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Thursday, January 1, 2015

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (August 2015)

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


August 2015

Infinite Energy

I am infinite energy
Cannot be created or never be destroyed
I have no begin or ending
And although I was born of a wombman
I eternity is immeasurable.
I earthly venture is argonaut in the pursuit of spreading Jah light.
I am not an illusionist or a believer in myths.
I live life real.
I give praises with a great zeal
Yesing that Ras Tafari open the seven seals
For all mystery to be reveal. {FRF}

Cecil the Lion

A dentist kill the lion
And the whole world cried
For money hunting trophy
A bow arrow used to take his life
Disturbing news from Africa
We ask and wonder why
Lured from his domain
Just to be slain
Is it for popularity
Or to get a fame
Destroying an animal life
Could never be a game
Most are feeling bitter
While few think it better
A professional who could use a camera
Is more confident using a gun
Now Walter Palmer name
Is rising like the sun
As the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion
And it's no fun. {FRF}

Nyahbinghi Chant

I hear no cry of repatriation
Is it a mental, spiritual preparation
Has the voices gone silent
Loses it resilience
Garvey said we must go home
Dennis Brown, no more will I roam
Have you heard these songs of late
No more for some Africa is the gate
Jamaica they now advocate
While worldover many still migrate
Or we waiting for the government to pay
Reparation for the injustice
And abuses we face everyday
Was it a fiction or a fact
Returning to the motherland with our stocks
Where is the Rasta man that use to say
When man work is over he will fly away
I know some are still around
Chanting the Nyahbinghi sound.{FRF}

Jah Is Real 

Life is ivine
Time is undefined
Mind is accurate
Iscience is perfect
It dictates truth
With open eyes to see
Jah is real
The Omnipotent All
Not an allegorical or metaphorical being
Conceive to disbelieve
I hail the order birth
And give thanks to be here on earth. {FRF}

Jamaica Independence Day

Independent Jamaica is 53
Still face with crimes and poverty
Out of many, they say we are one
Yet the less fortunate is not of their economical stan'
Tourists fuljoying the best resorts of the land
While exploiting the ppl's plan
Political division is a major obstacle in our way
Religiously, the most church per capita
An abundance of prayers each day
To the Eternal Father
Who guide Us along the way.
Through Literature, Art, Sports and Music
We put Jamaica on the map
Bob Marley the "Tuff Gong' say;
No one can predict a flop
Ras Tafari icept is now on top
Marcus Garvey's One God, One Aim, One Destiny
Repatriate to Africa never stop
As We appear on the horizon of time
Independence Jamaica emancipate your minds
Still fighting the kidnappers to be free
Singing songs of justice, equal rights and liberty. {FRF}

Jah Meck Ya 53

No more can they shackle our minds.
No more can they charge us for sedition or insurrection as a crime
Nor force us to accept their pervasive corruption and ways
The blood of our ancestors wasn't in vain
Or their sufferation and pain
Out of Africa we was divided into many
Brought into slavery for less than a penny
In Jamaica we becomes as one
Singing praises with redemption songs
Today our youths can be proud
To look to heaven and shout aloud
Jah Meck Ya is now 53
Rising above all things
Up holding the Irator's decree.{FRF}

June 2015

RAINDROPS by Fitzroy R. Francis

As the raindrops fall on the leaves
Unto Jah's kingciple I have to cleave
Seeing such natural mystic
Wash away all unhappiness and grieves
Of this worldly pain, pressure, and stress
I said bless
Of such a great relief
Now this reality
Dispel all illusions,lies and disbelief
Ras Tafari is who I I-cieve. {FRF} (c/p) 2015

HONESTY by Fitzroy Francis

They sing about Jah
And call on his name for fortune or fame
Don't have a testimony.
Dis their wife, causing strive for sin and shame
To find them self paying alimony
Abusing the one who have genuine love
Is there for you
Just to bragged and boast about polygamy
Going around telling lies only to be charged for bigamy.
Didn't they know it's a healthy way of life to live in monogamy
This for sure, feels more secure
Without thinking of being allure by that which is impure. (c/p) 2015

