"From Then 'Til Now" by Roots Architects

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 4)

Last updated: May 2015

A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

601] Whenever the clock of life complete its circumference and time come of age, don't find yourself living in the past tense of illusion. {FRF}

602] We can cherish all the Business of making money there is, yet none of Us can be in an agreeable business wt the Most High for the "Breath of Life". No matter how much wealth we possess, it cannot be bought and it's the most precious of all. {FRF}

603] Clinging to ppl is much different than loving them, and so is the lust of flesh which is intensely selfish. Both are taking and not giving and will fail along the path of life. Love never and can't. {FRF}

604] I see a world wt/out power, money, fame and anti-establishment. They are inventions which breed corruption in the minds and form distrust, division among ourselves. I see a world where life's energy is the creator,owner,and creditor of all living things. Nothing that we gain can or will be taken into the grave. Our children/family may inherit what we have work hard to achieve and still do foolishness if there is no direction.
Humanity is the greatest of all, so never let a simple mistake let you condemn a fellow one or a love one and deny them of the good they have done because we all fall short of the glory of Jah the Most High.
Who are they which made no err in their saying or doing cast the first judgement!!! {FRF}

605] The real relation come from diligent works, wiling to scoot and rearranging one self to accommodate another through assimilation.{FRF}

606] Never create a problem out of something especially when there is nothing to attain. It will mis-lead the mind of those who have no overstanding. {FRF}

607] We are the architect of our daily living, the rocks laid in our path, must be use to create a way out to find the goodness on this travelling journey.{FRF}

608] Everyone in this world is guilty of something, I rather to be guilty of talking the truth. {FRF}

609] We always talk of praising the Father, we should also remember to give praises to the Mother of Iration. Mother and Father is an equilibrium of life. None can't exist wt/out the other. {FRF}

610] Not all of us are bless,most are fill with distress and regress; nevertheless give your best in every interest and Jah will do the rest to elevate your progress.{FRF}

611] In the struggle of life, Jah blessings is always at hand to give victory through prayer action and diligent work.{FRF}

612] They who suffer from mysophobia will be led one into larrikin and causes disrespect to their own self. {FRF}

613] Never conceal your mirth from others, it can be the I-sanguinity that bind them wt their true self. {FRF}

614] When you don't receive support from family and friends doing what is legal, then you'll aware that the journey has a new avenue; because earning more from that which will get you in trouble is not as that which you do good and earn less, but it give you blessings and a peace of mind.{FRF}

615] Wherever you meet opprobrium and failure especially from blood family and friends for doing the things that are right, then you know it's time to travel on to a geographical location which is compatible and I-ducive to your progress.{FRF}

616] Jah filters into the darkness of the human minds, and re-I-structs thought patterns by sharing the Ivine thoughts that heal Us through the wave, word, sound, power and authority.{FRF}

617] The Walrus-Alchemy-Vision-Elements is the Akashic Records from which came the force and wisemind of Mightyful13. {FRF}

618] I wonder if it's because it spell just-ice {Justice} why they treat us so cold, or it should be just-fire instead to keep things hot and melt the evil heart? {FRF}

619] We all had been a child, a teenager, a young man/woman, a husband/wife, a mother/father; but how many of us has fuljoy the life we had dream about, work to achieve, accomplish our goals and live the happiness we desire? There are always things in the way but we must never give up or give in to what we want, wishes and needs.{FRF}

620] Artists, Authors, Musicians, Producers, Songwriters; lets not wait until disastrous things to happen or the death of others to pay tribute before we can sing and write of the situations. There are so much creative things going on that need to be highlighted. {FRF}

621] The righteous life may seems to be private while those who conceal their evil ways is exalt in the public. If Jah know and see all that we do, what is there to be hidden? Even when the dark clouds may be in ascendant the Sun still shine brightly behind.{FRF}

622] Life is old as Creation and young as the morning; so no human can pay Us for the good works that We have done in Jah name. {FRF}

