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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Reggae Hero Gregory Isaacs (192)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Reggae Hero Gregory Isaacs (192)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Pon Dat Very Day" - Cd: (4/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Reggae Hero Gregory Isaacs (192)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Black Da~Da … they tried too many times
to imprison Your symbolic Voice
an’ like a lamb to the slaughter
You beckoned Your tonality
“Mr Cop”, “Motherless Children” have got’ta be free
oh … “Set the Captive Free” to trod “Across The Border”
as de’Souls of Revolutionary Warriors should always be
“Out Deh” wid da skankin’ Pickney Dem
never for Yourself non immediate Fam’ly
but for de’Downtroddens
who You are chosen by de’Ancestors to represent.
From de’Likkle-Rock - Jamaica
Gregory a’de Hero
a Warrior in battle
ahead a’de frontline and an Ambassador at all times
You’ve continued to uphold I an’I’s place
in de’global marketplace
check-it: de’four corners of ole’Akkompong
rock - soothingly to de’Cool Ruler’s
Sweet, Sweet Lovers’ Rock - Cultural Rock, ah~ah
they’re rockin’ to de’Revolutionary Rock
all rockin’ to Gregory’s beckoning tonal range - yeah.
Hero fe Reggae - emblematic Chants fe Wi
de’street Pickneys say
Gregory is a Hero out deh --
while others have
moved uptown
commercialized themselves
to play list and ads on T.V.
cut-off dem ‘Locks’
to fancy-fancy
migrate abroad
a’guh live ‘gainst caucasia’s fan dangles
involve inna all manner of atrocities and
sleepin’ … wid de’enemy
You Hero Dready
would be seen TRODDIN’  Jam-Doung’s Streets
wid de’skankin’ PICKNEYS. MAKE CHANGE

Oh Gregory - stamina Daddy
a Hero to those whom others ‘ave forgotten
Yuh set a standard fe Jam-Doung
liken dat set on continent Ethiopia
by Fela, by Willie, Melchizedek and Solomon
You are a territorial Lion
so meek - while ruling with a ‘presence’
and a “Black Afrikan Eagle”
when the time is set to defend We
a’Yu Mi Idren leaned pon
as ‘Im box-doung a’ ‘sentence’
oh Rough Neck - yeah You were
de’pillow at His head, de’protector in ‘Im den.
No matter de’deeds or trials
Yu tested fe’guh through
sticks an’ stones - point fingers or tongue lashin’
did not caused You to trod-on in embarrassment
dat’s right none can sey - Ruler walked by shamefully
but - all see an’ knew Your struggle
and subsequent survival through and against
wyan’a caucasia’s military - chemical weapons
an’ Yu suh bare~face to tell dem - ALL
dat Yu not seekin’ nu’sympathy -- BUT
as a FATHER - Yuh warn an’ beckon to de’Yout’s of
the DISEASE of caucasia’s plot
Yuh chanted, “Smoking Head” and “Hard Drugs”
“One Man Against de’World” and “Rough Neck”
Hero Gregory ... with Your indigenous tonality
Yu encircle Yu’self wid Black Defiance - as the
clergy of caucasia’s appointed came charging
BAM!  BAM! -- BAM! ... nuff salute to You
the tallawa of the Hummingbird
is back-boned liken unto You - Black Da~Da
Your power of speech beacons Liberation
as a Generation arises by Your influence.
Dem caucasian’s EVIL plot
is to rob de’Pickney’s Pearl
so evil goes knockin’
at Reggae Heroes’ doors
if Yuh don’t an’ser
they shoot through - BAM

den next - Ankestor’s Chanters
lay dying - DEAD
bloodstains showing
a Life taken - a Mentor killed
a Black Positive Image - ASSASSINATED
in “whip man’s” vain
Prince Far I - Lue Lepkie - Pan Head - Major Worries
Puma Jones - Tenor Saw - King Tubby - Free-I
Lee-Van-Cliff - Dirts Man - Hugh Mundell - Delroy Wilson
Jack Ruby - Jacob Miller - Bob Marley - Early B
General Echo - Peter Tosh - Dennis Brown - Alton Ellis
to the Liberation slaughter
Reggae’s Heroes dying in sacrifice for da Black Cause
commuting Revolutionary suicide
just because - for a cause - because there is a cause
Ia’s Voices are military weapons wid that Wi charge.
So Gregory - to imprison Your figurative Voice
they go about with a plot - just because
makin’ mockery of de’I
plannin’ to ‘ave You give-up -- DEAD - without a cause
suh - like scavengers, they sit waitin’ to dress-up
in Your struggled fame - yeah
they go about meckin’-up awards and ceremonies for themselves
while propaganda headlines - gossiping on
negative vibes is all they spread pon
one of Reggae’s Foundation Mortar Stones - as
in outfits of envy - they standby pointing gossips
but NEVER opening a palm to gasp a realization.
I stand not hesitant to proclaim:
o~o~oh Warrior - exemplary the range of Your outcry
in Your unique Voice
other Warriors find courage
a Lone - Lonely Soul finds refuge
de’Timid revives Their strength
de’Lost sees the torch lit ahead
the Thirsty quenches Their thirst
all from Your lyrical fountain
a Hero to all Yardies
Jamaican’s Reggae Hero - YES
Black Da~Da Gregory - dat’s You. MAKE CHANGE