THE ORACLE by Fitzroy R Francis

No one is compel to absorb the things I wrote
Or make them a part of their note
You don't have to believe in what I know
I am not here to keep a show
And if you do like my speech
I am not here to preach
As I have no Phd or qualify to teach
To some it will be an education
Be assure it's not a dictation
My plusperence of life,
I only which to share
Whether you do; or you don't
I really won't care
Because what comes from the Oracle
Is all I have to adhere. (c/p) 2015

May 2015

CLEMENCY IS THE CRY by Fitzroy R Francis

Dilapidated building
Ruins and shacks
Depreciating the community
No gross or property tax
Abandon home
Street filled people
Is this a sign of doing evil
Civil unrest
Taking the law to the test
Is all the citizen request
They are dismay
Of the behavior some officers portray
Destruction, damage of infrastructures
Seems like an order of the day
Protesters cry for clemency
And hope to come their way
Distorted media coverage
Is not a reflection of their true sense of value
That's why they chant
No justice,no peace
Know justice, know peace
The only thing can create an ease. {FRF} (c/p) 2015

LAWLESSNESS by Fitzroy R Francis

Law keepers becomes law breakers
Lawlessness replacing righteousness
The only rules is to act like fools
Abusing of rights is there tool
Direction look like insurrection
The human community facing oppression
While some praying for redemption
Atheist are rejoicing
Asking where is this great God of salvation
The miracle maker of satisfaction
Didn't they say we all must die
To inherit all the glory in the sky
While we on earth
Forgetting what life is worth
When will we all come together
And stop hating each others
To live as brothers and sisters. {2015}

BALITMORE by Fitzroy R. Francis

Protest in Baltimore
Citizens feeling insecure
Riot in the streets
Police and people meet
Disruption in the city
Angry voices from the community
Placards, banners, posters
Illustrations of how they feel
Some praying
To others it cannot be real
Youths agitating for human rights
Advocating with aggressive appeal
Justice for the loss of one's life
Killed by the security's hand
Is this of God plan
Many don't understand
Anarchy is order of the day
Throwing of rocks
Bringing the world in total shock
Families, Clery, Governor, Mayor, Commissioner, and Chief are in grief
While they are asking for peace. {2015}

Never Abdicate {by Fitzroy R. Francis}

What you love
Some will hate
What you hate
Will start a debate
And that makes you contemplate
Of things in life ones have to rate
Then their are those
Who will question your faith
Because of patience and your wait
Knowing they can't dominate
Or even try to come dictate
About your time
And your fate
Because they are not
Putting food on your plate
So your God you must never abdicate. [(c/p) 2015

The Highest Power {by Fitzroy R. Francis}

The things I need
May not be what I want
The things I want
May not be what I require
The things I require
May not be what I desire
The things I desire
May not be what I aspire
The things I aspire
May not be what I look to inspire
The things I look to inspire
May be something I have to inquire
The things I inquire
May be that of the highest power
The things of the highest power
May be the blessings like a shower
The things of blessings like a shower
May be taller than the Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower
The thing taller than the Dubai's Buri Khalifa tower
May be the thing I must have every second, minute and hour.
And the only thing I must have every second, minute, hour
Is the Most High Jah the Almighty saviour. (c/p) 2015

April 2015

The Inevitable; Imperishable {by Fitzroy Francis}

The words I speak is not true
Neither is it a lie
The way I see life is not right
Yet it has no wrong
My light is the darkness of most
While to few, it's a shining host
I foresee nothing new
Only the perspective of my mind
This Creation is an evolution
A conception of the God I conceive
Illusion definition I never receive
Atheist said there was none
The constellation is mythological
Sometime astronomical
An unseen force of manifestation
Through transfiguration
Ethiopia is mankind's birth
No Utopia here on earth
And when that time of silence comes
We will transmigrate to a place no one can tells what life become. (c/p) 2015

Her Eyes

I look into her eyes
And I was hypnotize
She captivate my mind
Then I realize
The love she had
For the music I made
To dispel all the sad
And bring joy to her days
Now I know life is amazing
So I do what's right
And live without the dazing
Her teeth so white
And smile so bright
Like radiance,of an eternal light
No need to fuss
No need to fight
She is a blessings in Jah sight. {FRF}