623] ife owes Us nothing and hold all things. We can never hold on to life forever and owes its everything.{FRF}

624] If my love for you is like a stop light, I would never want it to change on green to let you go.{FRF}

625] So many advocate for the change of things to do better and they their self easily let things change them for the worst. {FRF}

626] Useless complaining about what others are doing negatively, and what you do is of no comparison to their failed effort. {FRF}

627] Many pray all day for things and never give praise for things which the day brings.{FRF}

628]  Never make simple issues derail the intensity of the energy flow toward the purpose, aim and objective. There are times when you give it up; just to live it up. [FRF}

629] Physical pain is nature's alarm clock, which tell us that there is something amiss in the conduct of human. Medical science fail to recognize that that which is amiss had its origin in the human thinking. Error thoughts are not erase in the twinkle of an eye. When one is in pursuit of spiritual happiness and physical comfort there comes financial distress and physical pains. But let us all say to our self; our prayer shall be more perfect because Jah does not tempt his children, yet his children are all prone to tempt Him by their error of thoughts and mis-judgement. {FRF}

630] Many are trying to live their private life on the public social networks. Clean up all corruption 'cause Jah the has no secret life; only righteousness and upful living. {FRF}

631] Disobedient unto Jah will cause the blessings of life to move away leaving you alone doing all the negative things which will hurt.{FRF}

632] Don't live a cosmetic life style, because when it's all taken away, the natural essence of your beauty will be in ruin. {FRF}

633] Don't let the world and others make you define a person as they see. You should accept them as who they are, through the spectacle of your own ivine eyes. {FRF}

634] The clock of life spin just once; and we all live in that time span. Just imagine the clock of life rewind to find you where it began making no pivotal itribution to the development of humanity. {FRF}

635] Avoid complaining of situations that create unstable convictions; find a solution much quicker than how it has began so you can have a peace of mind. {FRF}

636] Jealousy is not an ill feelings toward a person success or achievement, it's more the wrong doing and disposition of another unfaithfulness. If God say I'm a jealousy God why not Us? {FRF}

637] Two persons unfaithfulness create jeal-us-see, a single person create jeal-I blind. {FRF}

638] Beware of the circle you go around and who you let in, because the same person who say you can't, whenever they see you in your progressive rhythm, will be the one to come running to say you can and to be your appraise. {FRF}

639] Innovative and creative songs may seem or sound disoriented and wrong to the ears, but for those who accept variety will comprehend the spice of liverse music.{FRF}

640] Reggae music has an afflated conception which stimulate the spirituality of the hearts, minds and souls of every generation.{FRF}

641] The good things will always attract less attention because the media has made negativity a daily norm that has transform most minds into immunity.{FRF]

642] It make no sense earning less, paying out most to find yourself giving away everything and end up with nothing. {FRF}

643] Never treat the value of life's precious gift like a catchpenny.{FRF}

644] The King never LEFT the Kween from being on the RIGHT where she belongs. {FRF}

645] Granting others the right to do what they desire doesn't mean condoning or consenting with their ill doings, but literally breaking their rebellious power of becoming a predator unto another. {FRF}

646] When your gifts, dreams and abilities are locked up inside, one touch by the hands of Jah and they will be come flowing like an running stream.{FRF}

647] Some ppl are so focus seeing others ways, lifestyle and living while theirs are nothing to compare to share, yet so blinded and impaired. {FRF}

648] Reggae music is Reggae music wherever it is being made, recorded and performed because the instruments that are played none was invented in Jamaica. Once the yessage and spirituality are true coming from the ppl it is right.{FRF}

649] Use not your fellow ones like a narcotic to numb your aching inner pains. Use the meditation symptoms of Jah the Most High to break the habit of hatred and become heal of all hurt. {FRF}

650] Once it has no earning power to satisfy the needs of others, it will never attract the same interest as that which does.{FRF}

651] In all competition the most important thing is to cross the finishing line or complete the assignment. That in it self makes you a winner. {FRF}

