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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Now Look At You (306)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Now Look At You (306)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd: (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Now Look At You (306)" - Song lyrics (translator):

There is no love - like Father’s love - no replacement for
I remembered when   a Father’s caring guidance ..!
You were not even
[a figment of Our imaginations]
now thinking of
of de’hell an’ happy times
[Wi been through … with You]
is how Wi pass
many pass-times
[with fun, that strengthens Our love]
You kicked Me
[as I listened for You]
got Your Momma
[all confused]
at times, She didn’t know
whether to scream or rejoice
[at Your sudden moves]
You are a result of
[Our happy union]
You came
when We were young an’ strong, [but NOT so wise]
You brought stability
[an’ directed Our Fam’ly]
now - look at You
Yuh riding without screaming Daddy
wow - one hand an’ balancing
[no-hands sometimes too.]   Baby, your first scare - was
Daddy tossing You … up in the air - way up there ..!
You attracted strangers   Mi jus’ stan’-up dere admiring ..!
who would otherwise
pay Mom and I
[no mind]
now Your asking
what outfit [makes You look cuter]
as You head off to places
I never dreamt [or heard off].   Com’ here, whey Yuh going?
remember to call an’ don’t keep Yuh Daddy worrying ..!
Gi Mi a hug an’ a clinch fist too
Yuh meck Big - Bad - Daddy proud   Give Daddy the calls
[Big Bad Daddy … ponders on You.]   that’s due to Him.

Your Momma
[called Me names]
cursed Me
[for Her state]
but still gave You
My name
a love, [neither other love nor money
can replace.]
There is no love - like a Father’s involvement
no replacement for a Father’s base voice ..!
I felt You inside Me
[as I imagined
Your Mommy’s pain]
now - look at You
Yuh tying
[Your Own shoes - dat’s good, dat’s good]
Yuh spelling
Your Own name [an’ writing it too-wow.]
Honey - know Daddy’s silence says - love you
open Your eyes to see the caring extended ..!
I remembered
[changing Your diapers]
now You sporting
[name brand fashions]
Your first day
[at school]
an’ the time
You had [Your accident]
they’re still
so clear to Me
now - look at You
[going on a … what - a date]
I remembered when
Your Momma said
[She - was late]
now - look at You
You’re running late
[for a job interview … a~ah]
Gi Mi a kiss an’ a high-five too
Yuh meck Big - Bad - Daddy proud
[Big Bad Daddy … loves You]
The bond between a child an’ father
is strong for life - Yuh see.

I dreamt
[of You]
Your Grandma
[will do the world for You]
Uncle an’ Auntie
[They’re proud of You]
now - look at You
You now
[‘ave a nerve an’ got de’gall]
must be losing Your Mind
sometimes … I swear You are deaf
[or I am losing MY  Mind]
You want to do what
[an’ go where - with whom]
please - I remembered when
[You wouldn’t leave My side]
now - I hardly
see You
however - when I do
I may not tell You - but
[I am proud and happy - You are MY Child.]
Baby, your first scar was - You running to greet Daddy ..!
I remembered Your   After de’kiss … A’im send Yuh to Mi
[sentence structure]   fe’de band aid ..!
You knew not
the difference between
[a coma, colon or a period]
NOW - with a clear, level head
You make the decisions
as to when to start or
when to punctuate
[the period - stop]
as Your selections of
friends and choice of actions
are made
[sober and responsible]
Your Mom and I
[did Our part]
and by doing so
[lay total confidence … in You]
now - look at You
giving advice to
[those - around You.]

There is no adoration - like a Father’s presence
no substitute for a Father’s extended arms ..!

Gi Mi a call an’ an e-mail sometimes too
Yuh meck Big - Bad - Daddy proud
[Big Bad Daddy … thinks of You]
The relationship between a child an’ father
is spirited for life - Yuh see - it’s true.

Background throughout - similar to Love You So Much
A’ love you so much
there aren’t words to explain
A’ love you with each breath I take
yuh got to believe Mi
A’ love you so much, I do
it’s My actions dat proves its true

Love You Too Much - Eugene Grey
Young, Gifted and Black - Eugene Grey

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