Like a Hummingbird
Reggae’s Doctor Bird
You hover pon de’stage
an’ area where Life’s battles are fought
by those found worthy to embody Blacka Ites
since de’seventies when
called for - to the frontlines of charged duties
You answered bravely with
“Sinner Man - Give a Hand
Bad Da - Sunshine For Me
Thief’a Man” and “Don’t Pity Me
Native Woman - International Tribulation”
chant Warrior Gregory
hovering from Yard to ‘foreign’ declaring
“Going Downtown - Slave Master
Set the Captive Free - Poor and Clean
A Sacrifice” and “I  Am Struggling ...”
t’ings an’ time went on
an’ de’eighties surely did test --
but the Spirits of Ancestors embraced and
gave a Warrior an abstract Voice to chant
“Dieting - Out Deh
Material Man” and “Live An’ Love
Cool Down de’Pace - Not The Way
Hard Road to Travel - Let Off Sup’nu
Rebel With A  Cause” and “Street Walker
Inner City Lady - Yes I  Do
Love Me With Feelings” and “Top Ten ...”
de’nineties ... well Gregory
Ia Pickneys salute You -- as We a’
standin’ pon de’footings Your sacrifice sculpts
Reggae Hero - “Wailing Rudie”
“Ghetto’s” Chanter - “Opel Rider”
Reggae Hero - “Don’t Play With Fire”
Top Celebrity - “Just Another Finger”
Reggae Hero - “Talk Don’t Bother Me”
Cool Ruler - “Night Nurse ...”
Yes G. Isaacs - dat’s You
nuff respect - Ias salute You
every wyan an’ wyan dat I meet - every damn wyan
sid-doung pon Your a-sculpted Legs
Papa - a’ You teach an’ guides Wi
through Armageddon’s torrential streets.

de’changes Wi have seen - are just games MEN play
but as You declare
You are “... branded a victim
by the words man say!”
know dis Ia - dem Ancestors won’t let da wicked capture
or get You out - no way
caucasia has been cruel
the price set on I an’I - Natty Ites’ head
are so high, so high ... yeah
Wi saw dem wid dem slave ships
heading BACK … towards
I’man Yard
their muskets are armed … with
cocaine - homosexuality - incest - alcoholism
cancer - diabetes - aids - stroke an’ de’likes
and as their propaganda is “Just Another Finger”
in defiance, the “Wailing Rudie” willed
to stand as “One Man Against de’World” ..!
You are a visionary oral “Black-Lifetorian”
for Jam-Doung an’ Her Pickneys scattered abroad
document the struggles of a Nation
rejoice the triumph of a Victor
brought attention to ... de’doings of de’Yardies
caused dis an’ dat to happen to and about dat an’ dis
sooth, sooth Black Nerve
with Your Sweet, Sweet tonal Reggae Voice - yeah
oh, Cool Ruler - allegorically
You are de’Cream a’de’Crop
I saw a Night Nurse
rockin’ to dat fact - and
in a reasonin’ wid elder - Alton Ellis
I teased -- that I love how He copied Your style
the Foundation Elder that He too is
laughed an acceptance of such a high acclamation
to You both - knowing the truth of such matters
oh Gregory
a’fe Yuh indigenous Voice guides Wi
in the absence of Our motherless Mommies - Yuh do dat
as Wi fight ‘gainst convictions
You are the military tool upon which I an’I lean a conviction.

fe temporary fame an acceptance pon play-list
many a’dem ‘settle’ Reggae inna five lone tracks
are the solitary topics dem reside pon - suh
dem run gone call dat -- king of ...
guh label dis -- prince of ...
dat deh wyan -- a’queen
hear sey him -- a’prophet
but to hell wid all’a dem
for those whom Yuh represent
those who Yuh continually fight for
Wi sey BRAVE  Warrior
Yu a’de ONLY  ONE found fit ...
Reggae hero Gregory
de’Cool Ruler Gregory
G. Isaacs Gregory
the tallawa of the Hummingbird
is back-boned liken unto Your
Sweet Lovers’ Rock - Cultural Rock, ah~ah.

Oh Gregory
Saturday, July 15, 1950
what a day that must had been
upon Fetchers Land, Kingston Jamaica, W.I.
Gregory Isaacs - with an ability to speak
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - a humble Lion
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Voice of the Survivors
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Downtown Man
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Raggamuffin Man
dat’s You
Gregory Isaacs - Hero fe Reggae
dat’s You
Gregory - Pearl of Jamaica
dat’s You ..!

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