652] There are things that's better not done and die for, than doing it to live with an unforgiven guilt which kill your conscience daily. What you live for and can't die for make no sense advocating for.{FRF}

653] There comes a time when we have to become parent of our children and stop being the children of our parent. Maturity and growth is an attribute of great responsibility; mentally,spiritually, emotionally and physically.{FRF}

654] A person can aspire to be whatever characters they desire to be an inspirational role model; for me, the greatest to break the shackle of mental slavery is being a very good parent. {FRF}

655] Sentiment is like hurdles in a contesting event, if they are not overcome on each merit, you will be deny having a clear conscience of victory. {FRF}

656] Be not loyal to anything or anyone because of sentiment. Live by truth and accept reality, they never fail. {FRF}

657] Don't subrogate your integrity over the success of others, because how it was attain, you will never imaging the irreality of their doings.{FRF}

658] The silent truth is a language which speak louder than a million voices of the evilous lies.{FRF}

659] Good music has no age or date and will never stop growing until it reach its audience.{FRF}

660] The fake ones are so real they can't even hide their conspicuous ways. {FRF}

661] No man can sex all the women in the world but he can love them all. {FRF}

662] Don't disregard the ones who gave you genuine support in time of trials and misfortune for those who care zero in pretension. The repercussion will have great commination.{FRF}

663] Don't incarcerate the mind in the penitentiary of negativity through evilous thoughts, keep it free with positive thinking.{FRF}

664] Our behavior toward parents, family, friends, and others must be of genuine respect and livication from the heart, mind and soul to reflect the harmonious order of life and nature which will help us to achieve the greatest happiness within the InIverse.{FRF}

665] In the world in which we live, some strive off lies, illusion and fame while others strive off love, blessings, truth and obscurity. The tremendous speed @ which things moves is instantaneous and simultaneous that anyone can be deceive if they have not the comprehension of wave, image and thoughts.{FRF}

666] Man, woman, children, love, marriage, sex, relation, communication, finance is all products which makes our society, but never forget that nature is our origin. {FRF}

667] To be out of harmony with the cycle and source of life's energy, the human resource will become dormant, lackluster, physically and mentality ill. {FRF}

668] Without the order of nature, human life could never be develop. Without ancestors there would be no human life form or existence. We all have parents, and our parents have their parents transmitting from generation to generation and that is what we call family; biologically, psychologically, and spiritually in a timeless life span. {FRF}

669] Never substitute your integrity for succorance, especially among'st ppl who are solipsistic. It's not good for the sane in mind.{FRF}

670] Some ppl are terrific in what they do while some are tenebrific while doing it. {FRF}

671] Some are chasing the success of music and found their self getting old. But for those who produced timeless music never will be because it gives them a youth of age as time goes by just like the sun.{FRF}

672] Always appreci-LOVE the small things one do for you in sodality because the big things may come with over consumption, hard to digest and mental fatigue.{FRF}

673] Never support persons who are suppressing the one's helping those assisting you when the persons they suppress are the ones supporting you in elevation. {FRF}

674] Silence is a virtue which carries a profound echoing voice that can only be heard by those who have the soul of truth.{FRF}

675] Some choose music for a career and not been sincere, then find their self crashing and bringing up the rear.But when the music choose you, there is nothing than loyalty to adhere. {FRF}

676] A man doesn't need a prescription, or transcription or any description to validate his love life. He need the sexcription to make it right.{FRF}

677] Historical truth will testify the accuracy of the musical works that has been done, so no matter how much they try to deny the ignition which sparks the fuse, the eyes of the world will see it clearly.{FRF}

678] The weather is freezing so don't let the female sexuality suffer from the lack of Cervical orgasms, Clitoral orgasm, and G-spot orgasm. Keep them warm in your arms with all the loving charm because it wont create any harm.{FRF}

679] An orgasm a day keep the stress away in many way. Some women will fake it just to make it so their man/lovers can have a peace of mind and don't have to stray.{FRF}

