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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Label Me ... a Failed Man (126)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Label Me ... a Failed Man (126)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Revolution Mind" - Cd (3/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Written by:
Anthony Leonard Pierre

Music by Obeah Akkompong band:
Winston Grennan - Drums
Val Douglas - Bass
Andy Bassford - Guitar
Ronnie Butler - Guitar
David Oliver - Keyboards
Earl Appleton - Keyboards
Brian Jackson - Keyboards
Larry McDonald - Percussions
Ron Wilson - Trombone
Alonzo Connell - Trumpet
Charles Dougherty - Saxophone

Recording engineer:
Howard Walker
H.C&F. Recording Inc.
Freeport, New York U.S.A.

Mixing and Mastered by:
King James II
Netwerkz Music Group
Durham, North Carolina U.S.A.

Filmed on location in:
Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

Video Filmed and edited by Jason S. Pierre
Music video by (P) (C) 2013 Anthony Leonard Pierre / Ital Corner.

"Label Me ... a Failed Man (126)" - Song lyrics (translator):

please understand
although … My Intentions
were good
to My Children
I never
always - provided
an’ heaven knows
to Their Mothers
I’ve given
many - sleepless nights.

But, if I could open

the pages
of My Mind
and one - could feel
the beats
of My Heart
the world
would know
from - My - point-of/a-view
I wanted
so much
to be
that perfect Man
a Father, a mighty Provider
a Shoulder, a~a~a Lover
a Partner an~n~nd a Friend.

But - somewhere

I got lost
on Life’s tracks
I had My Hands out
but no-one took them
I opened
My Eyes to see
but the way was clouded
an’ I made out nothing
although I tried
I tried
so hard ... to place
My every Steps
but someone - something
keeps moving the pebble stones
which mark the right - pathway.

Now ... here I stand

a shell of-a-Man
I have
so much pride
I show
no shame - although
in My Mind
I’m tearing Myself
apart - with blame
for I ... wanted so -- to leave
for My Lovers and Future Ones


please understand
an’ don’t label Me
oh somebody please - understand
an’ don’t label Me

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