So Amazing To Be Loved

My love for her is like the cloudless sky.
Her love for I is like the lush green grass.
So amazing she can be
Like Jah blessings
So easily to be seen.
Even when others wonder
Of the winds that so keen
I have to be there for her
As she is my Empress kween
I have to treat her right
As dark comes to light
Living together as a unit
Making sure the household is right.[FRF]

Spring Time Comes Again

As I look through my window pane
The memory of the warm time comes again
The feelings of the cold winds disappear
Winter is gone with no more fear
Goodbye to those frozen days
As the weather changes into Spring
All trees bloom, and flowers glow
No more raking and shoveling snow
Beaming sun shine so bright
Precious rays emitting from the sky
Reflecting its beautiful light
Clock and time will have to change
Now we see longer days
Spring is the season of a new beginning
Joyous songs now I'll be singing.[FRF]

March 2015

Tribute to Kweens

Kweens of Kush
No need to stoush
The beauty of your soul
Kept you in itrol
Radiating that light
That live deep inside
There's no need acting rude
Or dressing nude
Just to impress those
Who you think I suppose
May have you disposed
Just to see you expose
Wasn't it written
That outward beauty is vain
And will cause disdain
Your characteristic are insane
Tarnish your good name
And degrade you from fame
Kweens of Kush
There are no need to be stoush
You all have the magical touch
Which require nothing much.{FRF}

A HER-story tribute to the Kweens of Kush

Kweens of Kush
No need to be stoush
The beauty of your soul
Will keep you in itrol
Radiating that light
That lives deep inside
There is no need acting rude
Or dressing nude
Just to impress those
Who you think I suppose
May have you disposed
Just to see you expose
Wasn't it written
That outward beauty is vain
And will cause disdain
If your characteristic are insane
Tarnish your good name
And degrade you from fame
Kweens of Kush
There are no need to be stoush
You all have the magical touch
Which require nothing much. [FRF]

Tribute to the Motherly Fathers

Disowning the ones they sexually produce
Is nothing more than an absurd excuse
Running away from their fatherly responsibility
Is a delinquent attitudes;
and inability
Nine months of a mother's cry
Nurturing and care
They purposely disappear
And at child's birth
They show nothing of worth
More than a sperm donor
Rejecting being the owner
Saying they are a loner
Jah is for fatherless
From the womb to the breast
So to all the mothers out there
Never fail to adhere
To Jah blessings
Which is so 'incere. [FRF]

February 2015


I am not black
I am comely
I have no history,
It's her story
I story
Of which I was born
I see no color
I see life, time and boundless space
The elements of Iration
Arsenic, carbon, hydrogen, sodium
Phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen
Ultimately oxygen
In the realm of light
Some minds get darker
While others transmit brighter
Being more passive
More gentle and receptive
In action of infinity. [FRF]


Look at Iration
The perfect picture of life
Its natural beauty radiate
Throughout the captivating sky
A thousand words will never express
Nor cropping to define
More real than a painted house
So I realize
The greatness to behold
With an open eyes
Reflection of the unforeseen
And that of the untold
Multiple of colours
Like the rainbow hanging high
Visual perception
Thank Jah I recognize
Transmitting and emitting
The power of the divine
Beyond the boundaries of the human minds {FRF)


We will never apologize
Of speaking the truth
Or compromise
To that which no one can refute
We look from the essence of our soul
Expressing the things need to be told
How can we hate ourselves
And become stocks on their shelves
They can't judge us
Because of who we are
Being of Jah and children of the stars
All we do is
Practicing our spiritual skills. {FRF}


We give Jah all praises with ifidence
In truth and in faith
Faith is not believing
It's knowing what is real
Affirmative prayer
With sign and seal
One life, infinite love
And blessings
To all families and genuine ones. {FRF}

January 2015

The I

I'm the News of I self
I broadcast I self
I created I own gossip
I'm the greatest critic of I self
I never cease taking the beam out I own eyes
I see I self through the spectacle of Jah
I'm sure that life is the ultimate source of I existence
I know what it is to be I
to give I the clearest of vision
To see others as I would see I self. {FRF}

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