680] We all have a different I-stitution, level of activity and occupation irrespective of sex and age. Some fulgaged in physical, while some in mental. In all things, modification and personal variation is fundamental for spiritual growth.{FRF}

681] The canvas of life is blank @ birth, the color of paints we add to it as we grow will decorate, beautify and reflect the inner soul. {FRF}

682] Don't imply that you try when it's a lie. The evidence are there that you was never sincere. The complicity of your wrong is so explicit that your weakness has conquer your strong.{FRF}

683] Be as the core of a fruit, the ore of the earth or you will be like an oar steerng ppl boat ashore, then find yourself very insecure, confuse and life seem like it's o're.{FRF}

684] Social media is like a two edged cutlass and an intoxicated cup of fun which can saturate the thoughts and minds of youths and adults and take us on the path way inutility if we are not careful. {FRF}

685] Not everyone who sings/produce/write/plays music are recording artist or professional musician. Some love the music but has no sense of awareness of the high standard of the journey, They will record off key songs with unprofessional engineers; and if you advise them, they will still go ahead and release songs just for status, fame and hype. And for those who support and encourage these effort are just as bad because they will mislead and persuade them in thinking that they are doing the right thing. I am not perfect in all I do, but one thing I can credit myself with; is that I am perfect in listening and learning from others about doing what is right {FRF}.

686] Never let your disadvantage be an excuse to share love and honor to the ones who is there for you and put them in discomfort. Let it be of their advantage in making them comfortable and happy.{FRF}

687] It better to make a song which can last for million years instead of millions of songs which will only last for a day. {FRF}

688] Some speak so genuine, while do stunt act to look real, but in less than the quint of an eye they will become a switcheroo for that which worth not even a penny. {FRF}

689] A person will hold unto what they have until they see the things they want; then let go for the things they need. {FRF}

690] No one success nor failure is written in the book of life. It lies on the pathway of the living which they choose.{FRF}

691] We all have talent so we approach things in humility; while there are those with fallent, acting very hype and will end up no where.{FRF}

692] I don't make post for likes or for it to be loved because as ppl we have different views on life. I don't post quotes for them to create hate or anyone to be discriminate against. I create all my post because I always keep picking the beam from my eyes so I may see those of others clearly.{FRF}

693] The works and legacy of the flesh will remain even when the breath of life travel beyond our unknown imagination. {FRF}

694] The radiance of her beauty is so awesome, it captivate the mind with great eyesome. Just as a garden of roses that is so i-spicuous. {FRF}

695] A person of high spirit and minds always need the ones with Ivineness to keep them up because they have no where else to look or they will be looking down. {FRF}

696] Until the Kween find the King that live in her in you, she will always be seeking for a man of loyalty and nobility.{FRF}

697] Nothing of nature or Jah's creation can be ugly, it's the negative reception of the human minds why they interpret what they see to be ugly. We all have different colours, looks and shapes, but some can't accept what their eyes behold. {FRF}

698] Lets give all praises unto the Most High Jah for that is love. Let us as partner praises each other for it is love. Let say to your partner; "You are wonderful", "You are beautiful", "You are great", "You are magnificent" because love has no expectation but to be true. {FRF}

699] Humanity has face great difficulties through geological and natural disaster but the greatest arise from our ill behavior. We all eat and feed from the Tree of Yesledge and never obtained the fruit of the Tree of Life because we looked in the wrong direction for solution. Before we all come into being, there was space, time; then the breath of life. And it will like that when we all transmigrate. {FRF}

700] A wrongful person will never accept the right, while a righteous person will accept their wrong because it doesn't make them less than who they are but stronger. {FRF}

701] The unsatisfied minds are always breaking away from the present moment, and seek that which is beyond the pleasure of daily living just to find the source of felicity.{FRF}

702] The effervescent of the flowers is very delightful especial when one can taste of the fruits. {FRF}

