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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 3)

Last updated: December 2014

A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

501] I bdy speech. First and foremost I must give thanks to life, the Creator, and my biological reproductive source (my parent) who made it possible for my incarnation. I must reciprocate with honor and majesty to family, friends and love ones for the overwhelming and resounding birthday tributies. Not the sky above, not the earth below, nor anything in-between could ever provide words appropriate enough to express the depth of gratitude I feel. Last but certainly not the least, thanks to all others who took a precious moment from their busy schedules to make this livication and gesture possible. Finally, as I would say if I were talking to you face-to-face: Reggaespec' and Jah richness blessings!!! I love you all.(FRF)

502] Nothing is more inspiring as when one can make a person task become a reality through the earnest of their thought. (FRF)

503] Find an Oasis of life-giving-filled wt happiness and keep your focus on the spiritual path of your travel.(FRF)

504] A man may make a house, but a woman will keep it comfortable, charm and warm so it becomes a family home.(FRF)

505] When the woman turn a house in a family home, never let invaders destroy the happiness and love that created it from the start.(FRF)

506] As they say, a house divide by itself shall fall, but overstanding, cooperation and honesty will keep the family home standing tall.(FRF)

507] Be careful of what you do and the things you say to a person that love you dearly. A broken feelings is hard to mend.(FRF)

 508] When we are aligned and become compatible to each other, their is no conditional love to govern our staying together. (FRF)

509] Define thyself through the decorum of high esteem and no one can denigrade thy character.(FRF)

510] Spend quality hours where there is love, instead of seeking mundane pleasure wasting away precious time idling.{FRF}

511] The mind responds to negative and positive thinking, yet there is no segregation or limitation to the expressive adoration of love.{FRF}

512] Declaration of acceptance one to another is above all things, as we are only human being.{FRF}

513] Moderation is one great virtue of life, so be aware of the things you do because you can be known to the world more than you ever realize.(FRF)

514] Great are the words as it like unto the seeds, but if it has no deeds, it's like a vineyard full of weeds and bad breeds.{FRF}

515] Life kingciples will always out weigh the emotions and illusions in making dreams a possibility.{FRF}

516] Don't put interest or give others more support than what they gave to you, or you will find yourself weaken while giving them strength and denying who requires it.

517] Spiritual duress is a regress that will stop one progress and cause physical distress.{FRF}

518] Dethrtone all deception by knowing that Jah is all powerful, all abundance, all health, all strength and all mighty. {FRF}

519] Divorce not thy self from Jah by saying blasphemous things. Never speak in error to say you cannot do it, because once it is declare in the thinking, so shall it be in thy doing.{FRF}

520] There is no mystery in the Most High, the very breath you breathe, is the reality of the living Jah. Within the inner recesses of your being, Jah exist and not by the outcry of those who profess as if they are closer because they quotes scriptures daily. In the midst of silence, listen for that spiritual voice and not those of duplicity.{FRF}

521] The more one thinks of Jah and their relationship to Jah, the quicker their desired results become manifestly evident in all affairs.{FRF}

522] Our greatness is as the Creator, and our glory is of the fulness of Jah. Our's power and strength is of Jah of which there is no weakness or limitation. We are the spirit, the perfect image and likeness of Jah the Almighty.{FRF}

523] Most of us talk and exalt a God whom we never heard talk nothing about Us, yet the ones who has elevate our daily living, we fail to make mention of their goodness and merciful kindness which is divine.{FRF}

524] Once the message of the music is right, It's a rapt to free the entrap.{FRF}

525] Don't use music to inveigh upon the ppl, do it to uplift their broken souls.{FRF}

526] Songs wt gimmick lyrics can be sensational but will become fugacious to the public quickly.{FRF}

527] Dash for the cash and have some stash for the ultimate bash so you can make a splash.{FRF}

528] To hear her voice in your ears bring back the years.{FRF}

529] To have all of a person is first degree illusion and the greatest confusion.{FRF}

530] They set the way-mark of this industry that if the females are to truly become successful, they have to bend-to-fit before they can benefit.{FRF}

531] Never take the Business of the Music like a sex shop by trying to sleep around wt the females and call it entertainment, if you don't care for the Music leave the Business.{FRF}

532] Complacency will thwart one's focus of their real mission and direct them into mediocrity.{FRF}

533] Tall goes up while length comes down, width is wide, circumference is round. Smart is to be clever, foolish is a clown, give Jah thanks wt all praises just to be around, so keep your feet on solid ground. {FRF}

534] Be selfish and you will lose it all like a great fall,be unselfish and surely you will be standing very tall as the unreachable wall.{FRF}

535] Share a kindly smile in the measure in which you have prospered, and give one to another from the warmth of your hands in the benediction of love to those who need it most.{FRF}

536] The goodness of others has galvanize much strength, erase major disappointment while fuelling every length and breath.{FRF}

