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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Bunch Of Flowers (596)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Bunch Of  Flowers (596)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd: (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Bunch Of  Flowers (596)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Hi - got a minute
these … are for You
see … A’ thought it appropriate
to get You - these
on My way over here
memories got a’ hold - of Me.

My Friend
well He is My Friend
and in those times - dem better times
been there for Me
the ups and downs - through thick an’ thin
You know who found times
despite this an’ that  - an’
all de whats-it-nots
hold My fear
to cross those
uncertain bridges … with I.

Now - times
funny thing - trying thing
a’ very testing thing
they take their tolls
on even the strongest amongst … I an’I
seems the strongest …
falls the loudest
wow - these times
He walks … a bit uncertain
His balance … takes timely care
it’s challenging to sip … Your sweet wine
yet - You break a smile
to hold them tumbling tears
Wo~man - these are for You …

a bunch of flowers
in the vase
tells a story of two
telling a silent story
of the roads travelled …

Between Us (He and I - that is)
all along … You have been there
liken - the cleaning woman or
the stocker at the supermarket
Your delivery is more dependable
than the postman’s
as the salt is thrown
to traction the snow
there -- is You.

Woman … beautiful Wo~man
adorable Woman
sweet blessed - compassionate Woman
for My Friend
it’s You who has
have always been there
by His side
been His guide - assurance
His strength - reaching
His Woman
He balances for You
before His cane
You - His assuredly
even before the morning’s drew …
a vase of flowers
on a window sill
catches life from the sun
the rays bring life
to carry a story until …

He sits … biting times
anxiously a-waiting the times
from an errand - from work or
another of them trips … to the pharmacy
to sense - for-to hear Your return
to His nerve wrecking … side
oh You His life-partner
gives meaning to -- “thank you.”

here … a’ bunch of flowers
A’ thought it only appropriate
to get these - on His behalf
it’s a little smile
the thought
that means … A’ love - loves You
love how for My Friend - You do
suh please
put them over where
in the clear … where they symbolize
You both care …
a hand grasp smelly flowers
to hold back tears - as
smile … a-lifting frown
is anticipated from pleasant memories
roads two caring hearts travelled …

Here … from My Friend
He wants to crack … a smile
to lift those … blushful cheeks
to break … a caring tear
to say thank You
thanks for been there
for been … here
for holding - a place
for holding an identity …

on My way over here
memories got a’ hold - of Me …
a bunch of flowers
in the vase
tells a story of two
telling a silent story
of the roads travelled …
yeah … the chocolates
are for You too - ha, ha … ha.

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