703] Some will never support the owner of the rights but will give all credit to the plagiarizer for their wrongs. {FRF}

704] Some will depreciate those who elevate them to the top while devalue those who apprecilove and characterize them to the bottom. {FRF}

705] It doesn't matter how bright some ppl works may seems, it is as duller than the darkest night, because they keep denying the minds and thoughts which keep them illuminating. {FRF}

706] Some ppl success will become to nought because they give credit to those who never value their works, while discrediting those who work assiduously into make what they have become. {FRF}

707] Action speaks, words express but the Iscience dictate that which is truths and right. {FRF}

708] A beamish look can be so amin that it become a knackered for the fool of thoughts. {FRF}

709] Let no one point an empty gun with a broken trigger to your head and subdue you. Which mean don't be force to accept the ways of the fool who has no vision of their own but want to dictate what is wrong. {FRF}

710] Apologizing for the wrong you did to others is of such high esteem that it make those of high mindedness become so low not doing it. {FRF}

711] Some are so caught up with their own self doings that it blind their eyes of the wrong they are doing to others.{FRF}

712] The rage of a neglected woman's love is more devastating than the hatred of the devil's evil. {FRF}

713] The fools are blinded by the vision of the wise, but the eyes of the wise is never blind by the fools. {FRF}

714] In all laws there are clauses, and there is a cause for the applause. So make sure in all things you do, it's not because you want to put a love one on pause. {FRF}

715] Sheer excellence and furtherance will never be achieve through individualism or self-centred attribute. No matter how great one think they are, in reaching any of their goals, it required tutoring and coaching else they will fade away from prominence.{FRF}

716] Even the truth will never be accepted or have any value by some unless it's from someone they associated or in relation with. {FRF}

717] The body require health and strength to prevent, resist and sustain life. The centripetal and centrifugal force of nature which is founded in the inhaling of clear air, proper eating and drinking, is our main source of daily living to maintain one self.{FRF}

718] Looking sexy and looking good in pictures and clothes doesn't mean you are in the best of health so make sure your metabolism is functioning in order, else be prepare to invest in the hospital and pharmacy.{FRF}

719] The span of life becomes short when one's health started to deteriorate. It created confusion and frustration has how to cooperate. Some will say I have faith, while others say on God I will wait. But there are those who evade the truth and fact that their own life they will eliminate by eating ill and their intake. {FRF}

720] Lots of these teenage girls run away from their parents teaching and find their self chasing pregnancy. And for the boys who think sex is a toy and end up destroy their fatherhood. It's very important to learn to put your head high before you put your cock below.{FRF}

721] Sometime less is best, and more get you insecure.
Most can be a toast, while few can create a screw
Just make sure in all you do, cantillate what is pure and true.{FRF}

722] Peace is a confusion to the warmonger, as love is to the haters. Righteousness is a mockery to the wrong doers as is blessings to the fool, but unto the wisemind, giving praises to the Most High Jah bring joy to the soul. {FRF}

723] There are some things you can never run away from because the moment you do, they start running right back to you. And there are some things you can't know too much about, because the more you do, you realize you have known nothing before.{FRF}

724] In this world of economical depravity one must not only have common senses, they also need to have common "cents" else they will always find their self in serious inflation. {FRF}

725] Some are more certain of their uncertainties, unsure of the sure and very insecure of the most secure. It's like hanging wet clothes on the line while seeing the dark clouds and yet when they see a sunny clear blue sky, contemplating what to do.{FRF}

726] Some ppl success is like a shadow, it's always there, but will never be attain because their hype are so bright it intercept the visual sense. {FRF}

727] Don't force yourself in gain of fame, else you will be like a common game. Your choice and works is loud as one speak, and will take you atop of the peak. Don't go around like a picture clown, because soon you will be dethrone and lose your crown. {FRF}

728] Music business is not a charitable foundation for hand out and donations. It takes cash to care so if you are in it not to invest talent, time, and good tunes, take a turn and find yourself a 9/5 job and stop waste ppl's effort. {FRF}