537] We created some of the best quality songs there is, yet the love and support is like nothing that we give. The crap and shity ones that being played, have us wondering what sense does it make. The cost it take to make the good, when they make the value way less than the ones which are fake.{FRF}

538] One mind say leave the music business, the other say stay in the game. I stop and ask myself, why invest so much time and effort with little or nothing to gain. We all want to make this money, live the lifestyle and fuljoy the fame, but the gate way to the real success is so full of hatred and disdain. Then a great voice comes echoing into my head saying, that day will come, once you keep on pushing, and don't succumb.{FRF}

539] If the heavenly rain drops was like Jah blessings, we would never use an umbrella to avoid from getting wet, and if the heat was that hell of a warm, we would be loving the chilly cold storm.{FRF}

540] All it takes is a try, even if you fail there must be something learnt for you rise to the occasion. {FRF}

541] History is law, and law is history wt amendments and treaties that Government implemented to steal our land and wealth while most of the ppl keep looking up into the sky for help where there is none.{FRF}

542] Knowledge and wisemind are attainable; exposure and plusperience are untouchable.{FRF}

543] Projection wt/out preparation will be costly, especially for the uneducated and the non-business ppl.{FRF}

544] Music is my passion and also my game, i'm struggling so hard in keeping this mission alive. Restless day,any sleepless night, sometimes hungry pain just to survive. I'm doing my best to make ends meet, travelling thousand of miles on my feet. On this journey of life's road , I will never ever sell my soul.{FRF}

545] You can listen and learn from the talk, but it's more important to acknowledge the ones who make the walk.{FRF}

546] Don't be slubber in the pursuit of your goal, be focus and stay in control.{FRF}

547] Approval is self worth, wait fulcouage you to be tolerable and apprecilove the goodness of others because fairness and happiness is an acceptance by giving Jah all praises through faithfulness. {FRF }

548] A person can pretend all they want, history recorded and documented their uncanny chant. Act self righteous as if you're perfect within, when the life you live is the reflection your sins. Walk in Jah favor wt the word of truth, his way and light is saviour to the pureness of your fruit.{FRF}

549] No one care about the risk you take, yet they will eat all the cake. No one care of the errands you run but surely they will fuljoy all the fun. Some don't think of how you earn, to spend it all is their main concern. Be careful in all you do, 'cause when you fall only Jah will be there to see you through.{FRF}

550] Jah created living things and say it's good, men invented material things and say it's great. Most things that are invently great are destructive and all that of Jah is perfectly good.{FRF}

551] Life is simple and clear. Who love you will always have love for you, and who don't will remain the same. It's the epicenter of living.{FRF}

552] What's the use trying to know about another person way of living and have no knowledge of the way you should be living.{FRF}

553] To learn the historical truth of where you reside and expose yourselves to the laws which govern the country and its ful-vironment will guide you in having a grip of conditions and situations to whichever circumstances it may arise.
The human sacrifice is undeniable.{FRF}

554] They say herb is the healing of the nation, I say it's the life-line of Iration because only they that are sick need to be heal while preventing from being sick is mentaining and balancing one's metoblism to live healthy.{Mightyful13}

555] Without the love of Jah, one's life is like a roller coaster ride going no where.{FRF}

556] Isolate not from those whom cares for you, desecrated love destroys and will place you in confusion.{FRF}

557] One's rehtoric and disposition must never be misunderstood because of allegations. A gossip can be metaphorically presented to discriminate their character.{FRF}

558] Poli-sex-tion is when a person doesn't want their partner to have any communication wt their opposite sex.{FRF}

559] Think of me as I think of you to create the equivalence of being righteous and true.{FRF}

560] One to another you share to break the feelings of despair, it may not be of material things but the uplifting words to which you must adhere.{FRF}

561] It's good to talk how much you love yourself and all the things you can do, but greater is it when you exalted Jah who lives and fulable you to through.{FRF}

562] The wings of time will make you fly, through the spacious sky and atmospheric sphere when the circle you around is loyal, committed and fair.{FRF}

563] When there are love and care, space and time will mend a broken feelings, and heal a broken heart just like a bird who had a broken wings been able to fly again.{FRF}

564] Not everyone can foresees the winds of change, but whenever it comes, it will be felt by many.{FRF}

565] All that a person say or do is always right unto them, yet to others it can have no counterpart wt their life plusperience.{FRF}

566] From the production of arms, the source of man destruction has become more inevitable and inhumane.
The Guns and Ammunition inventors must be charged for every killing that took place from the first to presents.{Mightyful13}

567] I'm getting out of this single lane,
Its been a while I kept myself secure, reserved, and sane,
Focusing on the highways and main.
Traveling this journey will be narrow and long,
And the ppl's love as my motivation.
Wt Jah's inspiration to keep I strong
I will always be the Mightyful13 man.{FRF}

568] Each pulsation of the blood can be felt when you know your heart is right and solid wt Jah. {FRF}

