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Anthony Leonard Pierre "By Myself (435)" - Song Credit (translator)

"By Myself" by Antony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Pon Dat Very Day" - Cd (4/30/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band:
Winston Grennan - Drums
Val Douglas - Bass
Andy Bassford - Guitar
Ronnie Butler - Guitar
David Oliver - Keyboards
Earl Appleton - Keyboards
Larry McDonald - Percussions

Edited by:
Chi Brown / Cyclopedia Creative Media
Durham, North Carolina U.A.S.

Filmed on location in
Durham, North Carolina U.S.A.

Recording engineer:
Howard Walker
H.C&F. Recording Inc.
Freeport, New York U.S.A.

Mixing and Mastering engineer:
King James II
Netwerkz Music Group
Durham, North Carolina U.S.A.

Video Filmed and edited by Chi Brown / Cyclopedia Creative Media
Music video by (P) (C) 2013 Anthony Leonard Pierre / Ital Corner.

"By Myself (435)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Sitting here … by Myself - between time an’ place
I’ve realized the suicidal mission of self-achievement
it has married Me to Loneliness
lingering pages of delusions
between the masturbation of Self-pity and dogma
I talked to Me and was answered to
do dig it out of My Head
then henceforth - go find her - and
blow her dumb-fucking brains to nowhere - that
for not answering Me - in low-class feistiness
even at that I’m a failure - explaining that
dutty-pussy stains-up embroidery baggies
a-leaving Artistry - here … by Myself.

As she laugh at My shivering
I wonder to ponder the indecision
that drips tears on placarded Mask
the masquerade is stained from the embarrassment
of My finned-fingers’ masturbations - attempts
with awkward fingers - I’m denied
the grapple of self-satisfaction
I am worst than fish out-of-water - here … by Myself.

The Mask … stained in this tired steer
is gazed in a position of anxiety
one that symbolizes depression in dealing with
disrespect and denigration
and - as now ... My Enough is dealing a declaration
enough of this self-pitied bullshit
Silence reasons wid Itself - here ... by Myself.

For as I blink - a reflex of doubt
it is I whom will miss the splatter
then - I would be brainless
no-one to put brains back … where it belongs
so I relax - as even My tears show - that
I am tired in My Loneliness and
where no wrenkin’ stench jostles My Aphrodisiac
I then try harder at enjoying Myself … by Myself.

So … to stop the migraines - I depress the Music
allowing the ‘balls’ to dance again
and from going suicidal in My madness
I press again - allowing Me to dance ... by Myself

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