729] The situation you are in is no accident, it's preparation by Jah to guide you through with overstanding about what each day brings. {FRF}

730] No matter the struggles or how successful we may become, one thing is certain, the grave will never be too full to accept anyone so it's best we all be humble. {FRF}

731] The constitution of the fool is to think that money is the medium by which we live, but the wise knows that without the machine it can never be made and cannot buy the breath of life else the wealthy would never die. {FRF}

732] Free up your mind, be wise in your thinking. Try not to be trick, so be aware all that malarkey. {FRF}

733] Ego and hype should not apart of our daily living, it's more about sharing the wisemind which Jah has bestowed upon us so others who wish to learn may do so at their own will. Remember no individual is indispensable no matter how different they presumed to be.{FRF}

734] The truth of the unwealthy is as a silent river running deep that can never been known, while the deceptive lies of the wealthy can be so loud that it's deafening to the ears of the listeners. {FRF}

735] As we all share different beliefs and religious principles, let our fulvironment, education and experience be one of ecumenical order because the 'Breath of Life' can never be bought or sold. Lets give praises for the rising of the sun, the shining of the moon and stars,the earth and all that dwell there in, the universe and its galactic powers of which no human being will ever define. {FRF}

736] It's good to be educated, great to be talented, marvelous to be skill and qualified. But if your attitude is rotten, you will be easily forgotten. {FRF}

737] The greatest crime is not doing a crime or to be incriminated of a crime so the system can arraigned you. Remember everything works simultaneously in accordance with the making of the revenue. {FRF}

738] What is achieved yesterday can be of no significant today if it has no basis counterpart with the changing face of reality and human existence. Just like the etymology and connotation of words. It can meant good yesterday and today it mean evil. So is a great invention which becomes obsolete. {FRF}

739] For the so Godly, shows what you has done for God that it may be thankful just as you are thankful for what God has done for you.{FRF}

740] The people who write and talk of God every day think they are more righteous than others, are the ones using God name to cover up their erroneous doings to look good outward, but when you check their livity they are more corrupt than the devil in hell. Be careful of the Lord lord lord ppl because they don't know the God in good. {FRF}

741] Creation was created before us all. It's wonderful, It's marvelous, it's graceful, beautiful and lovely. Humanity be as creation and make your day as like, because it is still unfolding as it is without us all. {FRF}

742] When we all try to get our point across simultaneously, nothing will be learnt cause no one is listening to each other. No cooperation, no knowledge to be attain. {FRF}

743] Life has a cycle, let it be your circumferential initiatives why you are judge and by it you will be redeemed.{FRF}

744] As Jah is our fortress, let us be the "Oasis of Change" and a reflection of kindness and thanksgiving. {FRF}

745] Let' not put ourselves in stock confrontation or debase another for others erroneous past. Lest we forget, the shackles of wrong doings will imprison us from the liberty of the moreture and shapes our destiny into becoming of slaves to our own selfish purpose. As history and time is the blackboard that life's stories is written on so a generation could learn the lessons which can be a guide to their pathway. And as such the very word that comes from out of our mouth can be as educative as it is destructive.
Remember, Christ who was ordain to do all the good for mankind cried out aloud father, father why has thou forsaken me when the angel of death come upon him. So be responsible of every words and actions so you can be resurrect in truth. {FRF}

746] All the people who are looking for a Reggae messiah, a prophet, a saviour, a leader or a yessenger, I got news for you. There won't, cant, and will never be. Reggae music give no salvation to the massive but education from those who have a spiritual influence. And remember the same ones whom shares their opinions and philosophy can be misleading as well very destructive. Look to Jah in you and don't be deceive. It's a warning to the followers and the ones who have not a mind of their own. {FRF}

