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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Lonely Writer (124) [Version 1]" - Song Credit (translator)

"Lonely Writer (124) [Version 1]" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "We Arrived" - Cd: (6/2/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Lonely Writer (124) [Version 1]" - Song lyrics (translator):

A lonely man
is unlike
a lonely - woman
that everybody
by now realizes
but, truly
a lonely Writer
shares the experiences
of either - sex
an’ that is:
a lonely state
of emptiness
it’s like sitting
on the stool
of a pit-toilet
for de’work
to -- be -- finished.

Society goes - by
making - its judgments an’
shouting - its accusations
at We, the Writers
of truth
an’ as de’job
is near finishin’
We glance to notice
those before
didn’t consider
We following
so the paper
is near finishing
and now: We sit there wonderin’
who is
or, if anyone is -- lookin’
as We ponder with
the decision of
how -- to -- wipe.

In times like these
We battle between
Pride and Shame
should We open-up
or drop Our Guards
to say, to a -- passerby
please, ‘and ME
your hand
I need - to Write
or, should We hold
Shame and Pride
and leave OUR  Space
of security
without -- a -- wipe?

In either case
We see Ourselves
the loser, so~o~o … We shut the door
they then say
We - are silent
We are so -- different.

At least - for the time I spent
on the stool
it will be warm there
for the callousness
of their cold hearts
an’ they -- will need
to take even MORE time - there - than I
as they will sit - wonderin’
what does
My Graffiti mean
and with WHAT
did I
do -- My - Painting.

An’ just then
they will glance to notice.

Ode -- to the Artist
in --You
ode -- to
the painter, writer, singer
to the drummer ... the guitarist, percussionist
the pianist, opera, ballet performer - a poet
tap dancer, a puppeteer to the brass players
a costumer, composer - the technicians
or a musical engineer ...
as the Orator Jimmy Cliff says
“You can get it, if you really want it
but you must try -- try -- an’ try ..!”

Ode -- to the Artist
in  You.

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