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Thursday, December 25, 2014



Singer: Robert Minott
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Atlanta,Georgia
Influences: Bob Marley - Dennis Brown - Temptations - O Jays - Whitney Houston - New Editon

Robert Minott is a Jamaican recording artiste/songwriter/producer. Nephew of the late Sugar Minott born and raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Robert migrated to the US in 1974 and released his first album titled “All I Have Is Love” in 1988.
As a recording artiste, he has performed alongside the likes of some of reggae’s biggest names including Burning Spear, Shaggy, Maxi Priest and Ziggy Marley, to name a few.

An imaginative singer, he is always in pursuit of excellence in his music. Among his releases are “We don’t want no troubles”, “Make ends meet”, an exceptional recording that brings nostalgic flashes of Dennis Brown of whom Robert is often compared to especially whenever he performs.

In 1991, Robert Minott relesed the single “Irie”, featuring legendary artiste Bunny Rugs from Third World, and Marlon “Ultimate” Greenwood (Jamaican born professional NFL football player – formerly Miami Dolphins; now playing for the Texans), received substantial radio play in Canada and Jamaica.
In 2007 he collaborated with dancehall artiste Elephant Man on the track Roll It. It was accompanied by a video which was directed by Nordia Rose.

A former concert promoter, Robert topped the charts in Jamaica in 2011 with the reggae single Right Man Fi Yuh. The single also made strides on the New York and South Florida Reggae charts. He later followed up with a cover of Silver Words which featured rapper Kirkie KBZ. Silver Words hit the charts in Jamaica and opened up new doors for the singer.
In 2014, Robert Minott released his new album "Splendid Woman".


1) Albums
.1988 - All I Have Is Love
.1989 - Robert Minott
.1991 - Open Up 2 Me
.1993 - Love Struck
.2010 - Butterflies
.2014 - Splendid Woman

2) Singles:
.1987 - Hotter Ragga Music - [Nura]
.1988 - R. Minott "All I Have Is Love"/Jerry Johnson "Love Breeze" - [Wackie's]
.1988 - If You Want My Loving - [Sonic Sounds]
.1988 - Run Around Woman - [Sonic Sounds]
.1989 - R. Minott "Trump Jack All Stars"/Trump Jack All Stars "Trumpjack Strikes" - [Trump Jack]
.1989 - I Need Your Love - [Fameous]
.1990 - You Drive Me Crazy (Robert Minott Feat. R P Cola) - [Jam Groove]
.1990 - Brandy - [Tego]
.1992 - Hard Core Lover (Robert Minott Feat. Privat P) - [LBM]
.2006 - No One Cares / Splended Woman - [World Beat]
.2006 - Make Ends Meet / We Don't Want Nuh Trouble - [World Beat]
.2007 - Roll It (Robert Minott Feat Elephant Man) - [World Beat]
.2011 - Right Man Fi Yuh -  [World Beat]
.2011 - Silver Words (Robert Minott Feat. Kirk Khz) - [World Beat]

Robert Minott - Discography:


.1988 - All I Have Is Love
(Original Press):

"All I Have Is Love" 1988 - (Original Version)
1) A1) All I Have Is Love. 2) Don't Touch My Style. 3) Reggae Jammin Inna Texas. 4) Trouble. 5) I'll Never Hurt You Baby. 6) Confusion. 7) Red, Red, Wine. 8) La La Means I Love You. 9) Dance Have Fe Nice. 10) Love Is A Dangerous Game.
[Label: Wackie's (Lp: 1988)]

.1989 - Robert Minott
(Original Press):
"Robert Minott" 1989 - (Original Version)
1) Candy. 2) Let It Be. 3) Girl. 4) Walk Away. 5) Give Love A Try. 6) No Parasite. 7) Apple Of My Eye. 8) Rhonda. 9) Lover. 10) Twisting And Turning.
[Label: Trump Jack Records (Lp: 1989)]

.1991 - Open Up 2 Me
(Original Press):
"Open Up 2 Me" 1991 - (Original Version)
1) Don't Let Go (Remix). 2) I Need You. 3) Open Up To Me. 4) Sex Fiend. 5) Shove It. 6) My Number One. 7) Don't Let Go. 8) I'm The One For You. 9) I'm In Love. 10) By Yourself. 11) I Want You Bad. 12) Jamaica Honey Love. 13) Foul Play.
[Label: Hill To Hill Records (Cd: 1991)]

.1993 - Love Struck
(Original Press):
"Love Struck" 1993 - (Original Version)
1) Loving You. 2) Hard Core Lover. 3) Baby, Baby, Baby. 4) Let's Chill. 5) All Nite. 6) If You Want My Lovin'. 7) You're Driving Me Crazy. 8) Give Me Your Loving. 9) It's Never Too Late. 10) Rain From the Sky. 11) By Yourself. 12) Just My Imagination.
[Label: LBM (Lp/Cd: 1993)]

.2010 - Butterflies
(Original Press):
"Butterflies" 2010 - (Original Version)
1) Splendid Woman. 2) Something about. 3) Love At First Sight. 4) I'm Coming Home. 5) Tell Me. 6) I'm the one for You. 7) We Don't Need No Problem. 8) I like The Way. 9) Roll it [Feat. Elephant Man]. 10) Funky Reggae Party. 11) Feel The Rhythm. 12) No Body Cares. 13) The World needs Love. 14) In Love for the Last time. 15) Make End Meet. 16) Play on Player. 17) Butterflies. 18) Irie [Feat. Bunny Rugs and Marlon Greenwood].
[Label: Earth Culture Roots (Cd: 2010)]

.2014 - Splendid Woman
(Original Press):
"Splendid Woman" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Tell Me. 2) Splendid Woman. 3) Something About You. 4) Love at First Sight. 5) No One Cares. 6) We No Want No Trouble. 7) In Love for the Last Time. 8) Irie (feat. Bunny Rugs). 9) I Like the Way You Make Me Feel. 10) I'm the One for You. 11) Man a Star. 12) Right Man fi Yuh.
[Label: Fox Fuse (Digital Release: 2014)]

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Robert Minott at Jamaica-Star Entertainment in 2012 and 2013
Robert Minott at Jamaica Observer in 2011 and 2014

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Robert Minott "Silver Words" - (Official Video)

Robert Minott "Right Man Fi Yuh" - (Official Video)

Robert Minott "Coming Home Tonight"

Robert Minott "Man a Star"

Robert Minott with General Culture on The Live Conversation Show


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