569] If doing good was as the greatest of wealth, a single good is of more value than a million bad. {FRF }

570] All that a person say or do is always right unto them, yet to others it can have no counterpart wt their life plusperience.{FRF}

571] Being alone is singular,
Living wt a love one is plural.
Finding a Oman is simple,
Having a wife is life example.
Treat her Royal
And she will be loyal.
Working together to build;
Family values to unify all skills.
Economically to become stable,
Educationally eradicating poverty and stress
Because we are able.
Life is good,
When you can live it as you should.{FRF}

572] Not everyone can foresees the winds of change, but whenever it comes, it will be felt by many.{FRF}

573] Has it ever come to mind to call,
Someone whom you can uplift from a fall?
Has it ever occurs,
How happy it is to make others grey sky blue.
Each of us feels the pain of life,
And in all we do we want to strive.
Some are more fortunate than others in keeping their self alive,
So reach out and touch one another, with the positive vibes.{FRF}

574] Don't be upset with a person for not revealing their plan,
Why say they lied when the mission you never tried to overstand.
Wasn't you told, that the full has never been told?
And to keep the best of mind is good for the soul?
Life ventures if fill with ups and downs,
And the ones whom you think might be there for you;
Often times, are no where to be found.
I give thanks to Jah for keeping I around
And not to be under the ground. {FRF}

575] Time is most precious than money, 'cause money can never buy a lifetime.
Patient is a virtue, without the wait one can abdicate their claim.
Education is the key, find the right doors to unlock in the pursue of your aim.
Each one, teach one, is not a game of fame. {FRF}

576] What Jah hold for a person, no one or themselves can retrieve it unless they are in receivership; because life and nature owned all living things.{FRF}

577] If We are the Government where is the Autonomy?
Are We govern by Kakistocracy?
Or by Plutocracy?
Is it Stratocracy?
Is Democracy a lie wt all these cries?
Don't we all advocate for the equal right, peace, love and justice?
So why no cry for the Theocratic reign of governance where there is righteousness? {FRF}

578] Music wt wings will fly beyond the realm of the sky;
Music wt the yessage will speak for the voiceless and give eyes to the blind,
Music wt the positive is like bees making honey in a hive.{FRF}

579] Marriage is a ministry and not about selfish fulfillment. When you marry someone it's an inheritance of their weakness, strength, sadness and happiness of which Jah will give you both the blessings of compassion and love to pour unto each other.{FRF}

580] To escape the dungeon of your past is to not dwell in it, live the present and keep focus on the moreture.{FRF}

581] Let others use your love as a narcotic to numb their aching inner void and hurting pains because the more their symptoms medicated, the healing is more godly.{FRF}

582] When life seems to be pointless, Jah will make it become endless. {FRF}

583] Wisemind is a lady, so don't be thinking crazy and start to be acting lazy. {FRF}

584] Music is always new once it's never been heard b4. {FRF}

585] The very moment you think the rain will be keep on falling, a peak through the window and there the sun shines brightly.{FRF}

586] When ppl of the same mind and love for the music interrelate, it's like a symphony wt harmonious sounds and agreeable combination of melodies.{FRF}

587] Music-aholic.. One who is extremely in love and fond wt good music irrespective of the genre.{FRF}

588] The wrong anyone does has no time frame to be revealed, once it's true it will be known no matter what your status may be.{FRF}

589] The life of one is the same value as the life of a million. {FRF}

590] The laws of men is a sly oh fox, all it does is put us in a box; stress and kill us wt all sort of tax, and if we don't pay they will go to the max, to get what's their so don't get relax.{FRF}

591] The metaphysical information of Creation has to be attain by Extra Sensory Perception and not just the five commonly known and accepted senses which they has taught us. Don't limited your thinking.{FRF}

592] The Earth is what you think it is and there are no limits of the energy flowing where attention comes and goes. The power to love is to be joyous with someone or something special. All power comes from within and its effectiveness is the measure of all righteousness and truthfulness. {FRF}

593] The road from which one deviates can be the route they need to take elevate to the top of their journey. Make sure you know how to navigate.{FRF}

594] The end of things is not as detrimental like when you can't find the beginning of that which is within. Searching for the happiness which you consists of, is the worst tragedy of life.{FRF}

595] I rather do nothing than to do the things that has no learning experience.{FRF}

596] For the love of money. some will put the worst for the best and the best for the worst.{FRF}

597] Many times the good works one does is of less important to those who they expect to give them full support, yet those from afar shine there light like the twinkling stars.{FRF}

598] Some ppl greed will never be satisfied, the more they receive is the more they try to deceive. {FRF}

599] The day is always good as it was created, make sure your attitude is simultaneous and it will see you through.{FRF}

600] Reach out to they who has had a dream and sensed a vision.Try to restore what was stolen from suffering and abuse. Help them take back what was swallowed up by life's enemy through the power of Jah the Most High.{FRF}

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