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Anthony Leonard Pierre "These Simple Questions (52)" - Song Credit (translator)

"These Simple Questions (52)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "We Arrived" - Cd: (6/2/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"These Simple Questions (52)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Answer ...
answer My enigma
these simple questions
some troubling thoughts
who are the hungry
in these times?
why can’t We
feed them?
why can’t they
feed themselves
why ... why is an answer?

Simple questions
My Mind in query
why do We have starvation
especially in the land … of the supposedly plenty?
how can We overcome skepticism - to
stop its infection?
like the deserts - in drought
it’s spreading
and how do We - START
to confront and address this shameful situation?

Three simple questions
a Mind in dubiety
who are the homeless?
why can’t they find
a place to rest?
why can’t We
help them?
answer ... give an explanation.

I’m asking
simple - troubling thoughts
why is there so much
why can’t the Unemployed
be employed?
how do We make Them
be employable?

Why do We have
so many religions?
why is so much
WRONG - in the name of religion
being done - to
Man, the Animals and Land
an’ if religion is so “right-trust”
why can’t their prayers
SOLVE - at least
some of the world’s problems?

I have
these Mind-boggling questions
they’re troubling thoughts
how do We stop them? - and why
do old men council
to have wars
so young men
can - in a state of unclear cowardness
bravely die?
why in the first place
is the Land divided
to fester wars?

I am
wanting to know
whose idea was it
to make “slaves”
of We?
how and when
did “slavery” start?
why did We - Blacks
allow “SLAVERY”
to even start its “envisioness”?

these simple questions
troubling thoughts
why, We need Them
but We ill-treat Them!

want to “make love”, but
many a’Wi
don’t want a Fam’ly - wid Dem
my, so many a’Wi sey
Wi thinkin’ ‘bout Dem
but ...
Wi thinkin’
wid Wi - DICKIE~‘EADS!
ever think
without Dem Women
mankind would be
perished in living dead
why then ...
on the class-ladder
They’re second class never equal?
wherein many’a cases
They helped Us
to get - ahead.

I say
simple questions
troubling thoughts
why do Little Children cry?
why - do so many of Them
from day to day -- face
physical and
emotional abuse from
Their Own mothers and fathers
even the
halfway houses
shelters and
the foster homes
the system sends Them to
dishing Them still
more torture
but why do
the Children have
such a sorrow-full Future?
They - without having a say or choice
inherit the legacy
of society’s ill-doings.

Children, Children ... Wi Pickneys
why are so many
going to be hungry
going to be starving
going to be homeless --
from a lack of the essentials of
proper grade school education
caste to the cracks of society - many
They will be unemployable
and in looking
for a refuge
at least to save
Their tired Souls
to the churches
many will turn
only to be led
into wars
into religious and self-righteous wars
my, my - why - is the Land

Answer ...
answer My enigma
these simple questions
some troubling thoughts
why is this Life
so hard
the burden It put on We
leads Us down the pathway of destruction
where the only incomparable penalty
is the death house or
the penitentiary.

These simple
mind-boggling thoughts
the brunt of which
lies in Our hands
how do We address them
to begin to solve them
to make tomorrow -- better
for Our Children.

answer My questions
respond to My inquisitions
why so many
fail to
refuse to
don’t want to
to get involved
why so many
look to others
blame others
want others
to have solutions or find solutions
for their OWN caused actions.

Why? why? why?
I’m asking
I’m wanting
to know
answer My simple questions
answer My simple questions
Mind-boggling questions
they’re troubling thoughts ...

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