747] The pen, the ink, thoughts, acts, words, deeds, is that which ascribes the lesson of which we all must learn, for memory never dies and will give back to it's author all the inscribed. Remember that which made us can destroy us; so never struggle with adversity but finds the heart of Jah within your soul. Fret not over the earth, trod well in it's path because Jah is love and love is Jah. One InI-iverse, One soul leader, One law, One interpreter of man's actions and judgement. Lets look well within the depths of our soul and I-science to see who is the master and captain of life. {FRF}

748] Talent and stardom is deceiving and will make you fall victim to your own wrong doings. If the words of your mouth is not acceptable in the ears of the right, then surely you will be judge. {FRF}

749] Emotional feelings can be so deep that it get you in trouble not sharing love as much with yourself that it can misguide others to abuse you. {FRF}

750] A smiling face doesn't always mean a peaceful heart or a happy life. It can be the disguise to a miserable soul. {FRF}

751] People will change and turn theur back on you in a quint of an eye when they can't get you to conform to their stupidity. {FRF}

752] Nothing that is attained or earned through your own sweat and tears is truly yours; and don't be comfortable over the material inheritance of others. It can cause you great insult and disrespect. {FRF}

753] Keep yourself holy because the wrong that one does can make the day unholy.{FRF}

754] As is Jah who created the day and the day created time. Lets give praises unto all things that's good for life is perfect. {FRF}

755] Don't let your selfish ways of living hurt the one who share and care for you,it will drive them to anger and vexation of spirit.{FRF}

756] The cycle of the earth and the InI-verse can never be thwarted by men no matter how they try to disrupt it. No one knows the treasure of the winds, or alter the rising of the sun. They can never stop Jah blessings because the rain will never falls upwards. {FRF}

757] The system can change the leaders whenever they come in power and enslaved the people, because the leaders cannot change the system to free all the people else no one would work for their institution. {FRF}

758] When parents care, education matters and the community will flourish even brighter. {FRF}

759] Let no one dictate how to live or govern your household living, because if they were ask to pay your bills, sweep your yard or trash the garbage, they would run away. {FRF}

760] Everyone was born real, they just adapted a robotic lifestyle which transforms them into fakeness and falsehood. {FRF}

761] Physical beauty is not all a blessings, it's the character and integrity that will define the person. {FRF}

762] Make your household happ and be in peace. The world will never be there fro you in time of disenchantment. {FRF}

763] Some will praise the ability from which you earn, but will never discern the person with great concern. {FRF}

764] Most will pray for the things they want to achieve, and when it have been received, they can become so excited that they forget to be thankful of the source.{FRF}

765] Not everything you prayed for will come, but whatever does, never forget to praise those who made it possible.{FRF}

766] Intelligence is not about one's academical achievements, it's spiritual awareness of self and love for humanity. So don't be an educate fool because even the ignorant have their say. {FRF}

767] The baker is for the bakery, while the fakers is for the fuckery. The haters is for vanity and the jokers is from a deck of cards. The real is of reality who shows love for their self, creation, nature and humanity. {FRF}

768] The time and effort we exert to burn down the "City of Evil", lets utilize it in building up the "Dynasty of Good" like a mighty storm because they will eventually destroy their self. {FRF}

769] Change is the real revolution and it doesn't need us to be reactive, it requires us to be proactive and indecisive for this to happen. {FRF}

770] Ras Tafari to I n I is not a religion, It's a self-viction and direction of spiritual emancipation of the mind, heart and soul. The earth is the Jah, Humanity is the Church; the Oracle and I-science is the heavenly realm. {FRF}

771] No matter how broken the shit-stem maybe, they can never break the will of Jah in you to rise. {FRF}

772] The cry for justice will never be for some unless it affects them directly or to someone close to them but they will pray to God everyday for peace which can only be achieve in the crave. {FRF}

773] Can't be sitting at the window gazing up thinking you can touch the sky, it's only a fictitious imagination of your mind. Be real and live real. {FRF}

774] We can pretend all we want, our actions is the evidence in all we do so it make no sense denying when our own self recording exactly what is done.{FRF}

