACK  CHILD - as dumb
and still, in this educated system you brag about
We see Children sentenced to serving - They are completing
approximately thirteen years, of public education
and are unable to properly read or write
They go about suited in intellectual incompetence
wearing your textbook label of - “functional illiterates”
after being “probationed” from freely educated
to the life of another institution
making way for - another - Innocence
a systematic ... control
a moneymaking ... machine
a divide an’ conquer ... scheme - AND
a way of sub-consciously controlling those
caught TRAPPED at the bottom, of the economic scale.
An education “mis-system”
proven to be one of the “TOOL-WEAPONS”
contributing to My … raass~klaat demise
under-funded - poorly run
with a revolving door
intentionally TARGETED at
the Inner City dwellers
whom are ill-informed of opportunities
the lack of information of Your tax use and
the power of non-consistent voting offer to Your Children
a majority of Black Boys of the disenfranchised herd
who are dictated to
the general, inclusion or restrictive special education programs
markets Black Boys to the prison industrial projects
as the brain droning of the Third World and the Inner Cities
entry permits Their model teachers - to america’s suburbs
entry level administration and
cooperate america employments.
Imagine dis blood~klaat
brain draining ender employment
upon the Third World and the Inner Cities - as
population is increasing
but through the rhetoric’s of politics
you’re destroying schools
while closing others doors
and for those whose doors, are ‘LOCKED-OPEN’
accessibility to the “knowledge” taught there
are made harder in that
the rules … to enter - to stay in - and to leave
discriminate against the POPULATION
most - in - need
as the politician’s stat citations monitor
the 4th grade test scores
to mandate the building of more prison cells
and even worse - cutting Teachers’ salaries
while demanding more work - thus
We lose ‘OUR’  Teachers
that lures Them from the profession of Their calling
to serve the affluence’s greed
why? - title “teacher” is an accepted prerequisite
into cooperate family acceptance
whereas many educational administrators
have NO classroom experience
these actions willfully rob the Children
of Their ‘life-blood’ vein
to ‘absorb’ an influence
learn a lesson plan or “manneristic” discipline
from a Community Mentor
and on the other hand, you
‘pass laws’ - allocate more funds
employ those ... to
the pendulum has been imploded a crack
it’s the Voice of the a-Lost
that vibes your changing era
suh if de’shit~’ouse dey inna de’swamps
would yuh supply running wa’ta, paddle or paper
would yuh - would yuh?
Now hear mi~dyin’~trial
a’ from the economic gains
of the confinement communities
your electorates balance - a budget
this built-in institutional racism
locks its colour-bar
as it strikes against societal most needy
the ballots soothe a fear - based on Black-hate
stemmed from your predisposed racial injustices
this attempts to solve a problem
targeted and magnified by - your portrayal and outlook
that causes an epidemic
one that is intentionally focused
your electorates “brand-aid” a problem instead of prevention
this in the long haul, if schooled - is proven
has a more socially redeeming value
than ‘KILL  THEM’
yes - an exposure to any form of community educational system
is better than the declaration - “incarceration”
through the butted disease of a systematic racial hate
this stifles Their potential and indoctrinates the
recidivism virus of Self-denigration
where then is the chance offered to Black Children
in a democratic system
where education is presumed a privileged opportunity
where the teachers of this american propaganda
masquerades their “Ivory League” fulfillment
as a quote of exploitation on Innocent Minds
now ... if de’swamp is infested wid snakes
de’paddle nuh mus’ tu’n ... inna wyan gun
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
- underpaid
as teachers
- overpaid
as babysitters
- overworked
physically and mentally drained
in a time constrained ... system.

Look - statistically proven
as the school’s dropout rate continues to RISE
the prison population and the recidivism rate
are forever increasing
shackled in Their Mind-set
restrictive movements and
limited human interaction
are schooled into breeding
a Generation of WEAK minded Peoples
this is the aim and intent of - the
caucasian’s “racist - supremacy - incorporation”
and every - BODY in society
who claims they’ve made - ‘IT’
who meekly believe in a system
designed to undermine and discourage
they turn their heads
in the direction of recluse’s shame
they sit reminiscing on old-times
wishing the problem - away
while the racist shit~stem of race integration
continues to ‘educate’ the Children
for the revolving doors
of the PRISONS
of the PRISONS
as if - it is
the state capital
the ivory - tower
as if - it is
the state capital
the ivory - tower.
What a raass~klaat dough
Inner City Life has taught - I
much! much! much!
To Us
the system is lying
educators becoming liken to
dictators and wardens
underpaid and unappreciated
by impatient - frustrated parents
media mongrels, politicians and bias onlookers
who are bathing in the consumption of ungratefulness
as a system caste teachers
in a status where they lack
the economic prowess of influence
for it is they who are jeered “If you can’t do - then teach!”
imagine “If you can’t do - then teach!”
this upon the poor teachers.
The american educational school systems
setting-up Black Pickneys - to fail
setting-up Black Pickaninnies - to disappoint
setting-up Black Fam’ly - to not succeed
as it indoctrinates a society
based and balanced on the depravity
of an under-caste and your screwed characterizations
of such class!
this education “mis-system” intuited by land owning white men
from its inception was clearly stated - its intent
for the indoctrination of a cast’s ideologies
because, of the Mass-ive
culturally discerned education
was not the privileged
as that ACCESS will break the bond
that aids in keeping “functional illiterates”
a-lost in ignorance to dominance’s misdoings
without the mis-comprehension of the casted underclass
the democratic system of exploits
will hastily crumble
under the weight of its own demise
under the weight of its demise
its own demise
yeah-man - a’hoo ..!

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