775] Good and evil occurs simultaneously in more ways than one. It's like the yin and the yang. They sometimes run consecutively like the parallel line so whenever it comes to making of decision, don't you ever forget the space which could determine one's progressive fall or rise. {FRF}

776] Movement or motion is a two fold creation as energy and vibration, yet they both manifested in the tri-state of physical appearance and that of the material forms in order to complete that infinite stages of our existence in fulness. {FRF}

777] Music can make one happy and take away their sad, but when the music stop playing with no one in your hands, then you will realize the importance of true love not being there to help you feeling glad. {FRF}

778] We can pretend all we want, our actions is the evidence in all we do so it make no sense denying when our own self recording exactly what is done.{FRF}

779] The power of life and death sometimes lies with love and hate. They are a rhythmic waves between exhaling evil and inhaling good which govern the energy of breathing life's speech. {FRF}

780] The purest medicine of humanity is a clean mind, accepting truth, proper food, pure drinking water adequate rest and giving praises unto to Jah the Almighty. {FRF}

781] Don't look for God in the sky and become a doubtful Thomas gazing up thinking you can fly when the power of life is within you everyday. Feel the unseen force is revelation of the living source. {FRF}

782] Never fulgage in piffle, it's not rhapsodic. Aver to that which energies the mind and avoid from being logy.{FRF}

783] There are some wrong things once you do them, they can never be undone, and some wrong things once you say it, can never be unsaid. It's called incorrigible so be careful of what you do and say. {FRF}

 784] On the journey of self actualization, the lessons of life to the children are direct and indirect so it's always the responsibility of us as parents to apply it whether biological or adapted.{FRF}

785] The affirmation of long term relation and commitment between partners is to have tolerance of each other imperfections. Never let your partner more attractive to another than yourself. {FRF}

786] We were all born of a female so it's important we not just e-MAN-cipate ourselves from MEN-tal slavery but also to WOMAN-cipate ourselves from inferiority complex. {FRF}

787] Before the beginning was the I, and the word was within I, and the I take unto itself a mother I and created I n I. Male and She-male created all of them. {FRF}

788] We were born of a perfect spirit and a divine soul. The inequities of the world has shape us into imperfections as the day unfolds. Accepting the Most High Jah, is more than that half wish have never been told.{FRF}

789] We have to recognize that Jah live within, and decorate us with a beautiful spirit so quiet and meek that is more valuable than the jewelry of the world. He adoring us with majesty and power that others will apprecilove our real essence of life.{FRF}

790] Starting all over can heal much pain. The few good things in life can replace the many bad things by refusing to fill your mind with filth and unrealistic expectations.{FRF}

791] Write Jah words on the table of your heart, sing songs of praises and the great teaching of life will be manifested in the power of deliverance. {FRF}

792] The battle begins within the minds for the heart and to conquer the soul. Behold the lion King of Iration, the mightyful Jah who dignity is unimaginable. {FRF}

793] The frabjous look of a woman sex appeal is the center of her attraction and cynosure of all the men eyes.{FRF}

794] Lest you forget, life's offer is a family that never change in the time of need. {FRF}

795] There is no picture that an artist can paint more beautiful than the earth's beauty. {FRF}

796] Just a simple prayer can free us from the enemy's lies that captivate us; once we don't hesitate to give ourselves unto Jah.{FRF}

797] Let not your heart go astray, because you will find yourself in challenges that only can be rescuing by Jah the Most High. {FRF}

798] Avoid the entrance of evil, you may never find the way out. {FRF}

799] Positive music is the gospel of life. Let sing it with all the fibre of our being. {FRF}

800] When we lost the story of life we began to question ourselves. Who am I? Why I am really here? Is there a Utopia? Where will I find a sinless living? Where does God want I to be? Is there a place in the sky? What role must I play? What is this life all about? etc. Yet after asking, the simplest answers seem to come only when we all know to accept the truth of life's story.{FRF}

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